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First Time Swingers

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Just want to say thank you to all those that read my last submission and any who left comments. This next instalment of my relationship with Kira is set a few months after we started seeing each other. I hope you enjoy reading it and please feel free to comment and vote on it.

Kira and I had been seeing each other for about two months, and had got to know each other pretty intimately. One Saturday, we were laid in bed, in my room at Bickleigh Barracks. I shared a two man room, but my roommate was away for the weekend. I remember this morning particularly vividly, as it was the first time that we had discussed swinging. My head was pounding that morning; we’d been out drinking the previous night with Mark, Hayley and a few lads from my Troop. Kira had often stayed at the Barracks at weekends as she lived a good hour away.

I had been dozing for about an hour, intermittently debating whether to get up and get a drink, but I didn’t want to disturb Kira. She had wrapped herself tightly around me, with one leg draped over my hip and her head on my chest. Eventually I decided I had to get up, take some pain killers and get a drink. It had been a heavy night and I felt as rough as fuck. I tried to move Kira gently, so as not to disturb her, but she yawned and opened her eyes, moving to allow me to get up.

As I moved across the room, I could feel her watching me.

“Do you want a drink while I’m up?” I asked.

“What you got?” she replied, rubbing her eyes.

“Erm…Water?” I offered.

“Oooh exotic, I’ll take two!” she smiled.

I went to the galley and got two mugs of water, as I returned to my room, Kira began to chuckle to herself.

“I’ve never seen someone so excited about water before!” She said, gesturing to my cock with a theatrical wink.

She was referring to my morning glory; nothing unusual for most guys in the morning, but I’m always turbo horny in the mornings, to the point where I have to have a wank as soon as I wake up.

I sat on the bed and handed her one of the mugs. She took a massive gulp of water, studying my face at the same time.

“You disturbed my dream…” she said.

“Really? What was it about?”

“You, me and some guy were having a threesome…”

“Oh yeah, having wet dreams about me now? I’m flattered! Who was the other guy?” I asked, grinning at her.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t make out his face.”

I took two pain killers and necked my water, then lent over Kira’s waist, facing her and resting my head on my left hand. She is one of those girls that even after a heavy night on the piss and waiting for a taxi in the rain had the innate ability to wake up with that sexy dishevelled look. Her eyes were sparkling, but then they always did. She didn’t have a hint of a hangover about her, even though I knew she was hanging out as much I was.

“Have you ever had a three way?” She asked.

“Nope, I’ve shagged two girls in the same night, but never had two at once, or shared a girl with another guy. What about you?”

“No, but I’ve always liked the thought of it…” she said, watching my face for a reaction.

“Well, I could always go and get one of the lads now if you like? I’m sure one would be willing to help me out!” I teased.

“Fuck off! She squealed, poking me in my supporting arm. “If I’m going to have a three way then I’d like it to be with a stranger and someone I am seeing, or two strangers.

“Slut…” I smirked, as I began to run my index finger around her nipples, watching them swell and harden as I squeezed and teased them.

“Yeah right, you’re calling me a slut after you just admitted to having two girls in one night?! If I’m a slut you’re a man whore!”

“I pondered this for a moment. “Fair one, I’ve got no comeback to that!”

This was mainly due to the fact that I was now distracted, running through scenarios in my head of me and another guy fucking Kira, taking it in turns and not letting her rest. My semi was now fully hard and tingling at the prospect of making my thoughts a reality.

“So…you like the thought of two guys licking and sucking on each of your nipples?” I said, as I lent forward, punctuating my sentence by running my tongue over her nipple, then taking it into my mouth. As I continued to suck on her, with increasing pressure, she breathed in deeply through her nostrils and closed her eyes.

“That would be amazing…” she whispered.

I pulled the quilt from around her waist and began to kiss down her body.

“Do you like the thought of being treated like a whore by two guys? Or being watched as someone fucks you…?”

I was kissing down her stomach, grazing my teeth over her hips and tracing my tongue around her clean shaven pubic area.

“I like the thought of both, more so the thought of being dominated by two men.” She gasped, her last word was almost inaudible as my tongue found her clit. Her pussy smelt stale and tasted a little acidic; we hadn’t showered yet following a long night of drinking and dancing. Her lips were stuck together with stale şirinevler escort pussy juice. I began to part them as I worked my tongue over her clit. Her knees fell apart to allow me better access, and I pushed a finger inside. Kira arched her back and bit her bottom lip in response. I began to work my finger in and out of her as my thumb worked her clit. Her pussy became soaked with fresh juices. She found my cock with her left hand, which by now was pulsing with the thought of Kira taking two men. She pulled back my foreskin as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly began to wank my cock. I pushed a second finger inside her, forcing it in deep.

“So…you like the thought of one guy being in your pussy and one in your ass? Being sandwiched between us both, fucking you hard, do you?”

I was working my fingers in and out of her hard and fast and she was panting hard.

“Well, you little slut, answer me? Do you want two men to treat you like a whore and make you suck their cocks dry?”

“I’d love it…” she replied breathlessly.

I climbed on top of her, my cock hanging in her face and my head between her legs. I sank my face into her pussy and began to lick her furiously as she gripped my cock in her hands and placed it in her mouth. As I licked I forced my hips down, pushing my cock down her throat. Every now and then I heard her choke and gag as I held the thrust too long or pushed too deep. The flat we live in consists of two single man rooms, a two man room which I share and a 4 man room. The beds we are provided are crude wire-sprung metal frames which creak a LOT when you move. On more than one occasion, the other lads had joked to both me and Kira that they had heard us fucking over the weekend. This weekend was no different, with every thrust I made into Kira’s mouth my bed would creak and she would moan loudly. I knew my mate Ads was in, as he’d been out with him the night before. Only a thin wall separated our bed spaces. I was sure he would be listening to us and was wanking. I didn’t give a shit; I was fucking someone and not myself.

My tongue was flicking between Kira’s pussy and her asshole, and I was pulling her lips apart so I could lick as deep inside her as possible. Meanwhile I was still thrusting ever harder into her mouth and she was playing with my bum hole and squeezing my balls hard. My cock began to twitch and I released my first load deep to the back of her throat. She choked as my load made her gag and she pulled me out of her mouth just as my second load was released, hitting her chin and shooting onto her breasts. The cum lubed up her cleavage and I dropped my hips, my cock nestling between her breasts. I moved back and forth, using her tits to wank me off as she worked her tongue around my balls. I was working four fingers into her pussy whilst sucking hard on her clit to make her cum. Kira began to suck my balls hard, her hips working back and forth trying to get maximum pleasure from the fingers I had stuffed into her pussy. I felt her tighten around my fingers, which were cramping by now as I was so dehydrated. She began to moan long and loud and accidentally bit my ball, causing me to flinch forward and off her. I withdrew my fingers quickly, and she convulsed. We both collapsed top to toe; if I was dirty and sweaty before, I was totally honking now. I looked at Kira as she lay panting and exhausted, admiring my cum glistening on her breasts and neck.

We lay still recovering for a minute or two, until I moved up next to her and we resumed our original sleeping position. We were silent, mainly due to exhaustion, but my head was still pounding and I hadn’t noticed it until this point, but the pain killers most certainly had not taken effect.

I broke the silence: “What about swinging?”

Kira raised her head and frowned. “Isn’t that for couples?”

“Yeah, but I’m sure single guys go to those things too. Besides, even if it was a couple we ended up with, then it’s the best of both worlds. You could get your three way while his partner watches or you get to watch me fuck her; either way I proff!” I laughed.

“You’re a dick!” She laughed, slapping my chest.

“It might be fun to have another couple in the room as we do it…” she mused.

“I’m game if you are! We can look on the internet later if you like, see if we can find where they host these things?”

After a long shower and a good lunch, our hangovers were finally ebbing away, so we sat down and scoured the web for a swinging club. The first one we found was a place called Unit 18 in Plymouth, but we decided against that, as we would invariably meet someone we knew, which Kira was against. Either that or if not someone we knew then it would be some honking Matelot (sailor) and I can’t stand working with them, let alone fucking someone with one. Finally we found a place in Bath which was ideal; not a great trek and I’d always wanted to visit the city as I’m a huge fan of Roman architecture. I know, I’m a geek. The venue we found was holding a school uniform şişli escort night the following weekend, so we decided to make a weekend of it and book a hotel. If things didn’t work out then we would just do the touristy thing. Once the hotel was booked, I walked Kira to her car and she said she would sort out our outfits for the club. As I kissed her goodbye all I could think about was how hot she was going to look in her uniform.

The next few days were spent texting each other, building excitement and anticipation of the weekend to come. On the Thursday night, my phone buzzed: Kira sent me a picture of my school uniform laid out on the bed. She’d surpassed herself and I couldn’t help but laugh; a pair of charcoal grey shorts, white shirt, school tie, black socks and a grey cap. A few minutes later I received another picture, this time a selfie of Kira wearing her outfit. I was instantly turned on; her school uniform consisted of black heels, knee length white socks, a short red and black tartan skirt that looked to be no more than a belt and a very tight white blouse, set off by a short tie. With her hair in pigtails, she looked even more erotic than I’d imagined. As I took in the picture, my cock began to swell, which was a bit of a problem as I was waiting in line outside the armoury at work to draw my weapon for cleaning. It took all my willpower to stop myself going in the heads for a wank.

That evening I phoned Kira and we discussed how we believed that Saturday evening would go. Inevitably we both go so turned on that we ended up having phone sex. I wanked my cock as I listened to Kira’s soft voice and I stared at her picture as we built to a climax. I released at the same time, an explosion of cum covering the back of the toilet door and floor. Kira was amazing at phone sex her voice sounded so sweet and innocent but what came out was pure filth.

Friday finally came and the day seemed to drag on forever. Finally it was half past four and I grabbed my bags, throwing them into the car. I made it about a mile before I realised I’d forgotten my black parade shoes that I’d planned on using for my outfit. Fuck. I’d only had one thing to remember! I was still cursing myself as I made it back out of the camp gates and on to the road.

The drive to Exeter felt like it took ages, but eventually I met Kira at Exeter services, and it was obvious that she was just as excited as me. Firstly, this was only our second weekend away together and secondly we were both about to experience something new. We laughed and messed about all the way to Bath; in total it took just over three hours to get there, mainly because Kira had written the directions to the hotel down wrong. When we arrived we were starving so we booked in and went straight out to find dinner. We found a lovely little Italian restaurant not far from the hotel. After dinner we decided to take a slow walk back to the hotel via the address of the club and make sure we were happy with where it was. One thing we didn’t want was to be walking around Bath dressed as a pair of school kids, especially when we were sober and not with a group of people. We eventually found the club which didn’t look anything special from the outside. It was located in the centre of Bath and looked like a normal club. One thing I did notice was that Kira got very excited; she couldn’t stop smiling at me.

Once back at the hotel, Kira insisted I try on my school uniform, just in case anything didn’t fit. She sensibly reasoned that if not, at least we could try and sort it out the next day. I came out of the bathroom to a huge roar of laughter. Not quite the reaction I’d been hoping for.

“Brilliant! You look great!” Kira was still chuckling and couldn’t contain her amusement. Everything fitted me ok, although the shorts were a bit tight in the legs and groin area. Not really a bad thing; my cock hung down my left leg and was very obvious. It looked as if I had stuffed something down there, but I’m proud to say it was all me!

“Do I get a viewing now…?” I asked her.

Kira smiled: “Nope, you saw me in the picture; you’ll have to wait!”

“Please, pretty please?!” I wasn’t used to begging, but it was worth a go. Unfortunately, she would have none of it, so we ordered a bottle of wine from reception and got an early night watching a film.

The next day we were up early. We ventured around the city, taking in the sights and exploring the bathhouses, markets and the river. Bath truly is an idyllic city. All the time the thought of what was to come was in the back of our minds. Every now and then we’d exchange knowing looks, winks and smiles. The day seemed to drag, but finally we found ourselves heading back to the hotel. After dinner in the restaurant we headed up to our room and began to get ready. It was only six thirty, the venue didn’t open until nine, but we were very eager. Kira had brought a bottle of vodka and we began to sip vodka and coke to steady our nerves. We were playing music and messing about, I had a shower and decided I wasn’t trimmed enough, so shaved taksim escort my pubic area and balls, after all it was a school party. As I returned to the bedroom from my shower, Kira was leaning over the dressing table, dressed and doing her hair. She looked fucking amazing. My cock reacted instantly, making it difficult to get into my shorts.

“Right, I have two rules tonight” Kira said, as I tried to remember how to do my tie.

“If we do meet someone, then we use protection; I have condoms in my bag.”

“Not a problem, I’ve got some in my wallet” I said, proud that I’d managed to remember something. She smiled. “The second is that if I say ‘I need to make a call and check my rota,’ then I want to leave.”

“Ooh, covert, you’ll make a good spy! I laughed.

“Piss off! I just don’t want to be stuck talking to some weirdo, I’d like to just make our excuses and leave.”

“If you want to leave, just tell me and we will leave, I don’t have a problem with that.” I reassured her.

By this point it was just after nine, so we left the hotel to head to the club. By now we were both a little drunk and nervous anticipation was making us giggle like actual kids. Kira decided to wear a longish coat, her skirt was very short and she only had a pair of French knickers on. I on the other hand, didn’t give a shit after a few drinks, and strolled out of the hotel wearing my uniform and hat with pride. I had got a bit carried away with the outfit and gone so far as to draw freckles on my face and comb my hair with a side parting. Yes, I did look like a dick, but a hot dick.

We approached the club and saw there were a few other people heading in; thankfully they were also in school uniform. I would have felt more than a bit of a twat if the night had changed! At the door we were greeted with a smile by a very friendly lady who took Kira’s coat and asked if we were first timers to the club. We confessed we were, but she merely gave us a short rundown of the club rules and facilities. After our comprehensive brief we moved to the bar and instantly turned heads. I think more so because of Kira, she looked fantastic. At the bar we ordered a few drinks and sat for a while, checking out the room. The music was cheesy 90’s stuff but the atmosphere was great. To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed by the people in the room; many of them were mid-thirties right up to sixties. A lot of the guys had seriously let themselves go and some of the girls looked like mutton dressed as lamb. There were a few good-looking couples though, which gave us hope. In just the few minutes we had been sat there, we had two couples come up and chat to us. Everyone was very friendly, probably because they wanted Kira’s sweet young pussy.

After an hour, we decided to explore the club. It was really well set out; a wet area with a pool, sauna and steam room, dry area with a fetish room, set up with sex swings and chains, plus there were private rooms available too. In the toilets there were glory holes, and some of the other rooms were padded and mirrored. I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to try all of this out. If we could find the right people.

We headed back to the bar for another couple of drinks, and were soon approached by another couple. Andy and Jeannie from Bristol were married and had been swinging for about five years. Jeannie was an attractive woman of about fifty. She was pretty, and I could tell that she’d have been a stunner in her youth. Andy appeared about fifty five, he wasn’t exactly Kira’s type, but they were friendly enough and very chatty. After half an hour or so, Andy kind of got the idea and went to chat to another couple, but Jeannie was persistent in her flirting with me. She pressed up against me, every now and then running her nail along the length of my cock. She kept looking at Kira to see if she objected, but she just smiled at me and winked. A little while passed and Jeannie and I were passionately kissing, she was rubbing my cock through my shorts. Kira must have got bored of us playing around, and took both our hands. She took us into a small private room, pushed me against the wall and hastily undid my shorts, allowing my hard cock to spring free as she took them down. She ordered Jeannie to kneel beside her and she began to suck my cock. She did it almost viciously, as though she was frustrated. Jeannie watched with excitement at Kira going to work. After a minute or so, Kira handed the reins to Jeannie, who was something of a pro at sucking cock. She worked up and down my shaft and had a very good attempt at taking me down her throat. Kira watched me enjoying the pleasure of two women milking my cock. Kira cupped my balls and squeezed, forcing Jeannie’s head onto my cock. After a while she ordered Jeannie to kneel up, which she did with my cock still in her mouth. I watched as Kira lay on her back and shuffled under Jeannie, pulling her down to sit over her face. Jeannie whimpered as Kira inserted her thumb into her and began to work her tongue over her clit. Jeannie’s sucking became more ferocious and all technique went out of the window. It was a mad frenzy of pleasure; I don’t know what Kira did to her but she came very, very hard. As she came I pulled the back of her head hard onto my cock, muffling her moans. Unfortunately I didn’t cum, but at least we had made an impression on the club.

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