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Halloween Party 2015

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Female Ejaculation

Pam pulled into the parking lot of the local costume shop. Thank goodness her friend Melissa emailed her the address since Pam had forgotten her costume at home in her rush to make it to the airport this morning. It had been a long frustrating day and now she would have to get a new outfit for Melissa’s Halloween party. Fortunately she had made it through the L.A. traffic and was now only a few minutes away from her friend’s house.

Pam missed her since Melissa had moved to California after college. They were closer than sisters and had even experimented with their bisexual sides with each other. They shared everything; clothes, shoes, even men. Just the thought of some of their past exploits was causing Pam’s pussy to tingle.

Pam left her suit coat in the car and walked to the entrance of the store. Her cream colored blouse, pinstripe skirt, which stopped just above her knee and sheer nude hose, was typical of her daily business attire. She stood 5′-8″ tall but in her open toed leather pumps she was just an inch shy of six feet. She had long legs and a trim muscular body thanks to many hours in the gym weight lifting and aerobics training. She even trained in martial arts because being a 30 year old single woman living alone in New York City, she had to protect herself. More than one mugger has gone to the hospital after receiving a substantial beating from her. Pam’s 38D breasts bounced proudly with each step and now that she was on her own time, her long jet black hair was down and free to sway at her waist.

The store was huge, most likely an empty grocery store that was being rented out just for the month. She could see several employees in costume but not that many customers. As Pam browsed the adult women’s costumes, a young woman in a pirate outfit approached. Here name tag read: Dana.

“Can I help you find something?” she asked.

Pam was speechless. Dana was gorgeous with her long wavy blond hair, perky C cup breasts and firm hose clad legs all decked out in her buccaneer garb. The tingling in Pam’s pussy was growing more intense.

“Yes you can. I’m going to a party this evening and I managed to leave my costume back in New York, so I need to find something that will be over-the-top sexy. What do you suggest?” Pam asked placing her hands on her hips.

“I guess it depends on how much money you want to spend. Did you want to try and recreate the costume you left at home?”

“No, that one is a sexy NYPD cop outfit and one of a kind I put together over the years. I think I’d like to come up with something new.”

“How about a pirate outfit like this one?” Dana suggested slowly turning for Pam to see.

Pam took in every inch of the lovely sales girl, especially her firm fishnet covered legs. She had always loved pantyhose in one form or another and seeing them on another woman’s legs always turns her on. It was also apparent that Dana’s costume wasn’t a generic pre-made product. Its quality of material and personal touches gave it away. The lace lined slit that ran from the mid thigh hem line to just below her narrow waist was quite revealing. It helped show off Dana’s beautiful legs.

“You look very sexy in that outfit but everyone does a pirate now. And I’m so over the whole vampire thing it’s not funny. No…I want something new, something original, something that will drive the guys and girls crazy,” Pam locked eyes with Dana then softened her tone, “Do you have something like that?”

When Dana first saw Pam enter the store she thought, ‘Oh great, another rich bitch here to talk down to me when I try to help them find a costume to release her “inner slut”.’ But this wasn’t the case, at least not the talking down to part. She found herself strangely attracted to the tall brunette.

“Well, I have a few designs I’ve worked up for class you might like, but we’ll have to piece them together here,” Dana said unable to tear her gaze from Pam’s dark eyes.

“OK, show me what you’ve got.”

Dana smiled and led Pam to where the dressing rooms were set up.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Dana said then disappeared into the back.

Moments later she returned with a cloth covered folder. She opened it and flipped through the pages slowly, allowing Pam to consider her choices.

“Wow…you have a lot of good ones in here,” Pam commented; impressed with her work, “Which one do you like?”

Dana flipped past a few more then pointed to one on the last page.

“I like it! Do you have all the items here?” Pam asked.

“I think so. The body we can get in the dance area over there. The boots are in the shoe section and the hosiery will be in the lingerie section,” Dana said excitedly, “Are you going straight to the party from here?”

“Yes…it starts in about an hour or so.”

“I can do the make up here then.”

“Let’s get started,” Pam said feeling like she was back in college again.

It didn’t take long for the women to collect the items they needed and take them to one of the Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort dressing rooms. Pam stepped into the five by five box and placed the costume parts on the bench in the make shift changing room then sat down on a chair in the corner. Dana was about to close the door to give Pam some privacy when Pam stood suddenly and stopped her.

“Aren’t you going to help me with this?” Pam asked.

“Uuuhhh…yeah…I can, if you want me to,” Dana replied.

“It’s your design, and I want to get it right,” Pam stated with a big smile, taking Dana by the hand and pulling her in the room.

As the door closed the women found themselves standing with their breast touching ever so slightly. A shiver ran through Dana that even Pam could feel, making her nipples hard as marbles. Pam finally took a step back to relieve the tension they were both feeling at that moment.

“Where should we start?” Pam asked scanning all the items they had collected.

Dana took a deep breath then exhaled as if to clear her mind, “You should pick out the things you think would look good together then we can accessorize around them. Start with the leotard and work your way down.”

Pam hung the four choices on the wall mounted hooks. She studied them closely then picked a black, high neck, long sleeve spandex leotard with high cut hips, tear drop open back and a metallic sheen. She then turned her attention to the hosiery. She thumbed through different colors and styles, settling on a pair of black Lurex fence nets. Last but not least the shoes, or in this case, boots. There wasn’t much of a choice since Pam had already decided on a pair of black stretch Lycra boots that came up to her mid thigh with a 2″ clear platform sole and 6″ heels. Pam turned to Dana to see what she thought, but Dana had a concerned look on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Pam asked, “Don’t you like my choices?”

Dana looked at them then said, “They’re fine but we need some color.”

She went to the pile of hosiery packages sitting on the bench and picked up several of the colored tights and pantyhose. She held them up; one by one, against the leotard with the fence nets next to them in her other hand. She narrowed it down to two; a pair of blood red opaque tights or royal blue opaque tights.

“I think one of these might do,” Dana stated, looking back at Pam, “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure what you’re getting at Dana,” she replied.

“You need some color to make this costume really pop. So if you wear a pair of the colored tights under the nets, it will give us a second shade to accessorize with.”

Pam never considered wearing layers of hose; it was enticing to say the least, but the opaque tights weren’t her style. She grabbed a pair of sheer neon electric blue pantyhose and held them up next to Dana’s choices.

“I like these better,” Pam said excitedly.

Dana agreed and they both smiled at what was turning out to be a very erotic costume.

Pam looked at her watch and stepped out of her heels, “I’d better try this on before we go any farther.”

Pam and Dana were now at the same eye level; the heels of Dana’s boots making up the difference. Pam began to unbutton her blouse then turned her back on Dana.

“Be a dear and unzip me would you?” Pam asked with a flirty tone to her voice.

Dana wasn’t sure how to react to that. She was watching another woman, a total stranger, undressing in front of her and it was turning her on. Dana stepped closer and with trembling hands, lowered the zipper on Pam’s skirt. When it fell to the floor, Pam turned back around and removed her blouse; her large tits straining against her lacy bra. Dana let out an audible gasp when she saw Pam’s bald pussy through the ultra sheer nude hose she wore.

“What’s the matter?” Pam asked knowing full well that she was trying to get a reaction out of Dana.

“You don’t wear panties under your nylons?”

“Only when I have to,” Pam said running her hands down her thighs and back up over her wet sex, “Do you like these? They’re so shiny and sheer.”

“They are very sheer. Your legs look like they’re covered in baby oil.”

“You can feel them if you like. They’re very soft too,” Pam added lifting her leg to the stunned girl.

She could tell Dana was nervous but she hadn’t left, so she might be willing to go further, or so Pam hoped. Dana’s right hand gently touched Pam’s leg and slowly moved over her warm nylon encased flesh. The silkiness of the pantyhose was intoxicating and Dana brought her other hand up to feel more. A sly smile spread across Pam’s lips as she knew she had ensnared the young woman into her web of lust. Then as if nothing was happening, Pam dropped her foot back to the floor and lowered her pantyhose to her knees before sitting in the chair once more. After removing her current pair of nylons, she opened the package containing the neon blue pantyhose and stretched them out. Dana stood before her like she was made of stone. Watching this uninhibited woman undressing made her heart race and her pussy moisten. She never would have considered herself gay or even bisexual, though she liked seeing women naked. But now Dana was confronted with feelings and urges she had never experienced.

“Mmmmm…I like this color,” Pam said, pulling the new hose up her leg and pointing her toes at Dana, “And these are nice and soft too!”

The words brought Dana back from her dazed state. She looked at the brightly colored nylons as Pam pulled them over her knee. She repeated the process on her other leg then reached for her purse. She removed a small pair of scissors and proceeded to cut a straight line up the center of the cotton gusset, making sure to stay inside the reinforced seam. Pam placed the scissors on the bench and noticed Dana with a confused look on her face.

“Why ‘d you do that?”

“I’ll show you in a moment,” she replied standing to finish pulling up the pantyhose.

She adjusted the waist band then sat down again to open the package of fence nets. Pam expertly pulled them on over the first pair of hose and stood once more. The shimmering Lurex over the neon blue was striking. She picked up the scissors again and this time cut the center strand of the nets leaving the cotton panel unobstructed. When she sat down she positioned her ass at the edge of the chair and spread her legs wide then leaned against the back. The slit in the crotch panel opened, exposing her throbbing clit and wet lips. Pam placed the middle finger of her right hand into her creamy valley and drew it up to her sensitive love button.

“Now do you understand,” she asked Dana who was staring at her with her jaw gaping, “Easy access without having to remove any clothes.”

“I…I do…it makes total sense,” Dana stammered at the sight displayed before her.

Pam sat forward and asked Dana to hand her the black leotard. The girl complied. Pam opened the neck and put her legs through the openings. She was about to pull it up when Dana stopped her.

“Wait…You’re gonna want to take that off,” she said, pointing at Pam’s bra, “It won’t look good under the skin tight material.”

Pam chuckled, “You’re right,” then unfastened the skimpy under garment.

Her full breasts swung free and she massaged them briefly before putting her arms in the leotard and closing the Velcro of the mock turtle neck. To camouflage the dual waist bands of her hose Pam wrapped a broad stretchy metallic blue belt around her middle then put on a pair of silver opera gloves.

“Wow! You look even better than I imagined,” Dana exclaimed at the overwhelmingly erotic woman standing before her.

She placed her hands on Pam’s narrow waist and slowly moved them up the shimmering material of the leotard until they met Pam’s large tits. Dana didn’t know what was making her do this but it felt right. She was trembling again but this time it wasn’t from nervous tension. She was excited beyond measure; her pussy was on fire and she felt light headed. Pam leaned forward and pressed her lips against Dana’s. Their first kiss was electric, causing both women to shudder with elicit desire. Pam’s arms went around Dana to pull her close. She snaked her tongue into Dana’s mouth as their breasts smashed together. Their tongues dueled and their hands roamed, all the while they maintained the lustful kiss. Pam slowly turned and Dana followed. When Dana was in front of the chair, Pam urged her to sit then knelt on the floor between her legs.

“Do you want me to stop?” Pam asked while looking deep into Dana’s eyes.

“No…No don’t stop,” she gasped as if short of breath.

Pam smiled, placing her hands on Dana’s knees. She kissed her again then pushed her skirt up to her waist. Dana was wearing a pair of black briefs over her fishnets that Pam quickly removed. A tuft of blond pubic hair stuck through the fine mesh of her hose. It was from a narrow strip at the top of her pussy which was otherwise shaved clean.

“Well what have we here?” Pam said with surprise in her voice, “It looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t wear panties under her pantyhose!”

Dana blushed, shifting uncomfortably in the chair. Pam reached for her scissors and made a vertical opening in her fishnets, then dropped them to the floor. She lightly kissed Dana’s puffy pussy lips before running her tongue over her erect clit. Dana stiffened as a pleasurable charge shot through her loins.

Pam savored the taste of the young woman’s dripping sex. It had been a long time since she tasted another woman’s juices. In fact it was two years ago when Melissa had visited during the Christmas holidays. She remembered how hot Melissa looked in that tiny little cocktail dress, strappy high heeled sandals and those absolutely sexy seamless pantyhose. Pam knew when she saw Melissa in those hose that they would wind up in bed together, which they did.

“Oh…Don’t stop!” Dana whispered.

Pam realized she had been day dreaming for a moment and went back to lapping at Dana’s pussy. She flattened her tongue and pressed it into Dana’s moist cleft, scooping up more of her sweet nectar. When Pam returned to her clit she sucked it into her mouth and fluttered her tongue lightly over it. Dana squirmed in the chair as Pam continued to pleasure her like no one ever had done in her relatively short sexual past. It was all she could do to keep from screaming as her building orgasm rushed toward her. Pam unfastened the snaps of her leotard then plunged two fingers into her own pussy. She groaned into Dana’s frothing furrow, increasing her oral attack. Both women were drawing near a mutual explosion when Pam pulled back. Dana was gasping for breath, teetering on the edge of orgasmic bliss as Pam stood and pulled her from the chair.

“Why ‘d you stop?” she asked, frustration filling her voice.

Pam swept the packages of pantyhose and tights from the bench with her arm then said, “Lay down.”

Dana did as she was ordered and moments later was staring into Pam’s wet pussy. Pam stabbed her tongue back into Dana’s flooded womanhood, resuming her aggressive oral assault. Dana was captivated by the view of Pam’s dripping sex framed by the sheer blue hose and glistening fence nets. Her hands caressed Pam’s firm ass and moved down to her hips and back again. The silky nylon added to the erotic sensations she was receiving. Pam lowered her pussy toward Dana’s mouth, hoping she would reciprocate her actions. She didn’t have to wait long, feeling Dana’s tongue brush her aching clit.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Pam moaned.

Dana had never tasted another woman’s juices but now that she had, she wanted more. She licked up and down Pam’s dewy folds, trying to get every drop of her honey. Pam ground her pussy into Dana as she thrust her hips up into Pam. They were racing head long to a climax they both had been working on vigorously. They moaned and grunted attempting to keep their lustful cries from being heard by anyone else in the store. Pam crossed the finish line first and clamped down on Dana’s clit, sucking hard on it as her orgasm crashed into her. Dana exploded in Pam’s mouth. She stuck her tongue deep into the older woman’s clenching pussy as both bucked wildly. Their orgasms raged yet neither woman cried out.

It took several minutes for them to recover from the overwhelming pleasure they had just experienced. They both had tremors running through their bodies as they gently caressed each other in the warm afterglow. Pam final climbed off Dana and knelt beside her on the floor. She kissed her softly on the lips and licked the remnants of her own cum from Dana’s face. Dana was in shock at what had just transpired. Her mind was still trying to make sense of the emotions flooding through her.

“You were wonderful,” Pam said still kissing and licking Dana’s lips, “but we should get finished with this costume before it gets too late.”

Dana wanted more but she knew Pam was right. It wouldn’t be long before she would be missed on the floor.

“If we must,” she sighed.

Pam helped her to a sitting position then kissed her deeply before standing and fastening the snaps at her crotch. Dana and Pam immerged from the dressing room and went to a makeup station that was set up to help customers with the application of fake blood, phony scars and other such needs. Dana brushed Pam’s long silky hair and placed it in a tight braid with silver cording intertwined in her black tresses. She applied a silver tinted foundation then blue and silver eye shadow blended out to just short of Pam’s temples and added long false eyelashes with a sparkling glitter on each lash. Dana highlighted her cheeks with a blue blush and finished with blue lip stick and a silver lip liner. Pam put on large silver hoop ear rings and a pair of black studded leather bracelets to finish the look. She stood and admired her new appearance in the full length mirror by the table. No longer Pam the business executive, now she was Pam the Fem-bot or more accurately The Futuristic-Sex-Machine ready for action. Dana had Pam pose for a few pictures then helped her collect her things.

Dana placed Pam’s clothes neatly into a bag and handed it to her as they walked to the front of the store. Pam got several compliments before they reached the registers. A young man dressed as Superman gave Pam a long look as she approached. His eyes traveled up her thigh high Lycra boots and glossy hose covered legs, over the metallic leotard and silver gloves to her dramatic make up and long black braided hair. Pam smiled as she saw his gaze return to her shimmering legs.

“John…JOHN! Stop staring and ring her up,” Dana said snapping ‘Superman’ out of his trance.

“Oh…Sorry. That’s an awesome costume.”

“Dana’s the one who created it. And you’re right, it is awesome,” Pam replied.

The total for Pam’s costume was over $200 for the individual pieces plus another $50 for the makeup and application, but it was worth every penny. As John was processing the transaction, Pam wrote Melissa’s address on the back of one of her business cards and gave it to Dana.

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