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Garden of Jasmine

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It was about 10am on a hot summers day, as I awoke from my sleep. It had been a long night and I was very tired, but after a couple of hours of sleep, I was feeling refreshed and energised. As I looked out my bedroom window, I could see my neighbour Sophie already out on her sun bed taking in the sun. The sun reflecting off her lovely Latin skin, with a very small bikini covering her assets.

It was a lovely site to wake up to. I watched her out the window and thought about how beautiful she was. After about fifteen minutes I decided that maybe I should go out and join her. I went and brushed my teeth followed by a quick shower and a change of clothes. I opted to wear my ¾ length jeans and my white sleeveless top. As I wondered into the garden I peaked over the fence and to my surprise she was gone. I hoped she would come back soon, as I was looking forward to seeing her close up.

I sat on the lawn for a few minutes and then heard her walk out over the fence. To my surprise she came up to the fence and peaked over

“Hey good looking? How are you this morning?” she said sweetly

“Hi Jasmine, I am good, how are you?” I replied

“Not so bad, bit bored so I thought id take in the sun”

“Me too” I replied

“You look real hot in that bikini,” I blurted

“Thanks, never had anyone say that before, you don’t look to bad yourself,” she said

We spoke for a few minutes before I invited her to come round and sun bathe in my garden. She said she had to grab a few things and that she would be around. Then as to tease her I invited her to climb over the fence. And just to prove a point she threw her stuff over the fence and threw one leg over the fence. She then swung her other leg over making sure I got a great view. I grabbed her, by her hips and lifted her down onto the lawn. We placed a blanket on the floor and lay next to each other soaking in the sun.

After a few minutes of mindless chatter, she grabbed her bag and pulled out some suntan lotion. She took some lotion in her hands and slowly started to rub it into her long legs slowly massaging every inch. She then worked her way up her belly and then onto her neck and face. She then looked over to me and asked if I would rub some onto her back. Instantly I agreed and she turned over laying face down.

I took some lotion in my hand and gently started to rub the lotion onto her back. Her skin was so smooth and sensitive; I could feel her body responding to my every movement. Her skin felt like smooth velvet.

After I massaged the lotion into her back she offered to do mine and without much resistance I accepted. As she lent over me to get the bottle I felt her breast brush against my back, I could feel her nipple running over my back and I was instantly tuzla eve gelen escort turned on. I was now lying in my garden face down with a big erection that was going down into the ground. She was so gentle as she applied the lotion, her hands explored my back and occasionally I could feel her hands sneaking under my jeans. Jasmine then slapped my ass and claimed she was all done.

“No your not” I laughed

“What do you mean, I did your back,” she giggled

“And what about the rest of me??”

“Turn over then” she laughed

Without hesitation I turned over and she started to rub the lotion on to my chest. As she got closer to my shoulders I grabbed her hands and held them where they were. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and she looked me right back. Then she leaned forward and gently kissed my bottom lip, then my top lip and then my bottom lip again. I pulled both her hands off my chest and her upper body collapsed in a heap on top of me. For a moment we just both lay there, holding hands and resting on each other. Then I felt her lips slowly kiss my chest. She slowly kissed her way up to my lips, but this time I kissed her back. Gently at first but then with more and more passion, her mouth was so hot and tempting. We both took turns to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. Before too long jasmine was straddling me, and my hands were exploring every inch of her body. When I got down to her ass, I gently massaged a cheek in each hand making sure I parted her cheeks every time I planted my tongue into her mouth.

I kissed my way to her neck and then as I licked and sucked her neck I started to run my hands down her ass crack. Every time I got to her ass hole I would stop and gently massage before just gently pressing my finger up against the entrance to her ass. By now I was extremely hard and she was very wet, she was moaning and responding to my every touch. I rolled jasmine over and started to kiss her belly, running my hands down the side of her belly, just brushing the sides of her beautiful breasts. When I got to her belly button I gently placed my tongue in the hole and then locked my lips around its edge, sucking and tonguing her belly button.

I ran my hands up her body and gently cupped her breasts. She took both my hands and started to suck each of my fingers. Watching me as she sucked my fingers, never breaking eye contact. Then she slowly raised her back and guided my hands round to her bikini strap. I pulled the string gently and it the bikini became undone. She then took both my arms and guided them to the back of her neck, showing me where to untie the rest of the bikini. As I undid her bikini she gently bit, kissed and licked my neck and my ears.

When tuzla otele gelen escort the bikini came off, I saw the most amazing breasts ever, they were just perfect, they were about a handful but they weren’t round, they were like mountain peaks. I gently cupped them again, this time taking the nipples in between my fingers and gently squeezing them, Jasmine began to moan as I gently massaged her nipples. Then I took one nipple into my mouth and gently suckled it like a baby. I took both nipples and suckel them both for twenty minutes, occasionally flicking them with my tongue or stopping to just bite them. I was now feeling her every motion and I was extremely horney. I kissed my way down once more, this time only stopping at her belly button for a few seconds before carrying on.

When I reached her panties I could smell her wetness, and her panties were soaked. I could see her pussy, as the wet bikini clung to every curve in her body. I kissed her pussy lips through her panties and started to lash my tongue against her slit. She was moaning like a whore, and that made me want her more. I undid the traps on each side of her bikini and gently peeled off her wet panties to reveal a wonderfully trimmed pussy. She had her bikini line waxed and it was making her pussy look like a million dollars. I gently licked her slit again, this time stopping to taste her sweetness, probing her clit with my tongue, just gently flicking and licking her clit. Occasionally moving away to concentrate on her lips, before long I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten and I knew she was about to cum. So I carefully placed my lips around her pussy, and started to suck away, in between each suck probing my tongue as deep into her as possible. She placed both her hands on my head and started to grind her hips into me, and then I felt her hips and grip tighten and I was feeling her hot cum on the end of my tongue.

With my lips locked firmly around her pussy I drank as much cum as I could. Before I had to finally let go so I could breath. I kissed my way up from her belly and over her breasts as she wrapped her arms around me. I kissed and sucked her neck for a while before I moved my way up to her mouth. She kissed me passionately and then whispered

“Thank you, can I return the favour?”

“What have u got in mind??” I quizzed

“SSShhhh!! Just relax on top of me, and don’t talk, just save your energy for me” she whispered

With that she guided her hand down to my jeans and slowly undid my button and then my zip. She gently slid my jeans down to my ankles and then slowly removed my boxers to. I was now lying in my garden, with a naked jasmine underneath me and my hard cock, rubbing against her wet pussy. tuzla sınırsız escort She clenched both my ass cheeks and gently started to rock her hips against my cock, pulling me into her, my cock rubbing against her pussy but not inside her.

She then slowly grabbed my cock with one hand and started to rub it up and down the shaft of my cock, giving me a better hand job then I had ever given myself, Each time there was to much friction she rubbed her hand against her wet pussy and then wiped her juices all over my hard cock, before long I was ready to cum, I whispered to jasmine that I was ready to cum and she guided me into her pussy.

“I want you to cum inside me, so give it to me hard now” she whispered

With that I started to thrust my shaft in and out of her pussy, as she ground her hips against mine. Harder and faster was what she whispered in my ear and I was not going to disappoint her. With every thrust she moaned and gasped. Her moans were getting louder and it was turning me on. We were humping like rabbits and I was lasting a long time, even after I felt like I was going to explode. Then jasmine took her long legs and wrapped them around my but cheeks, pulling me tighter into her with every thrust, then she slowly used her hands to separate my ass cheeks as I pumped and rubbed some of her cum on my ass hole, then without warning she shoved two fingers up my ass. As I pumped into her she sucked my cock in, and as I left her pussy she fingered my ass.

And then she hit my spot with her fingers, sending me over the edge, I came inside her almost as if I had pissed myself, stream after hot stream of my cum spurted into her, the thrusting stopped but her pussy was still sucking my cock.

I collapsed in a heap on top of jasmine, my head resting on her breasts as I gasped for air, both our bodies covered in sweat. Sweat that was glistening in the sun.

After an hour of just laying there we both finally had the energy to get up, Jasmine pulled up my boxers and my jeans and tied them up for me. I helped her put her bikini back on. And then helped her climb over the fence and walked her to the back door.

“Thank you for today” she whispered

“The pleasure was all mine” I replied

“Would you like to go out sometime Jasmine?” I asked

“Sure, I would love to” she replied

“Tomorrow at nine??? Dinner for two at a restaurant??” I quizzed

“It’s a date! Oh and one other thing?”

“What’s that then?” I asked

“You have to book a hotel room for tomorrow too!”

“Why?” I asked

“I want you all to myself tomorrow, somewhere where it’s me and you and nobody else” she whispered

“I still owe you an orgasm, because I had two!” she laughed

With that I gave her a kiss and she turned around to go into her house, I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me. I kissed her again this time more passionately. And then I whispered in her ear

“I am falling head over heals for you”

“Are you? Me too” she smiled as she ran out of my reach.

With that she ran inside and blew me a kiss as she shut the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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