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Gabriel , Persia Ch. 01

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With a sigh of relief, Persia shut and locked the front door and leaned her forehead against it. The last of her dinner guests had finally left and she was able to relax. She loved her friends… really she did. But now as she closed her eyes, still leaning against the door, she wanted nothing more than to sink into the couch, a glass of wine in her hand, and his arms around her.

Well, almost nothing more, she thought, her lips forming a sly grin when she felt Gabriel staring at her from the kitchen. She smiled even bigger when she imagined the look of wanting on his face. She felt a shiver run up her spine and felt the goose bumps on her skin. It still amazed her how strongly he could affect her. Her smile slipped into its comfortable level that usually stayed there when she thought about him, and turned away from the front door.

She was right… there he was, leaning against the kitchen doorway, watching her. He stood at 5’10” and was toned enough, but not so muscular to look like he spent all his time working out. He had long dark brown hair to the middle of his back which he usually wore in a pony tail. It was loose at the moment now that the guests and left.

He loved to watch her. He could watch her while she did the most mundane things: cooking the dinner they just enjoyed, typing on her computer, reading a book. She was without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was about 5’5″ with shoulder-length raven-black hair. She had a perfect figure… slim with curvy hips, just enough of an ass to be noticed without being too large. She had smallish breasts, but they fit her form perfectly. She had stunning grey-blue eyes that could hold you captive with a glance and a smile that could break your heart. It didn’t matter what she was doing, he could watch her all day long.

He could also watch her be the sexiest creature alive. She could drive him wild with a look… and she knew it. She gave him one of those looks now: a coy grin that told him she knew what he was thinking. It didn’t take much for her to put a sexy sway into her hips as she walked up to him and slipped her arms around his neck. She kissed him quickly on the lips and leaned back away from him a bit to look in his eyes. “And just what are you looking at?” she said teasingly.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and replied “Only beauty incarnate” he replied lovingly. He knew how lucky he was to have her attention and love. And he made damn sure she knew that he knew it.

“Oh” she said, a playfully disappointed tone coming into her voice. “I thought you were looking at my ass” she finished, turning a bit to try to look behind her as if appraising her butt to see what could be wrong with it. He pulled her back closer to him and she looked back up at him giggling. He loved everything about her; especially her playfulness and smartass wit.

“Persia, how could you be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen if you didn’t also have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen?” He slid his hands down from her waist and gave her ass a healthy squeeze to make his point. She gave a little squeak in surprise and giggled into his lips as he kissed her again. He wrapped his arms around her tighter and held her close. She broke from the kiss with a sigh and laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes; listening to his heart beat. He had once told her that his heart always beat faster around her and she could hear it speeding up slightly now. He rested his chin on her head and closed his eyes, remembering the first time they realized they were supposed to be together forever.

One Year Ago

What the hell am I doing here? Gabriel shook his head for the third time since parking his car. He was at his high school reunion and had a hard time remembering why he bothered showing up. He hated most of the people he went to school with. The few friends worth keeping up with, he stayed in touch with. There was one or two that he wanted to find, but he didn’t think they’d be here.

Oh well, he thought. Maybe some of his friends would show up.

He got out of the car and buttoned his jacket. Since the high school was still in the middle of the sticks and hillbilly heaven, he thought he should dress sharply, just to show that he not only survived this place, but went on to better things. His suit was black with an electric-blue shirt and black tie. He had a fresh shine on his shoes and a matching blue handkerchief in his breast pocket. His hair was short back then, and he wore it gelled back.

He looked around the parking lot in which he had not parked in years. After every where he had been for the last decade and everything he had seen, this place seemed smaller than he remembered. It was to be expected, he guessed. Considering that he only spend about three years here, the ten that passed seemed like forever. A flood of memories, good and bad, washed over him. He stood by the car for a few minutes and played through them before shaking his head clear and continuing inside.

The main gathering was in the small gymnasium, a place he had rarely ataşehir escort gone. He was never into sports or physical education, so he never spent time in the gym. He walked around for a bit, not really recognizing many people. As he had guessed, many of the ‘cowboys’ were in their jeans and button-down shirts with bolo-ties. This was ‘dressed up’ for them. Just like prom, he thought with an annoyed frown. He didn’t want to be judgmental, but most of the people here had proved to him time and again that they were worthy of only contempt.

As the hours wore on, he was approached by women who wondered who the handsome and successful-looking man was. Most of them didn’t remember him; some he remembered as being women who snubbed their noses at him in the past. He knew he was good looking, but always stayed modest about it. He made polite conversation with most of them, but excused himself over and over from them… he wasn’t here to pick up a date. Especially not with these women. Most of them had laughed at him and his friends all those years ago. They only overlooked that because he looked richer than the slack-jawed locals. Many of them were still trying to get by on looks and smiles, but those were fading fast.

He walked over to the portable bar that was set up and ordered a rum and coke. He took a few steps to the side and looked down in his drink and considered leaving early. He knew someone was behind him in line to order a drink, but he didn’t bother to see who. He knew none of his friends had come tonight. A moment later, a velvet voice broke him out of his reverie.

“I can tell you don’t come here often”.

Something in that voice froze him and he didn’t look up for a full two seconds that seemed to stretch forever. He slowly looked up and met a pair of eyes he never thought he’d be able to look into again. He just stared at her.

“Lack of speech… hanging jaw… vacant look… maybe you do fit in here after all” she said with a wink.

“Persia” was all he could manage.

“Ok, we’re up one word. Let’s see if we can build from there” she continued teasing him.

He shook his head to bring himself back together. “Persia! Oh my gods! What are you doing here?” She giggled and he was instantly taken back to happier days so long ago.

Persia and Gabriel had dated (if you could call it that at that age) their sophomore year. It was brief, it only a few months, but it was incredibly passionate. She was the one face that haunted him after all that time. Breaking up with her was the one regret he carried after all that time. Sometime during their junior year she had moved away. He didn’t think he’d ever see her again; and here she was! He thought he was dreaming.

“I’m probably here for the same reason you are. To look back on one of the worst places I’ve ever spent time in and be glad that I got out of it alive.”

Gabriel didn’t think he could smile this big. As they talked for what seemed like a wonderful forever, he was mesmerized by her smile, her eyes, he figure in the beautiful black sequined dress she was wearing. She looked even more beautiful than he remembered and more beautiful than he could have ever imagined her looking in the fantasies he always had over the last 12 years.

They caught up with a brief overview of their lives for the last decade. Gabriel had gone into a technical support and instructional role with a large company that kept him on the road a lot. He had a few relationships here and there, but they never worked out. Persia had [JOB]. She too had relationships, but none of them ever worked. She had been married, but it ended not long ago. She didn’t give a lot of details, and he didn’t dig for them.

As they spent the next few hours talking and laughing, neither of them could believe the incredible fortune that brought them back together again. Neither thought that they would have ever seen each other again. Gabriel noticed a few jealous looks around the room… both men and women didn’t like the fact that the most beautiful women and the most handsome man in the room were talking to each other. But neither of them cared. As far as either of them were concerned, they both found the only person in the room worth talking to.

Eventually, the reunion grew to a close. As Gabriel and Persia walked to the front door, they were both having similar thoughts about how this night turned out much better than they thought it would have when they arrived. Gabriel walked her to her car and they traded phone numbers.

“Staying in town?” she asked.

“Yeah. I have a room at the Hyatt down off of Blanding Blvd.”

“Hmm…” was all she said with an impish smile. He wondered about the smile, but didn’t ask any questions. He waved to her as she drove off and thought about how wonderful his night just got. His mind started jumping ahead of him and started flashing scenes of them laughing and catching up with each other… holding hands… her dress slowing slipping down her body to pool on the floor… He shook his head again to clear that avcılar escort image out of his mind. He wasn’t surprised by it, but he knew it was going to be an uncomfortable ride back to the hotel. He looked around to make sure no one was near and adjusted his growing erection.


Gabriel pulled into the hotel parking lot and shut his car off. He sat there for a minute, much like he had done at the reunion, but with a smile this time. He played back through the conversation with Persia and smiled bigger. With a happy sigh, he shut the car off and walked inside.

He waved to the desk clerk as he walked by and heard the elevator ding. He looked just in time to see it close before he could catch the door. He cursed under his breath, but thought he caught a flash of black sequins. He shook his head and dismissed it. I just have her on my brain. There’s no way she’d be here. He laughed at himself. He just left the high school, but he felt like a teenager all light hearted over a pretty smile. No, he thought¸ an incredibly beautiful smile.

The elevator finally got back to the lobby and he rode it up to his room. It was in the top floor, so he had been standing there for a few minutes, but he didn’t mind. He was still swimming in thoughts of Persia. He got into his room and took his jacket and tie off. He tossed them both over the chair and started getting ready for a shower. He stopped for a moment and thought he could almost smell her perfume. He realized with an embarrassed-smile how much she affected him. He had only spent an hour or so around her and he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

He walked naked into the bathroom and stood in front of the large walk-in shower and turned on the water. He held his hand under the water and waited for it to get warm. As he stood there, lost in thought, he jumped when a pair of hands wrapped around him from behind. His alarm turned to confusion when the hands started caressing his chest and stomach, but he couldn’t turn around. Every time he tried, the arms would respond with more strength than he expected to stop him from turning. One of the hands traveled down to his cock and gave it a squeeze. Before he could turn his head to see who was behind him, he was pushed into the shower against the opposite wall.

He turned around and his jaw hit the floor when he saw Persia standing there completely nude, wearing only a predatory grin. She followed him into the shower and her hair was plastered down by the water as she passed under it on the way to press her body against his. She snaked an arm up around his neck and pulled his ear down to her lips. “I got here right before you did and tricked the desk clerk out of an extra key. I told him I was your wife” she said. “I didn’t want to wait for a week, or a day, or an hour… I’ve waited too long for this”. She punctuated ‘week’, ‘day’, and ‘hour’ with a playful lick on his ear and purred when she finished her sentence.

With her wet body against his and what she was doing to his ear, it wasn’t long before he was hard as a rock. He breathed her in for a moment before regaining his control. He slid his arms around her and slid on of his hands up to the back of her hair. Grabbing a handful, he pulled her head back hard and assaulted her lips with his. He felt her melt into him in response and wrapped his other hand tighter around her back. As their tongues wrestled around each other,he felt her nipples growing harder against his chest. She slid her other arm down and started rubbing his cock that had been pressed against him… there was no way she could have missed it as soon as she had started with his ear.

She pushed herself away from him and leaned back against the wall. One hand was on her breast, pinching her nipple while the other hand slid down to rub her pussy. He took a moment to look over this sexy woman standing, dripping wet in front of him. All the while, she had her eyes riveted to his. She slid a finger inside herself and said “Oh Gabriel, I want you so bad! I’ve always wanted you!” She moved the hand from her breast down to rub her clit and closed her eyes and moaned. When she opend them again she had a hard, fierce look in her eyes. She pulled her hand away and held it up to his lips. “See what you’ve been missing?” she said. He sucked her fingers into his mouth, which made her moan again.

He pulled her to him again and laid her on the shower floor. With the water running over them, he started kissing around her navel. He slowly kissed his way up her stomach to her breasts, pausing to suck and nibble on her nipples. He continued up to her neck and chin. When his head was close to her, he heard her whisper “Oh gods, I want you inside me!”. He wasn’t sure if she was saying it to him or herself, but he did as she asked. He kissed her lips again and pulled his face back to he could see her eyes. As she looked up into his, he had a possessive, territorial look of conquest as he slowly entered her. As he slid in inch by inch, her face changed to a look of pure rapture and bliss. He could see complete avrupa yakası escort surrender in her eyes as he filled her completely.

He pulled out almost all the way before sliding slowly back in, allowing her to adjust to him. As he slowly built up a rhythm, he kissed her again. She whimpered into his lips as they devoured each other. He broke from her lips and started kissing down her chin and neck to her shoulder. He heard her whispering his name between moans and gasps as he bit on her neck and shoulder lightly.

Over the sounds of the water, they could hear each other grunting, moaning, and whispering each other’s name. As Persia rode the crest of one wave to the next, she dug her nails into Gabriel’s back. This made him trust even harder and that brought her even higher. They kept this up for a while: each pushing the other further, and being pushed further in return.

Gabriel reached under her back and picked her up off the floor and pushed her against the wall, staying inside her the whole time. Persia wrapped her arms and legs around him as he continued to fuck her mercilessly. Persia stopped kissing him as her face became a mask of resolve, determined to hold out as long as she could. It didn’t last long. She began to shudder and let out a low, long moan as she gave up the fight and crashed into the biggest orgasm she could remember ever having.

Gabriel continued on, seeking his own release. Persia locked her eyes with his as he exploded inside her, giving her another, smaller crest of an orgasm. After a few moments, Gabriel gathered up what strength he had left, turned off the water, and carried her to the bed where they collapsed into a sticky mess despite the shower. They slept there in each other’s arms, more content that either could remember ever being before.


Persia looked up at him from where she was resting her head on his chest and smiled playfully. “You’re thinking about a shower, aren’t you?”

“Oh? And how did you know that?” he said, returning her playful look.

“Mmm… your heart was beating a little faster, you’re hard as a rock,” she said as she slid her hand down to his cock. “And I know you.”

Their smiles faded as they leaned into a kiss. It started out sweet and loving, and soon became more and more passionate. Gabriel reached his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her deeper into the kiss. Her hand continued rubbing him through his jeans.

He spun her around to the couch and pushed her down to it. She gave a little yelp when he sat her down and giggled. He knelt in front of her and pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it over his shoulder. She sat there wearing on her panties as he took in the sight of her. Her pale skin was goose-bumped and flush as his attention excited her. When his gaze settled on her hard nipples, he slid a hand to one and leaned down to take the other between his lips. He teased it with his tongue and bit it lightly, all the while playing with the other with his hand. He allowed his other hand to slide down her belly to the thin piece of cloth covering her. It was already damp with her excitement.

He continued giving her breasts attention, switching back and forth with his tongue and hand, while rubbing her with his other hand. Her wetness kept spreading until her panties were completely soaked. When she tried to reach down to his face to pull him up into a kiss, he grabbed her wrists and shook his head. She cocked her head, not quite understanding his intention. “Nope… you’re mine to play with however I want.” He slipped his belt off and used it to secure her wrists together and lifted them over her head. He tied the belt to a hook that he had put in the wall (painted the same color as the wall to make it less noticeable) for just this reason. When she looked up and saw the hook, she smiled in surprise; she had not noticed it before and had no idea when he had put it there.

With her arms tied up over her head, she could do nothing as Gabriel kissed down from her breast, placing a kiss on each rib. He continued kissing down to her hip and on to her leg. When he reached her knee, he spread her legs apart a little. As he kissed the inside of her knee, he reached up and grabbed her panties with both hands. She lifted her bottom off the couch so he could slide them off, but he surprised her again by ripping them off. He could see her get visibly wetter as the fabric tore away. He kissed his way up the inside of her thigh, but paused as he reached her sex, and kissed back down the inside of her other thigh. Persia let out a quiet whimper as he continued teasing her by kissing everywhere except where she wanted it most.

Gabriel could hear the leather straining against the hook in the wall as she tried to reach down to grab him. He knew that she desperately wanted him to stop teasing. With an evil grin, he lunged into her slit. She stiffened up her whole body in a small orgasm as soon as his tongue brushed across her clit. He breathed in her scent as he continued exploring her with his tongue. He loved the way she smelled and tasted. He could stay down there and do this forever, and he didn’t think she would disagree. As he continued, he brought a hand up and slipped a finger inside. He curled it inside and pressed up against the bundle of nerves that drove her crazy. A new rush of fluid soaked his face as she came again.

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