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Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 06

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I’d like to thank everyone for all the lovely feedback letters – as soon as I figure out how to reply to them I’ll be sure to write back 😀

It’s your encouragement that makes doing this so fulfilling.

* * * * *

“Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck! Yeah, Daddy! FUCK!” the blond boy lying on his back and moaning loudly was in his late teens, his even tan-line just starting to fade — a testament to a summer spent outdoors. The only parts of his body that were not tanned were his crotch and ass — rather like a neon target on a dark backdrop.

He was lying on his back, but he was not prone; he was wrapped around an older man — also naked except for a red and gold colored mask covering his face.

Aside from the boy’s arms and legs on the man’s back and waist, the main point of contact between their two sweaty, panting bodies was the masked man’s hard cock, pounding its way in and out of the boy’s tight, wet asshole, the man’s cum-heavy balls slapping the boy’s cum covered ass-cheeks with every hard in-thrust.

Beside the bed containing the two heaving bodies, seated in a plushly upholstered chair, was another older man, his mask a green and black pattern on a white background. While the boy’s body clung to the man on top of him, his eyes were glued to the seated man; who in turn staring back at him as he gripped the arms of the chair. Both of them allowed their eyes to roam — the man looking from the youthful, exertion-reddened face, to the shapely legs wrapped tightly around the rutting man, to the barely visible ass being so thoroughly seen to; the boy looked from the burning eyes just visible behind the mask, to the muscular chest and arms, to the leaking, throbbing, erect eight inches jutting up rigidly between the man’s thighs.

The man fucking the boy began grunting rhythmically, fresh cum showing a stark white on the man’s livid purple dick as it churned in and out of the boy, the sight and the squishy, wet sounds showing that a fresh load had been deposited inside of him.

Not to be left out, the boy gave a mighty yell as his own tight young balls released their contents out his hard boycock onto his heaving stomach and chest, his back-passage milking out every last bit of pleasure from its still-hard invader as it shuddered and contracted around the spasming cock.

Giving a final sigh, the red and gold masked man rested a moment before heaving himself up and off the boy to sit at the edge of the bed, looking at the man in the chair.

“Thanks for the invitation. That really is one hot boy you’ve got here,” he said, still panting to catch his breath after the work-out he’d just had, his slowly softening cock lying on his thigh, twitching in time with his still-racing heart. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and went to the doorway leading out of the room. Looking back, he wordlessly asked with a tilt of his head if he should close the door, pulling it shut behind him at the nod given him by the still seated man.

Both the room’s occupants were still for a moment, taking in the quiet after the recent thundering climax.

“Oh, Dad! That was the best one yet!” the boy exclaimed, lying on his back and staring dreamily up at the red-draped canopy of the bed.

“Did my boy like getting his slutty little cunt fucked again? God knows, it was all I could do not to grab my dick and jerk off,” Jeremy Grayson said, finally getting up off the chair and coming to the foot of the bed, bending down to lie between the spread legs of his whore-for-the-night, a.k.a. his son Kevin. Although wearing the mask around Kevin when they were alone was not necessary — they both knew who the other was — it gave Kevin a thrill to see his father wearing it while they had sex.

Right now Kevin looked down through slitted eyes as his father’s masked face was lowered to his waiting, cum leaking ass. In a night full of hot, horny activities this was undoubtedly one of his all-time favorites, as his father began lapping up a strange man’s cum from Kevin’s well fucked boy-pussy. By his count, this had been the third repetition of their latest game, and he was just hitting his stride.

That night Jeremy Grayson had arrived at his club at 19:30, as usual, and after he had been seated in the main room he had requested that his “usual boy” be brought to the table. He also asked his host to see to it that an announcement be made from the stage between acts. At the moment he’d been seated a rather energetic dance was being performed, a group of semi-naked young men weaving around each other about the stage to the sounds of some Latin-sounding music.

Soon Grayson’s host returned with a naked and aroused young man — Kevin. Without a word, Grayson pushed his chair back from the table and nodded down towards his prominent erection. Kevin immediately climbed onto his lap, facing towards the table, and quickly seated the hard member’s member inside his pre-lubed asshole. The two spent the rest of the görükle escort time until the dance performance ended sitting quietly, Kevin squirming gently back at his father while Grayson allowed his hands to wander up and down the boy’s torso, stroking his taught stomach, pinching and pulling at his little, pink nipples and fondling his hard boy-cock, while Kevin’s smooth back was rubbing pleasantly against his own hard nipples.

As the music died down and the dancers left the stage, a man in a host’s uniform came on-stage. “May I have your attention, please, sirs! One of our members would like to inform you all that he would be interested in sharing his young companion later this evening. Sir, if you would have the young man stand up now?” the host looked expectantly at Grayson.

Kevin was not paying attention to the man on stage, concentrating purely on the pleasure being radiated from his prostate to his whole body, and so he was surprised when his father grabbed him by the hips and told him to get on the table and stand up. A disoriented Kevin did as he was told, disappointed by the emptiness he felt inside his boy-pussy as he was forced off that lovely Daddy-dick. He hadn’t enjoyed his Dad’s cock up his horny little hole since last Thursday (a quickie in the shower one morning hardly counted, in Kevin’s opinion) and had been looking forward to shooting a wad seated on his father’s lap while still in the main room.

The fact that a spotlight was now shining down on him from the stage area broke through his daze, and his lust-befuddled mind replayed what the host on stage had said. His father was actually going to share him! Slowly turning a full circle on the table, giving all the men in the room a chance to see what was on offer, Kevin smiled down at his father’s upturned face — this was going to be so hot!

“The member in question would like to have other members come to the room he and his companion will be sharing at certain intervals throughout the entire night. Anyone who is interested, please ask your waiter for details. Thank you!” With that the spotlight swung back to the stage and the host, having made his announcement, moved off it, allowing the next show to begin. Kevin sat down on the table, his feet planted on his father’s chair and his twitching erection within easy sucking distance from his father’s mouth. Bending his head down, Kevin whispered in his father’s ear as the older man began licking at the pre-cum flowing from his son’s prick, “So, what’s the plan, Daddy?”

Pulling his head away from the glistening boy-dick, Grayson said, “I thought you deserved a special treat to celebrate beginning your first collage semester.” Kevin was attending an ivy-league school which happened, by pure coincidence, to be within easy driving distance from his parents’ home.

“First, I’m going to cum up your boy-cunt,” he said, pulling Kevin off the table and back onto his near-to-bursting cock. Pulling and pushing Kevin’s hips, he got the boy to ride him in a fast, hard rhythm before continuing in a slightly strained voice, the words forcing themselves out between pants, “Then … I’m going … to have … some … complete … stranger … shove his … hard-on … into your … Daddy-cum … filled ass … and pump … his load … into you … after which … I’m going … to give … my little … boy a … tongue bath … and clean … off every … last … speck … of cum … from your … body … in…side … and … out … be…fore … I … give .. you … an…oth…er … load … of … Da…ddy … juice … for … a … new … man … to … fuck … in…to,” Grayson’s breathing was quickening in time with Kevin’s movements in his lap, the thought of what they were about to do tonight bringing them both quickly to a heightened pitch of arousal

“OH, FUCK ME DADDY!” Kevin cried out, his voice echoing around the room. The perverse joy of knowing the accuracy of the words was giving their sex together its usual edge — and saying those words in a crowded room, surrounded by aroused men who were oblivious to the truth, was mind-blowingly hot. “Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Fuck your boy, Daddy! Fuck, Daddy, fuck!”

Both Graysons’ orgasms hit within seconds of each other; Kevin’s heated 7 and a half inches which was rubbing on his father’s washboard abs began to shoot all over Grayson’s chest and stomach, as well as his own, causing his inner muscles to rhythmically contract; the feeling of Kevin’s convulsing boy-cunt brought off his father, which in turn prolonged Kevin’s orgasm and caused his ass to keep milking and squeezing Daddy’s dick.

Clinging to each other, the two men slowly came to their senses, their breathing still labored as they brought their faces close for a deep, hungry kiss which promised that, although they may have momentarily calmed their raging libidos, they were both far from sated and were very much looking forward to a long, strenuous night.

At the end bursa escort bayan of the kiss Grayson pushed his chair back, Kevin still seated on his lap with his slowly deflating cock still held inside his boycunt. Gently lifting Kevin off him, Grayson got to his feet and led Kevin towards the elevators. On their way they were met by Grayson’s host and were given the key for the room Kevin had been assigned for the night. He also told Grayson that there had been several acceptances for his invitation already.

“Good. Tell whoever asked first that they can follow us up right away. I’ll use the intercom to let you know when we want the next ones,” Grayson said, smiling at his cum-splattered, leaky-assed son.

“Very good, sir. Is there anything else I can get you, sir?” the host said, licking his lips as he looked up and down the two nude Graysons’ bodies, naked but for a layer of sweaty cum and a single half-mask.

“No, that will be all for now — although, if we run out of invitees, I’ll expect you and your co-workers to fill the gap.”

“As you wish, sir,” the host said, smiling deferentially and bowing them into a waiting elevator.

As the elevator door closed Kevin turned to his father and said, “You know it’s quite possible that that guy will just pretend that no one else wants to play, just so he can get into my pussy himself.” A wicked smile on his angelic face at the thought, “That’s what I would do, if I were being offered a piece of ass as hot as this,” he turned around and reached back with both hands provocatively to squeeze his own butt-cheeks.

“Maybe so, maybe not — the serving staff is known for their discretion, as well as their pride in their work-ethic. But it really doesn’t matter to me, just so long as your little slut-cunt stays filled all night long.”

Grayson deliberately kept his hands off of Kevin until they were installed in their room. As soon as the door was opened, he grabbed the boy and threw him onto the red, plush bed-covers, immediately following and lying on top of him facing the other way.

“Clean up this mess you made, boy! I want my body spunk-free — aside from the contents of my cock and balls — by the time your first stranger-fuck gets here!”

Kevin began applying his tongue to every part of his father’s torso he could reach, licking up his own jism with long sweeping licks while Grayson did the same back at him, moving his body up and down as he licked at Kevin’s firm young body, the cum-clean-up a mere excuse to taste the smooth skin of his luscious son’s body.

Their feast was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. Reluctantly pulling his head up, Grayson invited the newcomer in to the room.

The door opened and a tall, dark-skinned club member came in. The man was wearing a domino mask, painted gold and green, and sported an erection that was so dark it was almost matte-black. It was a good 7 something inches, and slightly thicker than Grayson’s own — it should give his boy a good time, he thought as he disengaged from the boy, allowing the stranger to climb on top of Kevin.

“Now, you be sure to give my boy a good, hard ride,” he said, moving to settle himself in the nearby chair, placed to allow him the best possible view of the bed and its occupants. “Make sure that cunt gets all the fucking you can give it.”

Kneeling between Kevin’s widespread thighs, the man ran his hands appreciatively over his spit-shined chest and stomach. “With a body like this, I don’t think there’s a horny man alive who wouldn’t want to pound this boy into the mat.”

Reluctantly looking away from all the blond hotness at his disposal, the man started to reach for the drawer of the bedside table. Guessing the reason for the pause, Kevin reached up and grabbed his arm. “You don’t need to lube me, sir. My Daddy,” Kevin casually tilted his head towards Grayson, not looking away from the stranger’s masked face, “already took care of that, and my pussy’s all slick and ready to go!”

Returning his gaze to Kevin’s cum-soaked ass, the strange club member slowly nodded his agreement. “Yeah, that’s one wet pussy, alright! But it looks like it could use another dose of hot cream!” he said, positioning himself and reaching down with one hand to press his cockhead against the dilated, twitching orifice.

“Feed me, mister! Give me all you’ve got!” Kevin said, pushing up his hips to make his asshole more accessible, turning his head to look his father in the eye even as he offered his slutty body to the stranger. This was the first time his father had ever shared him with another man. Grayson knew that his son was fucking other men during his other work-shifts throughout the week — Kevin made sure to tell him about any particularly well-hung or imaginative clients he’d had, as well as giving him a numerical tally of all the cocks he’d sucked and had screwed up his boy-cunt every week — but this would be the first time his Dad was in the bursa escort room while his little slut-boy got dicked by another man, and Kevin’s already high sex drive was getting an extra charge out of his presence.

Looking between his legs, Kevin licked his lips as the stranger’s hot member pressed against his nether-lips, the deeply dark-red head slowly gaining entrance to his spunk-slick hole, reveling in the feeling of having his ever-hungry cunt filled yet again.

A few feet away, Grayson was also watching attentively as a dark skinned cock squished its way into his boy’s wet pussy, until the dark groin pressed wholly against the creamy boy-ass. The newcomer paused for a moment to savor his possession of the boy beneath him, and then began pulling out, ribbons of Grayson’s cum clearly showing on his black cock.

The sight of the stranger’s cock moving in and out, covered in Grayson’s slime, became the focal point for Grayson’s gaze for the next 10 minutes as the fuck began to pick up speed. ‘That man is fucking my boy. My own son is getting fucked just a few feet away. That’s MY CUM that man’s cock is coated with, and it’s FUCKING MY SON!’

“Fuck that cunt! Fuck him hard!” Grayson was barely conscious of the words coming out of his mouth, didn’t notice the death-grip he had on the arms of the chair, or of the way his hips had begun to move up and down, fucking the air with his rapidly hardening cock. “Fill that cunt, shoot your spunk into that hot little fuckhole! Fuck him!”

At the sound of his father’s excited shouts Kevin went wild. He had already been pushing back against the stranger’s in-thrusts before, but now he wrapped his arms and legs around the stranger’s heaving body, forcing the strange cock as far as it could go into him, rubbing his hard little nipples against the other man’s chest and rubbing his hyper-sensitive, pre-cum spewing boycock against the slightly flabby stomach as it heaved back and forh.

“Oh, yeah! I’ve got you now, boy! Daddy’s got you fucked real good, now! Give it up, bitch! Give it up for Daddy!” Rivers of sweat were running down the stranger’s body, drops of salty fluid flying around the room with the force of his quickening thrusts as his climax was rapidly approaching.

“Yes, Daddy! Yes, fucking yes, Daddy! Oh, Daddy, pound that pussy, Daddy! Fuck that hot pussy!” Kevin was delirious, not knowing or caring anymore who was on top of him, only knowing that he was seconds, moments away from shooting his hot boycum, his slutty boypussy throbbing with pleasure as it was pounded into the mattress. “FUCK!!! YEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!” Kevin’s back arched involuntarily as his boycock began shooting against his fucker’s stomach, the first few shots reaching as far as his own chin.

Once again Kevin’s inner muscles began to do what they did best, milking the throbbing hard flesh pounding away inside of him and bringing his lover over the edge into orgasm.

Seated to one side of them, Grayson held himself very still, knowing that if he so much as THOUGHT about his cock, he, too, would go off. And he had to save his cum for his boy’s cunt.

For several minutes the stranger stayed buried inside of Kevin, his big ass twitching as he spurted inside the boy’s spasming fuck-passage. Finally he heaved a massive sigh of contentment and began to pull away.

As he felt himself being emptied, Kevin mewed a weak protest and tried to hold on to the man, but his post-coital relaxation had set in too deeply, and he couldn’t lift his arms enough to grab onto him.

With a final whispered profanity the man finished disengaging his spent member, a faint ‘plop’ sounding as he came free of the still-tight, cum flooded anus.

“Thank you for the invitation, sir,” the masked man said as he rolled over, looking at the seated Grayson. “That was one hot piece of ass!”

“Oh, the pleasure was all mine, I assure you!” Grayson said, still gripping the arms of the seat. “I hope you don’t think me too rude, though, if I ask you to please leave us — I’m afraid that, while I enjoy watching, I don’t much like to be watched while I do the fucking.”

“I completely understand. Enjoy the rest of your night,” the stranger said, heaving himself to a sitting position before staggering to his feet and slowly walking out the door. For the first time Grayson noticed that the door had been left open and that a host was standing right outside. The host took hold of the strange member’s arm, steadying him, and, looking into the room, asked, “I’ll just close the door, then, shall I, sir?”

“Yes, thank you,” Grayson said, getting up from the chair as the door thumped closed and approaching the bed, with its prone and smiling occupant.

“Did Daddy’s little slut like that?” he asked, knowing the answer full well, but wanting to hear Kevin say the words as he sat down at the foot of the bed, looking avidly at the gaping, oozing hole between his son’s widespread legs.

“Mmmmm! That was yummy!” Kevin said, running his hands languidly up and down his cum-smeared torso, rubbing his own cum into his still-hard nipples and toned stomach. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at his father’s swollen, throbbing, purple erection. “But I’m ready for the next course, now, Daddy!”

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