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Fun in the Outdoors

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A sweltering day in August finds us arriving at our chosen holiday destination, a baking hot Yellowstone National Park. Heat haze hangs in the air blurring the impressive natural beauty and the thousands of other sightseers also present.

We’d thought this out well in advance and had picked a camping spot a long drive away from any of the major attractions. We knew that there would be few people wanting to travel that far, especially after a long muggy day walking round the park.

Pulling up to our spot just as the sun is heading for the horizon we notice that there are only two other tents in this area and they are well spread apart while still leaving a big space for us to pitch in.

Drawing to a halt I comment that it’s far nicer in the car with it’s air conditioning than it is outside and decide to spend the rest my holiday in it. Laughing you lean over to plant a soft kiss of my lips… Just enough to distract me for long enough to switch off the air con and switch on the heating! Sticking out my tongue at you I reluctantly kill the power and help you drag our stuff out of the trunk. It’s really starting to get dark but we have a small dome-type tent that can be put up in a few minutes, even by two unpractised people in sultry conditions with failing light.

When the tent is firmly nailed in and our stuff is liberally strewn around inside it I flop on the long grass and pretend to go to sleep. In a mock huff you try to drag me to my feet, with little success. Kneeling down next to me you proceed to tickle me senseless while I struggle forlornly. We’re finally interrupted by giggling. Looking up we see two small children who must be with the family in the next text over, some 100 feet away, you are pointing and laughing. Thumbing my nose at them I jump to my feet and mock growl at them, causing them to run back to their parents with more giggling.

Now that I’m on my feet you suggest that we go for a walk to have a quick nose around before we crash out. I pretend to start falling to the floor again but a quick kick in the ass from you motivates me to get going! Grabbing a couple of torches we wander over to the vague outline of a building we can see 50 yards away. Reaching it, narrowly avoiding tripping over a BBQ grill, we see it’s a shower block. You tell me that it’d be wonderful to have a cool shower after the effort of pitching the tent and unpacking. I agree, especially since I did most of the work! This elicits another friendly kick.

Wandering to the edge of the camp clearing we suddenly encounter quite thick forest. It’s suddenly obvious just how much work removing trees and undergrowth must have been done to create the camping space. I remind you that I’m not a great fan of the dark and there are supposed to be bears in this park. I can hear the smile in your voice when you tell me not to worry because you’ll protect me and then you walk off into the trees. Sighing I follow only to find that I can’t see which way you’ve gone. Walking straight ahead for 50 feet I can see nothing but trees in my torchlight and hear nothing but incessant chirping of the crickets. Stopping I am just about to say out loud that I don’t think this is funny any more when you appear silently behind me and grab me from behind causing me to almost jump out of my skin! Leaning on a tree trying to catch my breath you smile sweetly and tell me you’re sorry and that you have something that will more than make up for it.

Turning off your torch you step up in front of me and slip you one hand round my waist and run the other through my hair. Pulling you face down to mine, our lips meet in a soft kiss, our tongues lightly touching. Leaning against me as I, in turn, lean on the tree you start to rub your body against mine. Pulling you close to me I softly kiss your neck and then move to your ear into which I blow a huge raspberry! Indignant you step back and put your hands on your hips, pouting. I laugh telling you that if you think you can make up for scaring me as easy as that you have another thing coming! Stepping back up to me again you kiss me on the check and softly rub the front of my jeans over my bulging cock. kurtköy escort Smiling sweetly I tell you that if you want it that badly then making you go without is an excellent punishment! Laughing, I set off back towards the site with you trailing behind me.

Once we get back to the tent we grab a change of clothes each and our washing stuff and make for the showers. They turn out to actually be quite nice. The lights all seem to work when we switch them on and the water seems plentiful and as warm as we’d like it – not very in this weather. Most important of all they are actually very clean which is unusual for campsites. I wave goodbye as I walk into the men’s side and soon you can hear the sound of running water closely followed by some very out-of-tune whistling. Quickly stripping off your few clothes you step under the cool running water which feels fabulous in this sticky night. Trying to ignore the tunelessness from next door you start to soap yourself down.

Your mind wanders, thinking about what else we can get up to this holiday when you suddenly realise that you are cupping one of your breasts and rubbing one erect nipple with your soapy thumb, over and over. Closing you eyes you lean on the wall and savour the feeling of touching yourself under the running water. Next thing you know you’ve stepped your legs slightly apart and have dropped your other hand between them to at first just rest over your pussy and then to slowly start massaging your clit. Sighing deeply you begin to rub it slowly but firmly causing you to moan softly and your knees to start to buckle. Abruptly the sound of running water from the men’s side stops and you suddenly remember where you are and that someone could walk in any second! Snapping back upright you quickly wash the rest of your body, run shampoo through your hair and towel yourself off before heading back.

By the time you get back to the tent I’ve set up the lamps and am cooking some bacon over a small gas fire. Offering you a bacon sandwich I remind you that I hate sleeping with wet hair so we have some time to kill before crashing out but it shouldn’t be long because one advantage of the hot night will be drying us off quickly. We sit and talk of trivial things for half an hour simply enjoying the pleasure of each-others company. We listen to the next tent over pack up their things for the night and a distant shout of goodnight from the two young kids.

Eventually I tell you I’m beat and I’m going to call it a night. Poking my head in the tent for a minute I’m quickly back announcing that it’s far to hot to sleep in there and I’m just going to sleep outside under the stars, the long grass making quite comfortable bedding. Killing all the lights but one I pull off my t-shirt and socks and throw them into the tent, leaving me just in my boxers, and curl up on the ground. Within a couple of minutes you kill the last light, throw all you clothes but your t-shirt and knickers in the tent and cuddle up to my back in the darkness.

Turning to lie on my back with your head on my chest we continue to talk. As our eyes get used to the darkness the splendour of the night sky becomes apparent. Here, miles and miles away from the nearest source of artificial light the majesty of 10,000 stars is there for us to see – the Milky Way standing out against the firmament. Lying side by side you look heavenward and tell me how beautiful it looks. I smile in the darkness and agree but add that that for all it’s magnificence it can’t hold a candle to you.

Laughing softly your roll back to face me, thank me, and plant a soft kiss on my lips. Gazing deep into your eyes I reach up and pull your head down to mine and we kiss deeply. Running one hand teasingly through your hair I use the other to stroke your back while ours tongues joust playfully. Our kissing and light touching goes on for several minutes. I move to kissing your neck and you close your eyes and sigh deeply relaxing your body into mine. Returning to intense kissing I slip my hands under the back of your t-shirt and stroke your back softly with my fingernails. This causes you to draw a sharp breath and aydıntepe escort hold it. Sighing softly in my ear you call me a terrible tease. I ask you why? You tell me that I’m making you so horny but we can’t actually do anything about it. Again, I ask you why? You point out the people in the next tent might not be asleep. I remind you that we are on the far side of our tent from them so they couldn’t see us with us hearing them first. You lean into me to rub noses for a second and then say it wasn’t seeing that was the problem it was what they might end up hearing! With a mischievous voice in the darkness I tell you that that was exactly my plan you’d better be quiet then! When you don’t say anything I kiss you noiselessly on the lips and remind you that it’s quid pro quo as I move my hand to rest between your legs on top of your damn knickers and rub slowly. I tell you that I know you’re horny as hell and this is your punishment for scaring me earlier. I know you need it more than I do and that you won’t be able to resist…

Try as you might to want to stop you know you can’t. The passion is burning inside you – you’ve got to kiss and be kissed, touch and be touched. You need to do it and you and need to do it now!

Damming me with your whispers you take my head in both hands and pull my lips back to yours. We kiss with fire, the passion building even further within us. I pull your t-shirt up as far as your shoulders, my hands caressing your bare back. Sitting up briefly you throw the garment to one side. As you lie back down again I plant one quick kiss on your tender lips and then smother you neck with caresses while my hands cup under your breasts. Holding one in each hand I stroke each hard nipple with a thumb causing you to catch your breath. Laughing softly I put a finger to your lips and gently shhh you. I move in to lick slowly around one of your nipples before taking it into my mouth, savouring its roughness, sucking and licking slowly.

Clenching your teeth to stop you from making a sound you put your hands in my hair and hold my head while I tease first one nipple and then the other. Quite quickly you don’t think you can take keeping quiet any more and pull my head away. I look up at your quizzically. Pushing me on my back you lean into my ear and whisper that it’s my turn to suffer in silence. Parting my lips with your tongue you kiss me fervently while you use your hands to pull off my boxers releasing my straining cock. Smiling in the darkness you plant a single soft kiss on my lips before reminding me to keep quiet or else! Teasing my cock with a feather-light touch, you grin in the darkness as you hear my breathing change and feel my body jerk at every touch. Soon you wrap your first around my by-now aching cock and start to stroke slowly up and down. Biting my lip gently I don’t make a sound. Sensing my heightening pleasure you quicken the pace until my breathing is ragged but soft in your ear.

Suddenly I reach down and stop you and whisper in your ear that that had better be enough for just now because there’s more I want to do before we finish tonight. Taking a couple of deep breaths to steady myself I tenderly suck one of your earlobes before whispering that I thought it was time to up the stakes. Returning to kiss you deeply my hand travels down the length of you body, starting from cupping your face then down via brushing over a taught nipple to rest lightly on the front of your knickers. Breaking the kiss you whisper breathlessly in my ear about how evil I am leading you astray, how you used to be such a good girl and then as I start to slowly rub through the sodden cloth over your slit you change to panting how horny you are and how much you need to have my fingers inside you. Kissing your gasping lips I move to start to pull off your knickers but you’re way ahead of me and push them off yourself in a second and throw them into the darkness while begging me finger you.

Laughing quietly I ask you if you think this is fair punishment and you answer me by forcing you lips onto mine and your tongue deep into my mouth just as my fingers lightly slide over your tuzla içmeler escort clit causing your whole body to jerk involuntarily. I pull my fingers away while you breathily beg me to continue. I remind you that I intended to up the stakes. Kissing first at your neck I slide down to take first one nipple then the other into my mouth. Sliding further down my head comes to rest between your legs where I very slowly start to caress your inner thigh on one side and then the other. I love the feeling you responding to my every touch and I’m impressed with how quiet you’re being. Taking in a deep breath of your wonderful scent I slowly lick the length of your pussy before sliding my tongue deep inside you. Feeling your hands clamping on my head and pushing me into you I start to slide my tongue in and out of you and feel your whole body jolt in response. I move my licking higher, seeking your most sensitive spot. I begin running my tongue over you clit, alternating between slow and fast licks while sucking gently.
Abruptly you push my head away from your pussy. Sitting up you pull my mouth to your fiery lips for a second’s passionate exchange then clamping your hands on my shoulders you pant into my ear to fuck you and fuck you now before you die then you drop back down on your back. Climbing over you I balance on my elbows and knees planting a tender kiss of your blazing lips while my cock rubs maddeningly over your sopping wet hole. Reaching down you show me the way and I slide deep, deep inside you. Choking back a cry you wrap you legs around me and scratch you fingernails down my back. As I start to move inside you, you bury your head hard in my shoulder frightened of yelling out loud with the feeling. You feel so very filled and as my raging hard cock slides in and out of you the intensity of the feeling unbelievably gets higher. My pace quickens causing you to wrap yourself around me even harder. Then I slow as I whisper in your ear that I’m very close to cumming. You gasp back to go ahead, you want me to cum while deep inside you, need to be filled by my spunk and you need it now. Hearing you say that I can’t take any more and barely stifle a loud moan as my whole body erupts in an explosive orgasm and you feel my cock twitch and spurt inside your pussy.

Rolling to one side I thank you profusely but state firmly that it’s not over yet. Placing my lips over yours I can feel your need, your deep hunger. Placing my hand between your legs causes you to half plead, half demand me to put my fingers inside you, which I do. I slide first 2 and then 3 fingers into your sopping pussy as you writhe beneath me. You pant in my ear that you don’t care who hears and when you cum you’re going to scream it from the root-tops. I laugh and tell you you’d better not. My hand leaves your pussy for a second, just long enough to bring your hand down to join me as I whisper for your help. Screwing up your eyes and gritting your teeth you rub your clit hand and fast while my fingers return to sliding deliciously within you. You fight the almost impossible urge to scream as your arrive near your peak. Taking you hand from your pussy and using it to roughly pull my ear to your lips you almost incoherently command me to rub your clit hard, now!!! Which I do… Time for you seems to both stand still and go incredibly fast as immense waves of pleasure wrack your body again and again and again. You arch up off the ground as I hold you tight to me. I love so much the feeling of you shuddering and shaking from head to foot so many times within my grasp.

Breathless you finally collapse into my enfolding arms, wilted from the effort. Gently I squeeze you and let you rest for a few seconds. Then I try move but you are a dead wait in my arms, drowsy with exhaustion and ecstasy. I can feel you slipping away into unconsciousness right before me. Shaking you lightly I whisper in your ear that we’d better move inside the tent otherwise the other campers might walk past us in the morning. Smiling you tell me that you don’t care and start to drop off to sleep again. I tell you that if you want a cuddle you’re going to have to follow me and I crawl into our tent. Very reluctantly you follow and we fall asleep, blissful in each others arms.

Forgetting, of course, the small pile of sweaty clothes lying strewn just outside waiting to be tripped over in the morning, just in time to make the second day of our perfect holiday suitably entertaining…

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