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Going on a Little Detour

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Jeremy’s girlfriend dumped him, and his car was in the shop. He decided some time at the beach would relax him.

Jeremy hiked to the highway and took a chance to hitch a ride. After about ten minutes, his luck changed. A car pulled over, and he walked over to speak with the driver.

“I’m headed to be beach,” said Jeremy.

The woman driver responded, “Perfect, we are headed there too. Hop in the back seat, next to my sister.”

The driver looked to be in her late 30’s, there was a teenage girl in the passenger seat, and the woman in the back was in her early 40’s.

Jeremy said, “Great, thanks for the ride. My name is Jeremy,” and got in the car.

Jeremy only had a towel, some water, and snacks in his backpack. He was wearing his swimsuit, ready for the beach. It was about a 20-minute drive.

The driver said, “My name is Ruby, this is my daughter, Remy, and my sister Janet. It’s Remy’s 18th birthday today, so say Happy Birthday.”

Jeremy smiled at Remy and gave her happy birthday wishes.

Janet was quiet and just looked him over.

Jeremy couldn’t see her eyes or face very well, because of her large dark sunglasses.

Remy turned and looked at Jeremy from the front seat. She did not say a word but stared at his crotch.

Remy then turned to her mom and said, “He looks just fine.”

Ruby just nodded.

Jeremy was 24 years old, five foot four inches tall, 135 pounds, very small boned, and felt a bit uncomfortable now. He could tell that the sisters were much larger than him and seemed rugged.

A moment later, Ruby took a turn off the highway.

Jeremy said, “Where are we going? This is not the way to the beach.”

Ruby said, “Oh, we are going on a little detour. Just sit tight.”

Jeremy was alarmed, and said, “Please let me out here.”

Janet turned her head and in a creepy tone said, “Don’t worry little darling, we are going for a joy ride.”

Janet then put her hand on Jeremy’s crotch, squeezed hard through his swimsuit, and said, “Yup, feels like a tiny weenie.”

Remy smirked.

Ruby said “Perfect.”

Jeremy looked at them not knowing what to think.

Janet rubbed his crotch again, and said, “Start taking off all your clothes, and hand them to Remy.”

“What! Are you serious!”

“Yup. Start with your sandals, and don’t make me rip your clothes off…I wouldn’t want to damage anything small and delicate.”

Ruby jumped-in to say, “Just do as we say, and you won’t get hurt.”

Jermery was in shock. He noticed that the streets were unfamiliar, as the car climbed a mountain road. He had no idea where they were, and he didn’t have many options.

Jeremy took off his sandals, and handed them to Remy, one at a time. She threw them on the front floor mat. Next, he took off his shirt. Remy stared at his hairy chest and smiled.

Janet said, “Keep going.”

Jeremy was beet red and nervous. He noticed that Remy’s bikini top was very lose and her boobs showed. She looked at Jeremy and smiled even wider.

Janet smirked and said, “He’s got a little bulge in his swim trunks.”

Remy giggled, and said, “Gimme your swimsuit.”

Jeremy pulled down his trunks and gave them to Remy. His tiny half erect cock was in plain sight.

Ruby said, “Scoot up a little closer to me.”

Jermy slid his butt to the edge of the seat, Ruby took her right arm off the wheel, reached back, and rubbed his little dick.

“It is tiny. Take a feel, Remy.”

Remy leaned over with a big smirk on her face and played with his boner.

Ruby drove into a secluded neighborhood https://sokkan.org and parked on a driveway in front of a cabin-like house.

Janet said, “Time to get out, and walk to the front door.”

Jeremy looked at each of them in shock. “Like this! Naked! Out in the open!”

Ruby said, “Yes, it will be an adventure.”

They all got out of the car. It was Jeremy’s first good look at them. Ruby and Janet looked similar. Both were about five foot ten inches tall, with long dark hair, and muscular. It looked like they were body builders. Ruby wore a white string bikini and was very attractive with a sultry look. Her ass was tan and beautiful.

Janet had a one-piece black swimsuit. Her facial features were rougher, like a drill Sargent. Janet’s arms and legs flexed as she moved about.

Remy was five foot six inches, 120 pounds, light brown hair, cute oval face with blue eyes. Very athletic, firm tits, and a very tight ass. Her Brazilian pink bikini top was barely on, and her bottoms hugged her ass just right.

Janet looked at Jeremy and pointed to the front door. Jeremy quickly walked down the path. There was nowhere to run, especially without clothes or shoes.

Jeremy saw a woman next door watering plants. He covered his privates and ran to the front porch.

The neighbor yelled out to Ruby, “Did I just see a little naked guy running to your door?”

Ruby said, “Yah, come on over and see the little guy up-close.”

The tall, slender, beautiful Asian woman walked to the porch with a big grin. Jeremy faced away with his boner covered.

Ruby said, “Jeremy, don’t be rude. Turn around and meet Tabitha.”

Tabitha wore a low-cut, tight red tank top. Her cleavage was very sexy. Her cut-off jeans barely covered her little ass, and her legs were slender and tone. Even her bare feet were sexy with bright red nails.

Jeremy turned and looked at the ground.

Janet said, “Look at Tabitha and shake her hand.”

Jeremy extended his arm while his tiny boner stuck straight-up for all to see. They all smirked and giggled.

Janet said, “Give us a little jerk-off show.”

Janet pulled out a little bottle of baby oil from her purse and rubbed some all over his cock and tiny balls.

Tabitha said, “That in the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.”

Ruby said, “Yes, it is. It looks less than 4 inches, and it’s so skinny.”

“Go ahead and beat-off…looks like you need some relief,” Ruby said in a jovial tone.

Jeremy’s dick was red and rock-hard. All these attractive women had him surrounded. He was so humiliated, yet he had a rock-hard boner. Jeremy began to stroke it. Faster and faster. Remy stared at him in amazement.

Janet said, “Give us a nice smile while you jerk-off.”

Jeremy looked up into their eyes and continued to stroke. Suddenly he was about to cum. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and grunted. It shot all over his belly and up to his chest.

Tabitha said, “Thanks for the little performance,” patted his ass, and walked back to her house.

Ruby threw him a towel, and said, “Wipe-off and let’s go in the house.”

Jeremy found himself in a strange house with his captors, standing naked in their family room. Ruby stood over him, while Remy and Janet sat on the couch staring at his little flaccid dick.

Jeremy had no idea what was next.

Jeremy said in a scared tone, “Okay, you had your fun, please take me back to the beach. I promise I won’t say anything.”

Ruby said, “Not yet. First you need to provide some birthday service. I promised Remy a bursa eskort little something special.”

Ruby looked at Remy, and said “Are you ready for your gift? Remember the rules that you must follow.”

Remy looked at her and said, “I remember.”

Ruby said to Jeremy, “You do whatever Remy tells you, but don’t put your little dick in her pussy, understand?”

Jeremy thought to himself, this is crazy…why was this happening?

“Well, do you!” Ruby said in a very loud and stern voice.

“Yes! Yes! I do!”

Ruby said, “Good, because if I find out otherwise, Janet will lose her temper and that would not be good for you.”

Jeremy looked at her and Janet in complete fear. He cupped his cock and balls, and said, “I understand completely. No need for any temper flaring!”

Ruby looked at Remy, and said, “Show Jeremy to your room, and have fun.”

Remy looked at Jeremy with devilish eyes, took his hand, and pulled him down the hall to her room. She closed the door and locked it.

Her room was pink with a queen-sized canopy bed. There was a walk-in closet and a window with a view of some large redwood trees in the backyard.

Remy looked at Jeremy and said, “Go sit on my bed, and spread your legs.”

Remy took a bunch of pictures of Jeremy with his legs spread.

“Hey, what are you doing with those pictures?”

Remy ignored Jeremy while she texted the pictures to someone.

Remy made a call, “Hi Denise, did you get them? Isn’t it so tiny and cute? Yes, come through the backyard, and tap on my window.”

Jeremy asked Remy, “What is going on? Is someone coming over?”

“You will see.”

Remy kneeled by the bed and played with his cock and balls.

Jeremy said, “You need to follow your mom’s rules.”

Remy stared at Jeremy in anger, and said, “I’ll do what I want. You just do what I say, or I’ll tell Janet that you stuck your little dick in my pussy.”

After Jeremy heard that, he simply had no choice but to do whatever she said.

“Okay, I will. No worries!”

Remy looked happy and started to fondle his dick again. She then took off her lose bikini top. Her tits were beautiful with very bright pink large nipples.

Jeremy instantly got hard, and his boner was sticking straight-up again. Remy squeezed her tits between his boner and then giggled.

Remy said, “Turn over and stick up your butt.”

Remy spanked his ass for a while. Then, there was a tap on the window.

Remy opened the window, and Denise climbed into the bedroom.

Denise was gorgeous at only five foot two inches tall, and 95 pounds. She had long blonde hair, and a round very pretty face with blue eyes. She wore a skimpy tank top and shorts. Denise was also 18 years old.

“Wow, his dick is tiny,” giggled Denise.

Jeremy was red as a tomato and had no idea what to say. He was sitting on the bed with two teenagers and a hardon.

Denise put her hand around his shaft and squeezed it. She said, “I want to feel his little dick in my pussy.”

Remy explained the rules.

Denise looked disappointed, and said “Maybe you can’t fuck him, but why can’t I?”

“You are not even supposed to be here. My mom and Janet would be pissed if they found out, and you know how they can act.”

“Yah, Okay.” Then Denise took off her clothes in a flash. Her pussy was shaved clean.

Denise said, “You like what you see, little guy?”

Jeremy could not believe his eyes. He just sat there and stared at her gorgeous body.

Denise went to the bed next to Jeremy, spread her legs, orhangazi escort and said, “Lick my pussy.”

Jeremy looked at Remy, and then at Denise’s pussy.

Remy said, “Do it.”

Jeremy put his face between her beautiful thighs and licked her pussy lips. She began to moan.

Remy got jealous and took off her bikini bottoms. Her pussy had a dark little triangle patch. She laid down beside Denise, and said, “Lick my pussy too.”

Jeremy went back and forth between the girls, licking and sucking on their young snatches. They squirmed their hips and moaned. Jeremy squeezed their tits until their nipples got hard and pointy.

Remy’s nipples were protruding out. Jeremy’s tongue and hands were fully occupied. Minutes later, they both had orgasms.

Jeremy still had a boner, and Denise stroked it.

Denise quickly got on her hands and knees, and said, “Fuck me in the ass with your little pecker.”

Remy said, “Well, my mom said no screwing the pussy, but she didn’t say anything about the ass.”

Remy rubbed baby oil on his hardon, and said, “Go ahead and fuck her in the ass.”

Denise’s ass was tiny and firm. Her cheeks were spread, and her asshole was bright pink. Jeremy positioned his little boner between her cheeks and pushed the head of his dick in her ass. It was very tight, even with his little pecker.

Jeremy gently thrusted until it was all in. He stroked harder and faster, and Denise tried to hold back her moans. He placed his hands around her chest, squeezed her tits, and thrusted harder and deeper.

Remy got behind Jeremy, wrapped her arms around his chest with her pussy pressed on his jolting ass.

Jeremy exploded in Denise’s ass.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Denise quickly and quietly went into the closet.

Remy opened the door a little way, and Ruby asked, “Is everything good?”

Remy said, “Everything is perfect.”

Ruby saw Jeremy on the bed, looked back at Remy, and said, “Okay birthday girl!” Ruby closed the door, and Remy locked it.

Remy opened the closet door, and they were both back on the bed, like nothing happened.

“I wanna get fucked in the ass too”, said Remy.

Jeremy looked at her, and said, “My dick needs some recovery time.”

Denise whispered in Remy’s ear, and they both smiled.

“Okay Jeremy, let your tiny cock rest, but put your tongue to work in my ass,” said Remy with sinister smile.

Remy quickly got on all fours, with her nice tight ass raised high. She spread her butt cheeks, and said, “Fuck me with your tongue!”

Jeremy was not ready for that! But he had no choice. Remy wiggled her ass, and Denise watched in amazement.

Jeremy placed his face between her cheeks and licked. She moaned and pushed her ass further against his mouth. He pressed his tongue in her hole, and licked, and licked.

Suddenly Jeremy felt a finger in his asshole.

Denise fingered his ass while he continued to lick Remy’s ass.

Jeremy’s boner was back.

Remy said, “Fuck my ass now!”

Remy raised her ass up high, and Jeremy’s cock slid in after a couple of thrusts.

Remy screamed, “Fuck me harder!”

Jeremy pumped her firm ass. He got a burst of energy and thrusted faster and harder.

Jeremy squeezed her tits and rammed her ass hard. He shot out every bit left in her tight hole.

They all collapsed on the bed.

Jeremy was so exhausted. He couldn’t remember being carried back to the car by Ruby and Janet.

Jeremy was in the back seat with his clothes on the floor.

Janet said, “Time to get dressed.”

Thirty minutes later the car stopped, and Janet opened the door.

Janet squeezed his crotch and said, “Hope you had a good time at my niece’s birthday party. Go enjoy the beach.”

Jeremy stood at the shoreline with his backpack, and they were gone.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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