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Football Widow Ch. 02

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Sue groaned and rolled over when she heard the front door slam. She had awakened when Bernie did, but simply closed her eyes as he dragged himself from the bed. She was warm and cozy and really didn’t want to move because her body was sending warning signals from practically everywhere. To start with she had rug burn on her knees. Her thighs and calves were so sore they felt like she had run ten miles. Her pussy ached and throbbed, setting alarm bells off in her brain every time she moved. It felt swollen and was so tender, that even the light sheet lying across it caused her to wince when she moved. Her abs were sore as were her arms and shoulders. She basically felt like she had been run over by a truck and…and God, she wouldn’t trade the way she felt this morning for anything in the world! She found herself smiling even though she was sore and remembered Christa’s words.

“If you say yes then this is going to be an all day fuck fest. I won’t leave till I am sure you will spend the whole week walking around with a well-fucked smile on your face,”

A well-fucked smile, well she was certainly smiling now, she thought. Sue felt alive and vibrant and..and..and horny. Sue paused and wondered about that, Christa had left her so sated she had almost passed out on the living room floor, but here she was, wanting more of the little butch’s cock. Just remembering Christa and her strapon caused Sue to hum happily. Her hand slid down her flat belly and very gently touched her swollen pussy. The contact was fleeting, bringing a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her mind was filled with memories of last night and her fingers became more demanding, pressing between her lips to rub her clitoral area in a slow circular motion.

Pleasure, shot through with pain assaulted her mind, but the pain was minimal and the pleasure thick and heady. Her free hand stole to her breast and began to play with her quickly stiffening nipple. Best not start this if you intend on getting anything done today, she told herself. Sue dragged her mind from Christa and slowly rolled out of the bed. She shuffled to the bathroom and performed her morning absolutions in an almost mechanical way. Her shuffling gait was almost comical as she watched herself approach her dresser in the big mirror mounted above it.

“Fucked me till I walked bowlegged,” she said out loud to the reflection. The reflection that smiled back at her was hers, and yet it was subtly different. She seemed to be standing a little taller and her skin seemed to glow somehow. The absurd smile plastered on her face just would not go away and she had to admit, she looked well-fucked. There was just something about a woman who was sexually gratified and Sue had seen it often on the faces of her co-works before she had landed this job. You could always tell who was cheating at work because they just looked different. She had the look of someone who was getting laid and loving it, which she was she supposed. In the mirror she could see the puffy lips of her pussy peeking out from her golden curls. The tiny scars from her C-sections were the only blemish on her creamy skin. She thought she probably needed to get some sun, but winter in New England just didn’t present many opportunities.

She looked through her underwear drawer. For some reason she didn’t want to wear any of her comfy undies, she wanted something sexy. After a moment she decided on a red thong and the matching bra. She examined herself in the mirror and smiled, she looked good. She was pulling her blouse on and caught herself wondering if Christa liked red. Sue blushed and giggled, if she had realized having an affair could feel so good she might have considered doing it long ago. It was almost like dating again, wondering what was next, finding out what your lover liked, and great sex.

She knocked out her workload in less then two hours and happily shut off her computer. She sprayed another dose of Lysol in the living room, inhaling deeply she could still smell pussy. That reminded her of the flowers and she threw them away, relieved that Bernie hadn’t noticed them. She kept one though and pressed it between the pages of a heavy accounting reference book she kept on her desk. A keepsake from a wonderful evening she told herself.

Bernie came in around four thirty and gave her a big hug and kiss. When he suggested dinner at Taliferro’s she immediately became suspicious. Taliferro’s was her favorite restaurant and it was Bernie’s answer to all their problems. Since he hadn’t screwed up anything seriously in the last few days he must want something and it must be something pretty serious. On the other hand a dinner out would be nice and she could still say no to whatever it was. Taliferro’s was such a romantic spot, Sue wondered if maybe they could rekindle their attraction to one another. She felt guilty about cheating on Bernie and more than a little confused by her feelings for Christa. Maybe a night out would settle her and do something to transfer bursa otele gelen escort the hunger she felt for Christa to her husband.

Sue went upstairs and put on a nice dress. Bernie actually put on a button down shirt and khakis. Sue knew it was something big, Bernie only dressed up for funerals and weddings and then only under protest. He was a big man and had put on a lot of weight since he became foreman, but he was still handsome. Sue felt a little guilty when she realized she felt nothing sexually towards him despite her rampant hormones.

Dinner was nice and Sue had a couple of glasses of wine with her meal, she was feeling very mellow and was off her guard when Bernie delivered his bombshell.

“Hun, I got tickets to the game!” he said excitedly.

“What game?”

“The championship game!” he said so loudly that it caused others to look over at them.

“The football game?”


“How much?” Sue said scowling. Bernie got a sly look in his eyes that she didn’t like. He thought he was a good liar, but his eyes always gave him away. She never called him on it, but always she knew.

“Not too much, I paid for it from my account, it isn’t a big deal,”

“How much Bernie?” Sue demanded.

“Only seven hundred dollars,” he said defensively. Sue was seething inside but managed to keep her temper in check. The big screen had cost over two thousand dollars, but he had been able to argue that they would have it year round and could watch movies on it together and she eventually gave in because it was so important to him. After game day this would mean two three hundred and fifty dollar pieces of torn paper. They lived comfortably, but Sue frowned on extravagant purchases. Her income covered the bills and Bernie’s went mostly to the kid’s college funds, car payments, the mortgage and savings. She liked to plan major purchases and budget for them in advance. Seven hundred from Bernie’s play money wouldn’t be that big a deal, except she knew he kept his account nearly empty and he would soon be robbing from the money they usually put into savings to support his hobbies. They were so different in that, Bernie spent his play money like it was water, while Sue saved hers until she really wanted something.

“Bernie, I think you’re an idiot for spending that kind of money on tickets to a stupid game. Your play money is yours, but I had better not see one penny less going into our savings or the kid’s college funds and I will be watching closely. So when you want to go out drinking with the guys and you don’t have any money, you will just have to stay at home. When basketball season starts and Ace wants you to go with him to the Knicks game, you just tell him you can’t. When Jim calls from Florida and wants you to come down for a weekend deep-sea fishing don’t you dare ask if you can take money out of the vacation fund again. That’s a ridiculous expenditure and this time I am not going to let it slide,”

“Why are you in such a grouchy mood?” he asked sullenly.

“Because I’m tired of this obsession of yours ruling our lives. I’m not being grouchy, you made your decision and we have always agreed on us each having a separate account for our own money to do with as we please. As long as you are wasting your money I really don’t care, its yours, but I won’t stand for you shortchanging the kids or us as a family for football,” she said seriously. Bernie brightened and ordered more wine. The silence at the table became thick after it arrived and Sue suddenly realized there was something else. She waited patiently, but an icy anger was building in her.

“Hun, the game is in Oakland,” Bernie said.

“It’s a long walk,” she said coldly.

“Oh come on. It’s the chance of a lifetime. Me and Herm will never get another chance to go,”

“I assume that since you bought the tickets Herman is taking care of the plane tickets and hotel?”

“Well, Herm is short on cash, so I got the plane tickets,” Bernie said. Sue fought back the explosive anger she felt. Tickets to LA from NY were not ridiculously expensive, but they would be over four hundred dollars and since Sue did all the household expenditures she knew Bernie didn’t have that kind of money in his private account.

“I’m impressed. I didn’t think you had that kind of money in your account,” Sue said evenly.

“I didn’t, I borrowed some from the vacation money. I’ll put it all back I swear,” he said quickly as Sue’s face turned red.

“Take me home,” she said.

“Oh come on honey, stop being such a bitch. I said I would put it back,” he said in a wheedling voice. Sue stood up, threw her napkin on the table and marched out of the restaurant, ignoring the stares. She caught a cab home and threw Bernie’s pillow and a blanket on the sofa before locking the door to the bedroom and collapsing on the bed.

Tears of anger and frustration streamed down her lovely face, but inside she felt escort bayan an icy calm. When she heard Bernie come in and knock at the bedroom door she ignored him. After a few tries she heard him walking back downstairs. Bernie was used to her anger, it showed itself only rarely, but it was best to leave her alone when it did. She didn’t stay mad long and usually felt so guilty about it she would relent no matter what the argument had been over. There was something different tonight. She felt like some invisible bridge had been crossed and while she couldn’t put her finger on just what had changed she knew something had.

—– Sue slept late Tuesday, Bernie was long gone before she opened the door to the bedroom and came out. Once downstairs she cleaned up the mess he had left from his breakfast and logged into work. She immersed herself in the figures and it was well past two when she took her first break. Sue was spot auditing the marketing department and already had a list of irregularities that would demand a full audit by the whole department. She hated to call for that, it would mean she would actually have to go in to work for a week, but she didn’t hesitate to send the recommendation to her boss.

At four o’clock there was a knock at the door and she signed for a parcel. It was addressed to Bernie and she surmised it was the plane tickets. Her first impulse was to throw them away and then act as if nothing had happened, but she decided that would be childish. What was done was done and there was nothing she could do to undo it. She opened the package and read the itinerary as she made coffee. They would be catching the one o’clock flight out of JFK. That meant in all likelihood Bernie would take a half-day at work.

Sue went upstairs and packed two bags for him. If she were still in a vindictive mood she would have let him pack for himself, the thought of him arriving with fifty Jets sweatshirts and a single pair of boxers amused her, but she didn’t want to keep this fight going. Once she had him packed she locked herself in the bathroom and ran a bubble bath. She hoped the warm water would relax her, but she doubted it would take all her cares away this time.


Bernie was in a foul mood at work and as usual he was taking it out on Christa. Normally he could make himself feel better by making her miserable, but today nothing he did seemed to make a dent in her good mood. He knew it was probably his imagination, but it seemed like the madder he got the more she smiled. He was still stewing over Sue’s making him sleep on the sofa and acting like such a bitch. He just didn’t understand women, how could she not see this was a once in a lifetime thing for a working class guy like himself? The vacation money was for vacations after all and he had earned one. It wasn’t like the money in the account wasn’t mostly from his checks anyway.

He felt a lot better at lunch when everyone was congratulating him. Christa just sat and smiled and Bernie felt an over riding need to wipe the smile from her face. It was almost like she was laughing at him.

“From that smile I guess you got lucky last night,” he said.

“Nope, was at home all evening,” she replied.

“Oh, from that shit eating grin I figured some guy must have finally laid your ugly ass and made an honest woman of you,” he said. The guys at the table burst out in laughter and catcalls.

“Not in this life time,” Christa said. She knew she should have left it there but she just couldn’t resist taking a jab at him.

“From the look on yours I guess the missus kicked you out of bed,” she said. The flash of surprised anger was priceless and she smiled. She knew she would pay for it, her boss was nothing if not a vindictive bastard, but hell, she was gonna pay for it anyway, might as well do something to deserve it. The guys at the table all laughed, which only served to anger Bernie more.

“When ya leaving Bern?” Ace asked, trying to diffuse the situation. He didn’t care for Christa, but when Bernie was pissed they all got it. Part of the reason she was so unpopular was her mouth constantly getting everyone else into trouble. Christa didn’t care, she had no interest in any of them, but she let it slide, she had a personal interest in knowing Bernie’s plans.

“Taking a half day tomorrow, should be into LAX by seven thirty or eight our time,” Bernie said, his mood lifting at the thought of going to the big game. Christa did some quick calculations in her head. That meant his plane left at one, so she could drop by and console Sue anytime after that.

As she expected Bernie had her on the jackhammer for the rest of the afternoon. It had been back breaking toil when her first put her on it, but she had been in the dog house so much over the last year it barely even bothered her any more. Today it seemed even less of a burden, she was alone all after noon with thoughts of what she was going to do with Sue and she actually mudanya escort found herself daydreaming. At 3:15 coffee break she handed Bernie a leave request form.

“What’s this shit?” he said looking at it.

“Why do you think you got those tickets numb nuts? I gotta be somewhere over the weekend,”


“None of your fucking business,” she snapped. She didn’t have a ready excuse and she didn’t feel like making one up. Getting caught in a lie might jeopardize her plans with Sue. She fully intended to have the beautiful blonde greeting her at the door every evening at some point in the future, but she didn’t want to have Bernie discover their affair before she was ready.

“The hell it ain’t, you work for me!” he roared.

“Sign the slip you cock sucker, or I will grieve your ass so fast it will make your head spin. You remember the last time don’t you? You heard what the shop steward said, one more and he was taking it to the national level. Racism, sexual harassment, the whole nine, you’ve already fucked up so many times it’ll be your ass. Besides grievances are heard on Fridays, if I put one in today after work you will have to be there to hear it Friday, so sign it unless you want to watch the game on your fucking big screen?”

“You think you’re so damned smart, one of these days I am going to see your ass fired,” he said as he viciously scrawled his name on the form. Christa snatched her copy from him and held it up.

“It’ll be a cold day in hell when a dumbass like you gets the better of me. I ain’t never done nothing to you, but one day soon you’re going to have a reason to hate me,” she said as she went back to the jackhammer. It really aggravated her that he could still get to her, even when things were going so good.


Once the workday ended and everyone signed out at the garage Christa walked out into the parking lot and made her way to her car. It wasn’t hard to find, the only car in a lot with forty-five Trucks and SUV’s. A usual one of the tires was flat. Men could be so childish she thought. From the trunk she pulled out the electric air pump and hooked it up to the cigarette lighter. They never actually hurt the car, the one time someone keyed it she had raised so much hell that the company had been forced to call in the police and the guy who did it landed in jail overnight. He had been fired and when he lost his court case and the union couldn’t get him his job back they all realized she was not to be trifled with. Of course they all hated her, but they had hated her before that, now they at least respected the fact that she wouldn’t stand for their shit. Once the tire was inflated she waited in the line of trucks trying to get out of the lot and onto the road.

She didn’t really breath a sigh of relief until she was across the GW and headed north on the Palisades. She made the drive so often she was no longer conscious of it, it wasn’t that she was a dangerous driver or not paying attention, it was simply that it was all so familiar she didn’t remember any of it when she got to her turn off.

The guard at the gate to her community recognized her and hit the button to let her pass without even opening the window to his small booth. Christa didn’t blame him, it was frigid out and she knew he only had a tiny space heater in the booth. She walked into her house and paused in the doorway. For a split second she clearly saw Sue sanding there in her white lingerie. The image was gone as quickly as it had come, but it made the little butch smile.

“You got it bad, girl,” she said to no one in particular as she closed the front door. She had purchased the large ranch style house for her last steady girl, Alexis. Lexi had been into modern stuff, the living room was all bronze and glass with modern art on the walls and fancy gilt lamps. Christa hated it, but she had never gotten around to buying stuff she liked better after Lexi left her, truth was she hadn’t done much of anything since that night. The only room in the house she liked was her bedroom. It was decorated in solid cherry traditional with a four-poster canopy bed and a massive armoire that held her TV, VCR, DVD and stereo.

Christa stopped and looked at the big bed. It was a California king and attached to each post was a set of heavy black leather straps. She had often tied Lexi down on the bed when they were together, but now she could only imagine Sue’s enticing body secured spread eagle, with her hips up and waiting. Christa shook her head. She was putting the cart before the horse. First you have to hook her, then you have to land her, then you have to get her to move in. After that you can introduce a little kink and see how it goes, she thought as she stripped and took a long hot shower to shake off the cold. She had just exited the shower when her cell rang. She grabbed it as she wrapped a towel around her waist.


“Did I catch you at a bad time?” a silken voice purred.

“Just got out of the shower, what’s up?” Christa replied as she rummaged through her drawer looking for a clean pair of boxers. She hated doing laundry and always waited until there was practically nothing clean before she forced herself to do it.

“Nothing, just wondering if your Boss took the bait?”

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