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Fire and Ice

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I remember, as a child, when my mother explained to me that the best way to pick a gift for someone was to think of what you yourself would want to receive. A nice sentiment – and a good lesson, and a helpful one for the best friend’s 10th birthday – but one which some people take a bit too literally. My boyfriend, for example. His Christmas gift to me was a long ski weekend with him and some of his buddies. We would be leaving the following day.

Not that I didn’t appreciate the thought – a break from the usual rush of urban life sounded nice. Oh, but there was the fact that I’d never skied before. That he and his buddies were all avid skiers. That I’d feel like a third, or fourth, or fifth wheel – the awkward girlfriend who couldn’t ski – on what should have been a romantic getaway. But I smiled nonetheless, gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek, and told him I’d start packing right away.

I really can’t complain. Jacob’s a great boyfriend. He’s successful, funny, charming, and never stingy when it comes to buying me nice things or taking us out for a great night on the town. He’s my first serious relationship, really. We’d been together for almost three years, ever since we met as seniors in college. But there were these moments of insensitivity that did make me wonder. If he were truly ‘the one’, wouldn’t he think twice before assuming that what was fun for him and the guys would automatically be romantic for me? That a skiing weekend would be the appropriate Christmas gift for his non-skiing girlfriend of three years?

The next day, we had a wonderful long drive into the mountains, leaving behind the rain of the city and arriving just before dark in the snowy wonderland that would be our home for the next few days. Any bitterness I had quickly melted away when I saw the lodge. It was spectacular and cozy all at once. The huge living room was completely wood-filled, with the exception of the stunning stone fireplace which reached from floor to vaulted ceiling. One wall was entirely windows, showcasing the beautiful mountain vista. Each of the four bedrooms was just big enough for the king-size bed that filled it, and the kitchen was completely appointed with everything we’d need for the long weekend.

We arrived before any of Jacob’s buddies, and he responded to the solitude just as I’d expected him to, glancing my direction as soon as we’d dropped our luggage on the floor, and then saying, “I’ll race ya!”

We ran to the nearest bedroom, jumped onto the bed, and he quickly tore at my clothes. I reached down to find him already hard, as he roughly fondled my firm breasts and kissed my neck. After just a few more moments, we had extricated ourselves from enough of our clothes to do the deed, and his lips found mine as he quickly fingered me, taking just enough time to ensure I was wet enough to fuck.

I love Jacob, and it never has taken me long to get turned on, but I couldn’t help thinking, as I often do, whether he couldn’t sometimes take a bit more time, take the time to pleasure me the way I happily respond to his requests to take his cock into my mouth, licking and sucking for minutes on end if that is his desire. But I didn’t dwell on this for long. Before I knew it, he was deep inside of me, plunging in and out for a few moments before rolling us over on the comfy, quilted bed so that I could ride him until we both came. Our moans echoed through the empty lodge as we quickened our pace, and before much longer, I collapsed to the bed next to him, my pussy filled with his cum.

“Thanks again for the present, Jacob. I’m sure this will be a great trip.”

“You bet, Chelsie. I know you’ll have a great time. And hey, it’s about time you learned to ski!”

Just a few minutes later, after we’d tidied up the bedroom and begun unpacking, Jacob’s friends pulled up outside and piled in to the lodge, laying claim on each of the remaining bedrooms and taking in the view, while Jacob and I started on dinner. Not much later, after the sun had set and the glorious vistas had been replaced with darkness punctuated by stars and the glow of the moonlight on the snow, we were gathered around the fire, telling old stories, drinking wine, and enjoying the company of friends.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I had to face that we’d be parting ways – Jacob and his buddies were headed off to challenge the toughest slopes, while I plodded through the snow in my uncomfortably new boots in search of an instructor. It would have been easier if Jacob didn’t feel the need to patronize me just to get a few laughs from his buddies.

“Don’t worry, honey, you’ll be fine. Once you learn to stop, skiing’s really not that hard. I’m sure you can find an instructor who’s not too bored teaching you the basics. And hey, if you chicken out, you can always come back to the lodge early and have dinner ready for us when we get back!”

Ha, ha, ha. I gave him a playful punch in the shoulder and headed out the door. As I trudged off through the snow in my cute new snowsuit – OK, so clothes and gear had been part of beşiktaş escort Jacob’s generous gift – I suppressed my fear of plummeting down steep slopes to my death, doing my best to replace it with my competitive desire to show the guys that I could in fact learn to ski, and even join them on the tough slopes by the end of the weekend.

I did like the way I looked in the fitted pink snowsuit with snow-white faux fur. My long blonde hair blew in the cold mountain breeze, and I could feel my nose and cheeks growing rosy as I could see more of my breath with each step. It was with the most confident swagger I could muster that I stood in line with the tweens half my age and waited to grab the rope that would pull me up the bunny slope. The ultimate in forced humility.

It wasn’t until my second or third trip that I felt his eyes on me – the tall, slender guy standing at the top of the hill. He smiled broadly when our eyes met, and as I clearly couldn’t maneuver well enough on skis to go over to him, he easily skied down to meet me instead. As he approached, I immediately noticed that he was unusually attractive.

“Hello there. Couldn’t help but notice such a beautiful young woman.” It was obviously a line, but delivered with such simple confidence that it didn’t occur to me to bristle. “You must be a beginner?”

“Yup, that’s me.”

“Well, you’ve caught the eye of the right person – I’m an instructor here, currently without a student. If you’d like to get away from the pre-teen crowd, I’d be happy to work with you!”

“Really? Um, sure, that sounds great!”

“Alright, follow me. My name’s Jim, by the way.”

I reached out a mittened hand to shake his, and looked up into his deep blue eyes. He was significantly taller than I – probably 6’1″ to my 5’4″ – and in fabulous shape.

“I’m Chelsie, nice to meet you!”

He led me to the chair lift and we began chatting, Jim sharing what had brought him to this resort as an instructor. I quickly learned that he was 42 and already retired from a successful first career, which gave him the freedom to work here, just for fun. He then asked what had led me to learn to ski as an adult.

“Well, I’m here with my boyfriend and his buddies – the trip was his Christmas gift to me, although he’s much more of a skier.”

“Ah, so you’re on your own to learn while they go for the tough stuff?”

“That’s about right.”

“Well, don’t worry, there’s really just a few basics to learn – mainly, how not to kill yourself – and then it’s just a matter of practice so you feel comfortable up there.”

I looked at him once again, studying the features of his chiseled face, and then guiltily averted my glance, thinking of Jacob. I was attached, after all. Shouldn’t be so easily distracted by a sexy ski instructor. What was wrong with me – maybe the altitude? I chuckled at the silliness of my thoughts. Altitude, indeed.

“Hmm, what’s funny?”

“Oh, nothing!” I made the mistake of looking down, then eloquently expressed myself, “Yikes!”

“Yeah, best not to look down. People will do all kinds of things on this long, slow ride to the top to keep from thinking about the height.” He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

As my mind wandered once again, he continued matter-of-factly, “So, we’re almost there, let’s start concentrating on getting out of the chair. Remember, everything keeps moving, and will take you right with it, so you need to jump out with some confidence. I’ll give you a hand this first time so you can see what it feels like.”

His left hand clutched mine and his right arm cradled my back, and he gave me a gentle push as we reached the top, our skis meeting the snow as we lifted ourselves out of the chair.

“Now, are you confident about how to slow down and stop?” I caught him looking at my chest, before his eyes quickly darted upward to meet mine. Ah, so the attraction was mutual. Interesting.

“Yes, I think so.”

“Alright, so let’s head down. I’ll stay with you, and don’t worry, as long as you’re not going too fast, you really can’t hurt yourself when you fall. This powder is fairly soft, and you’re wearing lots of layers. Just a bruised ego, I promise.”

I smiled, and timidly started down the hill. It couldn’t have been more than 20 feet before I fell for the first time. Not because of reckless speed, mind you. More because I was going so slowly that gravity was more powerful than my momentum. Jim helped me up. Another 50 feet or so, another fall. Jim helped me up once again, faster skiers now buzzing by on either side of us. Finally, I started to feel a bit more confident, and made it nearly to the bottom of the slope before falling again, this time one of my skis becoming lodged in a mound of snow.

Jim fell down – well, a controlled fall – next to me, with many words of moral support. “You’re doing great. Better already. You’ll be a pro in no time.”

In my struggle to free myself from the snow, I simply made my situation worse, covering myself beylikdüzü escort with more snow and burying my ski even deeper. Jim laughed, and put his hand on my shoulder in an effort to calm me down. My eyes met his, longingly, and he leaned in to kiss me. Before our lips met, he stopped himself.

“I’m sorry, Chelsie. I don’t know what I was thinking. You have a boyfriend. I shouldn’t…”

Before he could finish his sentence, I lifted up my head and kissed him passionately. His hand moved from my shoulder to my chest, squeezing one of my breasts through the downy fabric of my snow suit. I dropped my ski pole and caressed his face, other skiers still racing past us as we embraced. My own actions shocked me – I had never done anything so impulsive in my life, certainly not in full public view – but I made no attempt to stop. I had a pure animal attraction for this man that I’d never experienced before.

“Wow, Chelsie,” he said breathily as I finally let him up for air, “there’s a little naughtiness hidden behind that innocent persona of yours!”

“I think I’m just discovering that myself!”

“Well, what do you say we finish up today’s lesson, get you home for some rest, and then pick up tomorrow where we left off?”

“Sounds good to me!”


I could think of nothing that night but Jim. As the guys and I made dinner, and I listened to exaggerated stories of their skiing glory, it was all I could do to keep from touching myself, still feeling his hands and lips on my body, imagining what tomorrow would bring.

Was it the beauty of the mountains, unfamiliar to a city girl like me, that brought such feelings to the surface? Was it being so far out of my comfort zone, suddenly being faced with learning to do something I never thought I’d do? Was it that I assumed I’d never see Jim again after the next few days – what happened on the slopes stayed on the slopes? Was I just that unsatisfied with my boyfriend?

That last thought aside, that night, I couldn’t keep my hands off of Jacob. He was tired, he said. But my touch soon convinced him that there was no way he was THAT tired. Thinking of Jim the entire time, I set out to give Jacob the best blow job of his life. I started with just my hands, rubbing and stroking his shaft and balls for a few minutes, before taking his entire length into my mouth and holding him there as I sucked, moving my head back and forth to change the sensations for him.

I pulled away for just long enough to get some air, and then began moving up and down on him, slow strokes from his tip down to his base, my nose tickled by his pubic hair each time I reached the bottom of my motion. As he approached orgasm, I pulled back, straddling him and fingering myself as he watched, his hard cock glistening as he waited for me to lower myself onto him.

I didn’t care that his friends could hear me moan as I fingered my clit. Didn’t care that I was making him wait longer than I would have in the past. His wide eyes told me he didn’t mind, that he enjoyed watching me. And I didn’t care that while looking at him, while lowering myself onto him, I was thinking of another man, a man I’d just barely met but who had awakened passion I never knew I had.

Neither of us lasted very long once I began bouncing up and down on him, and after just a few short moments, I collapsed to the bed next to him, giving him a peck on the cheek before promptly falling asleep. My dreams were filled with fantasies of Jim. I slept soundly, my desire quenched for the time being, but couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring my way.


After breakfast, the boys and I once again parted ways, and I jogged as fast as my ski boots would let me to meet Jim at the bottom of the chair lift. We would pick up where we left off, he had said. My heart pounded when I saw him. “Good morning, Jim,” I said, looking up into his eyes with a sultry smile.

“Well, good morning, Chelsie. Ready for your next lesson?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m ready for whatever you’d like to teach me.”

“Well, let’s get at it, then. Ready for the lift again?”

“Lead the way.”

We walked the few steps over to the lift, and I noticed that he let a few chairs pass by empty before helping me climb into ours. As soon as we were settled, he took my hand in his and put it on his thigh, and spoke once my eyes met his. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since yesterday, Chelsie.”

“Me too,” I said, allowing my hand to slowly travel towards his crotch, where I discovered a bulge already developing. “So, you mentioned yesterday that people will try almost anything to avoid looking down. Anything specific you’d suggest?” I began to stroke his cock in a regular, firm rhythm.

I think you’re already on to something. Here, let me assist.” He unzipped the pants of his snow suit and fished his cock out of his boxers.

Even though I knew what he had in mind – hell, I’d been fantasizing about it all morning – I still found myself a little beyoğlu escort nervous as I actually leaned over and took him into my mouth. There was nobody in the chair immediately in front of or behind us, but still, if anyone was watching, it would be more than obvious what we were doing. As soon as that thought formed in my mind, though, I found myself more excited than nervous. Here I was, never before the adventurous type, giving a blow job on a ski lift to a man I’d just met the day before.

Knowing that my time was limited, I approached my task with great enthusiasm, feeling him grow longer and harder as I bobbed up and down, taking his full length into my mouth with each stroke. I held on to the chair with one hand – his gentle advice when I let go for a moment – and stroked his balls with the other. He moaned in pleasure, encouraging me, suggesting when I could move faster, slower, before finally warning me that we were close to the top and would need to stop.

With a whimper, I reluctantly pulled away from him, disappointed that I couldn’t bring him to orgasm, but also sure that he had something else in mind to bring us both some satisfaction. He managed to squeeze his still-hard cock back into his boxers and zip his pants just in time for us to get off the chair, zipping his jacket to hide his obvious erection. With more people now within earshot, he put on his professional ski instructor voice once again, picking up where we’d left off on THAT activity the day before.

“OK, so let’s try this same slope again, see if you can get a little more distance and speed than yesterday.”

“Yes, sir,” I said with a smile, and took off a little faster than my day-old skiing skills were really prepared for, inspired by our naughtiness on the lift. After just a few seconds, though, I realized I was in over my head, and screamed for his help as I tried to remember how to stop myself.

“I’m right behind you, Chelsie, don’t worry.”

Comforting as his voice was, I was still a bit panicked, and although I didn’t hurt myself, I did fall rather dramatically, landing a bit off the beaten path in a pile of snow. What was it he had said yesterday? Oh, that’s right: bruised ego. A few seconds later, he pulled up next to me in a controlled stop, disconnected my skis from my boots, freed himself from his own skis, and pulled me to my feet, took my hand, guiding me behind a snow drift.

We were now just out of sight of the skiers sailing down the slopes, but could still hear them, and I was very aware of still being outside, in public. Jim slipped my coat off my shoulders, and it fell to the ground below me. He then pulled me into a passionate embrace, pressing my body into his and kissing me deeply. Cold as the air might have been, I melted helplessly into him.

Now he guided me to the ground, my jacket giving me a bit of a cushion against the snow as I sat down, before he knelt before me. “It’s time for me to return your favor, Chelsie.”


He answered wordlessly, unzipping my snow pants and sliding them down my thighs just far enough to give him access, without exposing too much of my skin to the frigid air. He massaged me through my panties for a few moments before finally pushing the fabric aside, crouching closer to me, and kissing my pussy lips for the first time.

I’d been with several guys, first in college, then with Jacob, but never anyone who had taken the time to truly pleasure me orally, and I couldn’t help but moan aloud as he began to kiss, to lick, to stroke me with his tongue. Once again, I didn’t care who could hear, whose curiosity might cause them to peer over the snow bank and find me, exposed to the elements. I was completely in the moment, and Jim had me completely under his spell.

After just a few minutes, he brought me to a powerful orgasm, during which I had to cover my mouth with my hand, biting into my flesh to avoid screaming out. Moans were one thing — screams were likely to bring completely unwanted attention to us. The last thing I wanted at this point was an interruption — I wanted nothing more than to have him deep inside of me.

Fortunately, my desires were soon reality. Giving me just a few moments to recover from my climax, Jim freed his cock from his snow pants, positioned himself over me, and began rubbing against my dripping wet pussy lips. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t bear the wait, and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him deep inside of me in one smooth stroke.

Once again I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, but this time he stopped my vocalizations with a long, passionate kiss. After a few moments in this relatively traditional position, he pulled out of me momentarily, shifted me to my side, and spooned me from behind, lifting my leg just enough to enter me once more. He had expertly positioned us so that my jacket shielded our bare skin from direct contact with the snow, and began the slow strokes which would bring us both to a powerful climax.

We remained there, resting on the snow, for what seemed like minutes, before the cold eventually forced us to move from our cozy embrace. He whispered in my ear that he was sorry, but he had a class to teach, so he would have to leave me for the rest of the day. I in turn assured him that we could continue once again the next day, my last of this remarkable trip to the slopes.

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