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Guest of Honor…

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Guest of Honor: A Real Treat

After being asked to give a speech at the end of season tennis banquet at one of the local high schools I pondered what I would wear and what I would say to the young ladies on the team. Their coach had informed me that only the seven seniors would be attending the banquet along with her. I was nervous, the coach was gorgeous, in her early 40’s, sexy and oh so irresistible. I wanted to be a success and wondered if the athletes who were going to be in attendance would be every bit as sexy as their coach.

After taking a shower and putting on a bit of make-up, I looked through my clothes searching for what to wear. I chose a black nylon stretch bra, one that allows my curves to be shown and gives support while still allowing for a subtle bounce with each step. The lace accents along the top of the bra made me feel sexy. I then put on a black thong, with lace accents, and a little black bow in the middle of the waist band. I giggled a bit as I looked in the mirror at myself. I loved the way I looked in black underwear.

I then went to the closet and chose to wear my sage two-piece suit. I first slipped on the skirt, slowly sliding it up and over my hips, zipping the zipper in back and adjusting it until it fit just right. the skirt stopped just short of my knees, professional, yet sexy. I then grabbed the matching double-breasted jacket. Slipping into it, fastening the buttons, and adjusting myself so that it looked just right. I then slipped on a pair of low heel pumps, and walked to my upright mirror to make certain I looked just right for the evening ahead.

I imagined what it would be like standing in front of the girls and their coach, not wanting to appear stupid, or boring to them. I was learning to deal with my fear of speaking in front of an audience and knew a room with a few young ladies shouldn’t be a problem for me. I also found myself thinking about each of the athletes. I am bi-sexual, something I came to complete terms with my freshman year in the dorms on campus. These girls being seniors in high school, just three years younger than myself, would certainly be in the class of cute, but I wondered who was the prettiest.

As I drove to the banquet, I continued to hash out my speech, saying the usual things about being glad to be a the guest speaker, how much I enjoyed my days as a student athlete, the hard work put into it. All the basic things you hear during the coarse of a speech. I also thought about the girls, their coach, and how their eyes would be fixed to me the entire time I spoke. I felt both warm inside and a bit apprehensive.

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by their coach, Bethany. She was gorgeous and dressed very formal, but sexy. She gave me a very nice tight hug and then thanked me for being on time. I then followed her into the room where the banquet was being held. I was the first to arrive and wondered where the girls were. She explained that she gave me an earlier time to arrive so that we could chat. As we talked she told me that each girl in attendance was a wonderful individual. Each having their own list of admirable characteristics that set themselves apart from the others. As she talked I couldn’t help but notice the way she seemed to talk about them in a manner far more personal than that of just a coach.

I was about to ask her a very personal question on the matter when in walked the first girl. Immediately Bethany stood up and introduced me to her. Before me stood Lisa, brown hair, extremely physically fit, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tone, firm legs. I shook her hand as she smiled and blushed a bit. She was very cute, wearing a black pullover jumper, with a white short-sleeve tee beneath it. She had a nice amount of leg showing and I could only imagine what she had on beneath her outer clothing. She was so pretty with her hair pulled down, and I tried not to be to obvious in my glimpses of her. As we chatted I learned she also ran track, which explained why her legs looked so lovely. I longed to touch her sweet, tender body. My mind was full of ideas for the two of us.

Next to arrive was Keisha, a mixed oriental, she was very petite, and very pretty. Her body was compact and she had jet black hair that ran down her back. I was mesmerized by her beauty and as I looked her over, checking out her wonderful features I was amazed at how turned on I was getting. I tried to get a hold of myself, but it wasn’t easy for me to do. It didn’t help that Keisha was wearing a blue stretch blouse, and that she had left the top three buttons un-done. I couldn’t help but see her white lace bra beneath, and the cleavage from her wonderful little breasts. Her black skirt showed even more leg than Lisa’s, causing a flame to shoot through my body and end between my legs.

As I chatted about tennis and volleyball with Keisha, my attention shifted to yet another sexy young lady. Jackie stood before me with brown hair, a swimmer, and was owner of the perfect body. I remember her type from junior high and high school. pornhub She was the girl everyone looked at in the showers. We all wanted to be just like her. She was so sexy, and she knew it. Her confidence exited her body in her every motion. As I shook her hand I looked her over closely. She wore a pink sleeveless turtleneck and a white short skirt. I could see a subtle glimpse of her panties beneath, making me long to rip her clothes right off of her. Her pink bra strap was sliding down her arm and as she lifted her hand each time to place it back beneath her top, her belly, and more importantly her naval showed. I had the sudden urge to sprint to the restroom and fiddle myself before I met any more of the girls but more kept arriving.

In walked a blonde bombshell, with huge melons for tits. I wondered how she could possibly play tennis or any other sport without them getting in the way. The rest of her body was very attractive as well, but it was her tits that kept her a fan favorite. As I shook her hand she introduced herself as Cindy, and she had a great smile. She was wearing pink, sleeveless one piece outfit that showed off a lot of leg. The outfit zipped in back, the skirt falling over her nice round ass, and her bra, strapless, didn’t cover all of her breasts. A nice amount of cleavage was easily seen by all who looked. As she walked, I noticed that her panties made a V between her legs, making me long to see what she looked like in the raw.

As my mind raced out of control, in walked yet another lovely young lady. The coach whispered in my ear softly, “this one is family,” then introduced me to Tracie, a daughter of an in-law. She was so cute, long brown hair, pretty little doe eyes, and a track runner in the spring. She was so hot, her every expression making me long to just hug her for hours. She was the type of young lady you wanted to make love to and then just cuddle with for hours on end. I envisioned her in my arms, her every breath felt against my body as she slept in my arms. I couldn’t just shake her hand, I had to give her a nice squeeze. Amazingly she responded by opening her arms and gave me the hug I longed for. Her burgundy blouse, long-sleeved, top two buttons un-fastened, was made of silk, making her feel as if she hardly had a stitch of clothing on. The thin material allowed me to feel her wonderful curves pressed against me. Her skirt, a bit longer than the others, still showed off her sexy legs and her nice, perfect little ass. My panties were drenched, and I still had two girls to meet.

The girls coach just smiled at me, I was flustered and could hardly talk as in walked yet another sexy girl. Her name was Danielle, she was also a softball and volleyball player. She too had brown hair, and her build was slightly bigger than the rest. She had the large tits that so many softball players have. The ones that you long to take in your mouth and suck on for ever and a day. Her nipples stuck out in her pretty outfit, a green silk top, and a bra that had to be a thin fabric in content. Her nipples were large, and I longed to see more of them. She was wearing a black skirt, and her legs were tone, not quite as firm as the others, but still very pretty. My mind was full of nasty thoughts, and I shifted a little as I turned to meet the final young lady.

I was met by Allison, a slim girl with very long dark brown hair, firm tits, a truly sexy package. She had a one-piece, gray outfit that highlighted her wonderfully slim and tone body. Her bra strap was falling from her shoulder just a bit and I reached out and placed it back on her shoulder, quickly stating, “I hate it when that happens, hope you don’t mind me fixing it.” Her smile was a sweet as any I had ever seen and when I shook her hand I noticed she was trembling. I smiled and welcomed her, congratulating her on attending the banquet and being a student athlete. As I looked the girls over I knew there would be a sexy gal or two, but to meet seven of the prettiest girls at the tender age of 18, all in one night, that was more than I thought I could handle.

As I made my way to the table where the girls were sitting I chatted with their coach. I was asked if I liked what I saw and all I could do was shake my head up and down. I was internally trying to get a grip. I was having sexual overload, my mind and body racing wildly out of control. The night was no longer a simple dinner and a speech, it was much more. I excused myself from the table, walking to the bathroom, entering a stall, closing the door,lifting my skirt, lowering my panties, sitting down on the stool and relieving myself. I took several pieces of toilet paper, drying myself from both the urine I had secreted and the hot liquid of lust and desire that gathered in my panties from the sight of each sexy athlete I had just met.

As I flushed the stool, standing up and adjusting my apparel, in walked Bethany and asked if I was ok. I said I was and looked myself in the mirror. As I did, she moved behind me, placing her hand on my shoulder and moving porno 92 in close to me, her breasts pressed against my back. Her hand slid down the front of my jacket and stopped directly at the top of my left breast. As she slowly slid her hand inside my jacket, she leaned forward with her head, planting a soft, wet kiss on my neck as her hand made contact with my right breast, giving a subtle squeeze. I moaned softly as she then leaned in and whispered in my ear, “The girls will do as you say, they love you, trust your instincts, that is why you are hear tonight.” With that she removed her hand, turned and walked out of the bathroom.

My hands fell forward, breathing heavy, I leaned against the counter, getting a grip on the situation. What did she mean by her comment. What was I to do, part of me wanted to run from the banquet, but the rest of me wanted to stay. I ran my hands through my hair, fixing it, then with a pull on my jacket, and a twist or two to my skirt, headed back to the dinner table. A few words were said and we got up, walked through the food line that was prepared earlier and then sat back down at the table.

The girls talked a bit as we ate, laughing and giggling as they talked amongst themselves. A few of them asked me some questions about my background and I tried to be as honest as possible. A couple of times I looked to their coach for encouragement, receiving a smile as if to say, “Your doing fine honey, just answer them, they like you.” I felt very confident and listened to each of them carefully as they chatted.

At the conclusion of dinner we got up, refilled our glasses and put our dishes on the table next to the buffet. We then walked to a row of chairs that were facing a podium. Bethany went to the podium and began to speak, She thanked each girl for coming, and told of my background in women’s tennis as well as the fact that I had ran track and cross-country in high school. The girls looked over at me as she spoke, each making me feel so wonderful inside. My mind drifted off to a place so full of fantasy, thinking of each of them. I hardly heard the coach’s request for me to stand and join her at the podium. I could hear a couple of girls giggle as I looked up a little flustered, trying to get a grip over my feelings and I stood and walked to the front.

As the coach made her way back to her seat, I waited for her to sit down. As I began my speech with the all to familiar, “I want to thank you for having me as your speaker…” I noticed that Bethany first crossed her legs, then un-crossed them, spreading them a bit wider than most would, letting me catch a glimpse of her panties beneath. I thought to myself, stumbling through a couple of words, “Oh my god, she is trying to get me excited as I talk to these young ladies.” I continued through my speech, trying not to let on that I was so turned on by each of them staring at me. I looked out at them, noticing that beneath their skirts, some shorter than others, I could see a lot of tender flesh.

No matter how much I talked, I couldn’t keep my thoughts on the topic of tennis and women’s athletics. I constantly gazed out at them, taking in their beauty. I saw Keisha, then Jackie, Lisa, Cindy, Tracie, Danielle, followed by Allison, all looking straight back at me. Each smiling sometimes shifting there cute little asses in their seats as I talked. It was beginning to become very difficult to continue with my current train of thought. Suddenly all the lust, anxiety, rage, sexuality, and intensity of the moment took hold of me and I stepped away from the podium.

As if in a trance, I walked to the chair I had been seated in several minutes earlier and grabbed it, placing it in front of them and taking a seat. Each girl was now sitting before me, a puzzled look on their face as I looked them over. My legs parted, taking no care to adjust my skirt, allowing each girl to see my black thong beneath. I wanted them to see, to judge their reactions to what they saw. I could see one after the other peer down at my panties, looking at my legs, their eyes fixed on my cunt. My dripping wet, soaked shaved cunt that longed to be massaged, licked, and sucked on. I leaned back in the chair, asking if they had any questions for me about what I had said during my speech.

This time it was they who were speechless, them who could not respond when called on to react. I giggled as I though to myself, “Just minutes ago ladies it was you who laughed when I didn’t stand and walk to the podium when called on, now which of you will get a hold of yourself and ask a question?” I peered over at their coach who was smiling a seductive grin as she nodded in approval of what I was doing.

I became very bold, lifting my skirt higher up my thighs, then asking, “You ladies wouldn’t be staring at my panties would you?” My hand slid between my legs, rubbing my hot, juicy pussy through my thong. My other hand sliding inside my jacket, fondling my breast through my bra as I moaned softly. I could hear Tracie take a deep breath as qiqitv porno I touched myself. I looked over at her smiling, as she made eye contact, her face blushing as she shifted a bit in her seat, biting her lip childishly.

The next to make a bit of a noise was Keisha, leaning forward, taking an even closer look at my groin. I spread my legs further, tracing my pussy lips with my fingers, rubbing my slit up and down. I looked to Jackie next, the sex goddess, wondering if she liked what she saw and could see her jaw wide open, her stomach moving in and out as she took small breaths. The other girls were doing much of the same, eyes fixed to me, watching my every move. I looked to the coach who motioned as if to say, “You have their full attention, go for it.”

I lifted my ass up off the chair, removing my panties quickly, tossing them at the feet of Allison. My shaved pussy was now seen by all in the room. As I masturbated for them, running my fingers up and down my juicy cunt, circling my clit and moaning softly I looked to Allison who was staring first at my snatch, then down at my panties. I continued to masturbate, inserting a finger into my pussy as my other hand moved from inside my jacket to my waist, rubbing my clitoris, making me even wetter.

I nodded my approval at Allison as she reached down and took my panties in her hands. I said softly through several sensual moans, “smell and pass girls, just like show and tell when you were in grade school.” Allison lifted my panties to her face, taking in my hot, musky odor, twitching in her seat, as she then passed them to Danielle. She took in a huge sniff, smiling as her eyes closed. Lisa grabbed them from her quickly, taking a smell and moaning, causing me to slip a second finger inside my dripping pussy lips. My crotch was on fire as I watched the girls smell my damp panties. Keisha was next, taking a quick smell, as if not to be seen doing so, but knowing she wanted to the entire time. Next was Cindy, she took several quick sniffs, then quickly handed the over to Jackie. I watched as Jackie placed my panties to her nose, the full crotch line directly over her nostrils and inhaled.

Watching what had to be the sexiest girl in the entire senior class sniff my panties sent a whole new rush of blood to my pussy, causing me to slip a bit in the chair. I leaned back, spreading my legs wide, slipping a third finger inside my swollen pussy, my little butthole now exposed as I circled my clit with my other hand. I moaned loudly as the first orgasm rushed through my stomach and escaped out of my body. I watched as Jackie rolled her tongue over my panties, she was actually tasting my pussy juice, sucking my juices from the soft material. That caused a second orgasm to explode within me. I watched as Tracie took the panties from Jackie, so sweet and sexy, as she placed them to her nose, rocking her hips back and forth. I knew I had made her cum with the smell of my panties and the sight of me masturbating in front of her and the others. She was so precious and I felt so happy for her, knowing she was such a sweet girl.

Watching her little body shake and tremble as she smelled my scent drove me over the edge again and again, I was out of control. My three fingers digging deep in my pussy, my clit swollen hard, like a tiny little cock ready to be enjoyed by all. I closed my eyes and let my body go, ripping off another orgasm, so intense that I nearly fell out of the chair. I could hear the girls breathing hard, the coach now sniffing my panties as they had done earlier.

I was nearing the point where if something didn’t give, I would soon pass out. I slowed down, letting two fingers escape my pussy, only rubbing my clit softly as I rotated my hips a bit, the seat of the chair covered in my girl cum. I looked out at my sweet, sexy on-lookers, their eyes fixed to my every move. I took my remaining finger from inside my pussy and held it up, motioning for Tracie to get up and walk to me. I dropped to my knees, not even noticing just how hard the floor was and lifted her skirt. I slid her panties down her legs and licked her pussy. She was soaked, her pussy trimmed, and she tasted so warm and wonderful. She moaned and came in no time, letting me taste her juices as her hips wiggled from side to side.

I then motioned for Danielle who had already removed her panties entirely, as if to say, “Me next and its yours”…and I tasted her shaved pussy, so wet and full of warmth. My hands ran up her body, squeezing her melons as I licked her pussy, feeling her ooze with cum in just minutes. She tasted strong, very musky, and bitter, but in a wonderful way. Her pussy pressed into my face as I licked her clean, my face now covered in girl cum.

Allison didn’t have to even be asked, she was already up and on her way to me, smiling as I lifted her soft fabric, placing my tongue at the tip of her pussy and running down her slim pussy lips, diving inside. She was so slim and tasted so good, her hands grabbing my shoulders as I licked her beaver. She screamed out as she came for me, filling my face with her nectar, so wonderful in both taste and smell. Her pussy was hot, and her hips pushed into my face as she rocked against me. She fell down as she walked away, legs crossed, her hands rubbing herself, as Danielle comforted her.

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