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First Encounter

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He felt the bass pounding from the club’s speakers all the way in the bathroom where he stood washing his hands at the dirty sink. Looking himself over in the mirror he fixed his tousled hair. It was matted to the back of his neck from dancing and sweating on the packed dance floor.

This was their first time here. She’d wanted to go someplace out of town, someplace where they’d never been. Most importantly, someplace they wouldn’t be recognized. They’d found this place, The Inferno.

Going back out to the dance floor he was overwhelmed with the flashing lights, the tempo of the music and rhythm of the bodies moving together. There were so many bodies on the dance floor that it looked like one gyrating mass of flesh. With the skimpy outfits most of them wore, a lot of that flesh could be seen too.

Mike stood on a nearby stool to see over the mass of dancers on the floor. Trying to find his wife out there in the sea of bodies, he stood there with his head up in the lights and smoke of the club. He recalled what had brought them to this place and this night.

It had started out as a silly question she’d asked him after a night out drinking with friends. “I know we promised not to talk about past lovers and such, but I was wondering if you’d ever done anything … I don’t know … wild, I guess?”

He remembered laughing and brushing aside the question. He had been far more experienced than her in terms of sexual adventures and exploits. He should have known something was churning inside her head when she asked the same question a few weeks later.

“Have you ever been with more than one person at a time?” she asked timidly.

This time she wouldn’t be so easily placated. She’d pushed until he’d finally admitted that yes, he had done some playing before, during college, and that there were three people involved several times. He reassured her that those things were all out of his system now and that he was older and more mature.

“Oh… That’s too bad,” she whispered.

With his promotion at work and their lives getting busier, it was easy to forget those seemingly innocent questions. When it was his birthday, she’d surprised him by having the house lit with candles.

She’d rented some adult movies for them to watch together to get into the mood to celebrate properly. The fact she had picked out the movies wasn’t unusual. They often watched porn together. It added a spark to their love making, not that it needed it.

While the movies played they’d talk about which girls they liked best and why, what they liked, or what they didn’t. Sometimes they’d reenacting the really hot scenes together. Fairly normal, everyday, passionate couple stuff.

What made this time special however; was that the movies she’d rented were all involving threesome scenes with multiple women.

After they had watched a few of the movies, they lay there in each other’s arms on the floor. Rolling over she looked up into his eyes. “What do you think about a woman finding another woman attractive? I mean sexually. It’s not gross or weird or anything, is it?”

Lying there falling asleep in her arms he mumbled something about it not being something for everyone but that it was really hot to see two women together.

From that night until yesterday, they had been talking about going out and finding another woman for her. She was very eager and excited with the thought of being with a woman. She confessed to having been attracted to women for a long time. Finally being able to enjoy a woman’s touch was incredibly erotic to her.

Whenever they’d talked about it together they would always end up having amazingly hot sex. He’d never seen her so sexy or excited before. If she was this sexually charged with just the idea of being with a woman, he could only imagine how hot she would be when she finally got her chance to make those fantasies real.

Last Friday when he’d come home from work, he found she had cut out an ad for a club, The Inferno, in the neighboring town. It came complete with devilish themes and a hedonistic party atmosphere. While he looked the ad over she slipped quietly into the room behind him. The devilish glint in her eye was impossible to deny. “So, can we go next weekend?”

After a few minutes of looking through the throng of people out on the packed dance floor he spotted his wife dancing in a dark corner. He moved through the gyrating crowds to get to her. Getting closer he could see she was dancing with a beautiful woman in an entirely too tight and too short sexy black dress.

He was shocked to see his wife sliding her hands all over this woman’s body and kissing her neck. She looked up, saw him watching and motioned for him to come join them. She spun around seductively moving her hips in time to the music. When she spun she placed the mystery woman between them.

Soon all three were moving together to the music, bodies rubbing on each other’s. They lost track of adana escort the music and simply danced for each other, their arousal rising along with the beat of the music.

The woman slid her hand back to his mouth, her fingers tracing his lips. He could taste his wife on her fingertips, greedily licking them clean. The idea that this beautiful woman’s finger had just been inside his wife was too erotic.

Looking over her shoulder he could see his wife moving with her, grinding her hips against hers. The look of lust and pleasure on her face was unmistakable. For a moment he thought he was dreaming.

He pushed himself against this beautiful stranger, his arousal immediately obvious to her. She smiled playfully and pushed back against him, grinding herself on his crotch. Her fingers continued to play under his wife’s skirt while she rubbed against his body.

By the way her head was thrown back and her chest was heaving, he knew his wife was close to coming. Soon she would explode and come all over this beautiful woman’s fingers. The mysterious woman let out a gasp of pleasure; he noticed that his wife’s hand was also under the woman’s dress.

As the music played on, he watched his wife arch her back in pleasure. She gasped and shuddered as she came, body shuddering with pleasure. Legs weak she collapsed against the woman.

Leaning in to kiss her passionately, she slid her moist fingers to the woman’s mouth. He watched as his wife licked the woman’s juices from her fingers. She then turned around to kiss her husband. He could feel the tremble in her lips that was always present after she’d come hard.

As the three of them stood there kissing, Mike noticed that they had drawn a small crowd. The couples dancing around them had slowed and were all watching them eagerly.

His wife also noticed the attention and became very nervous. “Oh, my god!” she said and began heading for the exit, dragging him along with her.

He looked back over his shoulder to see the beautiful stranger smiling and waving goodbye as they left.

After a few minutes they were in the car and pulling out of The Inferno’s parking lot. They drove in silence for several minutes, a slight fog clinging to the ground making everything seem even more surreal given the events of the night.

She was the first to break the silence, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I can tell you’re upset. Please don’t be mad or think less of me. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

She studied his face for a few moments as he sat in silence. When he spoke his voice was calm. “I could never think less of you. I love you. I’m not mad at what happened or what you did. If anything I’m a little mad that we left so quickly and that I couldn’t watch you enjoy her more.”

Turning to look at her he could see trepidation in her eyes. She looked so vulnerable, so scared. “I promise, baby, if anything I wish you’d have told me sooner how you felt so we could have done this years ago instead of just starting now.”

Her eyes lit up at his comments. She smiled, all but jumped on top of him. “I love you,” she squealed, showering him with soft kisses

Driving down the dark road they began talking about their recent encounter. She told him how she had seen the woman watching from the time they walked in the club. When he’d left, that’s when the woman came over and they began dancing together.

She admitted that she almost jumped when the mysterious woman took her hand and placed it under her skirt. It was the first time she had touched another woman. She was surprised to feel how smooth she was, how hot, warm and slippery wet.

Sara began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

Speaking through her laughter, she said, “I never even got her name! That’s awful.”

He joined her in laughing as he placed his hand on her thigh, gently squeezing it. Looking her over as she sat there next to him in her tight red dress and thigh high boots, “You are so gorgeous and sexy, baby!”

She took his hand and slid it up her thigh, under her dress and pressed him against her wet panties. Taking her cue, he began to rub her sex through the silky material of her panties. She was still very wet from her encounter earlier that evening.

She spread her legs wider as he ran his fingers over her panties. His fingers pressed against her, tracing the folds of her lips through the soft material. She moaned softly and pushed against his hand, her body aching for his touch.

He slowly slid his fingertips under the edge of her panties. Her skin soft and smooth, he could feel her getting wetter, her body reacting to his touch.

Working his finger along her slit, he slipped it in between her thick outer lips, running across her wetness in long teasing strokes. She felt the jolt of pleasure when his fingertip lightly brushed across her swollen clit. She gasped and smiled as she felt his adıyaman escort fingertip enter her.

Playing with her his eyes drank in her beauty. The way her chest was rising with each breath, faster and faster, the way her long slender neck looked, the slight blush to her cheeks. The way she nibbled on her bottom lip as he teased her body. She sat there looking like a picture of sensuality.

The sound of the tires crunching on gravel snapped his attention away from her. Dust billowing all around the car as it bounced and shook. While distracted watching Sara he had let the car slide off the road and onto the dirt shoulder. He fought frantically to keep the car under control.

A few tense heartbeats passed before he was able to get the car under control and back onto the road safely. He let out a long sigh. “Whew, that was close.”

“That’s okay, lover,” she said smiling up at him hungrily.

She lifted her skirt up over her hips and spread her legs wider, pulling the material of her panties aside, exposing herself to him.

“You watch the road; I’ll help you with this.” She took his hand and placed it over her hot pussy. She moaned softly and ground her body into his strong hand.

Having him stick out his index finger, she turned slightly towards him, her back resting against the door. She grabbed his forearm and she slowly slid his finger inside her wetness. Twisting his arm so that his thumb pressed up against her clit.

Feeling her soft muscles tightening on his finger, he could hear her moans as she worked his finger in and out, grabbing his arm and guiding his movements. While her hands squeezed tighter on his arm, her pussy squeezed tighter on his fingers.

Faster she moved his arm back and forth, fucking herself with his hand. Her movements became rougher and more passionate. She arched her back and thrusted her hips towards him.

The faster she worked his arm the harder he pressed his thumb on her clit. She could feel the sweet tension building, could feel her body aching for release. He felt her juices running down his fingers, his thumb sliding back and forth over her throbbing clit.

Even though he was looking ahead eyes with locked on the road, it was hard to concentrate. He could almost picture her in his mind. He could clearly see the look of ecstasy on her face. “Oh, god, baby, I want you so bad!”

“Oh, yes, baby!” she moaned.

He felt her pussy muscles trembling and gripping his finger hungrily, trying to pull him deeper inside her. Gasping and shuddering as waves of pleasure washed over her, her heart raced as she curled up in the seat, his fingers still inside her.

He allowed himself a brief look over at her, smiling broadly when he saw the look of pleasure on her face.

Looking up at him, she whispered, “Was that any better helping you concentrate on the road, baby?”

He laughed, “Concentrate? No way! But at least I kept my eyes on the road.”

She leaned over and kissed his neck softly. “That still deserves some reward, don’t you think?”

She smiled playfully at him as she ran her hand down his chest, the tips of her fingers dragging teasingly over his stomach and down to his pants. She lifted his shirt up, pulling his pants down and opening his boxers.

Taking his hard cock into her hands, she purred, “Oh, you did like me coming for you, I see.”

Beginning to slowly squeeze and stroke his hard cock, she leaned over, the soft silky strands of her hair brushing across his cheek, and whispered seductively in his ear, “Now watch the road, lover.”

She leaned over and took him into her mouth. He gasped when he felt her wet mouth, could feel the heat of her desire as she engulfed him.

Sucking the thick swollen head between her lips, her hands squeezed the shaft from the bottom slowly up along the hard length, her soft fingertips milking the sweet precum out of his cock and onto her eager tongue. Moans deep in his chest echoed the pleasure he was feeling.

Her tongue pressed along the underside of his cock as she moved her lips up and down along the length. Reaching down with her hand to cup his tightening balls, she took him as deep in her mouth as she could.

Holding him there, she felt his body start to tremble. Feeling him throbbing in her mouth, she began to swallow and work her throat muscles on him. She could feel his cock swelling as his orgasm built.

Holding him deep in her mouth, she moved her head up and down faster, wanting him to come for her. She needed to taste him, to feel him explode in her mouth.

He reached down and firmly grabbed her by the hair, lifting her head up and off his cock. “Not yet, baby, I don’t want to come yet. I want to be inside you first. I need to fuck you.”

She smiled up at him, her lips tight and tingling from sucking him. “Okay, lover. Pull over.”

A few minutes later they had pulled off the road on to afyon escort a small dirt clearing. With the remoteness of the road and the slight fog clinging to the ground the area was very secluded. It was hard to tell that the road was only a short distance away.

She started to undress for him in the car. Her dress came up and over her head quickly, revealing her toned and lithe body. She reached down to remove her thigh high leather boots, he reached over and grabbed her hand, “not the boots, baby; leave those on please.”

A devilish smile spread across her face. “Okay, baby, anything for you.”

With that she opened her door and stepped out into the cool night air. He quickly followed her out of the car. She walked seductively around to the front of the car. The four inch heels on her boots made her body arch and curve in all the best possible ways.

She took her time walking to the front of the car, her hips swaying as she knew he was watching her body move. She could feel the lustful gaze, feel him devouring her with his eyes.

She lay on the hood of the car. She could feel the warmth of the engine on her stomach. As she spread her thighs wider apart, she could feel the cool air on her wet pussy causing a wonderful mix of hot and cold sensations to run along her body.

He walked up behind her, his cock still out of his boxers and hard in his hand. She looked so hot laying there like that, he thought. Spread out on the hood of the car, opening herself up to him. The fact that she only had on her thigh high boots further added to the erotic image she presented.

Sliding up behind her, he slid the head of his cock across the back of her thighs, leaning down to nibble on the small of her back. His strong hands caressed the curves of her hips and ass as he continued to kiss and nibble along her soft skin.

He stepped up closer and slid the head of his cock slowly along her pussy. The head pushed her lips apart, spreading her open.

She whimpered,” Baby, don’t tease me. Give it to me please,” and thrust her hips back towards him.

Placing his hands on the small of her back he held her against the hood. Slowly pushing into her, he let it slide inside her. Completely buried deep inside her, he stopped moving.

She could feel him throbbing inside her while he struggled to remain perfectly still. Sara could feel her silky walls engulfing him, stretching around him, molding perfectly to his size and shape. She loved being stretched and filled by him. (a good paragraph!)

A cry of pleasure escaped her lips as he began to pound into her. She could feel his desire in how his arms held her tightly, in how his hips pushed harder and harder into her. Feeling his ragged breath on her back, she pushed back into him.

Grinding her sex back onto him, his own moans were becoming louder. With his strong hands he held her down, her body being pushed against the warm metal of the hood, the cool night air across her back. He could hear her moaning,

“Yes, Yes …” she whimpered over and over..

Mike felt his moans echoing with hers. Her body trembled, gripping him hungrily as her pleasure built up stronger and stronger. She knew she was about to come but wanted to hold off, wanted them to come together.

His body tightened as he threw his head back and cried out. Feeling his body about to release pushed her over the edge into her own blissful orgasm. As waves of pleasure washed over her, she collapsed onto the car.

He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. When she’d come it nearly robbed him of his control. His body was trembling, aching for him to come.

“Not yet, baby,” he heard her whisper, “please. I want to watch you come for me.”

Quickly he turned her over so she was lying on top of the hood of the car. He could feel his control slipping. It was becoming harder to hold back his own orgasm.

With her body laid out before him, he could see the hungry passion in her eyes. She arched her back, stretching herself before him. He moved closer to her body, his strong hand reaching down to squeeze her breast.

“Come for me, baby, give it to me please,” she purred. “I want you to come all over me, lover.”

As the last words left her lips he shuddered and moaned, his cock exploded with pent up pleasure. Hot streams of come shot out across her chest. She could feel it landing on her cool skin and across her hard nipples.

“Oh, yes, baby!” she said, pleasure and passion in her voice.

He continued to shower her with his come until every drop was drained from his throbbing cock. Absently, her hand began rubbing the warm liquid into her skin, physical proof of the passion they had for each other.

He collapsed next to her gasping for breath. She playfully draped her leg across his. They were only dimly aware of the passing headlights on the road. As she enjoyed his presence next to her she drew her nails lightly across his chest.

He lay there with a huge smile on his lips, enjoying her touch. She slid her fingers to her mouth and licked them, “Mmmm,” she sighed, “… I can still taste her on my fingers, baby.”

Propping himself up on one arm, he looked over at her and winked. “So, when are we going back to the club?”

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