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Greg’s Metamorphosis Ch. 06

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first two chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story.

Thank you PapaKilo14 for the editing


Chapter 6 – Playing the Field

For the next two months until graduation I became one of the school sluts. I dated through all of Lee’s friends and most of the cheerleading staff. They really didn’t seem to have much loyalty to Lee even though they were her friends, having no aversion to dating me even if it hurt her – some friends.

It didn’t bother me, if it didn’t bother them, so I dated and fucked every one of them, including Betsy Adair and Tina Miller.

Christina Miller was the only black cheerleader in our school, with chocolate colored skin and a kicker bod. Boy that girl was one fine piece of ass. Her muscular legs and ass gave me a workout I’ll never forget. Word got around school quickly about our tryst.

I couldn’t understand what have made me so desirable all the sudden, but I sure wasn’t going to let the opportunities go by. I was nothing special, but all the women told me I was good in bed. So I was just going to go with the flow.

Every time I saw Lee, she gave me a hateful, but longing look, but that was her problem. The problem was, I still felt I loved her, even though I was hurting her. I really thought we were soul mates, but what she had done still hurt me. It was funny however, that I never saw her with “Rocket”.

A crazy thing happened when I was taken a leak in the bathroom one day. Hank Reynolds, an asshole who fashioned himself a ladies man and then liked to talk about it afterwards, was next to me at the urinal and decided to open his dick licker.

“So, you and Kaylee are done; I may take a run at that myself.”

“Forget it Reynolds, you can’t shut that gash under your nose long enough to kiss someone.”

“Fuck you Grayson.”

“You wouldn’t like it, I’d just lay there.” And I just zipped up and turned around and walked out.


Candi said to me one day lunch,” Greg why don’t you give Lee another chance? She hasn’t been with anyone since you. I can see she’s really hurting. At first, I wasn’t for you to being together, but you become such a male slut, you need some stability in your life.”

“What’s with calling me a slut? I’m just a teenage boy living his life with the opportunities presented to him. Maybe I have been too rough on her, but what she did still hurts. I don’t know, maybe I’ll talk to her.”

“You do that Greg; prove to me that you’re as different as I thought you were from all these other idiots.”

Lee was sitting by herself at her favorite table and walked over and asked if I could sit down. She nodded yes and I sat down looking at her rather sad face and into her beautiful blue eyes.” How are you?” She smiled weakly,” Not that great really, I miss you.”

“That was you’re doing, not mine. You’re the one that cheated on me. Do you have any idea how much that hurt me.”

“Probably as much as it’s hurt me. Can’t we try again? I love you so much Greg.”

“We can probably be friends, but that’s all for now. It still hurts too much.”

“I guess I’ll have to settle for that. But I’m not going to stop trying.”

“Okay then friend. I’ll see you later.”

With that, I got up and went to my next class. When I finished with school I went home and did my usual power screw with Noell. I ate her to orgasm twice and fucked her doggy style till we both came. We got done just before our sisters got home.


On Friday I had date with Kathy Wosnicky, we went to the movies and then stop by Zoonies. Over my cheeseburger and fries we just talked about general stuff. At that particular moment I realized we really didn’t have much in common except for sex.

The waitress came over, asked if we needed anything else and gave me a wry grin. Her name was Kelly and she exuded sex. She was about 5′ 3″ with large breasts and slim, tiny waist that broadened out into a great, tight butt. She was one of Mike’s little and packed tight women. To say the least she was a sexpot. When she brought the check over there was a note under it with her phone number and she got off at 11 o’clock. I paid the check collected Kathy and took her home. When we got to her place we did our little rough-and-tumble in the pool house. Kathy was sure an active piece of ass and well worth my trouble.

I got back to Zoonies just at closing time and found Kelly. She stood with her head cocked to the side and gave me that wry sexy grin of hers and said,” I didn’t think you’d show. I thought you be tied up with your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend, just a friend with benefits.”

“So did you get the benefits?”

“Let’s just say I benefited from the evening.”

“You nasty boy you. Fucking her and then coming back here balıkesir escort to fuck me.”

“You knew there was a chance of that when you slipped me that note. Who’s the nasty one now?”

“Follow me to my place and I’ll show you just how nasty I am.”

I followed her to apartment complex, parked beside her, and followed her into her apartment. It was a nice little place and well decorated and spotlessly clean.

“Nice place, you keep it well.”

“After putting up with all the grease of Zoonies, I don’t like to come home to a dirty apartment.”

“Would you like a drink?”

“Just a beer if you got it, I’m driving you know.”

As she was getting the beer out of the fridge she bent over displaying that little tight ass of hers. I couldn’t help myself and I went over pressing into her back and wrapping my arms around her. I began kissing softly along her neck on the right side.

“You are a tiger aren’t you?”

“I’ve been coveting that ass of yours all night. I just couldn’t hold back any longer.”

“It’s all yours lover, just take it.”

I just dropped to my knees, slid up her skirt, and began kissing her ass. She began moaning and saying how much she liked to have her ass kissed. I slid down her panties and began by kissing her asshole. She really began pushing her ass back into my face. I slid my mouth little lower and began running my tongue up and down her juicy slit. Now she was really moaning and panting.

“Oh my God, oh my God, eat my cunt, make me come.”

I worked on her fervently and really loved my task. She had a good tasting pussy, almost as good as Holly’s. She was expelling so many juices that I couldn’t keep up with it, it was running down the inside her legs. Boy she was hot.

“Oh oh oh, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.” A giant gush of fluid squirted out of her gash into my mouth. I swallowed it all, reveling in her salty, sweet taste.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bedroom. She began stripping me, which I didn’t resist. When she had me totally naked she almost instantaneously disrobed. I have to say, I’ve never seen anybody out of their clothes that quickly. She had a fantastic body that I was impatient to explore. She quickly dropped to her knees, grabbed my dick, and began sucking like there was no tomorrow. She was good, alternating sucking and licking while deep – throating me. No one had ever done that to me before, except for Lee.

When I was as hard as a rock, she slipped off me, stood up, and dropped to the bed legs spread. Her pussy was engorged and spread open. I climbed between her legs, bent over, and began lightly biting her nipples while sucking.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me.”

“I had to suck those tits of yours, their fantastic.”

“Thank you, but I need you inside me.” At this, she grabbed my cock in her strong grip to pull me inside her. As I slid in I felt encapsulated by her juicy tight walls. The fucking we did was primal, with me pounding her and her pushing back as hard as she could. After about 15 minutes of this lust crunch something had to give and it was her.

“I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She came all over my cock and I reciprocated filling her full with my cum. As was my practice, I crawled down and began eating her again. Then she said something that ruined the night.

“I can’t believe you’re eating that nasty pussy, even my boyfriend hasn’t ever done that.”

“You have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah don’t worry though, he’s a truck driver, he’s gone for the weekend.”

That just brought back what Lee had done to me and instantly pissed me off.

“You fucking cunt, I know what it’s like to be cheated on and I don’t want to be mixed up in it. You’re a sexy lady and one fine lay, but I won’t have anything to do with you. That’s it.”

I hastily put my clothes on, and got the hell out of there. I was pissed off almost as much as the night did I caught Lee and “Rocket”.


When I got home, Holly was waiting up for me sitting on the couch reading. She asked me what was wrong and I recalled the night.

“Now you know how things like that happen, maybe you’ll be more careful from now on. Now you might see what might’ve happened with Lee.

“That’s different and you know it.”

That’s what you get for fucking two girls and one night.” She looked at me weirdly, and said,” Would you care to make it three?”

She just gave me her sexiest smile, and crooked her finger at me to follow her upstairs. What was I to do? I followed her upstairs to my bedroom and worked out my frustrations.

Afterward, we were laying there snuggling and she said,” Greg, this isn’t you, you’re not some whore monger, you need get some stability in your life, and stop doing all this fucking around. It can only lead to trouble, in the form of a broken heart or STD.”

“That’s kind of what Candi told me too.”

“Well she’d be the one to know.”

“What you mean, does she have an STD?”

“No dumbass, she has a broken heart. She’s been in love with you for years. Sometimes Greg you’re bartın escort not very smart or observant. The girl has had the hots for you for years.”

“Bullshit Holly. She’s never said a thing to me or gives me any indication. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.”

“Greg, her and I are good friends and we talk all the time. Why do you think she acted the way she did towards you all those months? The girl’s in love with you Greg. A blind man could see it, but you must be deaf and blind.”

“Holly, Candi’s my friend and I never thought of her in that way. It would just be weird.”

“Greg, didn’t you realize why she had been dressing so stylish and wearing makeup all these months and how she acted to prom. She’s been doing that to get your attention. She’s a beautiful girl with a fantastic body and someone that would be good for you.”

“I really have noticed lately how absolutely beautiful she is, but purely in a platonic way.”

“I’ll bet you have, I guess you’re not totally blind after all. She’s beautiful Greg and she loves you so much and has a lot to offer a great guy like you.”

“It’s just weird, I’ve known her all my life.”

“Just give it some thought.”

She got up put on her clothes and left my room, leaving me to one sleepless night.


At school everyone was talking about Dick Jenkins’ party this coming Friday night. Betsy Adair was the first to make a move asking me if I go with her to the party. I told her no because I wasn’t going to go with anybody, I thought I’d troll at the party. Then I realized, I had become a slut.

The rest of the week with rather quickly and normal, with the exception of one thing. When I had lunch with Candi I looked at her in a new light, noticing the way she dressed for allure, wearing just enough makeup to make her dazzle.

It’s funny how I never realized how strikingly beautiful she was before. Her layered auburn hair perfectly framed her face, her piercing green eyes glowed. She was actually quite unbelievable. I asked her she was going to the party on Friday and she said yes, with Hank Reynolds.

“Hank Reynolds, he’s such an asshole. I thought you could do better than that.”

“Well you jerk, he asked me when nobody else would.”

I just told to make sure she controlled herself this time and she blushed blood red. I got a chuckle out of this and left to go to class, while noticing that Lee was still sitting with her best friend Megan Myers. I felt a little sad for her, but I just couldn’t overcome the betrayal I felt.


When I arrived at the party alone on Friday night everything was in full swing. There were all kinds of drink to be had and I stuck with my usual beer. Candi was there with Hank and Lee was there with Megan and they seem to be doing all right, with several guys hitting on them. She didn’t seem to take up with anybody, but there were a lot of guys trying, not surprising me at all. After all, she was the hottest girl there. Kathy Wosnicky came over to me and kissed me on the lips saying,” Not here with anybody, lover?” I shook my head no and she told me to keep her mind if I wanted to hook up later.

During the party one of the cheerleaders, Allison Drummond at about 5’4″and a hottie, came up to me and said,” Why are you standing here all by yourself?”

“I was waiting for you, beautiful.”

“Well, I’m here now lover.” And then over to kiss her passionately. We made out hot and heavy for about 5 minutes in front of everybody to whoops and cat calls.

I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into an open bedroom. As I closed the door to the bedroom, she dropped immediately to her knees and began unbuckling my belt. She pulled down my jeans my underwear, grabbed my cock, and began sucking. I was amazed at her diligence. That girl could suck cock. I’d heard she was good, but her reputation didn’t do her justice.

She had me ready to come in no time. I warned her, but she just kept working. I stiffened and blew a large load in her mouth. She just looked up at me and swallowed it all. Then I pulled her up, got her clothes off, and dropped to my knees to reciprocate. She said,” Are you really going to eat my pussy? Very few guys will do that. They think it’s gross.”

“I’m not like other guys. Why would I expect you to do something I wouldn’t do? I love eating pussy.”

“Well you got a number one fan now, stud. Eat my snatch.”

I slid my tongue up her slit and reveled in her taste.” As I slid my tongue in as deeply as I could, I felt her walls trying to trap it there. It was like her cunt lips were like a mouth sucking my tongue, boy was she tight. She began bucking and shoving her cunt in my mouth as hard as she could and screamed,” I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, suck my juice.” I stopped as much of her juice in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could, she tasted great. I then lifted her up, being hard again, pushed her against the door, and slid my hard shaft into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight she was, this must’ve been what it would be like if I stuck my cock into a vise. I was so batman escort slamming her so hard in the door, I knew people in the hall and living room could hear the pounding. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and was going to lose my load soon.

As she spasmed and stiffened out her orgasm she squeezed even harder on my dick, if that was possible. I asked her where she wanted it and she said inside her, so I filled her full. She was one of the tightest pieces of ass I’d ever had. We got dressed, her using several tissues to clean herself out.


When we came out of the room several people started clapping, embarrassing both of us.

Kathy Wosnicky came up to me and grabbed my hand, saying,” You had your warm-up, now are you ready for the main event?”

. Candi saw us and gave me a look of disgust .Lee saw us and began sobbing, I kind of looked at her sternly, grabbed Kathy’s hand and left.

I took her home to our favorite pool house, fucked her to two orgasms, after getting my usual face shower eating her out. Boy, that girl was a fucking machine.


Over the weekend, after watching Lee’s behavior at party and thinking about my encounters with Kelly the waitress, Allison and Kathy, I decided to give Lee another try.

Word of the party spread around our core group, not only my escapades, but that Hank was spreading around that he got into Candi. I felt strangely hearing this, what was it, jealousy?

I was in the bathroom and Hank was in there talking to a bunch of guys. He said he’d fucked Candi twice, once in the car and once in her house.

“That girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.”

I just looked at him coldly and said, “What is it with you Reynolds, you’re such an asshole. Keep talking about your dates and you’ll be without any.”

He got in my face and said, “What’s with you Grayson, upset because you’re not getting any of that prime redheaded pussy? What are you, jealous?”

At that particular moment I swung out and punched him fully in the chest so hard it knocked him flat on his ass. He sat there with the wind knocked out of him gulping for air.

I truly thought I was a little jealous, although I couldn’t understand my feelings. Candi was my friend, I didn’t think of her that way, I didn’t have the right, did I? If she wanted to get herself some, who was I to say anything about To say the least it was a weird day.


At lunch I join Candi and Mike. Candi looked at me angrily and rather abruptly started jumping me.

“What was it with you kicking Hank’s ass in the bathroom?”

“He was saying all kinds of shit about what he did with you on your date and I knew it wasn’t true.”

“How do you know wasn’t true, who made you my Lord high protector?”

“You can’t be that self-demeaning, Candi.”

“What’s with this self demeaning crap,? I’m just a teenage girl living her life with the opportunities presented to her. Are you going to think less of me? You’re the biggest male slut in this school. You’re being kind of a hypocrite aren’t you?”

I couldn’t believe that she would be like that. I brushed these thoughts from my mind and decided to concentrate on Lee.


I sat down with her at the end of lunch and Megan excused herself and left.

“Lee, I’ve been pretty rough on you, haven’t I? You hurt me so badly and I was manifesting with anger. I have deep feelings for you and would like to try again, if that’s all right with you.”

“Oh God, Greg, you don’t know how much that means to me. I love you and I missed you. Seeing you and hearing about you with all those other girls has been killing me. I almost died at the party last weekend, seeing you with Kathy and Allison. “

“Lee, I love you too and I think we’re soul mates. I missed you, too. I guess the other girls were just a way of tamping down my hurt and frustration, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry Greg; I’ll never do anything like that again. I promise.”

“I guess this means were back together again, then.”

“Oh thank God, your mine again. Thank you, thank you.”

With that settled, we made plans for Friday night to go to dinner and a movie.


When I got home I explained to my family that Lee and I were back together. Molly said,” So you’re off to the running again, huh?” Noell and Holly just kind of gave me a little scowl.

Friday night was great starting out with me picking Lee up at her house. Her dad seemed very glad and I got the usual scowl from her mother. Her dad just said he was glad we were seeing each other again because it made his little girl happy.

We went to at Ed Murray’s steakhouse and were seated by the fountain. With the soft glow of the lights and the sound of the water it was quite romantic. Friday was prime rib night so we decided to partake. I ordered mine medium rare and she ordered hers well done, which I thought was a crime for prime rib, oh well.

As we ate we talked about life and are plans after graduation. She said she was going to State and I told her I hadn’t decided yet where I was going because of my field of study. I told her that State didn’t have an ergonomics degree in their engineering department, so I’d have to look elsewhere. I told her I was looking at Penn State and West Virginia because they had ergonomic engineering programs. She looked at me alarmed and told me that that was too far away from her.

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