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Freshman Orientations Ch. 02

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“Freshman Orientations” is a silly, tongue-in-cheek fantasy series about sexual curiosity and first time exploration in college, which reimagines freshman year the way you might have wished it had been… For a complete introduction to the characters, please consider reading from chapter 01.

Note: Apologies in advance for the tense change from the first chapter. It was not originally conceived as a series, but after the feedback I received I decided to continue in a manner with greater flexibility, and have also explored different perspectives, as was commonly requested.


A couple days had passed since Sean’s encounter with Valeska. Everywhere he went in the dorm, there was a constant buzz surrounding him. Sean knew that they were squarely at the center of freshmen gossip, as was evidenced by constant stares, pointing, giggles, and whispering whenever either of them passed by. He didn’t mind it so much, except for the fact that he often had to avoid the lounges due to his new celebrity status.

Sean barely had a chance to fully come to terms with Valeska about what the event meant in terms of their budding relationship, when he realized that he’d have to face the fact that his relationship with Layla had also changed. A few days after the event, he ran into her while crossing the quad. She was laying in the grass up against a tree, reading a book. Sean couldn’t help but think about what it must have been like for her to stand there, watching him have sex with Valeska. He could plainly see that it was turning her on, but they hadn’t yet talked about what happened.

“Hi Layla!” Sean said cheerfully, taking a seat next to her. She sat up, suddenly, surprised to see him. He took immediate notice of her skimpy jogging shorts, which clung to her round butt, and the faded t-shirt stretched tight across her breasts.

“Sean! How’s it goin’?” she said, with a smile, quickly putting down her book.


“I can imagine… I’d still be on a high from the other night if I were you!” she laughed.

Sean chuckled. “Yeah… that was pretty incredible. I still can’t believe it happened.”

“I know… suddenly I’m jealous. I wish someone would set me up with a hot guy to fuck,” she said, sarcastically.

“I’ll keep my eyes open,” he said, referencing her earlier success at matching him up with Valeska.

“So… what did you think about what went down? Did you and Valeska talk about it?”

“We haven’t really had a chance yet, but we will soon, I’m sure. We… uh… certainly both enjoyed ourselves.”

“Ha! Yeah…” she said, with a wistful look in her eyes.

“Anyway, what did the students think?”

“Oh! They had lots of questions. Mostly asking about other positions to try, toys in the bedroom, and so forth.” She groaned. “And of course someone asked if there were any homework assignments.”

“That reminds me. I wanted to thank you. You know, for managing the students when they got a little rowdy with questions like that.”

Layla smirked. “No problem. I knew I was asking a lot of you both, so the most I could do is protect you from their dirty little minds,” she said, sarcastically.

They both started laughing. Sean caught Layla gazing at him with a smile. She quickly realized what she was doing and looked away.

“So… um. What did you think about it?” Sean said, suddenly feeling awkward.



“It was… interesting…” Layla burst into a nervous laugh.

“Interesting how?”

“I dunno. I mean… first it was surprising to see you naked, after we’ve been friends for a year.” She started to pick at the grass. “You’re not exactly… uh… difficult to look at…” She smirked. “It wasn’t easy narrating what was going on, watching you two. I mean- it was obviously pretty hot.”

Sean grinned. “Oh? Were you jealous?” he joked.

“… Maybe,” she said, smiling toward the ground.

Sean’s heart started pounding. He wondered- were they really flirting? After all this time?

He continued, “I was thinking… it was kinda like acting out a fantasy I’ve had. I didn’t even recognize it that way, probably because I was so scared at first. Fantasies just live in your head, you don’t really expect them to come true; to have to face them in real life. It was scary, but in the end it was really awesome!”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Yeah, I can imagine. You’re lucky!”

“Well you’re the one that set it up, so I have you to thank. Anyway, if you made a fantasy happen for me, I’m sure you could conquer one of your own.”

“Ha! I dunno…” She shrugged.

“Why? What’s your fantasy? It’s not like I’m gonna go around telling everyone,” he said.

“I know. Well…” she started, with an embarrassed smile. “I kinda like shower sex. I think about that… a lot.” She laughed nervously.

“That sounds like fun!” Sean chuckled.

She grinned. “Basically all I did freshman year, when we had communal showers, is imagine what would happen if they were co-ed.”

“Well, you’re an RA on a freshman floor. You could bring a guy in bayburt escort there any time you want,” Sean joked.

A wide grin formed on her face. “Right, like I’m going to just waltz in there with some random guy and start fucking him with a bunch of freshman girls around.”

“That sounds like a nice fantasy to me!”

They both laughed. “True…” she admitted with a smirk. For a few moments there was awkward silence.

“After what Valeska and I did the other night, I’m not sure it would phase them,” Sean replied with a shrug, testing the waters with a more serious tone.

“Ha. Maybe so,” she sighed. “If only I had a boyfriend.”

Sean laughed. “Right, as if Valeska was my girlfriend when we had sex in front of everyone.”

Layla giggled. “Good point. By that logic, I might as well do it with you!” she joked.

Seans heart raced even faster at the idea. “Well, I mean, if it’s that exciting to you, I supposed I’d be willing to help you achieve your fantasy. Only if it wouldn’t be weird for you.”

Layla’s eyes grew wider. “Are you being serious right now? … Or?”

“That’s what friends do, no?”

Layla suddenly sat upright. Sean could see her chest moving back and forth quickly, accentuating the mounds of her breasts pressing against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. “Well… I mean… no, it wouldn’t be weird. I consider you a close friend. I’d sorta be… honored, I guess…”

“How would you do it? I mean… if we did,” Sean asked.

Layla became thoughtful. “Well… suppose one of the shower heads broke and I needed you to come fix it?”

“Haha, like the freshman girls would buy that.”

“I’m their RA, they’ll buy whatever I tell them to,” she laughed. He laughed back.

“When should we do it?” he asked, as if they’d already agreed to the plan. To his surprise, Layla followed suit.

“Um… it’s too crazy in the showers first thing in the morning, before class. Maybe tonight? There are fewer girls showering then.”

“Okay,” he said, excitedly.

They continued to sort out some loose details until a plan was sufficiently formed. When all was said and done, Layla covered her mouth and stared at the ground, blushing, as if it were finally dawning on her what we’d just decided to do.

“What?” Sean asked.

“I just… I can’t believe we’re about to have sex,” she giggled nervously. He could tell how taut she was with excitement.

“In the freshman showers!” he laughed.

“I know! It’s so wrong!”


They both laughed. He recognized in her the same nervous excitement that he had before doing the demonstration with Valeska just days before. Only in this case it was different. She set Sean up with someone he didn’t know very well; that he was crushing on from a distance. But Layla and he had long since become good friends. They hung out together around campus, at the bars in town, at the occasional concert. All the while there was a latent sexual tension that neither of them ever really addressed, and now all of a sudden they were going to fuck, just like that.

Sean had to be on his way, so he said goodbye to Layla and headed off. She continued to sit under the tree, biting a fingernail nervously, watching as he crossed the quad, knowing that the next time they saw each other she’d be taking her clothes off in front of him. She obsessively wondered what it would be like touching his nude, wet, muscular body in the girl’s shower, and where it would go from there. The thought tortured her for the rest of the day.


Sean spent the day filled with the same kind of nervous excitement that fueled his encounter with Valeska just days before. However, the upcoming experience with Layla seemed a little less intimidating, since he had faced his fears of public nudity once already. He knew Layla was now about to face the same thing and found her own nervousness strangely arousing.

The evening approached, and his heart began pounding again as he made his way down to the freshman floor where Layla served as RA. The pending enactment of Layla’s fantasy suddenly became real as he witnessed a couple girls leave their room and head to the showers, toiletries in hand. Would these two girls see him naked? As he approached the showers himself, he found Layla waiting outside. She looked as white as a ghost.

“You didn’t chicken out!” Sean laughed.

“Nope! I thought about it though,” she chuckled. He could see that she was trembling. “Are we really gonna do this?”

“If you’re not comfortable, we can back out,” he said.

“No, no! I’m just…” She laughed. “Forget it. I want to do this. It’s just, you know, fucking terrifying.” Layla looked embarrassed.

“It’ll be fine. Take a deep breath, and have fun. Remember, this is your fantasy after all.” Sean smiled warmly at her.

Layla felt comforted. She took a deep breath, as instructed, and said, “Okay, wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Layla opened the door and walked into the small locker room. It was humid from the steam of the showers just beyond bilecik escort the benches. A handful of girls were milling about, in various states of undress.

“Hey guys- just a head’s up. You may have noticed that one of the shower heads is busted. I wasn’t able to get maintenance to come until tomorrow, but one of the upperclassman guys knows how to fix it. I’m about to bring him in to get that done, so if you’re not comfortable being naked around a guy, I suggest you put a towel on.”

“What?!” one of the freshman girls said, with a laugh. They exchanged surprised looks at each other.

Layla poked her head into the shower and found a few girls in there already. She delivered the same speech, then left the girls standing there bewildered, naked, and covered in soap.

“Okay, all set,” said Layla, with another deep breath, as she came back out to meet Sean.

“Let’s do it,” he replied, with a grin.

Layla waltzed back through the door as Sean followed close behind. There was a collective gasp as the freshman girls reacted to the appearance of a guy coming through the door. They quickly finished wrapping their towels around their bodies. For a brief moment, Sean caught a glimpse of a boob as it vanished behind a hasty wrapping of fabric.

“Oh shit!” one of the girls said, realizing that she may have flashed him.

“Layla!” another said, doubling over with nervous laughter.

“What? I gave you a warning!” said Layla with a smirk.

One of the girls, named Zoe, was smiling from ear to ear. She said, “So what, does he get to join us in the shower?”

“That’s up to you,” laughed Layla.

“Haha, Zoe- I dare you,” said Molly, one of the shy girls.

“What, are you afraid of a senior seeing you naked?” Zoe replied. Molly rolled her eyes.

Layla interrupted. “So listen- Sean’s gotta go in there and repair it, but obviously he’s not gonna get his clothes soaking wet. I’m gonna let him get undressed first, if that’s okay. Is there anyone here that’s not mature enough to see a boy naked?”

The freshman girls gawked at her. “Seriously?” one of them said.

“Yeah, I’m serious. He’s gotta go in and fix the shower head. I’m tired of getting complaints at this point.” They stared at her blankly, in disbelief, except for Zoe, who seemed thoroughly amused.

“No? Okay. Let’s get undressed, Sean, and I’ll take you in there.”

“Okay,” he replied, suddenly feeling nervous again. He could see Layla trembling, but she was doing a good job of hiding her anxiety in front of the girls.

Layla and Sean began removing their clothing. The freshman girls stood around, clutching their towels tightly, and silently mouthing, “Oh my god…” to each other.

It wasn’t long before Sean was down to his boxers. He glanced at the attentive stares of the freshmen as he finally slipped them down and stepped out of them. He felt his cock swing freely in the air, as he exposed his body completely to everyone in the room.

The girls burst into nervous laugher. “Oh my god!” they repeated, now aloud, as they turned red at the sight of Sean’s penis.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing… that… right now…” one of the girl’s shrieked, as she continued to stare at it.

Layla rolled her eyes and smirked. She was down to her bra and panties, and seemed to be hesitating. Sean smiled and turned to face her, expectantly. Layla knew that she would risk exposing her fear if she waited any longer, so she took another deep breath and reached around to undo her bra.

Sean watched in wonder as Layla undid her bra and her boobs sprung free. They were gorgeous, sloping breasts, slightly upturned, with bright pink nipples that wavered in the air with a loose movement. Layla began to turn red as she saw Sean examining them with fascination. He then looked down at her pair of tight, pink panties, in anticipation of their removal. He observed, between her legs, a soft mound where her pussy was, and began to feel a tingling in his penis, which he desperately tried to control.

Layla gulped as she grasped the elastic waistband of her panties and then quickly slid them down her legs. She picked them up, and then stood naked before Sean. He felt a rush of excitement as his eyes shot up to her crotch, devouring the sight of Layla’s pussy. Her pubic mound was covered in a smooth layer of dark hair, much like Valeska’s, but just a bit thicker and curlier. However, Layla’s outer labia was more pronounced; two beautiful, puffy lips, lightly graced with hair. He was mesmerized.

“Layla, I can’t believe you’re doing this!” laughed one of the girls, as she covered her mouth. “He can see your– your…”

“Well I’m not going in the shower with my clothes on…” Layla said, as if mystified by the girl’s comment.

“I think it’s hilarious!” laughed Zoe.

“Yeah, says someone still hiding behind her towel,” Molly teased.

“Fine, I’ll remove it then!” Zoe giggled. “I don’t care.” Sean was surprised to see Zoe fling the sides of her towel apart, exposing her naked body to the room. She had perky bingöl escort boobs that wiggled dramatically as she released them, and a smooth, hairless pussy, with a delicate pink slit that parted slightly as she shifted her weight.

“Zoe!” the other girls laughed, further scandalized by the display of nudity in the room.

Zoe rolled her eyes. “Oh nooo, he can see my boobies!” she joked, sarcastically covering them briefly with her hands. “Whatever, I don’t care if he sees me naked,” she laughed, letting go of her boobs. “It’s not like he cares that I can see his cock, or anything.”

Layla and Sean watched with amusement as the girls continued to deal with their shock.

“Come on, don’t be such a prude!” Zoe said to Molly, launching after her, and tickling her body.

“Ahhh! Stop!” Molly said, scrambling out of the way as she howled with laughter. Zoe continued to tease her with tickles. “Don’t! Stop! You’ll make me drop my towel in front of him!” she wailed.

“I know, that’s the point!” Zoe snickered, mischievously.

“Stop! Stop!” Molly continued to shout through her uncontrollable laughter.

Suddenly she lost her grip on one side of the towel and it flopped down, exposing one of her boobs which bounced and swung about as she frantically tried to evade Zoe’s fingers. The other girls were in hysterics. Sensing an opportunity, Zoe grabbed the girl’s towel and ripped it out of her hands. She gasped as both of her boobs now popped free and jiggled in front of her chest.

“Nah nah nah nah!” Zoe laughed. “Now he can see your boobies!”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you did that!” Molly laughed back, as she covered her crotch, which was covered in a dense, thick patch of black hair.

“Why are you covering yourself?” Zoe giggled.

“I don’t want him to see my pussy!” she shouted.

“Why not? Maybe he likes a full bush!” Zoe replied. She grabbed Molly’s arm and yanked it away, briefly exposing her hairy pussy. She kept glancing at Sean, turning increasingly red. He watched the two girls continue to chase each other and struggle. The sight of their bouncing boobs was a huge turn-on, and he could no longer avoid the physical excitement from taking hold.

Sean’s cock began to stiffen and rise into the air, until it stuck straight out from his body, throbbing wildly at what he was witnessing. The girls stopped goofing off, and all eyes turned to stare at Sean’s massive erection.

“He does! Look! You gave him a boner!” laughed Zoe. The girls were doubled over in laughter, unable to control their nervous delight at the sight of an erect penis.

“Yes, yes, everyone get a good look at Sean’s amazing, hard cock, get the giggles out,” Layla laughed, now seeming to fully enjoy the playing out of her fantasy. “Then we have a shower to fix.”

Sean enjoyed the sight of the girls giggling with excitement at the appearance of his erection for a few more moments, before Layla then grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the entrance to the showers. Zoe followed, dragging her naked friend with her.

When Layla and Sean strolled into the showers together, fully nude, they were confronted with a few naked bodies of the girls lingering inside, glistening with water and soap suds. They shrieked at the sight of Sean, throwing one hand over their pussies and wrapping their other arm across their boobs, pressing them tightly so that they bulged outward.

“What the fuck, Layla!” one of them cried out.

“I gave you a warning!” she laughed.

“We didn’t think you were serious!” another one laughed.

Layla rolled her eyes. “Geez, you’re all acting like you haven’t seen naked bodies before.”

The girls in the shower dropped their jaws at the sight of Sean’s swinging erection as he walked past them. They stared in disbelief at Zoe and her friend as they joined the group and put their own nude bodies on display. The girls could do nothing but stand frozen in shock, frantically shielding their lady bits from an unexpected naked man in the showers.

Sean got to work on the broken shower head. He did he best to fake an actual assessment and repair attempt, but really it was just a matter of undoing some minor sabotage that Layla had done earlier. He had his doubts about whether anyone would actually believe what he was doing, especially since he had no tools with him, but it didn’t really matter. Sex with Layla was all that mattered, and the girls were too shocked by his presence to even think about their half-assed attempt to justify it.

Layla stood behind Sean, watching him standing on his tiptoes, attempting to repair the shower head. She gazed at his strong, muscular back, and his tight, round butt. She smirked as she imagined reaching out and giving him a surprise by pinching it.

“Hey, can you spot me? Hard to reach,” said Sean.

“Oh, sure,” said Layla, snapping out of her daydream. She came around to his front and squatted down as if she was about to pee. Layla reached forward and grasped his thighs firmly to hold him steady. Sean’s thick, long erection wavered back and forth in front of her face as he worked on the shower head. She watched as the steam in the room condensed on his steely shaft and began to run down the sides in small rivulets of water. She felt the same water condensing on her body, running down between her legs to tickle her pussy before dripping to the tile floor.

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