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Fishing Trip

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For almost twenty years I have been going on twice annual trips with a group of guys from my college days. Each spring and fall we rent a remote cabin for a week and go on our fishing trips. Very little fishing gets done any more. These trips have become our getaways from the stress of our high pressure careers and everyday lives. Truth is the trips are more about, drinking, cigar smoking and playing poker without our wives’ complaints. The first time we went was only two years after graduation. There were fifteen of us and only two were married then. As the rest of us married most of our wives seemed to understand that we needed the break. Over the years some have dropped out and some only come occasionally. Fifteen became twelve and then ten. In recent years our number had hovered between six and nine. This past spring was our lowest turnout ever. Only four of us could make the trip.

With so few coming we decided not to rent our usual large cabin and opted instead for a two-bedroom place on a lake we hadn’t visited before. None of us knew anything about the place. We assumed it would be just another secluded, rustic fishing cabin in the woods. The only part we got right was it being secluded and in the woods. The place turned out to be the most well appointed cabin imaginable. The main floor sat under a soaring cathedral ceiling and consisted of a fifty by forty foot great room that served as a combination living, recreation and dining room. The living room was furnished with expensive leather upholstered sofas and recliners all set for maximum viewing of a 50″ plasma HD television. A satellite dish on the roof provided access to hundreds of channels of programming. There was also a sound system that would rival that of a small concert hall. A CD juke box provided thousands of choices in almost every genre of music. The fireplace was framed by a hearth and mantle worthy of a castle.

The dining area had a large oak table that could probably accommodate twelve in a pinch. There was also a matching sideboard and fully equipped bar. The kitchen was separated from the dinning room by a granite counter that had four bar-stool style swivel chairs. The kitchen itself was outfitted with gleaming appliances and enough solid wood cabinets to serve a commercial kitchen. Every imaginable modern appliance was available. The kitchen, laundry room and a marble tiled bathroom complete with Jacuzzi were nestled under the cabins loft. A rear door led to a deck with an outdoor dining area and large hot tub.

A center stairway led to the loft which had two large bedrooms and another luxurious bathroom. In order for the big skylights to shine the sun on both the bedrooms and the living area below the front walls of the bedrooms did not go all the way to the ceiling. They were tall enough to prevent anyone in the downstairs area from seeing in but did not block sounds. When we went up to inspect the sleeping quarters we were surprised to find each room had only a large king-sized bed instead of the more usual cabin accommodations. Since the four of us were good friends we didn’t really mind doubling up.

I paired up with my old frat house roommate, Mark Murphy. Bob Braddock a big football star back in college and Gregory Nelson the big brain of our group took the other room. It had been the biggest curiosity of the group that Bob and Greg had been such good friends. Greg had always seemed the odd man in our group. Most of us had been average students and a little on the jock side. Greg was a definite brain; straight A’s, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa type and totally without coordination. Greg was Bob’s tutor and the only reason he graduated. They became friends and Bob talked us into letting Greg into the frat. The older guys figured having a smart dude in the house classed the place up. He was also one of the funniest guys we ever met.

The first night we all hit the sheets early after the long drive. The next morning we got in a couple hours of fishing to make the trip legitimate. After lunch since the weather was unusually warm we decided to swim with the fish instead of catching them. Of course we had not bothered packing swim trunks as the warmth was unexpected. Fortunately, our spot on the lake was remote enough that four forty-something guys could get away with skinny dipping for the first time in years. We ended up horsing around like we used to do in our younger days. It was great to experience such a carefree time again. When we finally decided that we had let our cocks get shriveled enough in the cold water we headed back up the hill to the cabin.

It was kind of funny watching my three friend’s asses as they walked ahead of me buck naked. It wasn’t so unusual seeing my friends naked. After our days in the frat house there was no longer any reason to be modest around each other. It was not the least bit unusual to run into one of our brothers walking to the bathroom naked back then. In addition, streaking campus was an almost ritual activity for our frat. Twenty years of sharing cabins had also provided plenty of opportunity to see each other naked and nearly naked. It was the being outside and all naked at the same time that was different.

Since there were only two Ankara escort bathrooms we had to shower two by two. Greg and I ended up with second shift and decided to grab a beer. Neither of us thought to put anything on while we sat at the bar waiting. It was only a few minutes before Bob came out of the downstairs bathroom wrapped in a towel and hollered next. I was oddly relieved as I had thought I saw an odd gleam in Greg’s eyes. Even though it was more than a feeling then anything, I was starting to feel uncomfortable being naked so close to him. Bob and I headed upstairs as Greg went to the downstairs shower. By that time Mark was done and I hit the shower. The whole experience had left me a little unsettled and oddly horny. I ended up soaping up my cock and jerking off a quick load.

When I returned to the room Mark had not yet gotten dressed. I thought he looked a little flustered and it seemed he was trying to adjust his towel. I figured maybe he had been whacking off too and did my best to act nonchalant. I already had my underwear on before he got up. That made me wonder if he hadn’t finished and had to wait for his dick to go down before he could take off his towel.

The four of us started on the beer we brought up and then had steaks for dinner. After dinner we played a little poker and drank a lot of beer. After a couple hours, Mark declared that he was beat and dragged his ass off to bed. Four handed poker was bad enough, three handed was ridiculous. So the rest of us decided to check out the entertainment system. Bob found some porn tucked away behind other DVDs. We decided why not since it had been years since we had watched porn together. It was pretty much the usual fair. People pairing up to fuck after about two minutes of dialogue, all the women were bi, the guys straight. There were the obligatory gang bang scenes where a group of guys take on a couple of slutty girls and there is a meticulous effort not to let any swords cross. Bob seemed to particularly enjoy the video about a college football team and the cheerleaders they fucked. I personally had difficulty imagining the girls going to the locker room and sucking a bunch of sweaty dicks after the big game. I was also very glad I had dumped a load in the shower. My wife hadn’t been in the mood for almost two weeks before we went on our trip. The sex flicks definitely would have made for an uncomfortable crotch condition if I was still fully loaded. Bob’s bulge was unmistakable when he got up to put in a third DVD. I decided to head for bed at that point. I left Bob and Greg on the sofa seemingly mesmerized by some huge breasted woman tit fucking a black guy with a monster cock.

Had I been bunking alone I might well have jerked off another load before going to sleep. But I decided I didn’t want to risk Mark waking up and catching me lying next to him with my dick in my hand. That fear was made worse when I came in the room and saw he was on his back with the sheet at his ankles and his hard cock poking through the fly of his boxers. I tried to look away but fascination got the better of me. That last time I saw another guy’s hard cock in the flesh was after a particularity heavy night of drinking when my freshman college roommate and I ended up jerking each other off. Before that there had been a couple of circle jerks. However, what one does while fooling around at 18 or 19 is far different from what a married 44 year old father of two does; even one whose wife was increasingly loosing her sex drive. Only in my rare, deepest, most secret fantasies had I ever given more than a passing thought to anything sexual with a guy.

Finally I managed to get myself into a pair of gym shorts and into bed. I turned onto my side facing away from Mark and his hard cock. A little later I felt Mark poke me in the back.

“Damn, Jerry, wake up, you got to hear this,” He insisted softly.

As I slowly came back to full consciousness I heard what had Mark so animated. Due to the partial bedroom wall we could hear the unmistakable sounds of people having sex. At first I assumed the guys were still watching porn downstairs.

That was until I heard Bob clearly say, “Oh fuck your cock feels good inside me.”

Mark had to bury his face in my shoulder to stifle his laugh.

“Man, I guess we know why they have been such good friends all these years,” I whispered to Mark as he pulled his face away from my shoulder.

“Fuck, I can’t believe that big football stud us getting his ass fucked by nerd boy,” Mark whispered back.

“Oh god! Fuck!” Greg cried.

“Yes fill me baby!” Bob added.

The moaning and groaning that followed told us both men had climaxed. Soon the sounds of gentle snoring replaced the sounds of rutting sex.

“Fuck that is crazy. You think they been doing that all along?” Mark asked me incredulous over our discovery.

“Man how the hell should I know. Maybe it is a new thing.”

I explained about the three of us watching some porn after Mark went to bed. I suggested that maybe they just got carried away after the videos got them all horny.

“Well then I guess I should be glad you didn’t jump my ass when you came up here,” He joked.

I wanted to tell him Ankara escort bayan about ogling his hard dick. Under the covers my own cock was hard having reacted to hearing our two friends having sex in an unexpected way. I couldn’t deny I was suddenly very curious.

“You know I don’t really think it sounded like their first time together,” Mark continued.

“Yeah, I know god that is fucking wild.”

“Um, we been friends long enough I think I can ask you, you ever do anything like that?” Mark said rather boldly I thought.

To my surprise I answered him truthfully.

“A couple of times I participated in a circle jerk and there was one night freshman year something happened. My roommate and I were tanked and we ended up jerking each other off. But nothing close to what it sounded like Bob and Greg were doing. How about you?”

“Um more than you but less than them.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“Well, like you I had my circle jerk days. But when I did the jerk off another guy thing he blew me. Happened three of four times. Might have happened more since the guy was very willing, but I kind of freaked out a little.”

“Freaked out because you let a guy suck your dick?”

“Well more because I was starting to think about sucking his.”


“You ever think about gay sex?”

“Um a few fantasies. I figured all guys have some thoughts about it. Was he a good cock sucker?” I added actually hoping to break the tension.

“Definitely in the top three for me,” Mark answered with a big smile.

“You regret not trying it when you had the chance?”

“Honestly, sometimes, I do. Weird I guess, because I know I am not gay. I love Suzy and she is the number one on my list by the way.”

“I wasn’t suggesting you might be gay or anything. Hell I think if I had ever had the chance and hadn’t that I might regret not trying something. So you and Suzy are still hot and heavy in bed?”

“Oh fuck yeah; I think she gets wilder as she gets older.”

“Must be because she was kind of vanilla when I dated her.”

“Oh shit I forgot you slept with her before I met her.”

“Sorry to bring that up.”

“No big deal. Everybody has a past. So how are you and Jill getting along sex wise?”

“Not too well actually. She seems to have lost interest. I am lucky if I can get her to let me dip my wick every couple of weeks. I haven’t felt lips on my cock in at least two years.”

“What the hell happened? As I recall you used to regale us with stories of your wild wife and her fantastic lips.”

“Yeah, long fucking time ago. I don’t really know but I guess after shooting a couple kids out her cunt just closed for business.”

“That sucks. You looking for something on the side to make things easier?”

“Not looking, but I might be getting to the point that I wouldn’t turn it down.”

I froze when he turned on his side and put his hand on my chest.

“Oh hell, here goes. I am horny as shit all of a sudden. You were right about me regretting having never tried sucking cock. You seem to be in need of something new. It wouldn’t be like cheating or anything weird. Fuck we are as close as any two people can be. It would just be a couple of guys, good friends helping each other explore something. What do you say?”

I was stunned. Mark had gone from laughing about hearing our friends having gay sex in the other room to propositioning me. I had no idea how far it might go if I said yes, but I wanted to scream yes I was so horny.

“Mark wow. I can’t say I don’t want to, but I am worried. I don’t want to fuck up the best friendship any guy could have. A night of play isn’t worth that loss. I love you and it would kill me to lose you over a blow job.”

“Jer, I love you too and that is why I think it will be ok. I would never let anything fuck up our friendship,” He said as he moved his hand down my torso and under the sheet.

I felt my whole body shiver as my best friend moved his hand slowly toward my hard cock.

“Oh god, Mark are you sure?”

“I promise no matter how we feel about the sex in the morning I will never let go of my friendship for you.”

I didn’t say anything I just reached over and began to fondle his tiny hard nipple. As my thumb teased his little pearl he took hold of my bulge. I gasped when he gently squeezed me through my cotton gym shorts.

“Mmmmmmm, I see you do want this,” He moaned as he slipped his hand inside my shorts.

It was the first time I had been touched with any desire in a long time. It felt so good I was afraid I would cum before long. I slid my hand down his body and found his hard cock poking out of his boxers. I began to slowly stroke his rather impressive rod. He was at least an inch and half longer than my average sized cock. Like me he was circumcised and I liked the way his glans felt as I ran my thumb over them. I also liked the sounds he made when I touched his little hole. I concentrated on pleasing him so as to avoid thinking about my own pleasure.

“I want to be naked with you and see your cock,” He said in a very sexy tone as he slipped out of bed.

He turned on a small bedside reading lamp and Escort Ankara then discarded his boxers. I wanted to leap out of bed and take in him my arms. But we had only discussed touching and sucking. Hugging and kissing may have been beyond his limits. He pulled the sheet off my body as I enjoyed looking as his exposed erection. I watched as his fingers deftly took hold of my waistband and carefully lower my shorts. I raised my ass to make it easier for him to expose me. He smiled and licked his lips as he looked down at my naked body.

“Looks tasty,” He said with a wicked grin.

I thought he was about to pounce on the bed and fulfill his long held fantasy to suck cock. I needed to slow down. I suddenly wanted more than a quick exchange of blow jobs.

“Wait, please, come here. I want to hold you before we go further.”

He smiled at me as he crawled back onto the bed. He came into my arms and took me into his. As our flesh touched our cocks found each other. My sighing moan at the pleasure of feeling his cock rub along mine was cut off by his lips. I accepted his kiss and soon our tongues began an erotic duel. After several minutes of the most erotic kiss and taboo thing I had ever done we both pulled back slightly. We were locked there, panting lightly and staring deep into each other’s eyes. I knew something had happened in that moment. My feelings for him changed and I felt that his for me had also changed. Perhaps it was simply long suppressed desire and emotion that had surged to the surface.

“This is perfect,” he sighed and moved his lips to my chest.

He began to lick and suck my nipples. He was only the second person that had ever put his mouth on my sensitive little nips. The first was the last woman that I slept with before my wife. She was amazing and loved to use her lips, tongue and teeth everywhere. I had often thought how sad it was that while we were great sexually there was just never that emotional spark needed for long term happiness. I suddenly realized that I had that spark with Mark all along. He moved lower nipping lightly on my abdomen. When he got to my navel he did something no one had done to me before. He teased my belly button with his tongue. It was like he was tongue fucking the little hole in my belly. I squirmed a little at the ticklish erotic sensation it caused. As he went lower I could feel his warm breath on my genitals as I anticipated my first gay blow job.

He surprised me by skipping passed my sex and moving his lips to my thigh. His cheek brushed my cock for an instant as he moved to kiss my hairy inner thigh. I spread my legs giving him easier access to my surprisingly sensitive flesh. I couldn’t remember anyone ever making oral sex so exciting. After kissing and licking my thigh his tongue found my ball sack. Even though having my balls licked had been one of my favorite things my wife hadn’t done it in years. My best friend, a man was now doing it more lovingly than anyone ever had before. Though I fought to keep the sound level low, I could not contain the moans of pleasure when he took one of my nuts into his wet mouth. My best friend seemed to be a natural at gay oral sex.

As he moved from my balls to licking my rigid, jerking shaft, I wondered if Greg and Bob were listening to my moans as we had just listened to them fucking. I didn’t really care and I couldn’t have remained silent if I did. The pleasure was overwhelming my senses.

When the tip of his tongue found my cum slit I cried out, “Oh fuck, that is so good!”

Suddenly my cock was enveloped in his warm wet mouth. His lips were sliding down my shaft as his tongue pressed against the underside of my throbbing cock. I couldn’t believe it was his first time sucking cock. Later he admitted that he had practiced on a dildo. As I lay moaning enjoying having my cock sucked after so long without oral loving I reached for my friend. I caressed his body wherever I could reach. What would have felt odd only hours earlier suddenly felt perfect. The feel of touching a man with his skin covered in soft hair was so different then the feel of a female lover. I was lost in the pleasure and had to force myself to ask him to stop. He released my precum oozing, twitching cock and looked up at me.

“Why? Please let me at least finish,” He seemed to be pleading.

I smiled as I responded, “Oh fuck, I want you to finish, but not yet. I don’t want to cum until I have sucked your cock. I am afraid to let this end. It feels too good being with you.”

He smiled back and rolled onto his back. His cock stood up from his body pointing to the ceiling. I moved closer and took his shaft in my hand as I looked closely at his erection as if examining him. His vein covered shaft hooked slightly at the end and twisted a bit to the left. I touched the tip and felt the clear sticky fluid that was oozing from his cum hole. Then I tasted him for the first time; tentatively licking this cock head. His precum was like some exotic ambrosia. The taste made me want more. I moved my hand to his balls as I took his cock into my mouth. I loved the feel of his silky skin against my lips. I soon learned that his cock was an amazing contrast in textures. The hardness was tempered by the smooth soft cover and the spongy feel of his flared cock head. In my delight it seemed I could almost feel the large veins that ran down his shaft pulsating. His moans of pleasure were the most erotic sound I had ever heard.

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