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Fumble or Fuck?

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I’d been working for the company for a while when the opportunity arose to visit a sister site. After a couple of visits and with increasing reason to be there, I took the chance to spend the occasional day away from my usual place of work, enjoying a change in scenery with a reliable internal network connection.

One of my leads at our sister site was Charles – a guy who had been with the company longer than I and had some great stories to tell of how things used to be.

Charles is tall, with broad shoulders, strong arms and a shaved head. He’s about 15 years my senior and the twinkle in his eyes is well hidden most days. We usually get on fine though, and have a lot of business to discuss.

Charles is pretty much definitely not into girls like me. He’s smartly dressed, sensible and probably into petite girls with perky tits and sporting hobbies. I’m working with tattoos, crazy hair colours, more weight than I’d like and a world class shoe habit. But something is starting to catch fire here for me nonetheless.

One afternoon he offered me a tour of the server room down in the basement and, being a nerd, I couldn’t resist.

As we walk down the stairs he’s telling me tales about the company’s origins and how things have changed for him over time. We round the corner to a doorway that’s security pass enabled and he swipes us in to the room. I’m allowed to be here, but it’s still kind of exciting to see somewhere you’ve only ever been to remotely.

Inside the secure room are row upon row of glass fronted cabinets housing light-blinking servers and PCs. The room is cooled to a pleasant level to keep the hardware running optimally, and it’s a welcome change from the failed-air-con warmth upstairs. This room is rarely visited now, so we have time to take a good look around during our tour.

Charles is walking me through the rows and explaining details of which kit relates to which company.

As we round the final bank of cabinets, we’re left admiring the cabling on the wall in silence and my mind is starting to wander…

With a break in the conversation, I lick my lips and deliberately catch Charles’s eye for a moment too long. I think I can hear a break in his breathing pattern and tuzla escort spot a glimpse of a lingering look close to my neckline.

The tall cabinets give us some security from prying eyes through the glass window of the door, so I’m feeling brave.

I lean back on the wall for a moment and run a hand down the side of my neck slowly whilst maintaining direct eye contact with Charles. Without warning, he pushes me back into the wall, kissing me hard, our tongues working at each other passionately.

We draw back for a moment to catch our breath and look into each other’s eyes. No idea what he can see in mine, but in his there seems to be desire. Quite a lot of it. Excellent outcome.

He leans me back against the wall again, lifting my T-shirt to mash my heavy breasts together through the lace of my black bra. The lower temperature and the chemistry we appear to have has stiffened my nipples nicely. My tits are my best asset (if you’re into that kind of thing) – 40G and whilst not perky, pretty firm considering.

Charles kisses the side of my neck and works his way up to licking my ear whilst continuing to squeeze. (How did he know that was my sensitive zone?). I am not able to do much other than moan and draw him in further by grabbing his waist, so this I do.

His cock is ready for business according to his profile as he pushes himself against me. It feels promising (if not enormous) and I’m keen to see what it can do.

He unhooks my bra and lifts it so my tits are fully exposed – the shock of the chilled air flowing over them prompts another gasp from me. Lowering the straps over my shoulders and the bra onto the floor, he drops his head and sucks on one of my nipples as I pinch the other one hard. I am not sure where this is going yet, but, man, I’m not that bothered. I love having my titties sucked.

He stops for a moment as he surveys the scene and smiles a crooked grin. I am starting to think that maybe you can’t tell what kind of girls men are in to by guessing.

I arch my back, presenting my breasts for more sucking and biting and he’s happy to oblige. This time, I’m starting to work on his cock through his trousers and unzip his fly.

His cock springs pendik escort out into my hand from his boxers (Boxers! Had him down as briefs) and I start to massage it firmly. He doesn’t seem to have much in the way of pubic hair, which I like, but I don’t have him down as a shaver. Maybe he’s just naturally light on hair? Whatever, it works for him (and his balls).

Where are we going with this… fumble or fuck?

So I ask him.


Without further discussion he spins me towards the wall, turning my back to him. I press my arms out against the wall – T-shirt still around my neck, titties hanging loose, black jeans on and the industrial scaffold of my black bra pooling in parachutes on the floor.

Charles reaches round my waist and opens the zipper, allowing my trousers to slip down enough to give him access to my black cotton thong. Frankly, my panties are embarrassingly wet at this stage; but I’m hoping he’ll take that as youthful enthusiasm and a compliment.

He’s got manly hands and that means thick fingers but fortunately a well maintained manicure too (a perk of the businessman).

He emits a low moan as he works his hand into my knickers and can feel the liquid leaking out of my well trimmed pussy.

I can feel him tugging his cock with his other hand and, much as I want to turn round and have a really good look, I am craving being taken from behind.

I bring my hands down so I can scoot off my thong, return my hands to the wall and tilt my pelvis so he’s got a good entry angle.

However, best laid plans and all that: he wants to finger me first (I’m cool with that – I *love* being fingered).

He spreads my pussy lips wide and sticks his middle finger into my slit hard knowing that I’m well enough lubricated. I let out a noise of pleasure and he brings his other hand round to flick my clit a little as he pushes his finger in up to its base and out again whilst twisting it. He asks me if I like it like that and all I can say is:

“Yes. I like it like this. A lot.”

He withdraws his dripping finger and lifts it up to my mouth to suck. I lick the taste of my pussy off him happily, but lift my hole again in expectation of his aydınlı escort cock. What can I say? I’m impatient and I want fucking. Hard. Now.

I can feel his stiff dick twitching around my ass and then suddenly he’s got it in hand and is testing the entrance to my pussy with his swollen cock head. After a little delicious teasing he slams it in, leaving his balls slapping at my clit.

I am wet enough that I can actually hear his cock sliding in and out of my pussy above the hum of the room. I time my hip thrusts so that his dick comes almost completely out of my pussy each time and slides back in fully, his balls slapping against me at the end of each cycle. I love the moment of missing his cock, followed by it being rammed back into my cunt as hard as he does.

My tits swing freely and he reaches around to pull down on my nipples occasionally. Whilst he can’t see my face directly, we’re both able to watch our reflections in the cabinet to our left. I enjoy watching my breasts jiggle and my ass in the air as Charles’ hips thrust into me; him still fully clothed.

After a few more thrusts he pulls out and spins me back around so I’m facing him.

I spread my legs a little and lean back against the wall, jeans around my ankles now. After a couple of pumps of his hand, he slams himself back inside me and I watch his thick cock disappear into my wet pussy. I pull on my left nipple and rub my clit with my right hand until I’m about to come. I tell Charles and he pumps his dick into me even harder. I slow the rubbing just for a few seconds to prolong the sensation and then explode around his cock, my inner muscles clenching and grabbing his dick rapidly and firmly.

I pull away from my clit, licking my finger as Charles’s face tells me he’s about to shoot his load too. I rub his chest and wrap my fingers around his slippery cock as it’s sliding in and out of my cunt. Just as he’s about to come, he pulls out, strokes his cock and shoots his hot spunk all over my breasts and belly.

He opens his eyes, breathing hard, just as I’m licking his cum off my right nipple and rubbing it into my left breast in little circles…

“Agatha! Agatha? Are you paying attention?”

“I was just moving on to the final wall to show you the evolution of hardware over the years. We have some notable legacy units here.”

“Charles, excuse me. I lost myself a bit for a moment.”

“Please do carry on – I’m interested in whether we have any water cooled units here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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