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Fun in the Bedroom

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As I lead you to my bedroom, I stop you just before the door and I cover your eyes with a blindfold. I then take your hand and slowly lead you into the room.

I tell you to stand still; and if you do what I say you will not be punished. Your breath quickens, and I can see you are becoming nervous / aroused. I kiss you softly on the lips, your nerves giving way to passion as our kisses grow in intensity. After a few minutes of heavy kissing, I pull away gently, and walk around behind you, planting deep, wet kisses on the back and sides of your neck.

As I work my way up your neck, I lightly tongue the inside of your ear before gently biting your ear lobes; goose bumps appear on your skin.

Whispering in your ear to lift your arms up, I slowly lift your shirt up, kissing each inch of skin as it is revealed to me. You giggle as I kiss your belly button, and I find that your sides are very ticklish. As the shirt gets stuck on your nose, I keep your arms pinned in the shirt and kiss you deeply, i can feel you arousal has increased by how forceful your tongue enters mine. Tongues battling, I finish removing your shirt and lay it on the ground.

Kissing down your chest, i kiss the area just above your bra, marveling as the material strains to contain your bountiful chest. I can just make out the outline of your areola thru the fabric of your bra as I run my wet tongue Marmaris Escort up your cleavage.

Continuing down your stomach I come to your skirt, my fingers grabbing the waistband and pulling them down with me as i fall to my knees before you. I am happily surprised to find you panty less, and kiss your ankles, and slowly work my way back up your legs, stopping just before reaching your womanhood, your hips pressing vainly into the air hoping I will be there.

I step behind you and deftly unsnap your bra, it almost looks relieved to be free of its burden of containing you. I breathe gently against your neck as I lower the bra off of your body, you breasts gently swaying as you shift from foot to foot, waiting for my next touch.

I quickly shed my own clothes and lead you up onto the bed. I tell you to get on your knees and bend over, I lead your hands to the headboard, and you gasp as you feel me begin to tie your hands to it. You move to straighten up, I slap your ass and tell you not to move if you want this to continue. You return to you knees, now splayed out for my pleasure.

I step away from the bed, watching you as you test your new bounds, pulling against them to get comfortable, you head cocked to one side as you strain to hear me.

I move as quietly as possible, laying my head just under your pendulous breasts, Marmaris Escort Bayan finally touching you, sucking your breasts into my hungry mouth, my tongue trying its best to explore every inch of them. Unable to handle it all alone, my hands fondle your breasts as well, playing with your sensitive nipples, watching your hips squirm as you get more and more aroused.

I move my head between your legs, pulling your hips down as I bury my face in your wetness; you gasp as my tongue licks and swirls its way between your nether lips, you instinct causing you to begin humping my face.

As my nose runs thru your bush, I breathe deeply, loving the scent of your arousal, knowing that I caused this. You become more frantic, moaning and humping my face faster… I finally push you up, and slide out from underneath you, knowing that it is not yet time for you to cum.

I kneel behind you, my hard cock bumping into your fine ass, bits of precum leaving a snail trail as it rubs against you.

I run my fingers thru your lovely blond hair, pulling your head back and gently swatting your ass.

I very lightly run my fingers down your neck and down your back, moans of pleasure fill the room. You press back against me, desperate to feel me. I pull back, grabbing you gently by the hips to hold you in place.

I press against you, my hardness Escort Marmaris sliding between your lips, the ridge on the head of my cock brushing past your clit. I continue this motion a dozen times or more, feeling you constantly trying to maneuver out of my grip so that I slide into you.

You strain under my grip, and finally whisper “Please, please let me have it”. With that I slowly slide into you, burying myself fully, both of us adjusting to the new sensations; yours of being filled, mine of being wrapped in the heat and velvet wetness of your pussy.

I slowly pull all the way out, then slide back in again. I keep up this slow pace until we both a breathing heavy, then i build up speed until we are slapping our bodies together, the sounds of our joining filling the room, our combined sweat and arousal permeating our senses.

Reaching around to grab your breasts, I ride you like a man possessed. You press back into each thrust, our bodies crashing into each other. You begin to pant, I can tell you are getting close; your pussy squeezing tighter and tighter with each thrust; unable to take anymore stimulation I pound into you one last time, roaring out as I cum into you, your deep moans of ecstasy filling my ears as you cum, your pussy flutters and squeezes me we ride our pleasure together, our combined juices running down your legs, soaking onto the bed covers.

I stay buried in you, each post-orgasmic twitch from me eliciting a moan from you.

As I finally soften and pull out, I come around and untie your hands and remove your blindfold.

With that we both fall into a heap, wondering what next fantasy we can tackle together 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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