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Fixated on Oral Ch. 01-02

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Authors note: The following story is based on actual events. I have been given the details and experiences from the actual lead character in the story. I tried to convince her to write her experiences herself but was unsuccessful. Names have been changed but that’s it.


Aly sat at her computer typing away; she was busy inputting data for her coworkers waiting for the output. It was almost break time and she was getting hungry. She eyed the banana on her desk waiting for her and that was all it took. Her fixation with giving head took over and she started to think of giving her best sloppy blowjob to her new boyfriend.

Her fingers ceased typing as her mind wrapped her mouth around his cock. She loved the feel of his hot, throbbing member in her mouth as she stroked his shaft and played with his balls rolling them in her hand. She basked in the salty goodness of his pre-cum and took more of his steely cock deep into her mouth, all the way down into her throat. She was so good at this that she had overcome gagging and with all of it in her mouth she looked up to see his expression.

“Aly…. Aly!” Veronica said a little louder, shocking Aly out of her daydream. “Are you okay? You were looking at that banana awfully weird.”

“Oh I’m fine just thinking about stuff,” Aly returned.

“Obviously, anyway here is some more work.” Veronica handed her the papers and turned to leave.

“Hey Veronica, did you try, what I told you too, on your husband yet?” Veronica turned around with a shy, embarrassed look on her face.

“I tried, but it’s just too gross, it tastes bad and hurts my mouth.”

“Well you just have to let go and get into it, he’ll love it trust me,” Aly told her.

“I don’t think I can and it wasn’t fun anyway, it’s overrated if you ask me.”

“Do it for him, not you, then maybe it will become fun for you later.”

“Ya whatever I just don’t care,” Veronica said and continued back to her desk.

“Man she’s a bitch, her poor husband must be pissed. I mean really they have only been married for a few months and she hates sex already and never gives him shit,” Aly thought to herself. “And after all the help I gave her and instructions, what a waste of time, she’ll never do any of it, what a prude.”

It was break time now and she grabbed the banana and started peeling it with a big smile on her face. She looked around to see if anyone was looking, seeing no one she slid the whole thing into her mouth and felt it hit the back of her throat. Will a laugh to herself she brought it back out and started to eat it, daydreaming again.

She finished her banana about the same time her boyfriend shot his load in her mouth; she swallowed the last bite and his cum and focused back on her work. She felt the wetness in her panties and licking her lips went back to work, yearning for five o’clock to come faster so she could get some real action.


Hours later Aly was finishing up her last job for the day and excited to leave.

“Hey Al, what are you going to do tonight?” Veronica asked peaking into Aly’s cubical.

“Oh nothing much I think, Christian and I are probably going to hang out and watch a movie at his place,” She lied, she knew full well that she was going to get some major action tonight, but none of the girls knew what she did with Christian, only that she and he were friends.

“What are you going to do?” she asked Veronica.

“Hopefully just relax, eat dinner and go to bed. Randy’s been complaining lately that we don’t have sex enough, I think he’s a nympho, he wants it all the time.”

“How long has it been since you to did it?” Aly inquired. kadıköy escort

“I don’t know… a week maybe two, its overrated as well and I’m just too tired and hate getting gross and sweaty,” Veronica responded.

Aly shook her head at her and Veronica gave her a curt smile and turned to leave.

“Man! Bitch just doesn’t cover it, two weeks with nothing as newlyweds, what a fucking cunt!” Aly screamed in her head. “Well it’s her loss; I’m going to get me some right now.”

She grabbed her stuff and quickly walked to her car and headed directly to her boyfriends apartment. She had been texting him on her cell phone all day so he was waiting for her to arrive and knew exactly what she wanted. He and never met anyone quite like her she had an unfathomable appetite for sex, specifically oral sex. She loved to suck his cock and she was incredible at it. They had been friends for along time now and one day she just decided to take it to the next level, by demonstrating her skills when he got out of the shower. If he would have known how good she was he would have instigated things earlier.

She knocked on his door and he let her in with a big smile on his face. “Did you leave work early or just drive really fast?” he said laughing.

“Shut up and get in there,” she answered. She had to have his cock right then, it was a need and she had to fulfill it. She followed him into the main room and he sat down on the couch.

“So what do you want to do toni–?” he asked her but before he could finish his sentence she was on her knees in front of him working on his belt and zipper.

“Oh right, I guess this will do then,” he started laughing as she fished through his pants and boxers finding his growing cock.

She pulled it through and caressed it bringing it to full attention. He was average size around 5 to 6 inches and the girth matched proportionally. She stroked it moving the skin up and down and licked her lips getting ready to devour the specimen. He let out a sigh of pleasure as her hot wet mouth and lips enveloped the head and worked their way down the shaft. He could feel her tongue working the underside of the shaft as she increased the suction causing his toes to curl in his shoes.

Fuck she loved cock, daydreaming didn’t do it justice. She felt his head rub against the roof of her mouth and her tongue found the connection between the head and the shaft and she played with V his head made just under the cum hole. She swallowed more and felt his shaft find its way down her throat and felt the veins of his throbbing cock on her lips as she took it all in. She found it hard to breathe with his pants still on and had to come up for air.

She played with the head with just her tongue and tasted the newly forming pre-cum on the tip. Licking it off, she kept it in her mouth for lube. Tugging on his pants he rose up to let her remove them and his boxers all in one go and sat back down.

“That’s better, now I can get to everything,” She said looking up at him and then back down to his wet rod.

Her hands went instinctively to his balls and shaft as her mouth took the head back into it’s warm depths. Stroking and sucking she moved her head in simi circles as her hand used the spit and pre-cum oozing down his shaft. He was oozing big time now and she loved the salty taste and the heat of his rod in her mouth. Placing both hands at the base of his rod and on his balls she deep throated him again rubbing his head on the back of her throat.

He moaned with pleasure and loved when she took it that deep, the üsküdar escort heat was intense and if felt amazing. He felt her playing with his balls as her lips, tongue and throat treated his cock to an expert blowjob. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer, because she was so damn good at what she loved. And man did she love it he still couldn’t get over how much she loved to give head.

Aly could feel his balls get tighter and his cock increased in size as she continued to alternate between stroking, sucking, and deep throating him. For five more minutes she continued with no break in the action. She noticed his legs tighten up and his balls move around his shaft. She looked up into his eyes and he nodded knowing she was checking how close he was.

He couldn’t hold it any longer and his cock exploded down her throat, with three or four spurts of cum.

She swallowed as fast as she could and loved the thick jizz running down her throat and his cock jerking in her mouth with every gush. She kept working it and swallowed every drop and sucked the last bit out of the head before stopping. His body would jerk and spasm as she sucked the head after he finished and she thought she might be hurting him but he said it was just so intense and he couldn’t explain the feeling, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

“Shit you’re good at that,” he said between his heavy breathing.

“Thanks, I love it as you know. Should we take a shower?” she asked.

Chapter 2

Christian pulled up his pants and the two of them walked towards the bathroom.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asked her.

“Ya but that can wait, I need some playing now, we can eat later.”

Inside the bathroom they locked the door incase Christian’s roommate came home. Aly went right to work and started undressing. Christian watch and slowly undressed as well. Aly is gorgeous, long curly blond hair, stands 5’9″ and has round perky gravity defying D cups. Big brown eyes flat stomach and long toned legs that seem to go on forever. She keeps her mound waxed perfectly clean, and her cute toes painted.

She finished and looked up at Christian staring at her and not even half undressed yet. “Hurry up! What are you waiting for?” she asked him.

“I’m just admiring the view,” he laughed.

“You’ve seen them before, now come on,” she said. Her nipples were starting to get erect in the cold and this added to the visual for Christian. She leaned over and started the water and he watched her curvy body as he tried to kick off a shoe.

She hopped in and closed the curtain, knowing this would make him hurry up and join her. She was so wet already from all the day dreaming and the blowjob she just gave Christian. She let the warm water hit her breasts and run down her body moving her hands over the erect nipples and down her front. Both hands between her legs she played with her lips and felt her nub slightly erect and wanting more.

Christian pulled back the curtain and saw her playing a little and quickly jumped in behind her. He’s about 6’1, stays in good shape, with a nice upper body, toned with hair on his chest. He has short spiked brown hair and blue blue eyes. He keeps his pubs trimmed nicely but doesn’t completely shave.

From behind he immediate reached around her and cupped each of her amazing breasts in his hands and lifted and rolled them. He kissed and nibbled on her back and neck and his cock was already starting to awake from the blowjob and she felt it bounce and move on her tight ass. She turned and faced him, moving in for a wet kiss. She pulled away with his bottom lip between her teeth and tuzla escort let it slide out gently. Picking up the soap she handed it to him and waited for him to wash her.

He didn’t hesitate and lathered up his hands and went right to work on her breasts, chest and stomach. He spent most of the time on her incredible rack, sliding quickly all over them with his soapy hands, twisting and pulling the nipples and then back to palming the entire breast. She closed her eyes and basked in the tit play and squeezed her legs together stimulating her vagina.

He noticed this and moved his soapy hands down to her mound and she opened up her legs and allowed him to play. With one hand in front and the other behind he rubbed her ass and pussy at the same time fondling her cheeks and lips, pinching her clit hood and rubbing. His fingers felt her tight little anus and then met his other hand playing with her cunt. His cock was rock hard and throbbing again and she reached for it but he pulled away and said. “It’s my turn to play.”

The shower had washed off the soap on her chest and he dove right in with his mouth on her mounds licking and sucking every inch he could reach. He continued to play below with his hands and suck and nibble on her tits. A few times he got to rough and bit her, and her moans turned to pain but quickly it was gone. Her hands were around him playing with his back and butt, feeling his tight ass and returning to his ripped V shaped torso.

He worked his way down her body with his tongue, kissing and licking her flat stomach and then to her inner thighs. She spread her legs further and he found her lips with is tongue teasing them with the tip and unfolding them from bottom to top tasting her juices. His tongue found her hard clit and he flicked it gently teasing her, slowly. Getting faster now he circled the nub and flicked it up and down side to side and then placing his entire mouth over it sucked and pulled at it. Causing Aly to spasm and push his face into her with her hands on his head. He brought her to climax and continued to suck, lick and eat her while she moaned and shook from pleasure.

She was so ready, so horny and need him inside her so she, without warning, quickly turned and faced the outside of the shower and reached up and grabbed the shower rod above her and stuck her ass out so he could take her from behind. He got the clue and had to stop what he was doing any way.

Getting behind her he positioned his cock at her wet entrance and slowly eased his hard member into her body. She moaned in rapture as she felt his hard rod penetrate her folds and continue into her scorching depths. His hands came up and found her uplifted breasts. The sight was stunning with her sexy arched back and her D cups being seen slightly from the back. He rolled and played as he brought his cock back out to the head and eased it back in pushing her forward. She had to use the curtain rod for support as he started a rhythmic motion in and out slowing fucking her hot cunt.

He knew he could last a long time now and just waited till the water started to get cold. He continued his slow, deliberate thrusts and alternated his hands from her tits to her hips and continued to bury his cock into her from behind. She urged him on and pushed back at each thrust taking him as deep as she could. Closing her eyes she let herself go and his thrust brought on another orgasm before the hot water ran out.

He could feel her cumming again and kept the pressure on as he tried to keep the hot water coming as well. With all of it gone now he slowed his motions and stopped altogether. Her legs were shaking and he pushed it in for one last thrust and held it.

“Water’s cold, do you want to get out and head upstairs?” he asked her.

She moved away from him and turned as his cock left her body. She put her arms around him and planted a huge kiss and smashed her tits onto his chest and embraced him tightly.

“Sounds good, we have a long night ahead of us,” she responded.

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