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Friends with Benefits?

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Double Handjob

She lay there sleeping. Her long blonde hair was spread out upon the pillow soft and shining. The blanket was pulled just to the top of her sweet round breasts. Her legs peaked out from underneath. He knew that she was naked beneath the covers because he had seen her clothes folded on the chair in the corner. He stood above her watching her not wanting to disturb her sleep. He wanted her.

She was his best friend since they were little kids and she had gotten stranded in his hometown. The motels had been booked full because of the poor weather, so like the good friend he was he offered to let her stay with him the night. He had offered to let her have the one and only bedroom and he would sleep on the couch.

He just could not help himself, she was so damn sexy, and he had to look. Very slowly he lifted the blanket and looked beneath, her smooth skin glowed in the moonlight. The legs long and slim, they could wrap around his waist o so tight he thought. His eyes traveled up to her thighs and up to her pussy. She was a natural blonde he discovered and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed to hide what was beneath. He imagined the delights that could be found beneath that blonde hair! He was hard.

He undressed very quietly and started to stroke his cock slowly careful not to make any noise. His eyes traveled slowly upward to her flat stomach, how he would like to touch it, run his tongue over it. Up to her round breasts, both displayed so perfectly for his eyes. The rosy nipples were erect, looking like they were ready for his lips. His hands itched to touch them, but he dared not. His eyes slid further up to her face where eye blue eyes were open and watching him stroke his long hard cock. “Do you like what you see?” she asked him.

O my god she was awake! And she saw him rubbing his swollen cock. “Yes, I like what I see.” he replied his voice husky with desire. “As you can plainly see.”

“Would you like to join me under the covers?” she asked.

He quickly climbed into güvenilir bahis bed with her. Her soft body was warm against his hard one. His hand touched her thigh and moved around to move up to her tight ass. He squeezed gently and she moaned with pleasure. Her hips moved towards his hard cock, but didn’t quite touch it. Her lips curved upwards in a knowing smile. His hand went up her back and into her blonde hair; it’s softness making his breath come quicker.

He just could not take it anymore. He bent his head and kissed her roughly. His tongue was exploring her mouth deeply. He could feel her tits against his chest, she was breathing just as hard as he was. The nipples were hard and erect against his.

She reached for his other hand and pressed it to her wet pussy, full with wanting and showed him exactly how she liked to be caressed. His fingers explored her wetness, moving back and forth over her clit making her moan with passion. She grabbed his hand and held it still. She looked into his eyes and said, “Finger fuck me.”

Hell she didn’t have to ask him twice! His fingers slid easily inside of her. Her pussy was dripping wet with desire. She came almost immediately.

He rolled unto his back and placed her on top of him, but instead of her riding him like he intended she straddled his hips and nestled his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She moved slowly, teasing him, feeling his hardness, feeling his need for her and enjoying every second. No body had ever done that to him before and he liked it. As she teased his cock with her ass, her hands reached for his nipples. They were hard. She pinched them softly between her fingers, making him jerk with surprise. She then licked one finger, then the other and ran her wet fingers over his erect nipples. If she didn’t stop soon he was going to cum all over himself!

He grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her back as he rolled over her. He needed to cool down for a minute; nobody had ever gotten his this hot and horny. But güvenilir bahis siteleri she was relentless, she would not let him be, she shifted herself so they lay side by side and slid down and placed his hard cock in her warm mouth. She slowly ran her tongue over its length, and then sucked gently. His hips jerked in response to her touch. Her lips were red from his kiss and they were now wrapped around his throbbing cock. He had dreamt of this when he was a boy, but the dream didn’t even come close to the reality.

“Enough!” he said. “C’mere, I am going to fuck your brains out and make you scream my name.”

The rough talk was very unlike him, but the state of arousal she had brought him to had brought out the cruder side of him. She liked it. “Hmmm, that sounds like fun to me, do you promise to make me scream?” she asked teasingly.

He went crazy and kissed her hard. He tasted himself on her mouth and that made him even hornier. He pushed her down upon the bed and pushed himself between her thighs. She opened her legs to him and looked into his eyes as he drove into her hard and fast. Nothing could stop him now. Her hands scratched down his back, leaving red marks, but he didn’t feel a thing except the need to fuck. Their hot and sweaty bodies moved until they both shuddered and came. He collapsed on her with her name on his lips.

They lay side by side, both spent; he put his arms around her and fell asleep. When he awoke alone the next day, he was alone in his bed. Damn it was another dream about her, he had not had one since he was 15. He ran a hot shower and washed, but as the soap hit his back, it stung. He pulled the curtain and saw the scratch marks on his back. He was stunned! It was not a dream. They had fucked like animals, it was hot and he wanted to do it again, would she?

The phone rang bringing him out of his horny thoughts about his best friend. It was her “I didn’t scream last night, you did. We’ll have to try it again I think.” She said. “Hello? iddaa siteleri Hello? Are you there?”

“Yes” he said, totally shocked, she wanted to screw him again! “I am here, when do you want to try again?”

“How about right now? Look behind you.” A voice from behind him said.

First he had thought she had not been there at all, then that she had left before he had woke up, she sure did enjoy teasing him. Today was his lucky day, and perhaps a good day to call in sick! “I am not done in the shower, would you care to wash my back?” he asked and winked.

She walked slowly towards him, her hips swaying, her breasts moving sensuously, a total feast for his eyes. She reached the shower and climbed in with him. The water was hot and steamy against their skin. She took the bar of soap and lathered her body all over. Then she asked him “Would you wash my back?”

He took the soap from her and she turned her back to him. He lathered the soap down her back, his fingers moving slowly up and down. He then put his arm around her waist and pressed his hard cock into her back. He lowered his head to her neck and sucked gently on it. She groaned aloud and said, “That feels nice.”

His hand moved up from her waist to her breast, and gently pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb. He turned her to face him and lowered his head to her breasts, making love to each one. She grabbed his head and pressed his face into her chest. He went even lower, till his face was even with her pussy. He looked up at her and she said, “Please, yes.”

He then quickly darted his tongue into her slit and up to her clit and back down again. She moaned her pleasure to him and started to make small panting sounds as she came in his face. His cock was rock hard now, but not like last night, today he could control his lust and she would scream before he was finished with her.

He reached over and turned off the water and grabbed a big fluffy towel and rubbed the water from their bodies. Then he kissed her deeply and said, “Shall we go back to bed?”

She said nothing, just turned and walked toward the bedroom, giving him a nice view of her ass. He followed her to the bed and climbed in beside her. He did make her scream, more than once.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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