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Glory Daze Ch. 06

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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years….

Story Six — Getting in through the Back Door

I’d gone to Courtney’s party because there hadn’t been anything better to do that night.

I liked Courtney well enough, but she just wasn’t that kind of girl if you know what I mean. Courtney was one of those people who were irritatingly perfect. We all know the type: Student Council President, Class President, National Honor Society, Honor Student, that sort of thing. A girl about whom the accolades always overflowed. The kind of girl who would organize your class reunion. A classic overachiever. Her type walked around with a smile perpetually plastered on their faces, and always espousing one of those annoying ‘can do’ attitudes.

But even more so, she was the kind of girl to whom appearances really mattered. I mean sure she helped out with every activity known to man, but she didn’t just hang around with anyone. She was seen only with the local celebs, or whatever passed for them at my school. I got her time of day only because I was one of the star varsity football players.

And I had it on good authority that Courtney was still a virgin.

The guys had all nicknamed her the Titanic, because she was unfuckable. Of course we all remember how that turned out. But Courtney insisted to those who were in a position to know that she was saving herself for the man she was going to marry. She knew all about the dangers of sex, especially with less than savory characters like me who were basically good guys, but only out for a good time. The guys who would fuck you and then leave.

Oh, no, that just wouldn’t do for her.

In fact those same people in a position to know had informed me that she even had a boyfriend. A fiancée for all intents and purposes. Some guy she’d met through a church group who was now in college. No doubt another successful religious virginal overachiever like herself.

Yeah, right. You know the type.

So I never figured in a million years that she was the kind of girl who would want to take it up the ass. Or so I thought.

That night I was entertaining absolutely no thoughts of fucking her, even though at some point we’d maneuvered ourselves into her family den, which was otherwise unoccupied. She had even draped her arm around my neck at some point, and was leaning against me, her tits pressed into my broad chest.

She had very nice tits.

Absentmindedly, I reached up to feel up one of them. It was a safe bet that she was at least a little drunk.

But she did nothing to stop me.

“Are you really a virgin?” I asked her, off topic from whatever we’d just been talking about.

“Yeah,” she said giggling, “I’m a good girl.”

I moved my hand to do more than just feel her up. I grasped her breast firmly and started to massage it.

“That’s feels good,” she said, “My boyfriend never does that.”

“He’s never tried to feel you up?” I asked incredulously.

“Brad would never ask me to do anything like that.”

“Brad’s a fag,” I said, feeling totally confident in my assessment.

I didn’t mean it as any sort of a slur, just a fact.

Courtney might be a prissy fake little bitch, but she was one hell of a looker. A nice firm, round ass, tits of perfection, and the rest of the fucking hot package to go with it. She had it together. She had it going on. She had a body built for fucking.

“Maybe,” she said giggling, then she just sort of fell over into my lap, lying across it, supported in my arms.

“Well if he hasn’t tried to feel you up,” I continued, “He probably hasn’t tried to fuck you either?”

“Nope,” she said shaking her head drunkenly.

It always feels good to have a woman over your thighs. Man, with a body like that, if her boyfriend hadn’t fucked her yet, or at least tried, he had to be queer. I don’t care how religious he was.

“Well,” I said, taking a chance, “Can I fuck you then?”

“No silly,” she said firmly, “We can’t have sex. I told you…I’m saving myself.”

I put my hand under her blouse to feel up her bra-covered tits some more.

“So,” I continued, pressing my advantage, “What exactly are you saving yourself for?”

“I want my husband to have a virgin on our wedding night,” she said slurring, “We’re both going to be virgins.”

“That’s so lame,” I replied bored, “What makes you think the guy’s going to save himself for you anyway?”

“Well,” she replied, sounding uncertain for the first time, “I guess I don’t, but the type of guy I want to marry just wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“Like gay Brad?” I asked with a chuckle.

Realizing my point, she laughed too.

We were quiet for a minute, absorbing the party going on in the other room. We listened to the beat of the music: a rhythmic, sexual beat. We sat alone in silence, my hand still working underneath her blouse.

Something occurred to me just then.

“Well you’re saving your pussy, right?” I pressed, “You want your husband to have a virgin. But what canlı bahis about your ass?”

She blushed when I said pussy, or maybe it’s because I was now rubbing her nipple.

“Would it really matter if I fucked you in the ass?” I asked, bringing it home and making my point, but knowing before I said it that my logic was somehow flawed, “It’s not like it’s the same kind of thing right?”

Her expression told me that she probably thought my logic was flawed too, but she took her time thinking it over anyway.

“You want to fuck me in the ass?” she said in a lame tone, as if she needed to reassure herself.

“Oh, yeah,” I said longingly, “You’ve got a tight ass. I’d love to give it to you.”

She looked at me. Really looked me in the eye. I took my hand out from under her shirt.

“Okay,” she said, suddenly making up her mind, but then more firmly added, “But not in the other hole!”

“Really?” I asked, sitting bolt upright and pulling her up in my arms, “We could go upstairs right now.”

This was so surreal.

The party’s hostess was getting up off my lap, taking me by the hand, and leading me upstairs.

Once we got inside her room, I pulled her roughly into my arms, my mouth covering hers without even closing the bedroom door. Whatever the status of her virginity, she knew how to kiss me back. Her arms went around my neck, and her mouth opened to allow my tongue access. My hands slid down her back to her ass, grabbing it over her jeans. I grabbed a handful of her flesh through the denim and I squeezed her cheeks as my tongue explored her mouth.

This virgin was aroused at any rate.

I could hear the purr in the back of her throat like a racecar. She felt so delicate in my arms and my growing bulge pressed through my jeans against her stomach. Without breaking from our kissing I grabbed for the door behind me, and pushed it shut. Then I broke away from our kiss. Her chest was left heaving. Turning back to her, I pulled off her top as she stood passively before me. Then she undid her bra without me even needing to ask.

“Fucking gorgeous,” I said, watching her tits spill out.

She smiled approvingly at my praise, and I reached to grab one in the flesh.

“Brad never did this, did he?” I asked her.

I received a moan of satisfaction back as she closed her eyes.

Pulling my hand back, I instructed her, “Take off your jeans.”

She responded by slowly undoing the buttons, and with a catlike grace, slipping the material down over her curvy thighs. It made me moan involuntarily to watch the show. Her shoes came off as a matter of course.

And there she was in just her pink panties. A small wet stain where the material covered her treasure. She sat down on the bed and I ran my eyes over her chest: two perfect mounds of flesh, nipples erect and surrounded by pinkish brown areolas.

I pulled off my t-shirt, revealing my muscular chest and upper body to her. A gold chain dangling from my neck the only remaining adornment from the waist up.

I laid her down on her bed. Seized by a sudden impulse, I lay on top of her, pulling her nearly naked body close to me, and kissed her soundly again.

My tongue swirled around in her mouth.

Finally, I pulled away from her so that I could kiss down her neck. She breathed heavily underneath me. My lips trailed down her chest to her cleavage, where I kissed and nibbled up the slope of her breast to her nipple. My tongue teased around the sensitive flesh, and I sucked on the hardness of her nipple, pulling it into my mouth briefly before releasing it. I knew this would send tingles of pleasure down her body.

My tongue then ran lightly across her other nipple. I massaged her one breast while my tongue continued to tease her other nipple. I noticed suddenly, almost with a sense of panic, that my cock was feeling very uncomfortable cooped up in my jeans. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth again, I undid my jeans and pushed them, along with my boxers, down a little ways. My massive cock was freed up to the cool air of the bedroom.

I began to kiss down the front of her, starting at her cleavage and working down her stomach. Courtney raised her feet up in the air and opened her legs a little wider.

She might be Brad’s girlfriend, but right now the rest of her belonged to me.

My lips passed over her belly button and I continued kissing and licking my way down her gorgeous body. When I got to her panties, I kissed over them. Her strong scent was flowing from underneath, heightened by her state of arousal, and it caused me to draw in closer to take in the aroma.

She was so purely unfucked.

Courtney’s legs were wide apart for me now. I kissed the inside of her left thigh. Then I kissed higher up her leg, right beside her panty covered vagina. Then I teased her by kissing the other thigh.

She reached down between her legs and, using both hands, gently guided my head to her treasure. Taking the hint, I pulled her panties off of her, since they were serving no more purpose than obstructing my desire. Once bahis siteleri I caught sight of that bare pussy, I kissed her swollen lips. She gasped at this unknown sensation. She must have been feeling tingles of pleasure. Her feet were now resting on my shoulders, her knees being bent, legs as wide open as possible.

I could feel her hands stroking through my hair. My tongue darted out and slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top.

She let out a long loud moan at the sudden sensation.

I licked every part of the slit of her sensitive cunt. Licking it long and slow, examining every bit of flesh, taking forever to get from the bottom to the top.

I slid my hands under her bare ass, holding her ass cheeks tightly as I shot my tongue as far into her pussy as I could go.

I mean it wasn’t like it was my dick, right?

Women taste so good, and Courtney was no exception. I lapped up her flavor, my tongue licking all around the inside of her needy hole. Her eyes were closed by this point and her toes curled and uncurled around my shoulders. Courtney’s hand stroked through my hair harder and harder.

Then, really feeling the pleasure, she began to push her pussy up into my face. At first subtly, then with more determination.

I sucked the lips of her twat into my mouth and then released them. Over and over again. Her box was meaty, and as I sucked her swollen slit into my mouth, I would release it enjoying the loud slurping sounds we were making. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips rapidly, purposely ignoring her sensitive clit. She began to moan again, even louder this time. I could feel her pressing my head into her flesh even harder.

Then I lightly licked her clit, just teasing it a little.

Hearing the resulting moan, I sucked the whole of it into my mouth, holding it there. Running my tongue back and forth over it rapidly. She was positively rubbing her pussy against my face, trying to get it as close to me as possible.

She suddenly started thrashing. Probably having an orgasm. I could feel her pussy convulse slightly on my tongue, and her audible moans of ecstasy excited me. Courtney stretched her feet out above me, and with her legs tightly squeezed my head, which was still buried between her thighs.

It took a few moments for Courtney to finally relax, and when she did, I kissed her swollen pussy lips one more time before I began to kiss my way back up her body. Just after I used my feet to get my shoes off, I kicked my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and then off onto the floor.

Briefly I sucked a hard nipple into my mouth before releasing it, and continued on my journey north.

My lips kissed up her neck and she turned to me, readily finding my lips with her own. Courtney’s tongue darted into my mouth. I felt my dick positioned at the entrance to her pussy, wedged there.

If I’d been less honorable, she would have been all mine whether she’d wanted it or not.

I supposedly she had to be at least dimly aware of my fat mushroom head on the moist lips of her cunt, as our tongues passionately intertwined.

It took every effort of my will, but I pulled away from her.

She was a little shocked that I’d disengaged. Her eyes followed me as I sat on the bed, and I indicated my cock to her.

Her eyes took it all in. I guess it was the first naked dick she’d ever seen if gay Brad’s temperament was any indication.

She rolled over to me and slid her hands up my legs until she reached my lap, both of her small hands taking my cock in hand. I could not have gotten any harder at that point. She gingerly felt it all over, and then she started to stroke me.

“Suck on it,” I instructed her.

She bent down and took it in her mouth. She was ambitious at first, but she soon realized that at nearly ten inches I was going to be too big to fit all the way or even most of the way inside. Taking me out of her mouth she started with something easier. Her head was in the way for me to get a clear view, but I could feel her tongue lap at my balls, and I opened my legs wide for her access.

Then she actually sucked one of my testicles into her mouth, and I got the impression that at least she knew something of what she was doing at this point. Or maybe it was instinct taking over. Her hands squeezed my shaft tightly.

I reached down and gently held the back of her head as she lapped at my balls. I ran my hand through her full head of hair. Then she looked up at me with her big, beautiful eyes before she turned her attention back to my cock.

Her tongue trailed slowly up my shaft. It was a long one. Her hand still gently held the bottom of the shaft. Then, as her tongue approached the top, she slowly circled the head of my dick. Um, it felt so good when she got to the sensitive underside of the tip.

Then she opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips down my cock. This time more authoritatively.

I watched myself start to disappear into this beautiful bitch’s mouth, which was wet and warm, engulfing me. She took as much of me bahis şirketleri as she could, but it wasn’t enough. It never is enough really. Finally, she slowly lifted her head up, gliding her lips along my pole.

With my hand I guided her to begin bobbing her head up and down on the rod sticking up out of my lap. Her efforts brought pleasured groans and grunts from me, as she gave it her best try, sucking me off with abandon.

My eyes trailed down her body. She was sticking that gorgeous ass of hers up in the air as she knelt between my legs. The slurping sounds of her work drifted up to my ears. I sighed long and hard with pleasure.

With my huge hands I grabbed her full breasts. Her nipples were fully erect in my hands.

“Baby,” I said to her earnestly, “I want to fuck you in the ass now.”

She looked at me and nodded.

I could see her bathroom door from the bed, so I got up to see if there was something in there that I could use for lube.

“Wait a sec,” I said.

Once in the bathroom I didn’t see a whole lot to work with in the way of natural lubricants, but I figured if she was going to take my big cock she was going to need something. Finally, I settled on some hand soap. I guessed that wouldn’t be too harsh.

When I came back into the bedroom, sanitizer in my hand, I could see that she’d gotten into a position for me to fuck her. I figured she was probably still a little drunk, but I also figured that I’d gotten her really worked up before, and she was probably pretty horny having just gotten her clit and pussy eaten out by a master.

It really gets the pussy burning for some dick.

I climbed onto the bed and kissed along the crack of her ass. I waited a second and kissed her ass again, spreading her cheeks wide so that her tight little asshole was revealed to me. Using my tongue, I licked it, snaking around the outside.

She moaned with this new sensation. I used my tongue to attempt to slide inside. But I was really horny, and I wanted to stick my dick in there instead.

I gave her a few more licks, and got up into position behind her.

Squeezing out some of the soap from the dispenser onto my finger, I placed it at the entrance to her asshole and watched it open up to accept my coated digit, she absorbed it with no problem. I heard her let out her breath as she felt my finger slide in there. I pulled it out of her, coating the entrance with the lubricant as she remained passively bent over before. Putting some more in my palm, I rubbed it onto my cock.

Oh, I was so hard. I had to be careful not to erupt too soon.

Once in position behind her, I held my big cock straight out, placing it at the entrance to her tight little hole. I pressed my cock against the tight muscle and held her cheeks apart. I have always enjoyed seeing my dick as it slips inside a hole, but this was special treat. At first she wouldn’t open at all, but I pushed harder and she murmured in pain.

Finally, that little hole gave, opening up for me, and I was able to squeeze my dick into her by an inch or so.

I watched as well as felt her tiny pink ring begin to stretch around my cock, as I invaded her tight little space, opening it for further penetration. Another groan of pain escaped her lips, and I slowed down. Her ass was tightening reflexively as my head slipped in.

I repeated this process, allowing her to adjust to my massive girth, stopping only for brief moments before pushing my cock in further. Amazingly, I was soon in her ass up to my balls. My hands gripped her ass to steady us for the eventual fucking.

“Oh, God!” she whimpered, “That feels so big. It hurts.”

“Can we take it further?” I whispered eagerly.

She nodded her head; eyes clenched shut as she adjusted to the pain.

I pulled back a little, and then slid forward a little.

“Go slow!” she warned.

I was trying to be as gentle as possible. Then I could feel her ass change, and as it did her tension lessened, until it was gone completely. My cock barely moved within her until she was completely relaxed. All that could be heard in the room was our heavy breathing and the sounds of the party downstairs.

Finally, I gripped her hips a little tighter and slowly eased more of my cock out of her ass. She started to moan loudly as I began to withdraw. I moved my cock only about an inch, back and forth. To help, I spit saliva down onto her ass. The new lubricant rubbing in with the lubricant already coating my shaft. Then I pushed forward again.

I couldn’t get enough of that beautiful ass; the way it looked pressed tightly against my thighs, my cock impaling her. I could feel every inch of my length within her, held by the virginal grip of her snug little hole.

Then I pulled out halfway.

She gasped this time, but with pleasure, not with pain.

I moved back in and then I began to build up speed, moving in and out in a steady rhythm, watching my cock disappear into her tight asshole. I grabbed her shoulders, forcing my hips against her ass. I could feel my balls press against her wet pussy lips as my dick made the journey up her ass. Then I gave her a few quick little thrusts before pulling out almost all the way. Courtney gasped as I plunged back in, causing her hips to lurch forward.

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