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Giving in to Temptation Ch. 05

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Bent Over

Dinner was a hoot. The girls, relaxed after a glass of wine, dropped any remaining pretense and we thoroughly enjoyed an evening of fine food, good wine, and each others company. Emily was mostly interested in business, and Candy, relationships. Our server left us with her number. The girls veered off to the restroom after dinner, leaving me to find the limo. While waiting, I checked texts. Of interest, Becky shared a picture of she and Belle at a pool party. Both in black one-pieces; high on the hip, low at the neck, wet. Big smiles – lots of teeth, gleaming eyes, slicked back hair. “Wish you were here.” I looked forward to the rest of that story.

On the way back home, Emily was curled into me, softly, filling the void between us with the gentle swell of her breast and torso, hand on my thigh. Candy sat across, interrogating us. “So, for both of you, fantasies please – and remember” she said, looking at me, “- be honest, expand your horizons… and, no judging.”

Emily: “You, love. Just you. I know you know this, but it is nice to say it.”

Candy: “Be specific.”

Emily: “I want to make you cum, and I want you to return the favor. I want to feel the silkiness of your pussy hair… I want you to know the pleasure of being licked the way I like to be licked. I want to wake up to the scent of you.” She goes on in considerable detail, all the while lazily stroking my thigh with her fingers. Refreshed from the treat I received earlier, my cock responds in earnest. “And,” she continued, “For the benefit of Uncle Steve here, I’d like him to lick us both to orgasm. Soon.”

“HIS benefit?”

“I should think so… how often does one get pussy licking lessons after all?” She turns to me, places her hand gently on my cock, kisses my neck, nuzzles her nose into me and says “you would like these lessons, yes?” Yes.

Candy: “Uncle Steve, your turn, though I already know. One of them, anyway.” Her eyes pierce into my soul.

“Oh? And how would you know. Specifically, that is.”

Emily, smiling seductively at Candy: “Uncle Steve, she means where you fuck her in the jacuzzi.”

Candy, mixed faux outrage and laughter: “Emily – you’re horrible!!”

“Hon, sometimes lovers just need a little help clearing the air.” She continues: “Uncle Steve, Candy here spotted you in her living room one night with her boyfriend in the hot tub. She was with him, but wanted you.”

Me: “Oh my god…” Looking at Candy… “You knew?”

“Ya. It was…intense. You were sexy and I knew then that I wanted you. But I was afraid, and my boyfriend was there. I was about to send him home when I spotted you. So, perhaps unwisely, I decided maybe a little show for you? I hate to say I used him, but truth of it is, he was more prop than lover. So now you know and yes, I’ve imagined the scene many times… with… you.” Candy’s eyes were very big, lips very pouty and full. She’d never looked more beautiful. She slid off the seat opposite us and between my legs. She slid her hands up from my thighs to my groin, delicately removing Emily’s hand, and began to stroke my cock with the tips of her fingers. Looking into my eyes: “you can imagine it now, huh? Both of us wet and slippery and me sliding my body along yours? Fuck, I get wet just thinking about it. So maybe this is a little fantasy we can share tonight?”

“What about Emily? Remember, no one gets ignored.”

Candy climbs up, straddles my leg, turns to Emily and kisses her. “Emily should join us, I think.” She reaches down, unties Emily’s sash, and proceeds place a hand on her left breast. “I think she’d like that. Her heart is racing.”

The limo slid across the causeway… we’d be home soon. The girls were relaxed, on either side of me. I was in heaven, toying with their asses, and the two of them alternately stroking my cock through my trousers or, alternatively, teasing each others breasts. Emily held court, discussing the intricacies of pussy licking. “… its more than a matter of style or technique. Its an emotion, and a response. Maybe I want it kissed and cuddled… maybe rubbed really fast and hard; sometimes, just pressure on the clitty hood; sometimes penetration, sometimes my butt hole… sometimes a clinical, detached approach. IF you can ever understand that, AND then the different sensitivities of a different parts of a given women’s anatomy, THEN its stonehouse izle pretty easy.” She draws a line from Candy’s knee to her pussy. This is why women lick pussy so much better… they talk to each other… god, if I could just meet a man with Uncle Steve’s dick… who would listen… I guess that’s why I’m bi.”

“OK Miss Emily,” I responded, “help a guy out… how would you like your pussy licked tonight?”

“I want to be handled; dominated. I want to know who’s in charge. Fingers, tongue, hands everywhere.” This gets a reaction from both of us.

“And Candy? What of her?”

Emily smiles and caresses Candy’s breast. “She wants it loved. Soulful kisses, sweet touches.”

Candy moans.

We arrive back at the house. Emily and I head out back, Candy excuses herself to her bedroom.

Full moon reflecting off the bay. Steam coming off the jacuzzi. Accent lighting providing just enough visibility. I step behind Emily and place my hands on her shoulders, rubbing them gently. She sighs. I work my fingers up the back of her neck and tease the bristles of her short hair, gently petting it with my fingertips. The touch sends shivers down her spine. Then, gentle little touches of her ear… searching for the sensitive spots that, when found, make one turn their head into it. I find it, she turns… we kiss. My hands slip to her waist and I pull her ass into my hardening cock. As she reaches her arms above and behind her head to embrace my neck, I tug at the sash of her dress; the light breeze immediately causes her nipples to stiffen. The moonlight on her alabaster skin framed perfectly by her lingerie, is a sight to behold. I trace the lines of the design of her bra along her breasts. Light, feathery touches, never quite touching her nipples.

“My god Steve, you are such a bloody tease…”

“Compliment, or complaint?”

“I don’t know, right now I’m on the edge of an orgasm and can’t think straight.”

I back away from her slightly and turn her around. “Take off your dress, then help me with my clothes as well.” She complies. The dress slips off her shoulders and piles around her feet. Long limbs. Flat torso with just a tiny hint of a swell of her belly. Her panty bottoms catch the moonlight, and highlight the fact that they barely cover the top of her clit. My eyes are stuck on the space between her mons and her navel. I’d never considered this particular curve of a woman’s body; but, hers, in these clothes on this night, might be the most erogenous thing I’ve ever seen. I can imagine my hardon pressed flat against it. She reads my mind, and steps toward me. Still in heels, she’s close to my height.

She slides my jacket off, helps pull my shirt off, then, slowly, drops to her knees. All business now… she unhooks my belt, button, zipper, and drops my trousers. My cock, an inch from her face… I can feel the warmth of her breath. She kisses it like she kissed my lips earlier: open mouth, teasing tongue, little nibbles with her teeth. Then, satisfied with the effect, rises back to her feet, her breasts sliding along the length of my body as she climbs. She wraps her hands around my back and pulls me toward her, my cock flat against her belly. “O god Steve… your hardon pressed into me like this…I can just imagine how good its going to feel inside me…” Precum is forming and spilling onto her belly; she uses it as lubricant. The effect is now my cock is sliding between my belly and hers.

Emily: “Mmmmmm that’s nice.” She starts swaying back and forth, starting a little dance. I cup her butt with my hands, and tease her pussy from behind. She rewards me with a guttural moan, and squirms to get my fingers into her. I oblige, and she starts trying to hump my finger. I continue to tease her, stroking her labia, occasionally pushing a finger into her slit.

“Goddamnit,” she groans… “will you stop your incessant toying and take me??!!” I slide her panty aside and, somewhat abruptly, thrust a finger into her. The suddenness of it catches her off guard and she almost collapses.

“Aaaaahhhhh!! fuck…yes… faster… now!! faster please… so close…” She’s got her cheek pressed against my chest, pulling me into her with her arms, and at the same time trying even more to get my finger into her… I pump her as best and as fast as I can. super junior the last man standing izle When I feel her breath catching, I lift her, plunge my finger as deep as it will go, and push my thumb against her asshole. The spasm that followed caught me off guard.

“OH YES!! fuck… ohmygod…” When her pussy stops contracting, I slide my finger out, take her face in my hands… we kiss. Her eyes are moist, her body shaking… “Oh Uncle Steve… I’ve never… I mean… like that… with just your fingers… omg… that was so intense…” We stand there, hugging for a few minutes. Our bodies relax, and we begin to feel the chill of the evening air.

Me: “Lets climb into the jacuzzi.” Emily looks at me, smiles, and starts to remove her bra. “No dear – leave them on. I can imagine how sexy you’ll look with it all wet and stuck to you.” She smiles, complies. I follow her in; we sit, facing the moonlit water. She’s siting on my thigh, arm around my neck, my hand on her pussy.

Oh. My. God.

Candy arrived. She was wearing the same suit she had on the night of her high school graduation. Her body was firmer, harder from the extra years of training and diet, but that just made her more appealing.

Emily leaned into me, grabbing my cock, and whispered “This is it, isn’t it Uncle Steve – this is what you remembered?” I was speechless. She went through the same routine… like watching your favorite movie scene over again. Piercing eyes that never left mine. Beige bikini, top a bit too small. It carries the full weight of her breasts, but the sides are gloriously exposed. V-cut bottoms that nicely show off the shape of her pussy lips. She walks slowly down the steps, and dips her body in the hot water, up to her neck. When she emerges, the suit appears painted on, save the bows formed by the strings of top and bottom pieces. She offers us a profile view, reaches her arms over her head; stretches, arches her back. Emily is entranced… we don’t say a word. Candy turns away and walks back up the stairs. Same butterfly bottom that so perfectly defines the cleft of her ass cheeks; its riding up her crack and, with the moon light to silhouette her, she shares a perfect view of the heart-shaped gap between her legs and pussy. As she walks across the deck to the controls, I’m reminded of an olympic diver walking along a dive platform, or perhaps a gymnast walking along the mat, building speed for a vault. Perfectly flat stomach, strong thighs, shoulders held high and back.

When the jets are turned on, the spell is broken. One of them is positioned just below Emily’s ass and it catches her by surprise. She leaps at first at the jolt of it, then, realizing what happened, settles back down immediately to enjoy the pleasure of the bubbles tickling her anus and pussy.

“Emily dear – why don’t you help Candy back into the pool. Wouldn’t want her to slip now, would we?”

“You’re not being very clever. Why don’t you just say you want to see this wet lingerie plastered on me?” She squeezes my cock, and slides off me toward the stairs, taking her time to walk up them as Candy arrives.

The effect of the water, and the moonlight, on Emily’s lingerie is more than I might have imagined… It is now practically transparent, save the sapphire strips that frame her bottoms and decorate her bra. Breasts perfectly, if invisibly supported by blue strands of ribbon that are invisibly held in place. Hard nipples. No fat on her… perfectly sculpted waist gently flaring out to sexy hips, hip bones prominent. She turns to Candy and gives her a sensuous kiss. Without another word, she unties Candy’s top, then pulls on the bow that keeps her bottoms in place. They turn, and walk toward me.

Candy climbs astride me, Emily to her side. Candy presses her clitty against my hardon, wraps her arms around my neck, and offers me a nipple. I start licking it, and she speaks.

“I’ve wanted this for so long… I really cannot bear the anticipation.” Little kisses all over my head. Emily slides behind her, puts a knee between my legs, and starts exploring Candy’s body, being careful not to overstimulate her. The effect is like a warm wet intelligent blanket that caresses her and adds to her pleasure, without distracting from it. Candy sits up; Emily super league the war for football izle grabs my cock and helps slide it in. Intense gaze between me and Candy, with Emily looking over us in the background. Candy’s pussy is very tight… it takes some doing for me to slid all the way in. After some gentle coaxing, she slides to the root of my cock, her clitty pressed against my pubic bone. We stay that way for a moment or two, Candy gently gasping, almost a hum, allowing herself to get used to me inside her while stimulating her clitty against me. The pause allows me to collect my emotions, as well as the desire to cum immediately. Candy starts rocking back and forth, then starts to add some vertical motion. Eyes closed, blood flowing to her chest, causing the skin between her breasts to start to redden. At the bottom of each thrust, she clamps down on me with her pussy, and holds the contraction as she pulls back up, almost like she’s sucking my cock with her pussy. Nothing in my experience of fucking has ever been like this…

Emily, whispering to Candy: “Dear, don’t you want to have him take you from behind?” With that, she uses her hand to stimulate both of us. Candy cums, her pussy pulsing on my cock. She cries out, at least I think she does, then presses her whole body into me.

“Yeas yes yes from…behind yes now…” she says as she slides off me. We reposition ourselves. Candy on her knees, Emily next to her, pulling my by my cock to Candy’s entrance. I slide in. The image in front of my is more than I can bear… Candy’s breasts swaying back and forth, her firm muscular back shimmering in the light from the pool, firm legs parted for me. I slide in easier this time, my hips slapping against the back of her legs, Emily now massaging my ass and Candy’s belly.

Emily: “Candy – this is what you wanted that night, isn’t it… You saw Uncle Steve through the window stroking his cock while that boy took you from behind, huh?

Candy: “Yessss fuck I’m gonna cum again…” Emily reaches behind and teases my balls. Oh…fuck.

Me: “God I’m cumming…” with that I explode into Candy, and she spasms once again, her pussy milking my cock for all that’s in it. We pause for a moment, then curl next to each other in the tub. The jacuzzi jets have stopped and its gotten very quiet. Steam simmering off the surface of the water. Looking down, I can see the perfect shapes of my two lovers. Not something I’ll tire of anytime soon.

“Why don’t you two relax? I’ll find us something to drink.” I slide from between them, and head toward the kitchen. On the way, I stop, light the gas fire pit, and arrange a bunch of fresh bath sheets on the chaise lounge. I root around for some wine in the kitchen, but on consideration opt for herbal tea instead. Takes a minute or two… find the pot, cups, steep the tea and head back toward the deck. When I arrive Candy and Emily have found the little nest I made on the Chaise and have made themselves… comfortable. Candy is splayed out on her back, knees parted. Emily is between them, kneeling, pussy on her mouth, ass in the air.

She has removed her lingerie. Her pussy is shaved, probably waxed. It is perfect and it is glistening. I approach her from behind… they are oblivious to me. I blow gently on her anus, then her pussy. She gasps, says nothing. I lick her taint, then the outside of her pussy lips – almost to her clit, then down the other side. I prod her lips apart with my fingers and trace her inner lips with my tongue, paying attention to how she responds. There’s a little spot on the right side, just below her clitty hood, that seems to have an extra nerve or whatever. When I tongue it, her back muscles tighten. I spit into her anus and blow on it once again. She grunts. Back to that little spot, now with a finger teasing the outside of her anus, never quite penetrating it. She moans into Candy’s pussy. Candy responds similarly. I press down on her lower back to more thoroughly expose her pussy to me, then take all of it in my mouth, forming a suction between her lips and mine, then tongue pushing into her, for as long as I can hold my breath. She’s squirming now, pushing her pussy into my face. I come off her only to take my fingers and massage the entirety of her pussy, rubbing it very lightly, very quickly in a circular fashion, teasing her clitty through her hood. Her breath changes, her back muscles tighten. I apply pressure to her clitty and press my thumb into her anus, just as she starts her climax. She grabs Candy’s legs, shutters. Candy feels it and starts to cum. Slower, less intense… deeper feeling than before. It stays with her. She opens her eyes and sees me, my face covered with Emily’s juices, and beckons me closer. We share a kiss.

To be continued…

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