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Getting Paid For Sitting

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The doorbell was loud even from the outside of the door. I waited at the door, in a black halter top and pink leather skirt. My shoulder length light brown and blond highlighted hair was pulled back and I held my psychology book in her arms. The door opened and behind the screen I saw him. Mr. Jacobs, or Rick. He smiled at me and opened the screen door for me to come in. I smiled back, my best smile, I felt his eyes roam my little body and the hot number I put on for him, and I’d be lying if it didn’t turn me on.

“Hi Carrie, thanks for coming on such short notice!” Rick said.

“I smiled again. “Oh no problem.” I said. In fact, I almost shouted for joy when he had called earlier and told me he needed a sitter for little Michael right away because his wife was out on a business trip, and he was just called in on an emergency to work. I knew this was my big shot.

Rick was about 24 and hot as hell. He had slick short black hair that was always slicked back, and beautiful young looking face. At 6 foot 1 I could tell by looking at him even with his clothes on that he had a great body. He was a regular hottie. I’ve always loved baby-sitting for The Jacobs just to get a chance to see Rick. He was the focus of all my masturbation at him, I even named my dildo after him.

I’ve had my share of boyfriends, and I don’t have problem getting guys. I have a small frame and I’m short at about 5′ 3″. I have nice round breasts, not too big, but effective. For an 18 year old, I didn’t look at day over 15 or 16 and I think that really turned on older guys, at least I hope it did for Rick. As we moved into the living room he was rattling off instructions as I nodded blankly too busy admiring him to pay attention. He finished up.

“My numbers on the fridge as always, and Michael’s already in his crib, he shouldn’t give you any trouble.” He completed the instructions. “We’ll I’ve got to r-“

The phone rang and Rick stopped.

“Oh, I better get that and then I have to run!”

I smiled and he turned and went out of the living room to the kitchen. I sat down on the couch and pretended to be watching the TV, but really I was listening as he answered the phone in the kitchen.


“Honey! Are you going to be home tomorrow?”

“Another Night!?”

“I know, I know, I’m not angry! I want you to pursue your career, But, ever since we’ve had the baby, and with the job we’ve never had any time to have.”

“Okay, okay sorry, I have to run anyway, hope your having fun.”

“I love you two, bye.”

Then Rick hung up the phone and started back down the hall to the living room. I pretended to be watching the TV. He walked passed to the door. Said good-bye, and left. As soon as he was gone I decided to relieve myself, I was thinking about him too much and I could feel my panties wetting.

I got up and went to Rick and his wife’s room, I creaked the door open, Michael was across the hall, as I went inside I looked around quickly. On the dresser in a frame next to a picture of Mrs. Jacobs, was a close up of Rick, on the beach, probably on their honey moon in his swimming trunks. I almost died when I saw his tan bare chest. I set ataşehir escort the picture on the his king sized water bed and pulled off my pink panties.

I sat on their bed took the picture in my left hand staring at it, I let my index finger up my skirt. My pussy was already very wet, I touched my clit once and shuttered. Then, with my entire hand I began rubbing up and down my shaven pussy slit. I moan out loud, and didn’t even care if I woke up the baby.

“FUCK ME MR. JACOBS!” I said aloud, pretending it was his hand rubbing my cunt up and down. Then I slipped a finger in, and two, and as I looked at Rick’s picture I began finger fucking my little pussy slit. I moaned as my finger went in and out with a wet swishing sound as I went faster and faster.

“YEAH MR. JACOBS FUCK ME!” I shouted and my finger was going at a blinding speed. I convulsed as I began to cum! I kept on pumping my fingers in and out even as intense waves of orgasmic pleasure swept over my body! Pussy juices squirted out all over the bed spread as my orgasm subsided and I looked at the mess I had just made. I took one last look at the picture of Rick and put it back on his dresser. Then I heard the wale of the baby crying. I sighed.

Two hours later, I had gotten the baby back to sleep, and cleaned up the mess on the bed. I sat reading my psychology book as I heard a car door shut. Mr. Jacobs was home. I hid my excitement as I pretended to just keep reading. The door opened and I heard a squish as Rick came in. I didn’t even realize, but it was raining pretty hard outside. I looked at Rick as he came in, he was soaked.

“Your all wet!” I exclaimed. He smiled, even though he didn’t seem very happy.

“Yeah, I am. Hang on I got to get changed and then I can pay you.” He stated as he headed off towards his room.

I twitched with excitement! He was changing in his room. Outside, the rain picked up. I waited a few more moments, and then got up from the couch. I went to the room. the door was cracked slightly, I pushed it open. I almost fainted, he was standing in boxer shorts looking in the mirror on the other side of the room. He saw me in the mirror and spun around.

“Carrie!! Let me get some clothes on and I’ll get you some money…”

“You know, It’s really raining out there, maybe we should wait until it dies down to call a cab.” I said, smiling seductively. He didn’t reply, as he tried something caught in his throat. I went close to him, put my arm up around his neck, and pulled him down to kiss my cherry red lips. the kiss was short lived, as I went for the tongue, he pulled away.

“Carrie, th-this i-is wr-wrong.” He choked out. I could tell by how he said it, he didn’t mean for me to stop.

“Come on Mr. Jacobs, let me give you what you want. What you need.” I said, licking my lips. He again didn’t reply, and I reached out pushing him down to a sitting position on the bed. I pulled his knees apart and slid down onto my knees on the floor in front of him.

“I’ve Wanted you for so long Mr. Jacobs.” I said, looking up at him licking my lips. I knew he couldn’t stop now, it was the moment of truth, I could even avcılar escort see that he was beginning to get hard in his boxers for me. I hastily unbuttoned the little slit in the front of the boxers and reached in with one of my little hands. My hand wrapped around something massive and I pulled out my findings! Rick’s penis was 8 inches semi-hard. It was the largest cock I’ve ever heard of. None of the boyfriends I’ve ever given head to have ever had anything remotely as big as it. Rick was a real man and I felt myself get wetter in my undies as I drooled staring at it.

“Carr-Carrie… I don’t th-think…” He tried again. I didn’t listen, I opened my little cherry lips as far as they could and moved my head between his legs to the tip of his cock. I let the huge tip go into my mouth and I left it there, swirling my tongue around it. He shuttered and moaned in pleasure. He did not protest anymore. My dream was coming true! The sexy married man I baby-sit for was at my mercy! I took the massive head of his soldier out of my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and traced rings around his piss hole on the sensitive head of his cock with it. He let out another moan.

“Suck it all down Carrie!” He demanded. I wasn’t shocked by his outburst, it turned me on more. I opened wide, took his giant prick in my hand and moved my head down around it. His dick was so large that I had a hard time fitting it between my lips as my mouth isn’t that big. I got it in and began slowly easing it down my throat. I was surprised to find I could fit a lot of it in. Once it couldn’t go any farther I began bobbing my head up and down, slow at first and then faster. Soon Rick was bucking his hips and had his hands firmly on my head pushing me up and down on his man meat.

“Mouth Fuck Me Hard Slut!” He said totally letting loose. I felt my pussy getting wetter by the moment as I gave my employer a huge blow job.

“I’m gonna cum!” He shouted. As much as I wanted all his manly juices down my throat, I pulled my head away from his cock with a popping sound as it went out of my mouth. I didn’t want this to end just yet. I got up level with Rick and we locked in a hard kiss. Our tongues probed each other’s hot mouths.

While in the deep kiss Rick reached up into my shirt and around my back, with much experience he undid my pink bra and let it drop to the floor. As we continued to explore each other’s mouths he moved his hands to the front and cupped my supple breasts, one in each hand. Finally we broke the kiss and Mr. Jacobs pulled his hands out from under my shirt.

He grabbed my shirt with both hands and ripped it off of me tossing it to the floor, pulling me so I was now straddling him both of us sitting on the bed he brought his mouth to my tits. He took turns sucking both of my little round tits, not able to decide which one tasted better. Then he let his tongue stick out and he began licking around and on my erect nipples. It gave me a tingling sensation as he furiously worked my sensitive nipples. I could tell he had not had this kind of a sexual experience in a long time.

“Please fuck me Mr. Jacobs.” I begged and moaned as he licked my avrupa yakası escort young nubile breasts. I felt his hard cock poking out of the slit in his boxers right on my ass through my panties and I couldn’t take it anymore. Rick lifted me off of him easily and laid me onto the king sized water bed. With a quick pull he got off my miniskirt to reveal my soaked panties. The wetness of my pussy caused them to almost be see through. The way Rick licked his lips made me tingle all over with excitement as he hooked his fingers in the panties and pulled down and off my legs tossing them to the floor.

“Fuck me now!” I demanded. But instead He brought his mouth down to my pussy and I spread my legs inviting him into my tight shaven pink pussy. He began licking the outer slit furiously. Then he moved up to my clit and began jamming his tongue into it. This caused wave after wave of pleasure to flow through my body. “Awe Shiiiit” I moaned as he began a full throttle mouth fuck on my dripping cunt. My breaths became shorter as I panted and his mouth sex got faster.

“I’m going to cuuuum!” I screeched. Just as I had done to him, Mr. Jacobs knew it wasn’t time yet, by teasing me, he stopped eating out my aching cunt.

“You want my dick up your tight little cunt Carrie!?” He asked me.

“YES!” I shouted!

“How bad?” He asked!

“PLEASE JUST FUCK ME NOW!” I begged. He Moved up over me on the bed, my legs were spread wide and ready. His body moved between them, and with a hand he guided his monster to my cunt hole. I didn’t know what to expect, I had never gone this far with my boyfriends before. I was about to lose my virginity by an older, married man at the young and innocent age of 18.

He began pushing slightly, finally getting the giant head into my tight new hole. It squished with wetness as he slowly eased inch by inch of the monster into my little hairless count! I looked up at Rick’s sexy sweaty face so concentrated on entering my fuck hole that I almost had a orgasm right there. It was a tight fit but through little pain I felt huge pleasure!

It was better then anything I could have ever imagined. He began slowly pulling in and back out as I began to get the rhythm.

“Faster!” I demanded. He was happy to obey and began pumping his cock in and out faster then before. I began bucking my hips up to move in motion with his fucking, until at last we were bumping and grinding in a steady rhythm, totally in sync with each other. The pace quickened even more and the pleasure was mind blowing.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted with each thrust of his giant fuck pole! As we continued he was entering me completely with each fuck and his black pubic hair touched my pussy each time he went in. He began going so fast that his balls were making a loud slapping sound with each thrust!

I felt my orgasm growing as we continued our incredible sex act for over 10 minutes.

“Fuuuuck!!” He shouted. “I’m Going to Cum Haaard!” He shouted. This put me over the top and as he thrust in as deep as he could go one final time my legs went up and wrapped around his tight ass cheeks pulling him in closer. I began convulsing with pleasure as my cunt tightened around his monster dick like a vice. My pussy milked the cum out of him with each spurt of his hot man juice deep into my cunt. When my intense orgasm subsided he pulled his dripping prick out of my soaked cunt and rolled over to lay next to me, and realize that he had just fucked his child’s baby-sitter.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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