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Fun at Work Pt. 03

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Fun at Work — Part 3

Maddy was heading back to university in a couple of weeks, and one of her friends had come up to visit her and see the city. I was just chilling at home and gaming while she was out on her girls night, thinking about what fun we would have before she left. As I thought about it more, I started getting pretty horny, and I wasn’t expecting her to be coming over. I figured I might as well have a wank to relax before bed, so I turned off my game and brought up some porn on the TV.

I slipped off my shorts and t-shirt, just sitting on the couch in my boxers, I started looking for some good porn to watch. After flicking through a few videos to find some good stuff, I had been slowly stroking my hard cock for around 20mins. Suddenly, my phone started ringing. I sighed, looking over to see who would be calling me and Maddy’s name was on the phone screen. Perking up slightly, I paused the TV and answered the call.

‘Beeeeennnn!!’ Maddy said loudly in a sing song voice, clearly drunk, ‘we got so wasted and need to come home! Can we both crash at yours? It’s closer. Pretty please!!’

‘Yea of course, no problem.’ I replied.

‘Good, coz we’re already on the way there!’ She giggled, and I heard her friend giggling in the background too.

‘See you soon.’ I replied and hung up the phone.

I looked around and thought I’d best clean up the place a tiny bit. I went down the corridor to the spare room to make the bed for Maddy’s friend to sleep in, and then thought it would be best if I put some clothes on other than just boxers. I didn’t need to for Maddy, but I figured I should be semi-decent for her friend.

I walked back into the lounge and realised I’d left the porn on pause on the screen, just as a knock came at the door. I quickly grabbed the remote and turned the TV off, and the screen went black. I went to the front door and could hear Maddy and her friend whispering and giggling outside.

‘Who is it?’ I called through the door.

‘Beeennn!! Don’t be a dick and let us in! I need to sit down – my feet are fucking killing me!’ Maddy said.

I laughed as I opened the door, letting Maddy and her friend tumble into the apartment.

‘Ben — this is Scar.’ Maddy said as she breezed past me into the lounge.

I turned around to greet her friend, ‘Hi, I’m Scarlett — nice to meet you.’ She said, quite shyly and holding her hand out politely. ‘Thanks for letting me stay here.’

‘No problem,’ I replied, ‘there’s plenty of room, so it’s no biggy.’

I took the opportunity to look at Scarlett. She was short like Maddy, as well as being quite slim — although not as petite as her. She was dark-skinned, almost the same colour as milk chocolate and had long black hair that had been straightened and hung down past her shoulders. Her dress was quite tight so I could see that she had larger breasts than Maddy, as well as a nice pert ass.

‘The lounge is just through there’, I said, pointing down the entry corridor. Scarlett slipped her shoes off and headed off down the hallway.

I followed her down to the lounge where Maddy was already lying about on the couch chilling out. Scarlett sat down on the spare couch and I joined Maddy on the couch she was on. They were both wearing their ‘going out’ dresses — short, tight and sexy. Scarlett was wearing a dark blue dress, cut low to show off the top of her breasts, and ending up about two thirds of the way down her dark thighs. Maddy was wearing her strapless black dress that she wore the first time we fucked, and despite complaining about her sore feet, she still had her heels strapped to her feet.

For a while we sat comfortably on the couch just chatting about random stuff and telling me about their night out. Scarlett started telling me some funny stories about her and Maddy at university and we were all having a good laugh.

‘Now, now! Don’t go giving all my secrets away!’ Maddy laughed after one anecdote. ‘I think it’s time to change the subject! Let’s see what trashy TV is on.’

Maddy grabbed the TV remote and flicked the TV on. The screen changed from black and loaded up the paused porn video I was watching before the girls arrived. The video was paused with a guy buried inside a girl on the bed, with another girl watching from the top end of the bed and playing with her pussy. Both girls had frozen pleasure faces as they were fucked or masturbated.

Embarrassed, I fumbled for the TV remote, trying to grab it from Maddy. She giggled as she held it out of my reach and tried to fend me off.

‘Was someone being a naughty boy at home alone?’ Maddy laughed in a sing-song voice.

I resigned to not getting the remote off her and collapsed back into the couch rolling my eyes at her. Scarlett had a face that was a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. Like she wasn’t sure if she should laugh at the situation or avert her eyes from the screen. She settled on half-grinning and Maddy and I, while her eyes flicked over to the TV on and off.

‘Did sadakat izle you get hard and horny without me?’ Maddy said, pressing up against me.

‘Maybe not here, babe?’ I said questioningly, ‘Should we not do this in front of Scarlett? She might find it a bit uncomfortable!’

I glanced over at Scarlett as she had a little laugh and looked away from us, but then realised the only place to look was at the porn on the screen.

‘Don’t worry — Scarlett is no prude.’ Maddy said as she started rubbing her hands on my body, ‘In fact, we may have made out once or ten times!’

‘Maddy! Oh my God!’ Scarlett exclaimed, looking over at us with a flushed face, while Maddy grinned slyly back at her.

‘Oh, don’t Scarlett! You know you like it when we make out drunk!’ Maddy said with a laugh.

Maddy got up from our couch and crossed the lounge quickly to join Scarlett on her couch. Scarlett laughed nervously, and tried half-heartedly to escape Maddy. She pinned her to the couch and lightly tickled her, taking the last bit of resistance from Scarlett. She sighed resignedly and collapsed back onto the couch rolling her eyes at Maddy.

Maddy whispered something to Scarlett and they whispered to each other back and forth a few times, before Maddy leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. She pulled away and whispered something else to her — Scarlett nodded and glanced briefly in my direction. Maddy leaned down again and kissed her more deeply, before laying Scarlett back onto the couch so she was on top of her.

My eyes were glued to them as my cock hardened watching these two sexy women make out with each other. I watched as Maddy’s hand slowly slid up Scarlett’s body, before pressing against her breast and softly fondling her. Scarlett gasped softly as Maddy’s fingers brushed across her nipples through her dress. They broke their kiss, smiling at one another while Scarlett softly bit her bottom lip.

‘Sorry Scarlett, but I need Ben’s cock right now. You’ve got me so horny.’ Maddy said, rolling off the couch and heading back to my couch. She straddled my lap, her short skirt sliding up her thighs as she spread her legs either side of mine. As she lowered herself down onto my lap, I felt her pussy grinding down on my hard cock.

‘I still don’t see how this has solved the problem of Scarlett being here!’ I said quietly to Maddy.

‘Oh, she can watch if she wants.’ Maddy giggled, ‘She’s never seen a cock as big as yours anyway!’

‘Maddy!! Jesus!’ Scarlett exclaimed, blushing in embarrassment.

‘Don’t be silly Scarlett! You know that Dave’s cock was small!’ Maddy said, ‘He never made you cum properly.’

‘Maddy! God! You’re so embarrassing!!’ Scarlett said, turning away blushing.

Maddy slid down off my legs until she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. In a fluid motion she pulled down my shorts and boxers to expose my now hard cock. Maddy involuntarily opened her mouth slightly as she drank in the sight of my cock. I noticed Scarlett turn her head back to us out of the corner of my eye as I looked down at Maddy.

She looked up at me and licked her lips seductively, before pulling the top of her black dress down to expose her breasts. Her small shapely breasts were topped by her stiff pink nipples, showing how horny she was. She grasped the base of my hard cock in her slim fingers, and maintaining eye contact with me, she lowered her head down to wrap her lips around my cock head.

I could feel the blood pulsing in my cock as Maddy teased me with her warm, wet mouth and I could feel myself stiffening even more. She tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue lightly, causing me to gasp in pleasure as my balls tightened and my cock twitched. Maddy slowly lowered her mouth down on my cock further down my shaft with each bob of her head.

‘Fuck, I love sucking your cock Ben.’ Maddy said, lifting off my cock and looking up at me.

‘Mmm you’re damn good at it,’ I replied, ‘you make me so fucking hard.’

‘Yea I can tell. I can feel you throbbing in my mouth and so fucking hard in my hand.’ Maddy said.

Maddy leaned down and took my now rock-hard cock back into her hot mouth, sucking it deep. Her head kept going down until she had taken as much as my cock in her mouth as possible. I could feel the tip of my cock head pressing against her throat, causing me to fall back against the couch back and moan softly.

As Maddy continued to suck my thick cock into her mouth, I glanced over at the other couch and saw Scarlett with her mouth slightly open, eyes fixated on Maddy sucking my cock. One of her hands was absentmindedly rubbing across her breasts, teasing the nipples that Maddy had started to work on. The other hand was inching up her skirt, rubbing softly on her dark thighs.

She must have felt me watching her and glanced briefly up and made eye contact me. She instantly looked away embarrassed and stopped touching herself. After a few seconds however, she looked sadece arkadaşız izle back over and me and this time maintaining eye contact she began touching herself again. Her mouth opened slightly, and her eyes fluttered as her fingers started making her nipples stiff. Her eyes drifted lower, staring at Maddy sucking my cock.

Maddy lifted off my cock with a sigh of pleasure, ‘Fuck your cock is so hard and thick tonight Ben.’ She glanced over at Scarlett and grinned naughtily as she saw her watching and touching herself.

‘I don’t think you can see clearly from over there Scar.’ Maddy giggled. ‘Come over here!’

Scarlett blushed and half shook her head, embarrassed at being directly caught out. Maddy stood up and walked over to the couch, grabbing Scarlett by the hand. Scarlett put up a half-hearted effort, but not really, and Maddy pulled her to her feet and dragged her gently over to the couch I was on. Sitting her down at the opposite end of the couch and giving her a quick kiss, Maddy returned and knelt back down in front of me.

‘Better to remove these for a better view,’ Maddy said, pulling my shorts and boxers down and off my legs. This left my hard cock sticking proudly straight up, still glistening with Maddy’s saliva.

Maddy grasped my cock gently in her hand and maintaining eye contact with Scarlett she lowered her head and teased my cock with her tongue. Scarlett was staring intently at Maddy with her tongue swirling around my cock head. Her breathing quickened as she watched Maddy open her mouth and slowly slide her hot mouth down my cock until I was pressed against her throat. Still maintaining eye contact with Scarlett she slowly lifted back off my cock, and grinned at her.

‘So? Better view from there?’ Maddy said quietly to Scarlett.

Scarlett jerked slightly as she was addressed directly, and with a quick nervous glance in my direction she bit her lower lip and nodded softly.

‘So you like seeing Ben’s hard, thick cock closer up?’ She pressed on.

Scarlett blushed slightly but another slight nod of her head confirmed the answer.

‘I think maybe you want to touch yourself right now, yeah?’

Again, another glance at nervously up at me, before she looked back at Maddy and still blushing half nodded in embarrassed agreement.

‘I’m going to fuck Ben now. I need his hard cock inside me.’ Maddy said, almost matter of fact, ‘If that turns you on, it would be hot to see you play with yourself watching.’

With that, Maddy stood up pulling her dress up to reveal black lace underwear and leaving her dress bunched around her waist. She pushed me back into the corner of the couch at the opposite end from Scarlett. She kissed me deeply as she lay me back, before climbing up and facing towards Scarlett. She pulled her underwear to one side as she settled herself down onto me — her tight, smooth pussy now fully exposed to Scarlett.

Maddy was sitting on my hips, just above my cock as all I could see was the back of her. I felt her hand grasp my stiff dick and slowly stroke her hand up and down my shaft. I wriggled myself into a position where I could see past Maddy, and see what Scarlett was doing. She had spread her legs to reveal her lacy white panties under her tight navy dress, and one of her hands was absentmindedly rubbing on her inner thighs.

Maddy pressed forwards and upwards, sliding her slick pussy lips up along my shaft until she was poised over my cock. I could feel the heat emanating from her horny pussy, before she pressed her pussy down onto the tip of my cock. I watched Scarlett’s eyes widen, fixated on the point where my cock met Maddy’s pussy — her mouth opening slightly.

She started to lower herself down onto my cock properly, my thick throbbing cock head slowly sliding between her smooth, slick pussy lips. I heard Scarlett gasp softly, as Maddy moaned when my cock head slipped into her. She held still for a moment, holding just my cock head inside her tight cunt, getting used to the feeling of me inside her.

With a loud half sigh half moan, Maddy released her muscles and allowed herself to sink down onto my cock. Her slippery pussy slowly slid down my shaft to completely engulf me deep inside her. I could feel her pussy walls gripping my cock as I slowly penetrated into her tight hole. I looked past Maddy’s back and could see that Scarlett now had her hand down inside her panties and was clearly rubbing her pussy.

Scarlett started softly gasping in pleasure as Maddy started riding up and down on my hard cock. Her eyes were glued to my cock, and watching it split Maddy’s tight little cunt open, her smooth pussy lips gripping my cock as she slid up and down.

‘Fuck! Your cock feels so good Ben!’ Maddy gasped, as she slowly increased her pace, ‘So thick and hard inside me!’

Scarlett moaned softly at those words, before blushing darker and averting her eyes briefly. She didn’t stop rubbing herself though, betraying her embarrassment. şahmaran izle As Maddy got faster on my cock, Scarlett also started rubbing herself faster.

‘Shit I need this. I’m gonna cum Ben!’ Maddy moaned.

Maddy slammed down on my cock driving it deep into her tight pussy. Her body shook in pleasure as she moaned loudly, and her pussy walls rippled along my shaft. A gush of her pussy juices soaked my cock as her whole body trembled in the throes of her orgasm.

My stiff cock was still buried in her horny pussy, as she slowly let herself recover from her orgasmic high.

‘Fuck that was so good!’ Maddy sighed, ‘fuck I needed to cum! Drinking gets me so horny!’

A small moan escaped Scarlett as she continued to rub her pussy. I looked up and saw that she had now pulled her white panties to one side for free access to her slick pussy. Her dark fingers fluttered over her clit, her pink pussy peeking between her dark lips. Her eyes were slightly unfocused as she stroked her slick clit and pussy lips — teasing herself into an even hornier state.

Maddy had had enough and decided she needed to continue riding my cock. Propping herself up again, she started riding my hard, throbbing cock again. I could feel how hot and slippery her pussy had become after her earlier cum. My cock head was buried deep in Maddy’s pussy, almost escaping her tight pussy lips with every point she rode up my shaft.

‘Fuck! Oh God! Your cock feels so fucking good!’ Maddy moaned, sliding her smooth cunt up and down at an increasingly quick pace. ‘Holy fuck I wanna squirt all over your cock so fucking bad!’

Scarlett moaned louder at those words and reaching up she pulled her dress down to expose her bra-encased breasts. With a quick motion she released the clip at the front of her bra, freeing her sexy breasts into the open. I stared at her shapely brown tits, topped with large dark nipples and areola. They were nicely round, a good DD if not E cup, and her nipples were centred perfectly on her mounds and were already rather stiff.

Maddy moaned as well at the sight of her breasts, one hand grabbing her own and the other hand I could feel rubbing her hard clit, as she continued to ride my cock. I could feel her slick pussy juices dripping down my cock as she slid up and down my hard shaft. My cock throbbed in pleasure in Maddy’s tight, hot cunt as she settled down onto my lap so that I was fully buried deep inside her.

‘Fuck! I need to cum so fucking bad!’ Maddy said, as she ground her pussy down on my cock, ‘Fuck! I’m so fucking close!’

‘Cum on his cock Mads!’ Scarlett said quietly, speaking for the first time since she started touching herself. ‘I’m gonna cum watching you. I’m so close.’

Maddy moaned loudly and started sliding her pussy up and down my thick, hard cock — desperate to get herself off. I could feel her body shaking and her pussy pulsing as she got closer to her orgasm. I had my hands on her hips, guiding her up and down on my cock, and I could feel her legs trembling under my fingers. She moaned louder as she rode my shaft faster — I could feel the friction of her tight cunt gripping my cock despite her pussy being slippery and wet.

‘Oh my God! Ben! Fuck, I’m gonna cum!’ Maddy moaned, ‘Shit! Oh God I’m gonna squirt on your cock!’

Scarlett moaned louder at that, rubbing her horny pussy with one hand and fondling her nipples with the other hand. Her eyes were fixed on the point that my cock was splitting open Maddy’s pussy.

‘Cum for us Scar!’ Maddy moaned.

She lifted off the head of my cock and her hand rubbed her clit frantically as her whole body shook violently. I could feel her hot pussy juices splashing on my legs and cock as she moaned loudly in pleasure. Her pussy then exploded as she screamed in pleasure, a jet of her hot juices shooting along the couch and splashing on the seat between Scarlett’s spread leg, followed by two more splashes of juices soaking the couch even more.

‘Oh fuck!’ Scarlett moaned, ‘Oh God, I’m cumming!’

She circled her pink stiff nub with her fingers, I could see it glistening with her wet juices as she rubbed her horny clit. She moaned loudly as her legs tensed and her toes curled in pleasure. She trembled through her orgasm as her finger continued to rub her sensitive clit, watching Maddy’s tight cunt squirt over and over onto the couch. Her stiff dark nipples topped her tits, rising and falling quickly as she gathered her breath.

‘Fuck that was so hot!’ I said, ‘Watching you both cum at the same time…so hot.’

My cock was still stiff and throbbing and was now soaked in Maddy’s cum. It was uncomfortably hard, and I knew that I needed to cum very soon. I reached down to grab my cock, but my hand was stopped as Maddy’s fingers tightly gripped my wrist.

‘No, no, Ben.’ Maddy said, ‘It’s my turn to make you cum.’

With that, Maddy knelt down in front of me as I sat on the couch and reached out her hand and softly gripped my shaft, still slick with her pussy juices. She stroked me slowly up and down, her slim fingers caressing my shaft as precum leaked from the tip of my cock. Maddy shifted herself so that her mouth was close to my cock, I could feel her warm breath on my throbbing cock head as she maintained eye contact with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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