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Getting Mom Interested Ch. 02

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I would like to thank woodlands1946 for taking the time to review my story

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


I can’t believe how much my life has changed in such a short time. And all this has happened because my girlfriend and I decided to watch some porn. But, getting fucked by 3 women has a down side. I’ve fucked so much lately my balls ache, but how can I stop? Becky’s mom sucks cock like a pro, and I’m dying for the day I finally get a chance to take that sweet ass of hers. My own mom is a sex crazed woman. As soon as Dad is out cold from taking his sleeping pills, she’s looking for me to fill her pussy with my more than willing dick. And Becky! Oh my God, Becky. What a wonderful girlfriend. How lucky am I to have a beautiful woman like her who loves to lick pussy while I’m slamming my cock deep into her love-hole.

Well – to last night at my house. When my parents decided to retire for the night, I had a talk with Becky over my dilemma. I was shocked when she openly laughed at what I said.

“Tommy you mean to tell me, you need a break from fucking?”

“Errr. That does sound lame,” I said, as my eyes traced over her sexy body. Becky wore a tiny black skirt and a tight white shirt that just screamed, “Fuck me.” But I had to keep my composure and continue with what I started. “Truly, Becky, I’m not sure how long my dick is going to be able to handle this. But, I also don’t want to disappoint anyone. I love fucking all of you.”

“So you just love to fuck us. Is that it?”

“No. No. That came out wrong. I feel for all of you. Meaning I… well, I love all of you. I don’t see how I can resolve this.” I paused for a moment, and then I let my heart do the talking. “Becky, I’m telling you all this because you’re not just my girlfriend, but you’re also my best friend.”

Oh Fuck. I thought, as I watched her eyes tear up.

“Tommy. I don’t think I ever wanted to screw you more than I do right now.” she said, as her hand went for my crotch.

“Oh shit,” I grunted, as she slid my pants down and took my manhood into her moist mouth.

Becky was getting better and better at sucking cock. I think Becky’s mother must be rubbing off on her, because in no at all time my cum was ready to blow. I was so engrossed, enjoying her best blowjob yet, that I never heard my mother behind us. I just suddenly felt her soft touch on my shoulder that caused me to jump and ram my cock deep into Becky’s throat. Becky quickly lifted her head as she tried to recover from gagging.

“I’m sorry Becky. I didn’t mean to do that,” I said as, Mom slipped around the couch and sat beside me in her red robe.

“It was my fault,” Mom said, as she slipped her arm around my shoulder. “I startled the poor boy. Here, let me finish that for you.” and Mom bent over and gulped my rod completely down her throat.

“Oh… Mom… Oh shit!” I said, as she cupped my balls and went faster on my shaft.

Becky didn’t look happy. But what could I do, except apologize again. I tried to get one more out of my mouth.

“Beck… Oh!… I’m sorr. err. ey. forr.. Oh fuck Mom!” I gasped as my sperm rocketed down Mom’s silky throat.

Becky stood up and just watched as my mom drank down all of my cum. I tried to motion her to come and sit by me, but she didn’t budge from the spot. As Mom finished and sat up – wiping her mouth with her fingers – Becky wasted no time telling us how she felt.

“You know I don’t mind sharing my boyfriend with his mother. If fact, I was the person that thought it was a good idea. But you just interrupted a special moment.”

“Well Becky, maybe you should have waited until he was at your house instead of mine before you decided to have your special moment.”

“Wait… Wait… both of you,” I quickly spoke. “This is ridiculous. Let’s take a break here before things get out of hand. Please, Becky, sit down next to me, and let’s discuss this. I think I should also tell Mom what we have been talking about.”

Becky did sit down, and I explained to Mom about my quandary. Like Becky, she thought it was funny, but I’m not seeing the joke.

“So, my poor boy is having trouble keeping us satisfied. Hmm.” Mom said with a smirk. “What do you think Becky? Maybe his cock does need a little rest.” Mom expressed, as she stood up and walked in front of Becky.

“I’m sorry for ruining your special moment. Maybe I can make it up to you.” Mom said, as she knelt down and parted Becky’s legs.

Becky sat back and looked into my Mom’s eyes. I watched as my Mother eased herself forward, and pushed Becky’s skirt up. “Oh… Becky! You’re such a naughty girl! You don’t have any panties on.” Mom said, as her head disappeared between my girlfriends legs.

“Oooh… Yess…” Becky cooed, as I heard the sound of slurping coming from Mom. Becky placed her hands on Mom’s head and wiggled her pussy on her face.”

“Oh… Fuck… Your tongue is so fucking good… Yesss… Oh yes. Right there!… Don’t stop!… Oh… You’re görükle escort going to make me cummm!” Becky huffed as her hips bucked up and down.

My cock raged as I lost my self control. I couldn’t help but gasp as Mom licked eagerly at my girlfriend’s twat. Becky moaned and humped her face fiercely. I couldn’t control my actions any longer. My hand went to my cock, and I began to stroke it. I became so mesmerized at the sight of Mom making Becky squirm on her face that explicit words escaped my lips.

“That’s it, Mom. Fuck her with your tongue. Make her cum in your mouth.”

My words caught Becky’s attention, and she saw what I was doing. She slid over and again sucked my cock into her warm mouth. Her moaning was vibrating on my shaft and caused my load to build even faster than normal. I could tell she was getting closer to cumming herself. Her sucking had become erratic. Her breath quickened, and her mouth opened. With my dick still in her mouth I heard her wail. “Ohh!… Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” Her body stiffened, along with her mouth. She was almost biting my rod as her climax unfolded. I couldn’t take anymore. My cum pumped out, and I heard her gag as my sperm streamed down her moaning throat.

I looked over, and Mom hadn’t quit. She was till sucking on Becky’s pussy, and I could see Becky’s fingers digging into Mom’s head as she tried to push her away. My cock still pumped in Becky’s mouth as I felt her try and scream, sending shivers through my body. Mom had her cumming yet again.

Finally, Becky was able to lift her head, and I watched as she gagged, coughed and huffed. She fell back on the couch as Mom sat up and admired her work.

“I hope that makes up for my intrusion before.” Mom said, as she relocated herself beside Becky.

“I think you wore her out Mom.” I joked. But the joke was on me. Without warning Becky quickly dove to the floor and went for Mom. “My turn!”, I heard, as she quickly opened Mom’s robe and removed her panties. Becky parted Mom’s legs and dove for the goal. Mom pushed herself back on the couch and lifted her legs, placing them over Becky’s shoulders. Again, I watched as those vixens enjoyed there lesbian pleasures. Again, my poor dick was hard. I watched as my girlfriend’s rear danced side to side as her mouth toyed with my mother’s mound. Mom’s toes were curling, and her hands grasped and dug at the sofa. Her breath raced and her hips twitched.

“What are you two doing to me?” I said.

Mom turned her head towards me and barely worded.”FFfuckk.. herrr.. Ohh..”

I couldn’t take anymore. My lust was uncontrollable. I went behind Becky and lifted her tiny skirt above her ass. I watched as it playfully swished side to side. I parted her legs with my hands, traced my palms up to her ass cheeks, and pushed them open. My mind went crazy as the little voice inside me kept saying, “do it, do it”. I couldn’t help myself. I took hold of my rigid cock and lined it up to her asshole. With one mighty puuuuuuusssssssshhhh…. I was in.

“Awwhh!!!…” Becky screamed as her head shot up from Mom’s pussy.

Mom pulled her head back down and buried it into her snatch.

“That’s it Tommy.. Fuck her ass. Fuck her good. Give it to her!” Mom coaxed.

I pumped and pumped faster and faster. My hands held her waist tight as I slammed deep into her tight little hole. I could her Becky whimpering on Mom’s pussy, as I felt my cum build. But I was so spent from before, it wouldn’t go. I fucked and fucked. Mom climaxed twice on Becky’s face as she squealed and squirmed from my cock loosening up her snug ass. Finally I felt myself ready to blow.

“Ohh. Fuck Becky. I’m going to cum.” I said. Becky pushed back harder and faster. Her whimpers changed to moans. Her fingers dabbled at her own pussy. I felt her ass relax and she contracted around my dick.

“Oh!… I’m cumming too!” She exhaled, as I felt her body shake. My exhausted cock burst its own juices into her ass, as I held it deep inside her quivering body. I was totally drained as I slowly slipped out of Becky. Mom pulled Becky up to her face, and in my weakened state, I watched as they passionately kissed each other.

With what strength I had left, I crawled to the sofa and plopped my exhausted body down. But then I faintly heard a noise from upstairs. My heart stopped as I quickly whispered to my lovers.

“Dad’s awake!!!”

Both women rushed to fix their clothes as I desperately pulled my pants back on.

Mom turned the TV volume down as I heard footsteps hit the stairs. I looked over my shoulder just as Dad hit the landing, wearing his long robe. Both Becky and Mom had already engaged in a conversation about some movie that was in the theater. Dad finally spoke.

“Why are you down here bothering the kids?”

“I had trouble sleeping with your snoring. I figured I would come down and chat for a bit. Becky was just telling me how she wanted to go see that movie I told you about.”

Wow! Can Mom fib? I thought, as my eyes shifted to Dad’s face. But something bursa escort bayan else caught my attention. In my peripheral vision, I could see a bulge under Dad’s robe. He’s hard! Holy Shit! Dad’s got a boner! And I wasn’t the only person that caught it. I turned my head and Becky was starring at his cock too. I was going to speak, but Dad beat me to it.

“Well if you kids wouldn’t mind going on a double date, we could all go see it tomorrow night.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Becky said, as her eyes adjusted up to Dad’s face and then to me. “What do you think Tommy?”

“Errr.. What?” I said, as I was having trouble keeping up with what I was being told.

“The movie! We could go with your parents tomorrow night and see it.”

“Oh… Yeah.” I said, still not fully following what was going on.

“Great,” Dad replied. “Then it’s a date. Come on honey. Let’s let these two love birds have some privacy.”

“Okay, dear.” Mom said, as she got up and walked with Dad back upstairs.

As soon as they reached the top step, Becky quickly whispered, “Your Dad is hard! Oh.. And what was that little stunt you pulled by fucking my ass? “

“I’m sorry for that. I got carried away. Your ass just looked so great. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Do you think he heard us down here before?” she asked.

“I… I don’t know. I don’t think he would be so calm if he did.”

“Maybe he did. And maybe he likes the idea that his son is fucking his wife.”

“Becky! C’mon. Don’t start with that again.” But that fell on deaf ears. My little devil was already thinking of a daring scheme.

“Well, if you want to make up for taking my ass, then let’s go sneak up to your room and listen in on them. I bet if he did hear us, they’re going to talk about It.” she said, as she took my hand and pulled me to the bottom of the stairs.

“C’mon Tommy, before we miss what they’re saying.”

Hesitantly, I followed her as we tiptoed up the steps to my room. As we ducked inside and sat on my bed, I could hear Dad talking in a low tone.

“Honey, if you’re not too tired, I think I we could get in a little play time.”

“John!” Mom said, “The kids are right down stairs.”

“Shhh.. They’ll be too busy to hear us.”

“Oh.. John you’re already so hard.”

“Yeah… and it has been missing you.”

“Oh… Fuck…! You’re already wet.” I heard Dad say.

As we sat on the bed, the sounds coming from my parent’s room became more and more sexual. Moans and groans grew louder by the second. The creaking of their bed increased. And I found myself getting excited by their love making. Again, I wasn’t alone. Becky grabbed my thigh and gave it a squeeze as she leaned over and whispered, “They’re fucking.”

“I know.” I said, as my heart beat increased.

My little devil couldn’t stand the sounds of their lovemaking without wanting to get involved in it somehow. Becky stood up and pulled me to my feet.

“Becky!” I whispered.

“Shhh, they’ll hear us,” she said, as she guided me to my bedroom door. Standing next to it, she reached for my pants. I tried quietly to stop her newest endeavor, but to no avail. I was limited in what I could do, and in no time my pants and briefs were on the floor below me.

“Now we can hear better.” she said, as her hand went straight for my shaft.

As we stood only feet from my parents’ room, the sounds of sex echoed in my ears. My dad’s grunts, my mom’s moans, and the rhythm of their fucking all gave new boldness to me. Becky had brought out another wicked desire. As I dealt with this new excitement, I heard her whisper, “Fuck me.”

Again I lost control. Standing behind Becky, I eased her skirt up, as she placed her hands on the wall. My cock had no trouble finding her wet warm snatch, and it slid inside.

Slowly and quietly we fucked, as the sounds of my parents lovemaking became louder. I began to increase my speed a little, as I heard whimpers coming from Mom.

Becky’s breath became louder, and soft little moans escaped her mouth. I pulled her back to me and covered her lips with my hand as my dick pushed a little faster and harder into her.

But when I heard Dad start to talk dirty to Mom, I was a goner.

“That’s it… Take that cock, you little slut. Your pussy needs this doesn’t it?” I heard Dad say.

“Tell me.. Tell me how bad you need it.”

“Yess!… Fuck me. Fuck my pussy… I need it.. Make me cum!… I want to feel you cum inside me.”

“You little whore… I bet you would like to taste that little young pussy downstairs too, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh!… Oh!…” I heard Mom cry.

“Tell me you wouldn’t.” Dad grunted, as I heard the bed move faster.

My own fucking had increased. I was having trouble standing as I felt my cock ready to blow. I struggled to keep Becky muffled as her ass met my every push. I took my other hand and grasped her breasts and pushed harder and deeper into her gripping cunt. I could feel her climaxing as Mom spoke.

“Yess!.. bursa escort Oh.. Yess!! I would love that pussy on my face.” Mom huffed out, her breath panting.

My body rocked and shook as I did my best not to fall over. I heard Dad grunting over and over as my own cum pumped into Becky. I held her tight to me as my legs struggled to steady us.

Calming a bit, Becky slipped my poor overworked dick out of her twat and turned around.

“We better leave before they hear us in here.” she whispered lightly.

Quietly I slipped my clothes on and we quickly departed. Once we were back safely in the living room, Becky again commented, “Your Dad is kinky like us. Don’t you think?”

“It sure sounded that way.”

“I bet he would love to see your Mom between my legs.”

“Please Becky,” I begged. “I need a break.”

“Okay.. Okay.. I guess that’s enough for tonight,” she said, as we made our way out of the house.

I walked Becky home, but didn’t dare enter. If her mom was around, I’d be fucking again, and I desperately needed to recover from tonight.

“Goodnight Becky,” I said as I embraced her body and we kissed.

After a long kiss, I pulled away and started for home. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said, as she walked inside.

Finally at home, I went straight to my room. Knowing Mom and Dad had had their little fun, I felt sure I was safe. How wrong I was.

I must have slept for only about an hour when I felt the covers being moved. Mom was getting in, and as I became more awake I could hear Dad’s snoring in the distance.

Mom laid down and turned on her side. I felt her push back, and her smooth, bare ass touched my soft groin.

“Mom!” I said. “You’re naked!”

“Shhh. Your father didn’t take any pills tonight. He’s just sleeping.

Holy fuck! Is everyone losing it? I thought, as I felt her ass rub against my limp pecker.

I whispered back. “This isn’t safe Mom. I think Dad might have heard us before.”

“Don’t worry about your father. I’ll deal with that if he did.” Mom said, as her ass pushed harder against me.

“Please Mom. I need a rest.”

“It’s okay Tommy; we’ll just spoon for awhile. I just wanted to feel your body next to mine.”

But that didn’t last long. As Mom kept pushing and rubbing, my pole became stiff and was now sliding up and down in her crack. Faster and faster Mom toyed with me, and then I felt her ass cheeks open and enclose around my cock. That caused it to stiffen even more. My breath and heart rate increased as I put my arm around her and rubbed her soft tits.

“Oh..” I heard Mom softly coo, as her hand reached up and she touched my face.

Mom turned her head and our lips met. Our breath sped up as well as our passion. I began to push my cock tighter between Mom’s cheeks.

This is crazy! I thought, as our excitement grew. But it was halted abruptly when we heard Dad suddenly stop snoring. We kept still, and the silence became deafening. Mom slowly moved away from me and left the bed. She tiptoed to the door, and I heard Dad stir. I then watched as Mom walked out of the room and returned to hers.

I could hear her getting back in bed and Dad mumbled, “Where’d you go?”

“Shh… Go back to sleep. I thought I heard a noise and went to the steps.”

Finally, that was all the excitement I had for the night. Mom never came back.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of the lawn mower running. I looked at my clock, and it was already one in the afternoon. They had let me sleep in. I took a shower and got ready for another day.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw Mom washing some dishes. I could see Dad pushing the mower as he passed by the window over the kitchen sink.

“Hey, Mom,” I said. “I’m sorry I over slept. I’ll go and give Dad a hand.”

“No. Wait a minute. I want us to discuss your problem,” Mom said, as she turned away from the sink. “Let’s go into the other room and sit down.”

I followed Mom into the living room and watched as her lovely ass swayed in front of me.

Stop it! I told myself, as we sat on the couch.

“Tommy, I can see how this must be exhausting for you. It’s seems Becky has just as much of a sex drive as I do. And the other problem is, I’m finding I prefer your cock over your father’s.”

“So.. What are you saying Mom?” I asked.

“You were right about how risky it was last night for me to come to your room. But I just had this overwhelming urge to have you inside me again, even though your father and I had just had sex a few hours before.”

“I know Mom. We heard you.”

“You heard us from downstairs?”

“Umm.. No. Becky and I heard you from my room. We were having sex in my room at the same time as you and Dad.”

I watched as Mom’s legs clamped tight, and she put her hands on her knees.

“You mean you were listening to us while you fucked Becky?”

“Um.. Yeah,” I said, as I dropped my head down and looked at the floor.

“Tommy.. You’re making me wet with this talk.”

“I’m sorry Mom. I just didn’t want to keep any secrets from you.”

“Well, back to what I was trying to say,” Mom said. “I’m going to try and refrain from sneaking into your room as often. But you have to promise me that when I do need a little sexual relief you won’t question it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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