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First Contact

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Brad came home from college early that afternoon. His finals were finally over. He attended the local community college and still lived at home. As the late May sun beat down on his shoulders, he looked mournfully at his lawn. It needed to be mowed again, and trash pick-up day was tomorrow.

He checked the empty mailbox before inserting his house-key into the lock for the front door. The first thing he saw was his cat, Ania, sprawled across the living room floor soaking in the sun coming in through the window. Brad threw down his bookbag by the front door, scaring Ania out of her afternoon nap.

“Sorry, Kitten. Didn’t mean to wake you.”

Brad slogged his way to the kitchen. He was already feeling low. His first year of college was finally over. He should be celebrating now, but he felt unsure about that last exam. Unfortunately, it just looked like he had more work to do. Sure enough, as if to verify his dismay, his mother left him a note telling him to mow the lawn. He crumpled up the note and tossed it over his shoulder.

A jump of movement behind him told him that he just hit Ania with the wad of paper. He turned around and saw her running away from him towards the laundry room. Probably on the way to use the litter box.

Brad made his way upstairs and changed into his lawn mowing clothes. He still hadn’t washed them since the last time he mowed the lawn two weeks ago. The shirt was even a little damp from his old sweat.


He took a sniff and the clothes only smelled like grass.

“Good enough.”

Brad put on his old jeans from high school. There were large tears in both knees and the inner thighs were wearing thin. Next came the “Out of Body. Back in 5 minutes” T-shirt that was still damp from the last mowing. He didn’t bother to tuck in the shirt. No point in looking respectable while mowing the lawn. Finally came the nastiest sneakers that ever existed. They smelled exactly as they looked; beaten and dirty with a green shading on the lower half.

His lawn-mowing attire finally assembled, Brad made his way downstairs and filled up a large cup with tap water from the kitchen sink. With the heat and humidity being as harsh as it had been over the past few days, he knew that this was going to be a bitch.

Brad exited through the garage so he could pull out his mower. He unscrewed the gas cap and poured in some of the gasoline from the gas can next to the mower. Yet again he misjudged the top of the tank and overflowed the gas.

“God damnit!”

He used his shirt to wipe up the excess gasoline and clean the threads of the screw top for the mower.

That unpleasantness out of the way, Brad finally began to mow the lawn. He hated living on the corner of his street. Just more lawn to mow. The tedious task usually took about ninety minutes to complete. Up and down, up and down. Every now and then the monotony broken up by a tree or a bush in the middle of the lawn.

His mind wandered. He was still a virgin. He was never that popular in high school and didn’t have any girlfriends. But boy, did he dream about the girls. There was one girl in college he had almost asked out. He could never find the courage to do it, but he really did consider it. She had the softest brown eyes and a smile that could just melt your heart. She had even spoken to Brad once. She had asked him if he had the notes from the last class. The best thing about her though, was her name. Ania. Just like his cat. He thought that must have been fate slapping him in the face.

Brad finished off the front of his yard and went to work on the other side that was exposed to the street. A car passed by and he was glad that the mower was between his pants and the driver. It wouldn’t do to have the neighbors staring at the pitched tent that had sprung from his crotch.

As he mowed along the side of his house he continued to think about Ania. Did he screw up? Should Kolej Escort he have asked her out? He wasn’t sure how to do it. He really didn’t know her that well. Sure, she was really pretty, and seemed like a nice girl. But he didn’t know what she thought of him. What if she already had a boyfriend? So many questions hit him over and over again. His erection subsided as he pondered all of the reasons why he shouldn’t have asked her out. Before he knew it he was done with the side yard.

“Now for the other side.” He pushed the mower to the garage and drank half of his water. The sun was beating down hard and his shirt was now heavily beaded with sweat. He then went to work on the other side of his yard. By the time he finished that side his shirt was completely drenched. As he emptied his bag into the trashcan he took off his shirt and threw it into the driveway. It made a wet slapping sound as it smacked into the pavement. He was about twenty pounds overweight, but not too fat. Nobody would care anyway. The kids were still at school and the parents were at work. Besides, he only had to do the back yard and nobody on the street could see him there.

The backyard was oddly shaped due to his patio, but it didn’t take that long to mow. As he headed into the last little patch of grass he saw Mrs. Trotter come outside of her house. The Trotters lived next door. Mr. Trotter did something with construction. Mrs. Trotter stayed at home. They had two daughters that were in high school. Brad knew one of them. Karen was a real bitch. She was probably the hottest girl Brad had ever seen, but she really was an ugly person; shallow and spiteful. Brad didn’t know the other daughter that well. Just that she was a freshman.

It was a shame, but Brad didn’t know his neighbors too well. Karen never liked him and he never talked to anybody else. Just an occasional “Hello” whenever he passed by Mr. or Mrs. Trotter on the street.

Mrs. Trotter was in her early forties; still fairly attractive by many standards. She had short straw colored hair and a decent figure. A few wrinkles around the eyes, but you wouldn’t notice them due to the fact that she always had a great big smile. It’s hard to ignore a great smile when you see one. At the moment she was wearing a one piece black bathing suit, with red shorts. Her hair was tied up in a simple knot behind her head. She was holding a watering can with a giant daisy painted on the side.

“Hello.” She waved at him.

Brad caught the greeting and waved back. Now he was embarrassed by the fact that he wasn’t wearing his shirt and was dripping with sweat. He finished off the last bit of grass and turned off the mower.

“Whew. It’s a hot one today, isn’t it?”

Brad was caught off guard. He wasn’t expecting a full on conversation. “Yeah. Um. I had to get this done. So…” Brad trailed off uncomfortably. He really wasn’t good at conversations.

“You did a good job there.” She gave him that winning smile and he smiled back. “Well, can I ask a big strong guy like you to do me a favor?”

Brad just wanted to get inside so he could finally start his vacation. He didn’t need more crap to do. But he couldn’t say no.


“OK. Follow me.” Mrs. Trotter led him to the other side of her house. There she had several bags of soil stacked against the side. Brad knew what was coming even before she asked.

“Can you please grab one of those bags and bring it to the flowerbed?”

Brad did his best to smile and be in good cheer. “Sure thing.” He grabbed the bag on top and carried it over to the flowerbed on the other side of the Trotter’s house. He was so out of shape that it damn near killed him. He did his best to be a man about it.

“Just drop it on the side.”

Brad did what he was told and gently dropped the bag onto the grass beside the flowerbed.

“Thank you Sincan Escort so much. Hey, can I get you some Iced Tea? It’s the least I can do and you look like you need a break.”

Brad’s mind wandered to his half cup of warm water waiting in front of the garage before answering. “That sounds good.”

Mrs. Trotter led him in her back door and into her kitchen. Brad had only been here once before when the Trotter’s first moved in next door. His family welcomed them and helped unpack. He was only 8 years old then. Even so, Karen treated him like some idiot that wasn’t worth her attention. Brad looked up and saw a picture of Karen posted on the refrigerator. She had a gorgeous face. He could never deny that.

Mrs. Trotter got a glass from her cupboard and filled it with a jug of Iced Tea that was sitting on her kitchen table. The air-conditioned house was quickly cooling his body down. He was suddenly very aware that he had no shirt on.

“So, are you in college now?”

“Just finished my first year.”

“Karen is going away next year. I can’t believe how old she is.”

Brad just shrugged. He heard that comment from every single relative whenever there was a family gathering.

“So where are you going to school?”

Brad had to finish a gulp of Iced Tea before he could answer. “I’m just in county college now. I haven’t declared a major yet.”
“Well. You still have time to figure that out. You’re young. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

“I guess so.” Brad crossed his arms. It was getting a very chilly.

“Are you getting cold?”
“A little bit. I left my shirt outside.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Here. You can finish that outside if you want.”


They both went outside into the adjoining backyards.

Brad took another shot of Iced Tea, which nearly finished off the glass.

“Phew. I still need to get this watering done. Can I ask you another small favor?”

Brad looked uneasily at her, as he knew what was about to come. “Uh. I guess so.”

“No. I’m not going to ask you to do my watering.”

Brad took a sigh of relief.

“Can you just put some sunscreen on my back?”

A smile of relief came upon his face. “Sure.”

Mrs. Trotter pointed to a bottle of sunscreen lying on the picnic table. Brad laid his glass down and picked up the sunscreen. He got behind Mrs. Trotter and squirted a little bit into his hands.

He started on her shoulder blades. He gently smeared it down her back and then moved his hands up to spread it around. As the slickness of the sunscreen faded he rubbed his hands into her back a little harder.

“Mmm. You have strong hands.”

Brad knew she was just patronizing him, but he blushed anyway. Before he knew it he had finished most of her back. He milked it for more time by slipping his hands beneath the straps towards the top of her swimsuit. Just making sure that every bit of back was protected. Finally he reached her shoulders and squirted a little bit more sunscreen on them. Even then pushed the straps a little bit from side-to-side to make sure every last bit of skin was covered.

Brad looked straight down over Mrs. Trotter’s shoulder and could see a little bit down the front of her swimsuit. He had to admit that she had nice breasts. Not too big, not too small. They could each fit comfortably in the palm of his hands. As if on cue, his love rocket began the ignition process.

His hands were shaking a little when he finished with her shoulders. Suddenly, he realized that Mrs. Trotter would see his 5-inch sundial sticking out the moment she turned around. He had to think of something.

“Do you want me to do your legs too?”

“Mmm. That would be nice.” Her voice sounded very strange. Brad’s semi hard-on suddenly became a full-fledged iron flagpole. Was this turning her on?

Brad knelt down and Yenimahalle Escort spurted some more sunscreen into his hand. He started with her left calf. He used both hands to rub the lotion in around her lower leg muscle. The whole time his mind was reeling. He was getting turned on by the fact that she was getting turned on. He finished her other calf and then moved up to the thigh.

He could see that there were a few dimples of cellulite towards the top of her legs. Her legs were also a little thick towards the top, but they still looked like great legs. Mrs. Trotter must be doing something to keep in good shape.

Brad hit some more sunscreen on his hands before he started working on her thighs. He quickly did the front and the outside of her thigh. He then held his breath as he reached in and felt her inner thigh. Her legs weren’t too far apart and he was actually hitting both inner thighs at the same time. He slowly massaged his way northward. She wasn’t stopping him, so he went on. As soon as he reached the red shorts he had to stop. Another two inches and he would have struck gold. He then rubbed into the back of her thigh. Again, he started low and worked his way up. This time he didn’t stop when he reached her shorts. He kept poking upwards until he felt his fingertips brush against the swimsuit covering her left cheek.

No word from Mrs. Trotter. Brad then went to work on the other thigh. Again he rushed through the front and outside and lingered on the inner thigh. This time he reached higher than he did on her other thigh. He pushed her red shorts up a little bit as he neared her nether region. He still stopped a good inch short of hitting home. Next he did the back of her thigh. This time when he pushed up past the shorts and touched his fingertips against her right cheek, he didn’t pull back down. He teasingly rubbed his fingertips across the curve at the bottom of her ass. The fabric of her swimsuit felt so soft.

He took his hands down and realized he now had a real problem. He had the biggest rock hard erection he had ever had in his entire life. Mrs. Trotter couldn’t turn around now!

“Should I get your arms too?”

Mrs. Trotter nodded her head and whispered, “Please.”

There was no doubt in Brad’s mind now. She was getting as turned on by this as he was.

He needed to stop his raging dick though. So he concentrated on just getting the lotion on her arms. She held out each arm a little bit to help him in his task. When he finished the second arm, he couldn’t help himself. He rubbed sunscreen into her armpit and then worked his way down to her exposed side. He put lotion on his other hand and hit both sides at once. He almost couldn’t take it. He could see the sides of the swimsuit open a little bit exposing just the tiniest bit of the sides of her breasts. He slid his fingertips a little bit into the side of her suit. Not too much to be noticed. But enough to actually be touching tit.

Brad’s cock was now on the verge of ejaculation. He could feel the climax building.

He pushed his hands in further. Now there was no question that he was feeling the sides of her boobs. He kept his movements soft and circular, but always moving forward. Finally he just opened his hands and slid them forward until his fingertips found her nipples. He rolled them both between his index and middle fingers. Brad figured that her silence was an act of consent. He leaned his head forward and kissed the nape of her neck. At the same time he pushed his dick into her rear-end.

“Stop.” She wiggled a bit. Then, “Stop!” She pulled forward.

Brad removed his hands from her swimsuit.

She turned around to face him. Mrs. Trotter’s eyes flashed down at Brad’s erection first before she looked him in the eyes. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No it was me. I’m sorry. I…” But Brad couldn’t find the words.

“Look. Let’s not talk about this. I have to go inside.” And with that, Mrs. Trotter ran inside of her house, leaving Brad baking under the afternoon sun with a raging hard-on.

The perfect end to a perfect day. Brad sulked on his way to the shower. Once the hot water hit his body he enjoyed one last fantasy about Mrs. Trotter. The first woman to ever let him touch her boobs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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