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Green Eyes Paralysis Ch. 02

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“Okay folks, we should be on the way soon. It was just a part that needed replacing. These buses get a good workout these days,” the bus driver chuckled, “Hope you folks are comfortable. The wait will be a bit longer.”

The driver sat in his seat, pulled out a battered newspaper, and began reading over his glasses. Suddenly, the driver sniffed several times, as if he smelled the orgasm that had just taken place on the back of his bus. He shook his head and kept reading. The driver was probably in his mid-forties with jet black hair, and hazel eyes. His uniform hid the evidence of a body that was maintained by hours in the gym. His skin was tanned from hours of yard work and outdoor activities. He stood at approximately six feet and three inches. Jamie couldn’t help but scope the driver with her eyes.

“How long of a wait will it be?” Craig inquired.

“Probably a good half hour at least. Shouldn’t be more than a hour I would think. I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and use the little boys’ room. Be back in a moment folks,” the driver put his paper down, nodded, and stepped off the bus.

Suddenly, a tongue snaked its way into Jamie’s mouth, and a hand softly fondled a perky breast, lightly brushing a sensitive nipple. Craig ended up on top of Jamie, kissing, and Jamie could feel the beginning of another stiffening erection. Smiling, Jamie began returning his kisses. Suddenly, she grabbed Craig’s shirt with both hands, tossed him back against the bus seat, and roughly climbed into his lap.

“Wh-,” Craig was cut off by Jamie’s kisses.

Jamie broke a kiss long enough to tell Craig to shut up, and she resumed kissing him. Jamie kissed a trail down Craig’s cheek, his neck, his Adam’s apple, the other side of the neck, and his chest. Jamie started lightly nibbling Craig’s neck, and Sakarya Escort he let out several erotic moans. Jamie felt a hand working its way up to her nether regions and a finger greeted her clitoris.

The finger traced circles on Jamie’s bare clitoris, since her panties had long ago been ruined, and the muscles in Jamie’s legs started tensing up as she felt Craig growing even more under his jeans and her pussy lips. Jamie began rocking as she kissed Craig, feeling the most erotic sensation on her clitoris.

Craig grabbed Jamie’s button-down shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. Craig caught sight of the bus driver coming back with a cup of coffee, and pushed Jamie off him with a quick warning of the driver. Jamie pulled her shirt together, thanking that the seats in front covered her chest. The driver sat back into his seat and pulled the newspaper out.

Craig slipped a finger back under Jamie’s skirt and continued the circles. Jamie squirmed and tried to stay quiet, but the circles were so intense against her clitoris. The risk of being caught was so great. Jamie suddenly got wetter as she thought of being caught by the driver with her skirt around her waist and pussy exposed.

“Getting all hot are we?” Craig teasingly whispered into Jamie’s ear, and Jamie nodded.

With his finger still on Jamie’s clitoris, Craig smirked, and called out to the driver. Jamie’s eyes popped wipe open.

“Hey driver! I have something to show you. Care to come back here and see?” Craig nodded at the driver, and the driver walked to the back of the bus.

“What’s going on here?” the driver appeared shocked, and Jamie arched her back in pleasure.

“As soon as you came back on the bus, this lady here began getting wetter as soon as you came back on the Sakarya Escort Bayan bus. I think she wants you to watch,” Craig chuckled, as Jamie squirmed more.

“I have to admit that is one amazing looking pussy there. I bet it’s tight as hell too,” the driver cocked his head as he checked out Jamie’s pussy, which is now heavily lubricated.

Craig pulled Jamie’s shirt back open, and exposed her breasts. He egged the driver on, and encouraged him to feel her breasts. The driver reached out and cupped a nice D-cup breast in his hand, squeezing softly and causing Jamie to moan. He started rolling a nub around with his thumb and finger, causing Jamie to open her legs wider and Craig chuckled.

Jamie could see the outline of a developing erection in the driver’s pants. She pulled him down by the shirt and began kissing him. Craig took over the clitoris, and Jamie moaned into the driver’s mouth.

“Unzip it please. I want to see,” Jamie moaned. The driver unzipped his pants and let out a massive erection. The erection stood out at approximately nine inches, and the balls hung down, almost as big as tennis balls.

“Sit over there and I want to see you play with yourself,” Jamie smirked as she pointed out a nearby seat with a full view of their seat. The driver sat in the seat with his balls and cock out, massaging his shaft.

Jamie stood up and removed all remnants of her clothing, scrunched up her hair, and stuck her chest out. She stood naked on the bus and spun around so Craig and the driver could get a look at her from the glow of the small lights. The driver began massaging his shaft harder and with more force. She turned to Craig, bent over, and began grabbing his shirt off. She made sure to bend over so the driver could see her nice, tight, shaven pussy Escort Sakarya in clear view. She stepped out a bit so her legs were opened wider when she bent over.

Jamie began unzipping Craig’s jeans, and she released another massive erection. This erection stood out at maybe ten inches, and his balls were also nearly tennis ball size. Jamie began kissing him and rubbing his shaft as the driver watched. She kissed her way down his chest and stopped at his shaft. She began licking the opening on the mushroom head, and she licked down the shaft. She traveled back up and took the head into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around the head inside her mouth. She got on her knees, making sure to keep her pussy, now dripping and leaving spots on the floor, in open view. She peeked at Craig, who had his eyes rolled back into his head and his head was resting against the wall. She engulfed the shaft with her mouth and tongue, working it fiercely. She made sure to lightly brush the shaft with her tongue with each trip up and down. She grabbed his balls with her hand, lightly rolling and massaging them. She moaned with the shaft in her mouth as she slid a finger into her folds and found her clitoris.

Rubbing her clitoris, Jamie moaned and increased her speed on Craig’s shaft, causing Craig to let out several moans of his own. Moans began traveling from the driver’s mouth as well. Craig grabbed Jamie’s hair and pushed her down on his shaft as he spewed streams of hot cum down her throat. She managed to get it all even though he spewed at least seven times.

Licking her lips, and standing up, Jamie turned to look at the driver. The driver was beating his shaft like crazy, letting out loud moans. Jamie faced the driver, opened her pussy lips, and exposed her clitoris. The sight sent the driver over the edge, cum spewing out of his shaft and hitting the window and ceiling behind him. The driver panted as he came down from his high.

Both men sat, spent and panting. Jamie chuckled as the maintenance man could be seen outside of the bus with the parts needed for repair.

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