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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful gurl named Goldilocks.

Hair spun of gold, eyes the color of sapphires, she loved the way women’s panties squeezed her balls tight against her body.

Clitty tucked snuggly in the silky white gusset, she let the wind rustle the frills of her frock—the same sky-blue as her eyes.

Merrily through the woods she skipped, platform Mary Janes in hand as she enjoyed the sensation of the soft grass pressing into her stockinged feet. Goldilocks knew that if her parents found the grass stains on her sister’s pristine white stockings, she’d be in for a spanking. But the sun shone bright and the gentle breeze that accompanied it erased all the worries from her young mind.

Soon, she came upon a house. Having been raised well, she knocked on the door three times. When no one answered, she decided she wasn’t actually raised very well at all, picked the lock, and sauntered right inside.

Her clitty swelled against her panties from the excitement of breaking and entering, and more so when she eyed three bowls of porridge lined up on the dining room table.

A wicked glint lit up her hungry eyes. Her tongue darted out to brush over her delicate lips. The porridge looked most appetizing as her raging gurl-boner pressed uncomfortably against her panties. She flipped her long golden hair over her shoulders and greedily went for the biggest bowl on the table. Burying her hands in the thick, glutinous mixture, she quickly pulled away.

“This porridge is too hot!” she exclaimed.

So, she went to the medium-sized bowl and stuck her porridgey hands deep inside, wanting to luxuriate in the smooth texture over her bare arms. But, instead she exclaimed, “This porridge is too cold!”

Then, she dipped a solitary finger in the last and smallest bowl of porridge.

“This porridge is juuust right,” she said, content, and proceeded to take handful after handful to smear under her dress and over her sensitive nipples. She could just make out the slightest hint of nutmeg as the lukewarm mixture trickled down her lace collar.

The slimy sensation oozing over her skin, trapped between her clothes, became too much. Unable to control herself, she groaned as she spooned more of the just-right-porridge into her silken panties and released her clit-dick which throbbed with excitement. Dress hiked as high as it would go, she alternated massaging the sweet mixture over her chest and sucking it off her fingers. Her other hand worked her shaft, jacking off while covering her prick in a generous helping of porridge. Being the ripe age of nineteen, it didn’t take long for her balls to rise and shoot her creamy load right into the bowl she had taken from.

Goldilocks became very tired. So, she decided to borrow the bedroom too—for she was raised poorly and saw nothing wrong with inviting herself into a stranger’s bed.

Three beds filled the room along with a large rainbow flag.

She laid down on the big bed, but it was too hard. Then, she tried the middle-sized bed, but it was too soft. Finally, she laid down on the smallest bed, and it was juuust right.

And without wiping the last vestiges of cum drooling from her cockhole, she promptly fell into a deep slumber.

While Goldilocks slept, the three bears and proud residents of the house came home. There was Big Daddy Grizzly with graying beard, Daddy Black Bear with broad shoulders and dark brown skin, and Daddy Cub who was legally a dwarf and was as tall as he was wide. It was known throughout the nearby town that these three burly men who dressed in leather harnesses and hot pants looked aggressive, but usually kept to themselves.

Nobody bothered them and they didn’t bother the townsfolk.

So, it came as a great surprise when they found their lock had been picked and their door had been kicked in.

“Someone’s been here while we were out,” said Big Daddy.

“And someone’s been eating our porridge,” said Daddy Black Bear, his leather harness heaving against the dense matting of curls covering his chest.

“And someone’s eaten every last drop of mine,” said Daddy Cub. Much shorter than the rest, he looked dejected in his oversized leather jacket while staring at the cum pooled in a sad little puddle at the bottom of his porridge bowl.

Cracking their knuckles one after the other, the three bears went to check the bedroom.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,” said Big Daddy, flicking off a speck of dried-up porridge from the biggest travesti seks hikayeleri of the beds.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, too,” said Daddy Black Bear, looking at the suspicious dent and more suspicious wet spot in the center of his medium-sized bed.

“And someone’s sleeping in my bed right now!” exclaimed Daddy Cub.

Just then, Goldilocks woke up to find herself surrounded by three bears with impressive beards, nipple piercings, and angry bulges gnawing against matching black leather hot pants.

“Help!” screamed Goldilocks. She tried to jump out of the bed and run, but tripped over her Mary Janes and fell face first in front of Big Daddy.

Roughly grabbing her wrist, Big Daddy forced her to her feet.

“What’s a girl doing in our house?” he asked.

Goldilocks felt her face flush under Big Daddy’s tight grip.

“I’m a gurl, not a girl.”

Daddy Cub flipped up the hem of her dress. “She’s sure got a great big dong for a girl.”

“I said, I’m a gur-“

Just then, Daddy Black Bear pinched her chin between his chubby fingers, cutting her off.

“Didn’t your mommy ever teach you not to break into strangers’ houses?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Maybe we should tell the town what a bad gurl you’ve been,” suggested Big Daddy. Then, upon eyeing the splotches of porridge on her frilly dress, he added, “And a dirty one at that.”

Surrounded and trapped, Goldilocks began to hyperventilate. If her parents found out that she had trespassed and broken a few laws in the process, she’d be spanked raw and paraded around town.

“Promise you won’t tell.”

Daddy Cub ran his scraggly beard over the fleshy part of Goldilocks’ thigh sticking out from her stocking tops, until he was standing at his full height—just short of her clitty.

“I see you’ve been a very naughty gurl,” said Daddy Cub as he reached up to stroke some of the dried cum and porridge caked on her teenage gurl-cock, “and naughty gurls need to pay.”

Goldilocks glanced at the three bears—the lust in their eyes, the undeniable hardness tenting their leather shorts—and made up her mind. Her own treacherous clitty already stirred in anticipation.

“I’ll do anything you ask. Anything. Just don’t tell my mom.”

The three bears grinned in approval at her desperate pleas. Then, they hoisted her up and carried her down to the kitchen.

“On your knees,” growled Big Daddy.

Goldilocks nodded and obeyed. Being ordered around by three hunky bears caused her clit-dick to lewdly poke against the fabric of her dress while her heart raced faster and faster.

“Now the question is, do we breed her or turn her into an unrecognizable mess for fucking up our house?” asked Daddy Black Bear.

Daddy Cub grinned while tugging on his nipple piercing. “I say we use the fucking slut until she can’t be used anymore.”

“Hands behind your back, blondie,” said Big Daddy, undoing his leather belt.

Hesitantly, Goldilocks put her hands behind her back, only for Big Daddy to fasten the taut leather around them as the other two sneered at her. Suddenly, a strong hand gripped her scalp and yanked hard, forcing her to look up at her captors.

“If you entertain us enough, we might just forget all about your trespassing,” said Daddy Black Bear. “Go on, show us what a filthy cocksucker you are.”

She felt her face being led to Big Daddy’s crotch. He had already let out his hairy cock, which stood proud and slightly curved under his pudge. The mean-looking fucker had to be thicker than her wrist, and it was well known that Goldilocks did not have the daintiest wrists in all the land.

Instinctively, she stuck out her tongue and circled it over his purple cockhead, sucking off the essence of heady crotch sweat, precum, and the slightest hint of pee. Before she could try and see how much would fit in her mouth, the hands gripping her blonde tresses forced her face forward, making her choke loudly as Big Daddy’s cock hit the back of her throat.

“That’s a good little bitch,” growled Big Daddy.

Goldilocks felt a smaller pair of hands fondle her porridge-soiled panties as Big Daddy began to thrust.

Mouth spread wide like a large ‘O’, Goldilocks did her best to swallow the massive bear-dick being shoved down her throat. Tears welled up in her eyes from the brutal throating while strands of spit dribbled over and stuck to her clothes and Big Daddy’s silver, unkempt pubes.

She could hear Daddy Black Bear fapping loudly while he watched her face get used like a worthless fucktoy. Below her, she could feel Daddy Cub’s fat fingers yank down her panties and start circling her puckered star.

Groaning, Goldilocks let the bears have their way with her. She didn’t even try to wrangle her hands free. A sudden intrusion of spit-drenched fingers stretching her anus caused her legs to tremble and a translucent strand of precum to ooze onto the floor. All the while, Daddy Bear grunted and continued to ravage her throat. The obscene gluck, gluck, glucking coming from her abused face joined the sound of Big Daddy’s slime-coated balls slapping against her chin.

“Fucking whore,” he moaned as his massive member swelled and spurted his spunk against the fleshy confines of her mouth. The pungent semen from a man old enough to be her father filled her belly as she tried to lick the still spasming cockhead clean, but Big Daddy pushed her off. “You’re such a cockhungry motherfucker; look what you made me do.”

A few more strings of jizz plastered themselves over Goldilocks’ youthful face before Big Daddy milked the last drops into her golden hair. With a satisfied harumph, he proceeded to collapse on one of the chairs in the kitchen, completely spent.

Slightly dazed, but undeniably turned-on, Goldilocks licked her cum-stained lips, thinking she had gotten away with it all.

“Oh, don’t think we’ll let you off that easy,” said Daddy Cub. “We’re going to fuck some manners into you yet.” With a clunk, the dwarf set down his dirty porridge bowl in front of her. “For starters, we clean the dishes in this household.”

Daddy Black Bear forced her head over the bowl. Goldilocks felt completely vulnerable. Her panties were around her thighs, her bare ass in the air, and her carefully waxed balls felt heavy.

Without the use of her hands, she looked at the expectant gaze of each of the bears, reluctantly wrinkled her nose, and started to lick up the cold salty remains of her own cock-snot.

“That’s a good gurl,” growled Daddy Cub. Goldilocks was vaguely aware of the dwarf and the black man stripping down to free their cocks. Whereas Big Daddy’s was girthy, Daddy Black Bear’s was long, but to her surprise, it was Daddy Cub who had the biggest dick of them all.

“Suck up all that filthy cum, you nasty fuck-bitch. I want to see it shine so bright I can see my fucking reflection in it,” commanded Daddy Cub as Daddy Black Bear flipped up the hem of her dress and lined himself up behind her gurl-pussy. All the while, Big Daddy watched as he twirled his flaccid cock between his chubby fingers.

“Beg for it,” said Daddy Black Bear, his hardened cock twitching at the entrance to her butt-cunt.

“Give me that big black cock, Daddy,” pled Goldilocks, gelatinous globs of old and new cum clinging to her face.

A great big hand smacked her ass hard in response.

“Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?”

“P-please,” sobbed Goldilocks, “fuck my slutty asshole. Just promise you’ll use lube.”

The three bears smiled and grunted in approval. Goldilocks’ thighs quivered in a way only someone about to get their ass fucked to next Sunday could. Something warm and lumpy trickled down her ass crack and over her dark star.

“That’s too hot!” she yelped.

“Shut up, whore!” Daddy Black Bear slapped her buttcheeks again, “You loved wanking with the porridge earlier, so you’re gonna love it as I fuck it up your whore-hole.”

“Oh, Goddd…” she groaned as her hair was tugged like reins and the throbbing cock at her rear entrance slid inside. She could feel a leather boot step down on her bound hands and pin her on the floor.

The burn from the stretch made her clitty ache, and the temporary pain when it got caught on her sphincter made her writhe. And when more hot porridge was poured over her ass and shoveled inside with Daddy B’s bitch-fucker, allowing access to her rectum and her prostate, she almost tumbled over the edge.

It wasn’t long before Daddy Black Bear was gripping her thighs and pounding away at her shithole, the slop overflowing and dripping down her stockings with every meaty thwap. Daddy Cub slammed her face in the cummy bowl for a final smear around before replacing the bowl with his big, hairy balls.

“Suck these too,” said Daddy Cub as he tea-bagged her glistening face.

With her own gurl-cock slapping against her stomach with every slam into her core, she did her best to slurp Daddy Cub’s balls into her mouth. Daddy Cub rested his massive uncut member over her face while she greedily massaged each globe with her tongue.

“Yeah, just like that, baby,” groaned Daddy Cub.

Behind her, Daddy Black Bear began to huff and to puff. His big black bear cock expanded before he let out an ear-piercing howl and blew his seed deep inside her rectum.

With a final lurch, Daddy Black Bear pulled out of her gaping fuckhole with a loud pop. A trickle of porridge and cock-juice quietly farted out into the gusset of the panties around her thighs.

Goldilocks whimpered. Maybe this would be enough, she thought. And for a moment, there was silence. Daddy Cub backed away—his impressive trunk of a member dragging over the floor as he did—and she was temporarily left to marinate in bear spunk.

Then, another pair of rough hands jostled her around and lowered her used-up butthole so it rested over Daddy Cub’s uncut cock. He slapped it around a few times before slicking it with porridge and poking and prodding her entrance.

“It’s not gonna fi-” she started to say, but her mouth-pussy was quickly filled with big black cock. There was a gamey, sweet smell as ejaculate, porridge and ass flavor all swirled around her eager tongue as she cleaned him up—taking in the scent of leather as she did.

With great effort, Daddy Cub’s throbbing cock nestled inside her pulsing poop chute, lubed with the gloopy leftovers from earlier.


Her world went blank as her insides were reassembled. Nerves she didn’t even know existed, hidden in her dark recesses, were activated as she took her ravishment with squeals of pleasure. The local farm boys wouldn’t be able to satisfy her greedy gurl-cunt after this.

By this point, Big Daddy had pounded his pud back to a proud erection.

“Fuck her good, Little C.” Big Daddy shoved his angry cockhead in front of her face. “Get me ready, little gurl, because we’re about to teach you how us bears welcome uninvited house guests.”

Goldilocks’s eyes widened as the two cocks in front of her face vied for attention. Already, she felt her clitty twitch as Daddy Cub continued to fill her more than she thought possible.

Balls against balls, two mean cocks filling her salivating mouth, Goldilocks found herself pressing her tight ass back into one of her three fuckers. So lost was she, she didn’t even realize when Big Daddy joined Daddy Cub behind her and pried her asshole further apart than should have been possible as they began to double dick her porridge bowl.

And when her eyes were closed, and her cockhead began to buzz with the excitement found only before orgasmic release, something ice-cold sploshed over her perfectly styled locks.

She couldn’t see it, but Daddy Black Bear, who had frothed himself back into a lecherous frenzy, had decided to empty the remainder of his porridge over her face and rumpled dress.

The unmistakable hint of nutmeg filled her nose as her eyes were glued shut. The thick mixture matted her features and dribbled down in slow motion as the cocks fucked the remainder down her throat and up her gurl-hole. The overwhelming cold and slick-slimy sensation sent the final spark. With a groan, the rings of muscle in her anus clamped down hard as she came in the ever-increasing puddle of porridge.

Daddy Cub wasn’t far behind. He growled as his fuzzy mound slopped against the lumpy mixture caking her buttocks. Goldilocks’ anal contractions caused him to shoot his fuckload up her messy pucker. Daddy Cub’s shaft trembled against Big Daddy’s as they reamed her in tandem. The sensation of his fellow bear and fucker cumming inside the same ass he was fucking made Big Daddy’s face scrunch up before pumping his own creamy contribution up Goldilocks’ thoroughly bred gurl-pussy.

With an unmistakable schlepping sound, Daddy Black Bear continued to abuse her face-hole. The landslide of porridge caused her mouth to look like a gaping maw as she gagged and moaned until he arched his back and let loose a torrent of sticky jizz.

After having her lick them clean one last time, and making her do a thorough inspection of each porridge bowl she had tarnished, the three bears were finally satisfied. With a grunt, they agreed that she looked juuust right and sent her on her way—hands still bound tight behind her back—with a warning not to go breaking and entering again.

No one knows whether Goldilocks washed off in the river first or went home for a good spanking, but whatever the truth may be, she never trespassed onto the three bears’ property ever again.

The end.

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