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First Summer: Sleeping Over

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This is Chapter 7 of Karen and Greg’s Summer adventure.

This will be the last chapter where I say it might not satisfy those just looking for a quick read about sex. It rather sets the scene for the sexual adventures to come.

Still I hope you will find it sexy in its own way.



Greg’s revelation of his feeling towards me prompted me to find the courage to ask Mum something I’d wanted to raise with her for the last couple of weeks. I waited until dad and my brothers had all gone surfing and she and I were alone in the house.

“Mum. Do you think that Greg could sleep over sometimes?”

“Where would he sleep?”

“In my room”

“You mean in your bed with you?”

Her voice was matter of fact rather than one that expressed anger or surprise. I tried to keep my voice as calm as I could when I answered “Yes”

She was silent for a moment, breaking eye contact with me by appearing to be distracted by something else in the room.

“How often is sometimes?”

“That depends a little bit on you. What about twice a week?”

There was another moment of silence.

“Yes, I think we can live with that. Much as we like Greg – and I do think you’ve got yourself a nice one there – I’d like to limit it to more or less that so that the whole idea of a family holiday isn’t lost. Your brothers also know that while a girlfriend is welcome to visit, we don’t want one here full time. Greg being here two days a week is a bit like a girlfriend visiting one week in three.”

I had been aware of that conversation with my brothers before we came on holidays. The point was a little moot since they weren’t in serious relationships, but I realised the fairness of the proposition. I was also aware that Steve had been making some serious inroads in to the local female population since we’d been here.

Mum hesitated once more before speaking up again.

“Karen, you are being careful are you. I don’t just mean about the sex, I also mean about getting hurt.”

Some kids might have got pissed off with that sort of question from a parent. Mine had always been fairly transparent about what being a parent meant. And I wasn’t presumptuous enough to just tell her I knew what I was doing. The fact was I was very exposed to being hurt by Greg. If for some reason he dumped me tomorrow, I probably go in to a six months funk. I had no reason to think that he would, but I was vulnerable just the same.

“I’m taking precautions mum. I’m attached enough to Greg that he would be able to hurt me, but I suppose that’s just life isn’t it?”

“Alright, but be careful won’t you”

“I will. Will you talk to dad about him staying?”

That night mum caught me in the kitchen at a quiet moment after dinner and confirmed dad was cool about the idea. So there, I’d done it. Not only had I put beyond what must have been already thin doubts that I was in a sexual relationship with Greg, I’d negotiated for him to stay. As I’ve said before, my parents were never likely to freak about it, and all our long night walks along the beach must have been fairly suggestive anyway, but it’s still a bit confronting to take a step that unambiguously admits that you’re sleeping with someone. Greg of course equally had to admit to his parents where he’d be that night.

To take some of the awkwardness out of it, for the first night he was staying we just sort of treated it like Greg was coming to dinner again. That way the fact he was staying the night sort of snuck up on my brothers and they didn’t really have a chance to tease me about it (not until the next day after Greg had gone anyway).

It was one of those sultry summer nights you get in this part of the coast and indeed got just about every night that summer. We’d actually had sex on the beach during the day – and been bonking like rabbits since the day we’d met – so when we went to bed, it wasn’t in the expectation of having some bedhead banging sexual encounter that might make it all too obvious to my parents what was happening to their only daughter; especially given the way the bed squeaked with every movement.

It was axiomatic that we were going to go to bed naked. Greg had first shower, so by the time I’d finished mine and come back into the room wrapped in a towel, he was lying on the bed naked, a hand behind his head as he watched me. The curtains were drawn, which had been my normal nigh-time arrangement. However, while they were good for filtering the morning sun, they created a complete blackout situation in the room at night; neither moon light or the glow from the street lamps being able to penetrate them. That was much darker than I wanted it to be with the visual distraction that Greg presented, so I walked over to them and pulled them half open.

For all the sex we’d shared, the act of dropping the towel – of actually stripping and presenting myself naked and standing in front of him – was still a hurdle Mardin Escort I had to steel myself for. It was quite different from him removing my clothes as we frolicked on the ground. At one level it was exciting just to be able to do that; it’s just building up the confidence to do it took time. In the end I probably overcompensated. Instead of just turning off the light, dropping the towel and leaping into bed, I let it slide off my body as I sashayed with a wiggling bum, sucked in stomach and thrust out breasts from the curtains to the light fitting by the door. Then I turned full frontal toward him while I nonchalantly asked if he was ready for me to turn off the light.

It was only after I sidled into bed alongside him I realised I just done a strip tease for the neighbourhood; since while the light was on, the inside of my room was clearly visible from the street. A slight elevation to the house left anyone lying on the bed below the window sill line and thus out of sight. But standing up you were visible from the crutch up. Hopefully no-one had been passing by at this time of night.

Knowing we needed to resist the urge to do more, we cuddled up face to face, our legs intertwined and the flesh of my cheek lying lightly over the bridge of Greg’s nose; his breath bringing a steamy tingle to the skin of my neck. I had one arm between his shoulder and his pillow, the other around his back. Greg’s top hand was over the small of my back; the flat of his hand exerting just the lightest pressure drawing me in to him; the bottom suffering the ‘spare elbow’ effect of having nowhere to go. With the arm tucked up between our bodies his hand cupped my breast with the nipple quickly rising into the flesh of his palm. But above all else my mons was pushed firmly against the base of his cock.

He’d been partly aroused by my stripping in front of him. As our pubis’s were pushed together his cock instantly engorged and pushed up between my thighs wedging itself along the floor of my front bottom where it completed its expansion, thickening to fill the valley and lengthening itself until the head extended beyond the cleft. Instantly I could feel my body respond; opening, engorging lubricating. My heart started to race. His shaft was being coated with my juices while his pre-cum dripped onto my thigh. I twisted my hips to bring my now enlarged clit into contact with the base of the shaft. The temptation to sway back and forwards was becoming irresistible. I did sway and was instantly aware of the squeaking of the bed. It couldn’t be.

I pulled my hips away, sliding the full length of his surging shaft across my clit until it was freed and his monster throbbing boner dominated the space between our bodies. Bisecting my pubis, it pushed hard into the flesh of my stomach and with every movement it forcefully surged again; swelling and forcing itself deeper into the indentation it had already made there sliming my stomach with the pre-cum.

We started off with a sheet over us, but the night was so warm and the body heat in the small double bed so intense that was quickly cast off, just leaving our two naked bodies exposed on the bed. After a kiss goodnight it was surprising how quickly we fell asleep despite our state of arousal.

Of course our original position wasn’t going to get us through the night. As various limbs complained about a lack of blood supply or overheating we had to progressively untangle ourselves. First our legs, then eventually we had to separate ourselves altogether. Mind you there was one limb of Greg’s that never seemed to lack a blood supply.

As we tossed and turned in our sleep during the night we explored various ways of maximising the contact between our bodies. I recall at one point I half awoke to find Greg on his side facing toward me with a hand across my body as I lay on my back. I rolled over away from him, tucked his erection between the cheeks of my bum, brought his hand up to cup my breast and spooned hard into him and went back to sleep; finding him still there when I next stirred.

Eventually we spent the night with one of us on our back and the other on their side close alongside – an arm draped over the other and taking it in turns for the different positions as the night progressed.

In the morning, I woke up first. Greg was close alongside me sound asleep on his back. Now I had sort of known that even when their girlfriend isn’t pressed up against them, guys had night erections; the expression ‘morning glory’ and other colloquialisms for them were at least on my radar. But I hadn’t really contemplated what it meant until I looked down over Greg’s stomach in the clear light of that morning. There it was, as big as I’d ever seen it, just lying along his body; seemingly going all the way to his navel. OK, well maybe his navel is a bit of an exaggeration, but only a little bit of a one. I was still quite curious about the male appendage. I had managed to have a bit of a look Mardin Escort Bayan at it from time to time – especially while putting a condom on it. But this was the first time I’d got to really study it in detail. I was actually quite fascinated by its sculptured shape. Before seeing one, I supposed I’d thought of it more as a smooth straight rod with a rounded head; but that of course is not a very good description of one at all. For a while it was enough just to look at it; but eventually I was overcome by a desire to touch it.

I didn’t want to wake Greg up, so I just lightly brushed my fingers over the edge of the bell at the head seeing if I got any reaction. It gave a bit of a surge. I did that a few more times, and then I just sort of started doing the same thing in a continuous motion; very lightly just on the edge. I noticed a bit of fluid come out the end. I remembered from the first day that I’d felt some lubricating fluid, so I stroked my fingers down over the head to collect it and bring it back up to the edge again. After a little while Greg suddenly came. There was a short intake of breath and I saw several discrete squirts of cum shoot out and land further up his stomach. I was quite surprised by how far it went; but probably not as surprised as Greg was to wake up and find the wet dream he’d just had was induced by his girlfriend playing with his cock!

Because his cum was going to roll off his stomach and down on to the sheets – making it all too obvious to my parents that something had been got up to – I quickly had to jump out of bed and grab one of my T Shirts to wipe it off with; mentally making a note that this should be one day I made sure I attended to my own washing.

I lay back down on top of Greg like a blanket and gave him a good morning kiss, exploring his perspective of what I’d just done. Greg told me that he’d been having a dream about having sex with me by the water’s edge when he’d come. He also teased me that as he’d already had sex for the day that would be all there was. With a new erection already separating my lower body from his I could safely respond with a nonchalant “we’ll see about that” as I rose to a kneeling position over him and straddled his hips. Then dropping a boob in his eye as I reached toward the bedside table for the bikini I intended to wear that day I knelt back up over him as I tied it to my body.

Getting off the bed at last I ferreted about in Greg’s overnight bag for a pair of his speedos and while he was still lying there I slid them up his feet and as I knelt straddling his knees, asked him to raise him bum so I could bring them up underneath. With his still naked erection only inches from my face as I bent forward to do this I had the interesting perspective of it rising provocatively towards me; surging and swelling as it made contact with the flesh of my cheek. Then in my own playful way I tucked his erection into his swimmers; adjusting the material so that it sheathed the shaft, tucking the waistband well below that and making a point of fumbling a lot as I tied the drawstring in a bow.

Already some pre-cum started seeping through the material encasing his manhood. I didn’t think there was any real risk of me going without that day.

Am I being overdramatic if I admit that having Greg share my bed on that first night was just a special as the day I first had sex with him? But to me it was. The space that had been my private space for the first 20 years of my life was suddenly shared with the person I love; who I felt this incredible bond with. As time went on and he spent more nights with me, it just seemed right; like he should be there and that his absence on other nights of the week was actually the anomalous arrangement.

I loved his closeness; the fact that as we slept our naked unconscious bodies lay there in contact with each other. Through the night our breaths mingled as my deeply personal space was occupied by the only person I could envisage being there.

Double beds are not spacious places for two tall adults. To make the most of the space by cuddling up face to face, spooning against each other or laying with the full length of our spines in contact bought an extra sense of bonding to our relationship. Even on the many nights during that long hot dry summer when it was too warm for full body contact, I loved waking to find myself with a hand over Greg’s chest or his hand resting possessively but undemandingly on my naked pubis or over a breast.

Sleeping naked – or at most with a pair of panties – suddenly seemed like the only natural thing to do. I’d always slept in a nightie or PJ’s before; just an extension of how I slept as a kid. Given the risk of my parents needing to wake me up if I overslept an alarm or of a brother mischievously invading my bedroom of a morning, it had just seemed prudent – not that I even thought about it.

From that point on wearing a nightie or set of PJ’s seemed intolerable. Escort Mardin The sensuousness of nakedness was too great a departure from the constriction of clothing in bed for the latter to be suffered any longer. Ironically, I’d always known that was the way my parents slept; but it had never occurred to me to emulate them or even wonder why they slept that way. Now, the risk of some accidental exposure to a family member from them coming unexpectedly into my bedroom just didn’t seem important any more by comparison.

Apart from initiating his overnighting at our place, Greg’s revelation of his feeling for me raised some other things I needed to achieve.

I was painfully aware I’d completely stuffed it up in my reaction to Kate. I knew my initial reaction had meant a cooling effect on the way Greg dealt with Kate and by letting him know how jealous of her I’d been I must have only compounded Greg’s sense that he had to be very careful in the way he dealt with her. And yet I knew how precious a relaxed friendly relationship with someone of the opposite sex was; I even understood what an ego boost it was to have them flirt with you.

As long as I could be sure that Kate was safe, I didn’t want to deprive him of that. But I knew I actually had to do the work to make him feel it was OK.

So the first step was to establish a friendly position between Kate and myself. I was lucky that buying her an ice-cream that first day had provided a bit of an ice-breaker. Since she was often down the beach on Greg’s work days when I was there alone, it wasn’t difficult to strike up a relationship between us even if she was at first a little understandably wary of me.

That’s not to say I still didn’t find her intimidating in a girly competitive sort of way. I shouldn’t really complain about her choices in bikinis since it wasn’t that different to my own with the key exception that I’ll swear she wore the same size top as me notwithstanding the fact she had a lot more to cover. She also approached the surf more aggressively than I did, so seemed to be constantly having blowouts and needing to tuck herself back in after every wave. I doubt there was a guy on the beach who couldn’t give you a detailed description of her nipples. With the rest of her dreamboat figure equally I display, even I found her distracting and difficult not to stare at.

But I actually found the person quite charming. She was naturally funny and engaging. She soon became just as tactile in the way she interacted with me as I’d observed her being with Greg. It wasn’t long before we got in to the habit of breaking our mornings at the beach with a coffee at a nearby coffee-shop. It was clear from what she said that she was having a great time at Uni and was as interested in what I was doing there as she was happy to share her experiences with me.

I’d wondered how she could spend so much time down the beach when I thought like Greg she might have had to work to save for the coming year; something that had become even more important as she contemplated a shift from law to medicine. But just to show that you should be careful how you judge people, it turned out she had a full time job on an evening shift. As she said, it was great because she got most of the daylight hours to herself, and yet still got home in time to go to bed at a normal hour. It did strike me that might not have been great for her social life, but I thought it best not to go there.

She also told me lots of interesting stories about Greg. There was nothing too embarrassing, just stuff that gave me a better idea of his backstory and how he fitted in to the town. As she described it, the school he went to was very football orientated. Because Greg just wasn’t interested, he was never going to be a member of the in group. Nor did he show any signs of missing that intense male bonding those team sports bring. I’d already noticed he didn’t seem to have any close buddy friends amongst his old school mates. Since I was a bit the same I could hardly complain about that and at least I didn’t have to contend with the judgement of the ‘mates” like a lot of girls do.

She also let on me that there were more than a few girls who fancied Greg but had never managed to get his attention. Some were even a bit heartbroken he was now spoken for. I even wondered for a moment if Kate was one of them.

Whether or not she was, I almost got the impression she had the same sort of protective approach to him that an older sister might have. It was clear she was fond of him, but didn’t express it in a way I found threatening; indeed maybe her accepting me as a friend indicated an acceptance of me as a suitable girlfriend for him.

It was interesting watching how Kate dealt with the stream of male attention she naturally attracted. I admired her confidence. They were dealt with matter of factly; encouraged or firmly but not unkindly deflected according to where the male stood in her eyes. I watched as she evaluated new suitors; accepting some invitations and politely declining others using rules that weren’t immediately apparent to me. Sitting next to her on the beach could have made me feel like the ugly cousin as the guys kept approaching Kate while leaving me alone.

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