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Getting Even

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Jess was fuming. How could her sister do something like that? It wasn’t just enough that she’d humiliated her in front of her friends last night, but now she’d been bollocked by her parents.

It had just been a bloody party. It was what you were supposed to do when your parents were away. For fucks dake she was eighteen! And ok so she should probably have let Sarah in on the plan – inviting her would probably have been a good plan, but to do what she did.


The phone call that had just come through from Spain had been the final straw. It wasn’t fucking fair. If Sarah hadn’t been out all day there’d have been hell to pay. As it was it had been stewing up in Jess over the day and now she was reaching boiling point.

Ring ring…

The phone went again and she grabbed it from the cradle in frustration.


“Jess it’s me –”

It was her delightful big sister…

“Fuck off Sarah” “Look Jess I haven’t got time now, I’m calling from a phone box. Tom’s going to be there any minute, but my train’s been delayed and I won’t be there till 5.” “Shame…” “Look just give him the message will you Jess? He’ll have to find something to keep him entertained till I get there.”

Jess crashed the phone back down. Tom was Sarah’s long distance boyfriend. He was coming down today from Plymouth and staying till Friday.

Ding Dong.

As the doorbell chimed it seemed to strike a chord in Jess’s head, and a wicked idea for getting her own back began to stir.

She jumped off the bed and scampered downstairs to the front door. As her fingers grasped the handle she glanced sideways into the mirror and brushed a few stray dark hairs back into place around her pretty face.

“Tom!” she smiled welcomingly as she pulled open the door. He was cuter than she remembered – five years older than her and much more mature than her eighteen-year-old boyfriends. She didn’t know what he was doing with Sarah.

“Hi Jess,” he grinned in return and she couldn’t help but notice him quickly look her up and down.

“Come in, come in,” she beckoned and led him inside the house. She took his bag from him and laid it in the hall, and then helped him off with his coat.

The perfect hostess…

“Sarah called just before you got here,” Jess began apologetically. “Unfortunately her train’s stuck somewhere and she’s not going to be here for ages. Not till 6 at least she said.”

Liar liar, pants on fire.

“Oh,” Tom replied disappointedly. “Not to worry I suppose.”

“Well it’s a bit unfair,” Jess stirred. “You travel halfway across the country to see her and she can’t even be back on time to meet you!”

“That’s ok…”

“Well I think it’s a bit slack,” she said dismissively, “but don’t worry, I’ll look after you till she gets here.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be…” he began.

“It’s my pleasure” she said coyly. “Now you’d probably like a drink after your journey…”

She left him on the sofa with a beer in his hand, and slipped upstairs to change.


‘He’ll have to find something to keep him entertained’ Sarah had said… Jess knew just the thing… Her…

She stepped out of her jeans, and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Just slipping into something more comfortable…

Rummaging through her drawers, Jess searched through her bikinis, looking for the right one. She pulled out a bright yellow one with orange markings. She hadn’t worn it for a while because it was a bit small, but it was perfect for today.

Standing in front of the mirror Jess unclipped her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts might not have been as large as her sister’s but they were beautiful, standing proudly out from her chest. She pulled the bikini up under them and fastened the string around her back.

The result was just what she was after. Her pert tits pressed hard against the flimsy top, which showed plenty of the tops and sides, and left little to the imagination. She changed into the matching bottoms, and tied a sarong tuzla escort around her small waist to complete the effect.

How could he resist?

As Jess re-entered the lounge Tom’s eyes widened as he feasted them on her lithe body. She had a pretty good tan and the bikini contrasted nicely with her skin colour. She smiled in satisfaction as his gaze ran down her body over her chest and down her flat stomach, then further down her slim athletic legs.

She bounced onto the sofa beside Tom and laid her head innocently on his shoulder, her hair tickling his cheek. She could feel his body tense slightly at her touch.

“How are you doing Tom?” she asked. “Bored?”


“I thought I’d change and get out in the sun for a bit. Fancy joining me?” She gave him the puppy dog eyes. How could he refuse?

As he followed her outside she wiggled her bum sexily as she walked, and could almost feel his gaze burning into it. She made sure to bend over provocatively and pick up a blanket and sun-cream on the way.

The back garden was small and private, and the sun was warm against her bare skin. Tom sat on the blanket in his shorts and shirt and she sat by him rubbing cream into her tanned legs. His eyes followed her hands as they trailed up and down, and after untying her sarong, she purposefully spent a long time massaging it into her inner thighs.

“Aren’t you hot Tom?” she asked.

If he noticed the double entendre he did well to conceal it. “It is pretty warm” he agreed, and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Oh you are hot Tom!” she giggled flirtatiously, and pulled his shirt away from his chest for a quick glimpse! “I can see what Sarah sees in you!” She lay down on her front next to him.

Tom raised his eyebrow curiously, but grinned and slipped his shirt off completely.

“Well I must say you’re not bad yourself young Jessica” he teased, again taking the opportunity to strip her with his eyes.

She smiled modestly and looked down. “Well you…” she began but trailed off. “No…”

“What?” Tom asked.

“No, nothing.”

“Come on,” Tom bit, “what were you going to say?”

“Well…” she bit her lip as if unsure whether to go on. “I was going to say you wouldn’t mind if I… if I went… You see I normally take my top off out here so I don’t get strap marks…” She flitted her eyes away self consciously.

What an actress.

Tom cleared his throat and tried to keep his composure. It was hard. “No sure that’s fine, whatever, do whatever you like.” He gabbled.

Jess sat up, catching him by surprise, and pulled the halter over her neck. Then, looking him directly in the eye she slowly reached behind her to undo the knot of her bikini.

As it fell into her lap Tom swallowed hard and his tongue flicked at his lips. His eyes ran across her bare chest and over her nubile breasts, feasting on the smooth skin and dark firm nipples.

“Wow…” he stammered out.

“Oh don’t…” Jess tipped her head to one-side. “I know my boobs aren’t as big as Sarah’s”.

“N..no..” Tom managed, “but wow they’re fantastic… If you don’t mind me saying that is…”

“No… that’s ok,” she smiled coyly as she reached for the sun-cream.

She sat cross legged and unscrewed the top, it was quite a full bottle and she knew that, so it didn’t really need the big squeeze she gave it as she held it in front of her chest.

“Oops!” she gasped as a spray of thick white cream spurted out across her tits. “Now look what I’ve done.”

She thought Tom’s eyes would burst from his skull as the sticky white trail ran down into the valley between her firm boobs. He shifted awkwardly in his seat, and then again as her right hand moved up to rub the cream slowly into her skin. Her fingers stroked it into the side of her right breast and then across the front and over the aureole. Her palm rubbed over the smooth skin and then across to her left breast which she cupped as she spread the cream in and rubbed her thumb over the nipple.

Tom gritted pendik escort his teeth and let out a sigh as he watched this obscene private show. Jess heard his sigh and smiled to herself.

Revenge is going to be sweet.

“Would you do my back?” she asked sweetly.

“Of course,” Tom jumped at the opportunity.

Jess leant forward across his thighs, her bare breasts pressing into his lap. Tom could barely believe it, his girlfriend’s pretty little sister lying across his lap in nothing but a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms. He picked up the cream and squirted it across her shoulder blades.

Jess smirked. He’d bitten and now there was no going back. He wouldn’t be able to resist her now she was sure.

And judging by the hardness pressing against her he didn’t want to anyway.

She relaxed her body as his strong hands worked the cream into her skin. It felt good. And for the first time now in this game she began to get aroused herself, thinking about what she was doing.

What she was trying to get him to do to her.

As he finished rubbing her back she rolled over on his thighs and stared up at him. As he looked down at her sexy face her pert breasts pointed up at him and he couldn’t resist dropping a hand down to her chest.

“Tom…” she gasped as his fingers ran across her nipple.

“Shit Jess, we shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested pathetically.

“Doing what?” she giggled as her hand reached under her to his shorts and began to rub at his crotch.

“What if Sarah comes back…” he sighed.

“It’s what, 4:30 now? We’ve got an hour and a half before she’ll be home…” Jess lied, knowing all too well that her sister would be back at 5:00.

She knelt up across his lap and pushed him backwards onto the blanket, as her fingers went to the top of his shorts. Tom’s protesting faded then and there as she pulled them slowly down under her and off his legs, leaving him naked underneath her.

“Mmmm” she groaned as his hard dick pressed against her bikini-clad crotch.

“Oh yeah…” he moaned back in agreement as she writhed on top of him.

She leaned forward and kissed him forcefully on the lips, and then trailed down to his chest, her hair tickling his skin. As her lips worked down his body Tom lifted his hips in arousal, pressing his dick against her naked tits. It nestled there between them as she kissed at his stomach, and then it was in her hand, and her lips were pressed softly against the tip.

“God Jess…” Tom mumbled.

“Mmmm” was all she could manage as his dick slid between her lips and into her tight mouth. Her tongue worked hard on his shaft as she bobbed her head lower and took as much as she could into her mouth.

Tom was in heaven. Sarah didn’t much like giving blowjobs, and would rarely suck his dick, but her cute little sister seemed to delight in it, and he wasn’t going to try and stop her.

Jess used her fist to slowly wank him into her mouth as her lips noisily slurped around his dick. He gasped.

She slid him out of her mouth and said arrogantly, “Am I better than her?”

“Oh yeah…” Tom moaned.

He rolled her over onto her back and lay between her legs. It was his turn now to taste her.

“Mmmm Tom,” she mewled as he kissed across her flat stomach and down over her bikini bottoms. Gently he slipped the moist material aside and stared at her juicy cunt. She shifted slowly under his gaze and tensed as his finger stroked down the side of her lips.

Tom lowered his head as his finger teased her pussy, and tentatively flicked his tongue across her clit.

“Oh…” she trembled.

He probed harder as she squirmed beneath him and her thighs clamped tightly around his head.

God he knew his stuff, thought Jess as he slipped a finger deep inside her. Sarah had kept that quiet… Her hands stroked the back of his head before moving up her body and caressing her boobs, while all the time his tongue lapped at her cunt.

He lifted his head and kissed her tits aydınlı escort lightly, sucking on her small, hard nipples. She groaned again and kissed the top of his head, and then his lips as his head turned to face her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear.

His face was full of lust.

She rolled him over onto his back and straddled him once again. Reaching under her with her hand she found his throbbing dick and pressed it hard against her wet cunt.

They both shook with lust.

“Wait,” he said, “I’ll get….”

She put a finger to his lips to silence him.

“It’s ok… I’m on the pill.”

She placed his dick against her and slid down slowly onto her knees, gasping as he sank deep within her.

“Oh god…” he murmured in pleasure. “Sarah never lets me without a condom…”

She raised her hips again and ground her pelvis down against him, loving the feel of his dick inside her. His hands reached up to her face as she bounced on top of him and she sucked seductively at his finger.

She panted with exertion as she fucked herself on his cock and groaned out as his hands left her face and found her up-thrust tits. He rubbed his palms roughly across her nipples and crushed her boobs together hard, cupping one in each hand.

If only sis could see them now…

She would…

Her hair hung across her face as he began to fuck hard against her, and they both grunted out their pleasure. She hoped the neighbours weren’t gardening…

Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, she slid from on top of him. He looked up at her in disappointment and she smiled.

“Just moving” she laughed, “don’t worry…”

She turned her back on him and knelt down on the grass, falling forward onto her hands and knees. Tom wasted no time as she turned and pouted at him, he knelt up behind her and pressed his dick quickly into her from behind.

“Ungh…” she grunted out as he thrust deeply into her. He was rougher this way and she loved it as he pounded in and out of her. His hand reached round and mauled at her tits and she sank her head submissively into the grass.

“Harder,” she gasped out as he fucked against her.

“Whatever… you… say…” Tom breathed out as he began to push into her even harder.

“Oh…oh…oh…oh… ugh… ugh… uh…” she squealed as he took her from behind. It wasn’t long she knew, and as much as she wanted to give in to the pleasure she was feeling she needed to keep an eye out…

Tom wasn’t going to last much longer though she knew, she could feel his dick throbbing inside her tight cunt and his breathing was more and more laboured as he thrust into her.

And then it was time. From her position bent over on the ground she saw her sister come through the front door of the house. It would only be a few more seconds till she saw them through the window.

And Tom was almost there…

“Cum in my face,” she gasped out at him.

“What?” he stammered.

“I want you to cum in my face,” she panted.

Tom didn’t need asking again, he pulled out of her and with little care spun her round till his dick was bobbing in front of her.

As Sarah entered the kitchen her eyes widened as through the window she saw her naked boyfriend jerking his dick frantically in her little sister’s upturned face.

Oblivious, Tom was in heaven as Jess gazed sexily up at him, batting her long eyelashes and awaiting his facial.

“Oh… here… it… comes,” he grunted out as he wanked his cock inches from her little button nose.

“Uhhh…” Jess moaned as his first jet of cum gushed across her face. She blushed deeply as the warm sticky fluid splashed over her cheeks.

Sarah burst through the back door just in time to see Tom’s second shot spurt across her sister’s lips and in her hair. Jess looked her way cheekily with her boyfriend’s cum running down her face. Tom followed her gaze, and as he caught sight of his girlfriend the last of his cum sprayed out across Jess’s pert tits. She smiled in satisfaction before collapsing back onto the grass.



Intended as a one off unlike my other stories in parts, but if there’s any interest (email / comments) I might continue it. Hope you liked it.

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