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Good Car

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Sveta always liked a rich men. She liked their big money, their houses, their self-respect and their cars. And being only the waitress in the small cafe in Toronto, she was very jealous about their luck. And she always dreamed about the moment then some really rich man will mark her and let her come into his life, without troubles about the money. She emigrated from Ukraine thinking that she will somehow find this life in Kanada, but alas! There was no anything like this here. Of course, there were a lot of rich people here, but they do not marked her!

And she was a beautiful girl indeed. 20 years old natural blonde, with a slim tanned body, full lips and blue eyes. She always tried to look sexy, wearing miniskirts and tight tops, when the weather allowed this, so she definitely had a slutty look. All the guys, of course, tried to seduce her, but she rejected them: they was no rich enough. And being a hot girl she wanted to have sex, but she opressed this wishings.

This morning was a most common and uninteresting. It was a nice weather, really hot and sunny day in the middle of July. There was no work at all, so Sveta sat on the chair outside the cafe and stared at the road. The thoughts about sex came to her and now was on the edge of the mind, waiting patiently for some moment to start warming her.

She heard the sound of car coming to the parking in front of cafe, and when she raised her eyes to look what it was, she saw him.

Well, first she saw his car: yellow Ferrari. She knew that it was Ferrari, but of course she couldn`t recognize what model it was, but it doesn`t mattered. It was a nice yellow Ferrari, very expansive car, and she knew it well.

Then she saw him: guy who drove this car. Then he parked Ferrari and came out of it, Sveta stared at him. He was tall, dressed very commonly, handsome-looking, and he wore sunglasses. Just a guy, very usual, but his car was most unusual, so Sveta looked at him admiringly. So this is at last: someone rich who parked his car just in front of her dull cafe! Guy looked at her and smiled, and she smiled him back, raising from her chair.

“How can I help you?” –she asked with her most charming voice. She thought for a second and hastily added: “Sir.”

Guy stood for a moment without answering, looking at her closely. Then he smiled and answered:

“I hope that you can help me, miss”.

Alan Freeman always wanted to fuck a waitress. It was his own small fetish: a thought about the young, beautiful waitress on her knees with his cock in her hot mouth. Sometimes he thought that a maid will be better, but usually it was a dream about a waitress that turned him on. He even used a prostitutes some time for the only one reason: he dressed them in the sexy waitress uniform and then fucked them with a certain satisfaction.

Unfortunately, he never get the chance to seduce a real waitress, but he tried every time he saw someone pretty.

Today he took a car that belonged to his friend Morris and drove along the streets without any clear purpose: he just liked this Ferrari and sometimes his buddy let him use it for a while. And after the fixbet hour of an aimless driving he parked in front of some cafe to buy some drink and suddenly saw her.

It was like if someone heard his prayers and created this pretty young thing just for him: blonde, blue-eyed waitress, dressed in short tight blue skirt and white top, sitting lonely in the sun. He smiled to her and she smiled him back, and said something about how she can help him, and she added “Sir”.

He looked at her, smiling, and replied her, and everything was going to be fine today. Finally he found what he searched for.

Sveta brought him sodium water, as he asked her, and she stood near to him, do not wishing to leave him. She felt her hands trembling a little. She wanted this guy badly, since the first time she saw his car. He could even be old and fat, and he was not. She stepped in front of him, seeing that he looked at her legs. She was proud about her body: it was perfect. She sunbathed almost everyday, and she never ate anything that contained cholesterol. She was worthy to look at, and she knew it. And this guy looked at her and smiled. His smile, perhaps, looked more like a grin, but Sveta thought it was charming.

“Can I give you something else, Sir?”

She wasn`t willing to go. She waited for his answer and hoped desperstely that it will something encouraging.

He said:

“Perhaps you will tell me what`s your name, miss?”


“Please, call me Alan. What`s your name?” – he smiled at her.

“Svetlana…Please, call me Sveta.”

“Such a beautiful name.”

Girl was ready. Alan was restless in his mind, even if he looked calm. This girl was just out of his dreams, and she wanted him. She looked at him, smiled, and talked with him cautiously. She think that I`m rich, Alan grinned to himself. And this thing matter very much to this girl, no doubt. Well, let`s use it.

They talked for some time, and finally she asked him about his work.

“Well, I`m businessman, you know.” – Alan answered nonchalantly.

“And…It`s a big business, Alan?” – girl asked greedily.

“Big.” – he`ll never beleive that he could lie so boldly. He worked on the gas station. But now he must tell her anything that will help him to get into her pants. It was easy task. Girl believed him.

“Dumb blonde” – thought Alan.

Conversation proceeded succesfully. It was good.

“Let`s have a ride, Sveta?”

A ride. In this car, with this man…With Alan. It`s unbelievable. She smiled widely and said:

“Yeah, I`ll like it, Alan.”

She forgot everything – her work, the cafe, she felt herself so arose that she couldn`t pay attention to this. It was not important. Sveta felt her pussy starting to get wet. She knew what this guy wants to do with her. She`ll be glad.

“After all, he is handsome…” – her thoughts was a mess. She smiled again.

“I`ll like it very much, Alan.”


“Where I`ll do this?”

Alan and Sveta was on the move. But where he can take her? Not in his house, of course. It had no expansive look at all, it`ll be fixbet giriş hard to pretend that he is a rich man there. It`ll be impossible. The motel?

But Alan wanted to fuck this little slut outdoors. Yes, somewhere in the open place. It was a part of his fantasies.

He suddenly remembered: a parking! New parking, almost finished, in the far end of the city. His friend was an owner of the place, and Alan had the key. There was no people there, building was empty now, waiting for him and this girl. Yeah, he will take her there.

“Do you like the industrial landscapes, Sveta?”

She stared at him with surprise. Alan looked at her tanned thighs, barely covered with her skirt, and grinned.

“I can show you something of that kind.”

Girl shrugged her shoulders and nodded.

Parking was a big building, standing apart of other houses, with several floors and a big roof, there was a parking places too. There, on the roof, Alan drove the Ferrari, after closing the gates after them with a electric key. Girl looked at the building and asked:

“Who owns this place?”

“It`s my parking, it`ll be open soon, Sveta”.

Just another lie, but what an effect! Girl smiled to her hidden thoughts, and Alan chuckled.

He stopped the car in the middle of the roof and looked around.

They were on the roof of the building, and no one could see them here. Around them was tops of the low houses, grey walls, but no windows. It was safe here…for what was going to happen.

He kissed her passionately. Sveta was ready for it. She kissed him back, feeling of his tongue entering her mouth was amasing. Girl leaned close to Alan, embrasing him tightly. He continued to kiss her, his tongue caressed her tongue, girl felt her juices started to flow out of her hot pussy. She moaned lightly, squirming on her seat. Alan suddenly stopped a kiss and whispered:

“Let`s get out of the car.”

Anything he wants. Sveta quickly opened the door and get out. Alan did the same and placed himself on the bonnet.

“Come here, baby.” – his voice was harsh of arousal. He sweated.

Sveta leaned near him and they continued their kiss. His hands wandered over her firm body, he caressed her tits through the thin material of her top. Girl moaned again, arching her back.

She thought they will kiss forever, but Alan stopped her again.

“Come, baby” – he said in a hoarse whisper. “Let`s look what I have for you.”

His cock was aching in his pants. Alan felt that it was erect now, and needed an attention right now. Girl seemed not to understand him, so he grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed slightly down, down to his fly, forcing her to kneel in front of him. She raised her blue eyes at him, her pouty lips smiling. Alan seized her head and pushed it forward. Girl murmured something and quickly unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt. His blue jeans fall, and she saw his erect cock, at least 7 inches long and very fat, with a big swollen head.

“So big…” – panted Sveta, her eyes fixed on his powerful member.

“Now ask me to taste it, baby.”

Alan looked with sense of unreality how her pouty, full lips moved and she breathed:

“Please, let me taste your cock…”

“Sir!!!” – Alan thought that his brain will melt when she pleaded:

“Please, oh please let me taste your cock, sir!”

His dreams was almost fulfilled. Now it`s time to start.

“Suck it, now!”

“What a slut! What a little slut!” – thought Alan, as she kissed his erect cock, licked the head, then opened her mouth and started to suck it. It was unbelievable. Her mouth worked on his cock, she sucked it, with a slurping sounds, her hands held his leg, as her head moved in a lusty rhythm. Never any prostitute brought him such a pleasure, as this girl, obediently sucking his cock, standing on her knees on the hard stone, moaning with pleasure.

Alan grabbed her head and forced his cock deep into her hot mouth, down her tight throat, and started to fuck her, feeling that his climax is close.

With a groan he unloaded, spurts after spurts of hot sperm, right into her mouth, sound of her swallowing his semen was something that Alan will never forget.

Girl swallowed every drop of his sperm and continued to suck his cock. Alan felt that it was not over, her lips worked magically. His tool remained hard, and after letting her suck it for a while, Alan pulled it out of her moaning mouth.

“Now I`ll fuck you, you slut, right now!”

Girl moaned her willing consent, as Alan turned her, and pushed her on the hot metal of the car, and raised her skirt from behind, and throwed away her thin white panties.

Sveta closed her eyes and arched her back, and Alan entered her from behind, deep and rough, and started to move. Her pussy was very tight and soaked with juices, and it contracted rhytmically, as he fucked her. Girl moaned and shuddered, as he pounded her, slapping her and pressing her to the hot yellow metal of Ferrari.

Alan looked at her arched sweating back, her raised blue skirt and her perfect ass, and while he fucked her pussy, he came to the decision.

“Now prepare for some real fucking, bitch!”

He pulled out his cock and pressed its head to her anus. Sveta tried to turn to him and said something, but Alan just pressed his hard cock, slowly entering her. Girl screamed something unintelligible, as his fat cock finally entered her and Alan thrusted it forward. He fucked her, her unbelievable tight rear entry, and as he listened to her cries of passion, Alan get to another climax, right at the moment then girl reached hers. She screamed: “I`m cumming, oh, Alan, sir, I`m cumming!”

And right then he turned her again, down on her knees, and his dirty cock was in her mouth.

Panting, she sucked and sucked and sucked it, scraddling his balls, moaning, and at last his cock unloaded on her face, covering it with a hot sperm.

“Now clean it, baby, suck me dry…” – Alan`s voice was weak now. Sveta sucked his dick, cleaning it, Alan slowly dressed and sat in the car.

Girl joined him, and they sat for a while, relaxing. Finally Alan started the car and said:

“It was good, baby. I think you`ll get back to your work now, and tomorrow I`ll vizit you again. What say you?”

Sveta sighed.

“Of course, it`ll be nice.”

She looked deep into his eyes and added with a smile:


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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