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Fuck Her for Me, Baby!

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Ours is a pretty unusual story so I’m going to take you through it slowly.

My name is Wayne Dyson. Both my wife Angela and I work for a local TV station and are local “celebrities”. She is the Entertainment reporter and sometimes fills in as weekend news anchor. I host two shows about sports. Angela has been at the station a year longer than I have, just over ten years. She got the job through family connections and is honest about that. They were looking for a gorgeous woman who would attract a lot of viewers. My 5’10” brunette wife happened to fit the bill nicely. The station owner knew Angie’s dad and asked if she would be interested in the job. As Angela hated most of the jobs she’d done to get by up until that point, she was happy to accept. The boss became her mentor and the job was perfect for her. The ratings went up steadily from her debut. It doesn’t hurt to have a hot, 21-year old brunette working for you, especially one like my wife who isn’t afraid to flaunt her gorgeous legs. Angela’s position at the station is secure. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the station owner happens to be her godfather.

I was hired about ten months later and was brought on the news to be “welcomed to the family”. Angela and I got a good look at each other and we both knew. We had drinks that night and sex until that morning. We’re both very sexual people and we knew what we wanted. Playing the games that would eventually lead up to bed were a waste of time for us both. We’ve always thought along the same lines. We were married less than a year later.

My wife likes a little of the social interaction that goes with her job, but not the cocktail party circuit. I can schmooze with the best of them but she hates them. One of the reasons — well, his name is George.

George Simms is the current station manager and a little of George can go a long way. He’s a big blowhard, an old-school guy who thinks women are good for only one thing. From the time he saw my wife, even before I came on the scene, he decided he wanted to fuck her, despite the fact that he’s “happily married” with two kids. He was going to do anything he could to make that happen. Angie was going to do anything she could to make sure it didn’t. She hated George on sight and found him loathsome. It pissed her off that even after we were married, the son of a bitch didn’t back off. He’d hit on her at parties and pinch her butt. He even pulled an “Indecent Proposal” and offered her money. The idiot is lucky he’s still not singing soprano. This guy is trouble but he’s a damned hard worker and his shows, including the ones I’m on, draw in big bucks for the station. Angie had a long discussion with her godfather and he told George to back off. It didn’t take and there wasn’t much anyone could do — George is a cash cow (although I think more like a bull, full of shit.)

Aside from being a cheating swine, George is an okay guy but someone needs to take him down a peg or two. My wife decided that if everyone else was afraid to do it, she’d handle it herself. I gave her my blessings to do whatever she needed to do. My wife would handle it in her own good time and lord, did I pity George when she took her revenge. It would likely be spectacular. I almost felt sorry for the poor bastard until I reminded myself this was my wife he was messing with and then I got over it. I knew what he was in for. My last fight with Angela had cost me a diamond bracelet.

Angela didn’t seem to know how to enact her revenge. She only knew one thing — it would have to be something over the top, something big that he would not be able to ignore. Fortunately, fate threw the opportunity in our direction.

We were both attending a cocktail party thrown by the station. Angela was in a corner with some of her admirers, holding court and seemingly enjoying herself for a change. I had been talking sports with some friends but was now bakırköy escort nursing a beer with one eye on my wife. I intended to run interference in case George happened to head in her direction. So far, she’d been fortunate and avoided him. Still, I was taking no chances. It was then I heard a soft, husky voice speaking to me. I turned to see a very attractive, petite redhead in a black cocktail dress. She had the bemused smile some young people wear when bored by the events around them. “Don’t worry handsome,” she smiled at me. “My mother’s here tonight so Daddy has to behave himself. Your wife is safe, although you might not be,” she winked. “Hi — I’m Lacey, George is my father.”

“Hello, Lacey,” I grinned. This girl was a knockout and I say girl because she likely wasn’t more than eighteen or nineteen. Still, she had a dynamite figure and face and a little insouciant way of talking. She kept looking at me the way George looks at Angela. “You know about your father’s obsession with my wife?” I asked her.

“Believe me baby, it isn’t just your wife. Daddy flirts with any attractive woman in a skirt, he even hits on some of my friends. I wish he’d grow up and knock it off, although I can’t blame him for your wife — she is fucking hot. You two are a hot couple and damn, if you weren’t married, I’d be all over you. You’re the kind of older guy a girl like me loves to fuck — very masculine and secure in himself,” she smiled as she sipped her drink. Lacey was very much her father’s daughter, although I saw that she respected boundaries. She gave me a naughty little wink and walked away with a little sashay. I had never cheated on my wife, but Lacey was the kind of girl that offered temptation.

When we were driving home, Angela told me that she had managed to enjoy most of the party, with George being held at bay most of the night. I related the story about Lacey and her eyes got a certain look that she only gets when there’s something on her mind. She didn’t say anything after that but I knew her wheels were spinning.

I was forced to attend another one of these events a few months later. I don’t do the social thing as well as Angela, who attracts a crowd wherever she goes. Nonetheless, I was doing okay and amusing those I spoke with. Angela wasn’t in attendance that evening; she was home with the flu. Poor George, the little prick almost looked like he was ready to cry when I told him she wasn’t attending.

I was watching some of the guests mingling when I felt someone looking at me. I looked across the room and saw Lacey. Flying solo for the night, I decided to be brave and risk saying hello. She looked even hotter than before in a beaded black dress that ended just below her waist. She might have been a tiny girl, but the little redhead had great legs. “So, where’s you hottie-hot-hot wife tonight?” Lacey asked me as I said hello.

“Home with the flu,” I told her. “So you can have me all to yourself tonight.”

She laughed. “Better be careful handsome, I might just take you up on that. You’re an absolute stud and a real temptation.”

Now it was me who laughed. “And you’re a hot little flirt. Believe me lady, if I wasn’t a married man, I’d try and sneak out of here with you and see just how deep this mutual attraction runs.” When I said that, Lacey took another sip of her drink and licked her lips. I pitied the guys she dated, because they would clearly be no match for the little redhead. I got out my cell to check in with Angela and see how she was feeling.

“How is my gorgeous wife feeling right now?” I asked when Angela answered the phone.

“Slightly stoned on Nyquil,” she chuckled. “I’m glad you called, sweetie. How is the party? Are you having any fun? Have you talked with anyone interesting?”

“About the same as most of these things, you aren’t missing a thing. Well, aside from my beşiktaş escort harmless flirting with Lacey, that is,” I said to her.

“She’s there?” Angela answered back, her voice going up. “Is she still interested in you — she’d still like you to fuck her?”

“Um, yeah,” I responded, not really sure where my wife was going with all of this.

“DO it!” Angela said to me. “You have my total permission; it would be great to think the next time George, that creepy bastard, hits on me that my husband has fucked his precious little girl. Go for it! Fuck her for ME, baby!”

Now I was sure my wife was still out of it. “Babe, I couldn’t do that to Lacey and besides, she’s right here. She seems to be a very nice person; I wouldn’t want to use her that way.”

“You said she’s right there? Hand the phone over to her; I want to speak with her.”

Looking at Lacey, I handed her the phone. She and my wife started speaking and I could see an odd look come over Lacey’s face. Lacey hung up the phone and handed it back to me and said simply “I’m in.”

I looked at this lovely young girl and I’m sure my face must have registered my shock. Lacey said to me “It’ll be a way to get back at my father for the shitty way he treats my mom and acts around my friends. Why not? I think you’re hot as hell and I’m taking the opportunity, if you think you can handle it. It’s up to you, handsome.”

“We-we can’t just screw right here,” I said, trying to uncover one last shred of sanity.

“Yeah, we can, I know the people who own this place and frankly, I doubt we’ll be the only ones,” Lacey laughed. She grabbed my hands and tugged me upstairs. From the noises I heard while we were walking down the halls, I think she might have been right. We found an empty room in the huge house and closed the door behind us. Lacey spun around on her high heels and started unbuttoning my shirt. I went to stop her and then my mind went “Why the hell are you stopping her?” She was a gorgeous, appealing young girl in a hot little black dress; I had my wife’s full permission which was the only thing that would have stopped me. I knew Angela would never throw it back in my face, once she makes a decision, she’s good with it. So I took sexy little Lacey in my arms and kissed her. My wife is a wonderful kisser, but this little imp could have given her a run for her money. Her tongue was almost like a living thing and as she got my shirt off, she tossed it to one side and began working on my pants. “Holy shit,” she breathed when she got them off. “You’ve got a nice-sized cock, lucky me!”

I’m certainly not the biggest guy in creation, but I do all right. For the first time in years, I was going to put that cock into someone other than my Angela. Lacey took care of that right away, she was on her knees in a second and her lips were wrapped around my cock. This pretty young thing knew what she was doing, too. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down until I was as hard as I had ever been. When she got up, she walked towards the bed and let the tiny black dress slide to the floor. What a gorgeous, compact little body and her lingerie was equally hot and black. She sat on the bed as if challenging me to join her there and that is exactly what I did. I took the pretty little thing in my arms and then I got her on her back. I helped her off with her lingerie and as she lifted her hips to remove the tiny black thong, I noticed she wasn’t shaved like many girls are now. There was a tiny red tuft of fur above her pussy. I licked that pussy for all I was worth until she was flailing about the bed. I knew that I had made her cum at least once and was pretty sure it had been more times than that.

“Wow,” Lacey said between pants. “In all my twenty years, no one has ever made me cum like that. Or taken the time to, anyway. I loved sucking your cock; let me have beylikdüzü escort some more of that.” I got into position and let the young lady have what she wanted. There was no hesitation on her part and she looked so sexy against the cool white sheets that were on the bed. She did a lip-lock around my cock and sucked almost as if there was a vacuum in her mouth. I had to concentrate really hard not to cum because Lacey’s mouth was hot and wet and her technique was incredible.

She let my cock go with a small “pop” and smiled up at me. “I believe the goal here was fucking,” she giggled. “Do you have any particular preference?”

Because of Angela’s height, we usually fuck doggy style or missionary. Neither of those is my favorite and I realized I could indulge myself with the petite Lacey. “Cowgirl, girl on top,” I told her with a grin. “I love to see a girl bouncing up and down.”

“That’s my favorite, too,” she said as she got on top of me. She straddled my waist and slid her tight little cunt down around my cock. Damn, she was so tight that it was at first unbearable to be inside of her. Once the young lady got a rhythm going, that made it an entirely different story. Lacey began to fuck me like it would be the last fuck of her young life. I sure as hell wasn’t complaining as her ass rose and fell on my cock. She liked to fuck, I liked being fucked. The naughty angel was doing most of the work and I was just along for the ride. Up and down she went and my hands were playing with her perfect little tits as she fucked me. She wasn’t even being particularly quiet, as if being caught might be an illicit thrill for her. What a nasty, naughty young lady she was. Her red hair was almost framing her lovely young face like a halo of flame, like she was a lovely little devil. She would wiggle her bottom to drive me in deeper as I kissed her hot, sexy body as best I could. Lacey wasn’t going to take second place to anyone, that much was certain. I’m not sure how long we fucked because there was no clock in the room, but it was an exhausting session. It was almost like combat sex. Lacey’s petite little body managed to wrest from me one of the best orgasms that I have ever had.

I would have liked to have spent more time fucking her, but thought I should make another appearance at the party. Lacey agreed, so we both got dressed and went downstairs together, hand in hand. On the way, we passed George. I’m sure the bastard knew what I had just done with his 20-year old daughter, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. Lacey is legally an adult and if he made any type of complaint, his own actions as regards my wife would come to light. He just gritted his teeth and let us pass him by. I looked at Lacey and the smile on her face told her story.

We were outside and enjoying the night air when my cell phone rang again. I looked and saw our number, so I answered. “Hi honey,” I answered. “Feeling any better?”

“Yes, a little,” Angie answered me. “Never mind that — did you do it?”

I sighed. That is my wife, direct and to the point. “Yes, I had sex with Lacey.”

“And …?”

I knew Angela would sense me hedging, so I was totally honest. “She was incredible. Totally different from you, but being honest, if I ever got another opportunity, I would fuck her again.” I could feel Lacey behind me and I was sure she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Did George see you? Does he know?”

“He saw us and yes, I’m pretty sure he figured it out.”

“Good. Ask her if she’d be interested in a little more fun and bring her home,” Angela said to my shock.


“She’s cute and hot and sexy and she was brave enough to fuck you, I want to meet someone like that,” Angela told me. “We’ve never had a threesome and I’ve always wanted to, so bring her home.”

“Bu-but you have the flu,” I protested.

“Sweetheart, bring that little bitch home, if she’s interested in some three-way fun. I promise, the two of us will give you a night that will blow your mind. You didn’t really think I had the flu, did you?” Angela asked, totally blowing my mind. I looked around at Lacey and smiled, she smiled and nodded back. Revenge on George had suddenly become far less important.

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