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Girls Are Better Ch. 02

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Rebecca was happy when five o’clock came. She had worked through half of the pending calls along with her quota of new phone calls. She wondered how a computer company could be doing so well when the number of services calls was increasing at an alarming rate. Either way, she was getting paid enough to get by and that was all she needed. Rebecca made her way home. She was almost in a trance, partly because of her mind spinning with all that was happening, partly because she had the same routine for the last four years. Rebecca was twenty-six. She had gotten this job right out of university and had never wanted to change careers.

Rebecca walked down the hall and prayed that Brian was either alone or gone. She thought that a strong willed woman would have called a locksmith to change the locks, but she wasn’t strong willed. She was pretty pathetic actually. She turned the corner and sitting next to her door was Maeve.

“Hi. You left your cell phone in my car.”

Rebecca smiled. She was happy to see Maeve again and very happy that her cell phone had been found.

“Hi.” Maeve stood up and Rebecca couldn’t help but notice she was wearing some very low ride jeans and a creamy white sweater. Her red hair was in two French braids and she barely looked eighteen. Rebecca knew Maeve was twenty since she was in medical school.

“I called your sister, Jane. I hope that was O.K. It was the first number on your phone and she told me what apartment you lived in.”

Rebecca smiled. Maeve was so nice to her and she still couldn’t figure out why.

“Thanks.” Rebecca bit her lip nervously. She really didn’t know what else to say to Maeve. She was also stalling since she didn’t really want to go into her apartment.

“Do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?” Maeve blurted this Ankara escort out and was equally nervous. Last night wasn’t considered a date since they had been left alone at the restaurant and had really just chosen to eat together. Maeve was almost sure of Rebecca’s feelings, but with any human, she could be completely wrong.

“Um, sure.” Rebecca was trying to get a hold of her feelings and, for once, she wasn’t nervous about letting Maeve into her life. She was more nervous about how she was feeling.

“Since I know where you live how about I pick you up?”


Maeve leaned over and kissed Rebecca on the cheek and then made her way to the elevators. Rebecca watched as the cute red head walked down the hall and then she opened her door. She looked around and realized that Brian had moved out. She took a deep breath and began to cry. She sank to the ground and sobbed. Brian had always threatened to move out, but over the course of the year he had never actually done it. He had always verbally abused her and then left for a few days. This time was different. All his things plus a few of her things were gone. The big screen TV was gone as was all his CDs. She could see from the hallway into the bedroom and his side of the closet was empty. After crying her eyes out, she got up and made a call. The first was to a locksmith to change the locks. The second was to her sister, Julie, to tell her about Brian.


Rebecca had spent over an hour getting ready for the date. She realized she wanted to impress Maeve and the number of outfits that were piled on her bed was proof of this. She had showered and finally decided to wear a cute pink skirt with a matching top. She slipped on low heel sandals and decided to keep her hair down. When the doorbell rang, she walked slowly Ankara escort bayan towards it and opened the door. Maeve was standing there wearing a stunning black dress and had the sexiest high heels. Rebecca was so aroused and was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she liked girls, or more like she liked this one girl in particular.

The two women entered the Italian restaurant and were seated quickly. The evening was full of mindless chatter and finally, after the second bottle of wine, the conversation turned serious.

“So tell me about the guy from the restaurant two nights ago?” Maeve was running her finger along the edge of the wine glass. Her eyes were sparkling and Rebecca could just get lost in them.

“Well. We had been dating for over a year. He’s always been controlling. He was mad because I was late. Anyway, he had threatened to break up with me about five times, but this time he was telling the truth. He packed up all his things yesterday and moved out. Of course, he had to bring home some blonde bimbo and have sex with her in my bed, but whatever.”

“He did what?”

“Yeah. I’m O.K. with it.”

“Well I would never do that to you. I promise.” Maeve gulped down the last of her wine. She was never this forward with her dates, but Rebecca was different.

After dinner, they made their way to Maeve’s car. Before Maeve knew what was happening, Rebecca was kissing her. It was a hard kiss and all she could do was kiss her back. Rebecca was so aroused and, right now, all she wanted was Maeve. They stopped kissing and stared at each other.

“Wow. Shall we go back to my place?”

Rebecca nodded and they got into Maeve’s car. The drive to Maeve’s house was only a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Rebecca wanted to feel Maeve’s Escort Ankara lips again and Maeve wanted to touch Rebecca’s curvy body. Maeve pulled up to a large mansion in the upper class area of town. Before Rebecca could say anything, Maeve blurted out.

“I’m just renting out the guest house. Don’t worry, I’m not that rich.” Rebecca couldn’t tell if she was joking about that last part, but she was so horny she really couldn’t think straight. Maeve led Rebecca to the door of the guesthouse and they entered. The house was a one-room bachelorette apartment that was very nicely decorated. There was a large king size bed in the middle of the room and Maeve guided Rebecca to it.

“You’ve never done this before have you?” It was more of a statement than a question. Maeve gently removed her clothing and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.” Rebecca’s mind was going wild. She undressed as slow as Maeve had and then sat up on the bed. The two women looked at each other. Maeve leaned Rebecca back and began to stroke her nipples. They hardened immediately and from the moans Rebecca was trying to muffle, Maeve knew she was enjoying it. Lying on her back, Rebecca pulled Maeve in for a kiss. It was a passionate kiss and the two women were soon touching every inch of each other’s bodies.

“Tell me what you want sweetie.” Maeve’s voice was so soft and sweet.

“Finger me.” Maeve grinned. She knew Rebecca wanted more, but was being cautious. Maeve stroked her clit gently and slowly began to finger her. Rebecca gripped the sheets and cried out. The feeling of small feminine fingers inside her was driving her crazy. Maeve was going just as hard as Brian used to, but it was bringing her closer to orgasm so fast and before she knew it, she screamed out.

Maeve held her tight while she came. Rebecca closed her eyes and was breathing so hard and fast. Once she was relaxed, Maeve spoke.

“Sleep here tonight.” Rebecca could only nod. She fell asleep feeling Maeve’s warm body against her.

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