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Going Out for a Smoke

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It was a hot day at 92 degrees with high humidity as well. The kind of heat that even if you just sat in one place, you cooked and sweated in the shade. Selena was wearing a tight fitting sleeveless top, and no bra. It would have been the perfect shirt if only the material was a little thinner. When her nipples get hard in this one, you can hardly see unless you are trying to find them since the cloth is so thick. I did not really care since I was just happy I was able to see the curve of her tits, and watch her bounce just slightly as she walked. She chose a pair of shorts for the day that were incredibly thin and stretchy gray biker shorts with a yellow stripe on each side. Now those were perfect. The curve of her ass was plain for me to see, and showed off those cheeks just the way I like.

She was joking with me earlier that she again achieved the famed “three articles of clothing”. This was awesome to me, and caused me to have thoughts of several of my fantasies with her. After she teased me by showing me which pair of thong panties she had on, she went into the other room. Upon her return, she told me that she was now down to only two articles. I began to have those thoughts yet again, but quickly dismissed them as I stepped onto the front porch to have a cigarette with her. After sitting for a couple minutes, she began to tease me a little bit more as she pointed out that her nipples were again hard. I made a comment that they wouldn’t be hard for long in this heat unless she was aroused in some way. She just smiled, and put her cigarette out and headed back to the comfort of the air conditioning inside.

As I followed her into the den, my eyes were locked on the curves of her ass, and I longed to give it a squeeze. This intensified to a fury pitch as she bent over to pet the cat, as it was lying on one of the bar stools at the counter. I could not contain myself and teasingly reached around to play with one of her globes, as they swung ever so gently. After caressing that handful of gooseflesh for a moment or two, I rubbed her ass cheeks up and down with the palm of my other hand as she continued to pet the cat. I made some comment about having a happy pussy, and grabbed a hold of her hips with both hands to gently bounce my now hard cock off her ass cheeks a few times. Since we were still fully clothed, this was purely ceremonial, but was enough to drive myself crazy as I envisioned my cock sliding in and out of her shaven pussy. I had to stop since I know that she is not much for “middle of the day sex”. As she headed for the couch to begin some surfing, I returned to my desk at the other end of the room, and amused myself with my own findings on the Internet.

After an hour or so, she popped up off the couch and headed to go out for another smoke. Not being one to miss an opportunity fixbet to watch her bounce as she walked, I followed her, and whined about getting a hug in the kitchen. She stopped on a dime, turned and tossed her arms straight out while flashing me a smile. She gave me a quick kiss, a short hug, and a flirting smile. I was about to give her another quick kiss, and head outside, when she turned that kiss into a long, deep, passion filled kiss, and stuck her tongue half way in my mouth. I responded immediately by trying to wrestle with her tongue. I breathed deeply as her hand went up the back of my head, and forced the kiss even harder. I let out a sigh, as she quickly turned and popped out the back door. Again, I began my pitiful whine, but this time it was met with a little bit of sympathy.

“You like that?” she said as she opened the back door.

“Of course!” I impatiently stammered.

She stopped, holding the door open, and turned as she said “see how you like this then”, then began another of those sloppy wet kisses, complete with her tongue dancing on my own. I was just about to reach down to play with her ass again, when she lead me back inside. Our lips were still locked, as she bumped up against the dining room table. In one swift motion, she sprung up onto the table with her legs hanging off the sides. In all our years together, we had never done it on the dining room table, but this was really turning me on. Smiling at me, she pulled off her top, exposing her delightfully pink nipples to me. The air conditioner vent was near her, and her nipples responded to the cool air by puckering up quite nicely. It did not take more than 2 or 3 seconds until they were taut, and jutting straight out.

I reached out and gently cupped one of her breasts in my hand as she began to pull my own shirt off. I did not want to remove my hand, since that would mean I would have to let go of that perfect tit with the nipple standing out. Knowing what I might get as a reward for removing my shirt, I did as I should, and stood wearing only my denim shorts. It was pretty obvious that I was hard as a rock since one pant leg had a bit of a tent pole under it. This also made it pretty obvious that I was not wearing any underwear that day either.

As soon as I got my shirt off, Selena began unbuttoning my shorts, and pulling my zipper down ever so slowly. My shorts fell to my ankles as soon as she let go of them. She noticed the huge drop of pre-cum hanging off my fully erect cock, and reached a finger out to catch it before it went to waste. Bringing it to her mouth, she made quite a show of licking that drop off her finger, as she licked her own finger from base to tip, popping it in and out of her mouth several times. Oh how I wanted that to be my cock in her mouth, but with her sitting fixbet giriş on the table, I knew that was not going to happen.

I reached out and began to pull her shorts off, and she willingly lifted her ass off the table to help me. I pulled them down, and past her knees, and finally off. While she had her ass in the air, she moved it closer to the edge. As soon as her shorts were off, she laid back on the table and threw her legs off to the side, and propped her self up on her elbows. This was a heavenly sight for me as her smooth shaven pussy was now inches away from my cock, and lined up perfectly with it. I wanted to plunge directly into her right then, and there. After only a moment, I decided to use this dining room table for its intended purpose. So I pulled up a chair to prepare to have a nice meal of pussy, with all the trimmings.

As I sat down, Selena reached down and gave her clit a quick rub, and spread her pussy lips apart for me. They were already glistening with her juices, and looked absolutely delicious. I reached for her wetness, and ran two fingers along her outer lips, moving as slowly as I could. Slight sighs escaped her lips as I teased the outer lips and clit. Still using the same two fingers, I gently pushed them inside her as she moaned in pleasure. She threw her head back, and her breathing became erratic as I pulled my fingers in and out. She was already very wet, and obviously was enjoying what I was doing. I continued to move my fingers in and out, turning my hand as I went. After several minutes, I found that little pleasure button just inside her box, and started teasing it terribly. Her breathing went from slow gasps, to the now heaving breaths she was taking. Now I knew I was doing exactly what she liked. I moved my head in above my hand and gave her clit a little kiss. Keeping my tongue flat, I began to slowly circle it, and lap at it as fast as my tongue would allow.

As I tasted her juices, and teased her clit, her hand moved down to help me find just the right spot. She placed one finger on each side of her clit, and rubbed it up and down while I tongued at it, and licked her fingers. She squeezed it, and pulled my head closer to her. She pulled back with her hand, as this afforded her a slight view of the action. I must have had a bit of a smirk on my face as I looked up at her. There is nothing like staring her in the eyes knowing that she is about to cum, and cum hard. This was enough to send her over the top, as her legs began to shake violently. No longer propped on her elbows, she just laid back and let the orgasm wash her with adrenaline. I furiously pumped my hand in and out of her pussy, and lapped at her clit while she came in wave after wave.

When she was done cumming, she reached down and pulled my head away from her wetness. I can take a hint, so I stood up and let my cock rest on her now sopping snatch. Moving back and forth, I let the large vein on the bottom of my cock rub across her clit, and the upper section of her lips. She was not having any of this sort of teasing though. She wanted me inside her, and wanted it now. Reaching down, she grabbed my cock firmly in her hand, and split her lips apart with it. Forcing me to step forward slightly, she pulled me closer to her, and I easily slipped in all the way to the hilt. As soon as I was in, we both moaned, and her legs locked on to me around my waist.

Throwing her hands over her head, she gripped the other end of the table. Now I could fuck her the way I wanted, while I enjoyed the sight of her body stretched out as much as it could be. The sunlight in the room was bathing her in light, and the belly button ring glittered a bit as she moved. With my cock all the way inside her, I began to move my hips in little circles as I licked my thumb and placed it on her swollen nub. A moment or two to tease the walls of her pussy with the circles was all she was interested in, as her legs tightened and released on me indicating that I should get to the fucking. Choosing long slow strokes, I pulled myself out until I could just see the head of my cock, then pressed it back inside as far as I could, as fast as she would allow. She was setting the pace with her legs, and her tits were rocking back and forth in a very sexy fashion, with each thrust.

I groaned that was not going to last long like this, and she said I did not have to. I soon saw why, as she began to cum again, so I increased the speed of my thumb on her clit to rub it as fast as I could. She came and I had all I could do to hold out, and not cum myself. Her face grimaced, her head was tossing from side to side, and her arms moved to hold the side edges of the table. She made several short, shrill screams as her orgasm continued for what seemed like forever.

I felt my own orgasm building, and could hold out no longer. I pulled my cock out of her, and gripped it furiously over her dripping pussy. When the first jet of cum flew, it landed in a line from between her tits, all the way to her bellybutton. She quickly scooped as much of it as she could onto her fingers and licked them clean, moaning as she did so. The next few spurts did not have so much distance, and ran down the tip of my cock, and onto my own fingers. As soon as I finished cumming, she sat up and took my hand to lick every drop of cum off of them, expertly removing every drop. As she got up from the table, there was a nice puddle of our combined juices right at the spot I usually sit for dinner. Dinner at that table will not be the same. I only hope I can have that for a meal again soon.

After a quick minute for each of us to get cleaned up, we finally went out for the cigarette that we were headed for in the first place. It seemed so much cooler outside after as hot as we both were in the dining room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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