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Hairelding a New Don Ch. 4

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I was jerked back into the present as the voluptuous Silvia continued to cock tease me. Papa called me and told me that at the end of the function I was to drive Silvia and her sister Athena back to their mansion overlooking the Mediterranean. A tall stud Frederico who was a capo of the Croce family also got into the car. The girls were a little drunk and Athena was openly flirting with Frederico at the back of the car.

The drive was a long one especially since the roads were poorly lit and as I settled down I could see from the rear view mirror that Athena was kissing the poor stud. She had opened his shirt showing very hirsute chest from where a gold chain hung but her hands were busy on his trousers. Frederico could not afford to stop the daughter of the powerful Don Luigi and I think even Silvia was emboldened by the activities in the back of the car.

Silvia placed her hands on my lap and said, ” Are you shy of girls”. I wish I could have said that all I had on mind was to strip her and give her the fucking off her life but I instead concentrated on my driving. Her hand crept up and was resting on my crotch. My cock started swelling and she looked down in astonishment as a big tent started showing in my jeans. I was embarrassed and her rubbing my cock did me no good though the pleasure that was running through my body betrayed me by the pole that was showing like a tent at my crotch.

Silvia turned back and as I looked at the rear view mirror Athena had just removed Frederico’s prick. She said “Athena look in front Giorgio has a large cock” Athena giggled her hands firmly placed on Frederico’s prick as she looked in front at the large tent in my crotch. “Hhhhmmmmm he’s big but I have Frederico’s meat in my hands” she said as she bent down and took his engorged prick into her mouth.

She pushed her mouth forward and took his erect cock into her mouth and she began to suck and lick his cock. But since bitlis escort he was still in his pants she stopped and she began to unzip his trousers. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang out from within. It was thick and rapidly hardening as she stroked it up and down. He hooked his fingers into the crotch of Athena’s panties and pulled hard. As her pussy was bared, I saw him as he stroked her curly pubes.

Frederico bent down over her stomach. He kissed her navel and I could see her treasure trail began from there into her thickening jet-black pubic hair as his tongue dove into it, he gripped the gathering of her skirt and tried to pull it down as far as possible as his tongue followed his hand and came to a stop just below her navel. He shoved his hands underneath her ass cheeks and lifted her up giving him a free access to her hairy pussy.

Silvia was now rubbing my monster cock but her eyes were riveted on the scene behind. I was unable to concentrate on my driving as I alternated between looking at the rear view mirror and the road ahead and I started driving very slowly. Silvia had unzipped me and was rubbing my prick through my underwear absentmindedly.

Athena’s body began to respond as she experienced the hot tongue skimming her hairy pussy and occasionally diving deep inside her. I think Frederico was gathering some courage as he rose and said, “Open your mouth slut, open it and suck my dick!” She turned her face towards the hard cock springing up on his lap and inserted the head of his cock into her mouth. It looked enormous! As he forced his way into Athena’s mouth. As she gagged and tried to breathe normally, Frederico began to undulate his hips and cause the monster to move in and out of her mouth. The movement of the car jerkily thanks to my rather bad driving I think helped the sucking motion as Athena sucked Frederico’s rampaging prick.

Frederico bolu escort was groaning as he savored the feel of his cock inside Athena’s warm mouth and low guttural sounds emanated from his clenched lips as he inserted two thick fingers into her wet hairy pussy. A squishy sound came out of her pussy as the fingers churned it into a dribbling mess and the juices flowed out of her lips and spread on to her hairy snatch. Athena’s head was still on Frederico’s lap, who had lifted her arms above her head and was holding them down.

As he lifted her arms her blouse slid off and like all true Sicilians her hairy armpits stood out like a beacon. It was simply amazing as long tendrils of coarse tufty hair grew in her vast armpit jungle. If sister was so hairy could Silvia be far behind. The thought made me squirm with excitement as I jammed on the breaks and stopped at the side I had to remove Silvia’s clothes to se her underarms. Was she as hairy as the hirsute Athena?

Frederico with his free hand extricated his gigantic glans, wet from her mouth and began to stroke it. As I looked back at it, I couldn’t help feeling overawed at the size of it. It was almost as big as Athena’s forearm and equally thick. Mine was certainly as long but not as thick. He held it by its base and wagged it in front of her mouth and then began to beat her face with it. Athena opened her lips and her soft tongue snaked out to lick the underside of his glans, a moan escaped from her lips. She stated to have an orgasm as she thrashed and bucked and moaned with the pleasure of her release and her body convulsed as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through her.

I now turned to Silvia the engine now switched of. I leered down at her and removed her top and she wriggled out of her skirt. Her fair skin shone like alabaster in the diffused light with her lush pubes and deep navel a stark contrast. I dropped to one knee burdur escort on the seat, spread her legs wide and slowly and then I undid my trousers. My cock sprang free like an angry lion. Pre cum glistening from the cockhead. I grabbed her breasts and removed her top and then I saw her underarms.

There was hair and more hair spilling out of her bushy armpits. It was a virtual jungle as jet-black hair glistened in tufts in her furry armpits. She had much more hair in her underarms than her sister Athena. Her pubes were lush with crisp black hair growing in a thicket at the juncture of her thighs up towards her navel. I marveled at the sight.

I took her pretty face in my hands and forced my mouth on her as my hands roamed the soft silky hair of her tufty underarms. I drove my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue. I kissed her with loud smooching sounds. I held her armpit hair and held it in a tight bunch and squeezed her soft swollen breasts. I knew she felt the heat of my blood-engorged penis. As I sucked her taut nipples haltingly I moved into her armpit jungle. If anything was an invitation for sex it was her bushy underarms. The healthy aroma, which emanated from her bushy soft armpit hair was “Fuck me” as I licked and caressed the long strands of bushy hair in her unshaven armpits.

At the back Frederico had pushed his entire prick inside Athena’s mouth and then grabbed her hair and he face fucked her hard. She was groaning as her mouth stretched wide to take in his massive girth. She began slowly to slurp on his big cock and with each suck, it was getting harder and harder until it was pushing at the back of her throat. Suddenly he groaned and a torrent of cum splashed into her mouth as Fredreico deposited his seed into Don Croce’s eldest daughter’s mouth.

Meanwhile Silvia my fiancée was struggling to take my penis in her mouth as she opened her mouth wide and took in my penis. Frederico was beginning to get worried. Having had his fun he was trying to spoil mine by saying that if we did not reach soon Don Croce would send out a search party. I gave the bastard a hard look. He knew as well that one day I would be the Don too and I zipped up and drove in though the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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