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Friends… with Benefits? Pt. 02

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This is part 2 of Paul and Meg’s story. Although it can be read alone, the back story (and phone sex!) appear in part one. I’m new to writing, these stories are the first I’ve ever written so I welcome any feedback – although please be gentle! Thanks, Minnie x


Meg lay in her bed, breathless from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. She had just had mind blowing phone sex with her best friend’s brother and her legs were still shaking from the force of her orgasm.

“I’m coming over,” Paul told her after they had cum together. Meg wondered whether it was a good idea but Paul had already hung up the phone before she could voice her concerns.

“Oh god,” she murmured, sliding out of her bed. She slid on her silk short dressing gown and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was flushed and her still damp hair was messy. She looked like a woman who had been fucked senseless. And that’s exactly how she felt.

She remembered the sound of his deep voice as he told her what he wanted to do to her. Listening to him stroking his cock for her. The crack in his voice as he told her he was going cum. He had sounded so fucking sexy. She could feel the moisture pooling between legs and her clit started to throb.

She couldn’t deny it. She wanted him.

She quickly ran a brush through her hair, conscious it wouldn’t take him long to drive down the few streets separating her apartment from his sister’s house where he was staying.

She paced up and down, both anxious and excited. What would happen between them? What if he changed his mind? What if it didn’t live up to the phone call?

The buzzer to her apartment startled her thoughts. He was here. She quickly buzzed him up and tightened the tie around her dressing gown. There was a knock on the door and taking a deep breath she answered it.

“Hi Meggie,” Paul’s deep voice rumbled through her body as he leaned casually against the doorway.

“Hi,” she murmured, her eyes drinking him in. He had thrown on a casual t-shirt and jeans and his dark eyes were smiling at her. His short dark hair was slightly tousled and she had a sudden urge to run her hands through it.

“Can I come in?” he prompted, interrupting her thoughts.

“Oh god, yes, of course, sorry,” she rambled as she took a step back to let him. She closed the door and turned to face him. She wrung her hands nervously, not allowing herself to look at him.

“Meggie, look at me,” Paul urged as he stepped closer. He lifted her chin with a finger and brought her gaze to his. She saw the usual twinkle in his eyes but this time there was something else. Something darker.

As she looked up at him she suddenly became aware of how tall he was. Of course she always knew that, but now istanbul escort she could feel his breath on her face, his height and broad muscled body made her feel small and feminine.

Her pulse quickened as she felt his eyes studying her face. His eyes lowered and rested at the opening of her dressing gown, showing just a hint of cleavage. He reached out a finger and traced it over her exposed cleavage.

He reached for her and suddenly his lips were on hers. Her mouth opened below his and she felt his tongue tangle with hers. She felt his hand slide round the back of her neck, holding her there as his mouth hungrily devoured hers. She pressed herself against him, loving the feel of her soft body against his much harder one and felt her nipples tighten in response.

“Ah Meg…” He groaned as he pulled his lips away from hers and began to kiss and lick her neck. His hands found the tie holding her dressing gown together and he deftly undid it. He slid the silk material off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor she was stood before him completely naked.

“Fuck,” he groaned as his hands cupped her breasts. He pushed them together and ran his thumbs over her sensitive breasts. “I’ve wanted to touch you like this for so long,” he confessed as he squeezed and played with her breasts. Her head fell back in pleasure as he teased her.

“Bedroom,” he muttered and she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her room. When inside, his eyes went to her unmade bed.

“Is there where you were lying when we had our call?” he asked, his eyes dark with lust.

“Yes,” Meg confirmed as he pushed her gently to the bed. She was surprised when he didn’t join her and instead stood at the end of the bed, his eyes all over her body.

She should probably have felt self conscious but the desire in his eyes gave her confidence.

“Meggie, I need you to touch yourself for me. Like you did on the phone. Play with your breasts for me, baby.”

Meg closed her eyes and ran her hands over her breasts. She pushed them together knowing they looked huge when she did that. She ran her fingers over her nipples and squeezed them lightly. She moaned quietly. She had always had sensitive breasts.

She opened her eyes and looked at Paul who had taken off his shirt and was starting to unzip his jeans. God he was ripped. She wanted to run her hands and tongue all over him. Her eyes widened as he pushed down his jeans. He hadn’t put on any underwear in his haste to come over, and so as he pushed her jeans down his muscly thighs his impressive cock was revealed.

Meg licked her lips as he took it in his hand. He was huge!

“Meggie I need you to touch your pussy for me. Show avcılar escort me what you did on the phone.”

She spread her legs and heard him groan as she let her fingers find her clit. She circled it, feeling her wetness. She brought her other hand to her breast and tugged on her nipple.

“Jesus,” Paul hissed through clenched teeth as he slowly stroked his cock. “You look fucking incredible.”

Not able to hold back any longer, Paul lowered himself on top of her, supporting his weight on his hands. He kissed her, hard and demanding, making her moan against his mouth. She could feel his cock hard against her and the ache between her legs intensified.

He lowered himself so he could feast on her breasts. He swirled his tongue around her nipples before sucking one into his mouth. He tugged on it gently with his teeth while using his fingers to stimulate the other. He lifted his mouth and looked up at her.

“Your body drives me crazy. I’ve wanted to suck and lick your tits for years.”

Meg was wriggled restlessly beneath him. Her pussy ached for his touch.

“Paul, please,” she whimpered.

He knew what she needed and moved down her body so she could feel his breath on her pussy. She spread her legs wide for him as he settled between them.

“Aw baby. So fucking beautiful. So smooth and wet.” Meg could feel his breath against her as he spoke.

Then at last she felt his tongue on her clit. She let out a long moan as he lapped at the tip of her clit, swirling his tongue around it. With a hand on each of her thighs he spread her wider as his tongue probed lower. He slid his tongue inside her and lapped up her juices.

“Oh fuck, Paul. That feels so good,” Meg moaned breathlessly. He moved his tongue back over her clit and began to lick and suck on it as his fingers found her soaking wet pussy. He groaned as he slid two fingers straight inside her.

“So fucking tight,” he murmured against her clit, the vibrations causing her whole body to shake.

He continued to flick his fingers inside her as he sucked on her clit until Meg came apart against his mouth.

“Paul…” she gasped as her body shook from the intensity of her orgasm. He kissed her inner thigh before dropping soft open mouthed kisses on her body as he worked his way back to her mouth.

She tasted herself on his tongue as he kissed her and felt his hand slide between their bodies and back to her pussy.

“So fucking beautiful,” he groaned as he gently stroked her sensitive flesh.

“Are you ready for me, Meggie?”

“God yes!”

With his hands on her hips he turned then suddenly so she was sat astride him. She ground her wet pussy against him.

“Do your worst,” Paul smouldered beneath şirinevler escort her as he held her hips in his hands.

She positioned herself above and felt the head of his thick cock against her pussy. She sank down slowly, taking him inch by delicious inch. She closed her eyes as she slowly rotated her hips as she got used to the feel of his huge length inside her.

“Meggie…” Paul hissed between clenched teeth. He gripped her hips but let her control the pace. “You’re so fucking tight.”

She luxuriated in the feeling of being so completely filled as she slowly lifted up and then slid back down, covering his cock in her wetness. She leant forward and rested her hands on his chest muscles as she clenched around him.

Her movement became quicker as she rocked her hips back and forward, enjoying the friction against her aching clit. She moaned breathlessly as every movement hit the spot. She could feel the tension in Paul’s body as she rode him, her hands still on his chest, her breasts squeezed together. He watched her ride his cock with darkened eyes and his jaw clenched, trying hard not to lose control.

“Paul… I’m. Almost. There,” Meg panted between each movement.

She felt his grip on her hips tighten.

“Go for it baby. Use my cock. Bring yourself on it. You feel fucking incredible.”

He thrust up at her as her movements became quicker and quicker until suddenly she threw her head back and shouted his name as his inner muscles gripped him tight.

Feeling suddenly weak she collapsed again his chest with his cock still rock hard inside her. He wrapped his arms around her spent body and rolled them over so he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs high up his back, urging him on.

“Oh fuck, Meggie!” She felt his control snap as he rocked his cock out of her and slammed it back in. It was his turn now. Her sensitive swollen pussy was greedy for him and gripped him tightly. She had cum three times for him tonight including their amazingly hot phone call and yet that ache, that uncontrollable throb would not go away. Meg had never felt like this before.

She looked up and Paul’s face and saw his usual grinning, teasing face was taught with tension, his eyes dark as he groaned her name over and over with every hard thrust.

“Meggie…fuck baby,” his voice cracked just as it had during their phone call right before they orgasmed together.

She could do nothing but hold on to him as she felt the first spurt of hot cum inside her. She clenched around him and gripped him tightly as he unloaded inside her.

She moaned his name as he collapsed on top of her, his cock still deep inside her. He rolled to the side to take his weight off her and kissed her gently.

“Wow,” he murmured, still catching his breath.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my life,” Meg admitted with a smile.

“Well, I hope you’re ready,” he responded, his hand finding her breast.

“For what?” She responded, instinctively arching her back to his touch.

“Round three.”

End of part 2.

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