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Halloween Project

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Halloween Project

By Braceface2015

Adult Chapter 1

After spending time with Jezebel at the party and what happened after the party, I began to reassess my feelings for her. Her wanting me to wear the face-bow was a little bit odd, but that wasn’t what was bothering me. It was how much more affectionate she had been to me when I had been dressed as Christine.

It had been a lot of fun to go shopping with her as Christine and it had been kind of thrilling to be able to try on clothes that hadn’t been for the costume. There was something about how other people had treated me when I was wearing my feminine clothes that had given me a very pleasant tingle in a way that I wasn’t used to feeling. After the party, I had packed everything neatly into a box and put it in my closet, leaving the braces and face-bow on the top for when we were together.

Jezebel had never said anything about me wearing the clothes, other than to comment that I made a very convincing female. I had to agree with her on that. Every time that I had seen myself dressed in anything remotely feminine, I had seen Christine looking back at me and I enjoyed how it felt, maybe more than I was willing to admit.

Finally I decided that I had to do something about my uncertain feelings. I had been wearing the braces in my room and felt very comfortable in them, even using the lisping bar to change my voice. I had noticed that I felt more like Christine than Christopher when I wore the braces and found myself acting a little more feminine than I was used to. And that I was enjoying how it felt. All my classes were done for the week and I was all caught up on my studying, so I decided to take some time to explore just what I wanted to do about what was going through my mind.

The first thing I did was slip the braces into my mouth, including the lisping bar, and brush out my hair, bringing some of it forward over my shoulders so that it brushed my chest. Then I packed my skirt and blouse into a suitcase, along with the lingerie and silicone breasts, and slipped out of my room, locking it behind me. It was a little risky to be wearing the braces where people might see them, but not as risky as wearing my hair this way. As long as I stayed on the back stairs, I knew it was fairly safe.

Once I was outside the residence, anyone that saw me would probably just assume that I was a girl sneaking out after a visit to her boyfriend, and I could avoid anyone that I knew easily. My first stop was an enclosed shopping area that had handicapped washrooms where I could change without being disturbed. I wasn’t sure just what I wanted to do yet, so decided to take things slow. Christine wanted to emerge a little more and the stockings and garter belt were just the things to aid in the start of my transformation.

As I stripped off my jeans and socks and pulled on the stockings, it just didn’t feel right to be wearing the underwear that Christopher had on, so that was replaced by the lacy panties that I had worn with my costume, and then the garter belt was added to attach the stockings to. When I had done a little research, I had found that the straps of the garter belt went underneath the panties so that the panties could be slipped down easily. It turned out that this was a good idea as I had found out during the party.

My jeans went on over the stockings and garter belt, and a little bit more of Christine emerged. I had the heels that I had worn to the party with me, but they didn’t go with what I was wearing, so I just slipped my trainers back on. As I left the washroom, I felt comfortable with what I was wearing, although the trainers didn’t seem right with the outfit. It was my intention to ride the tube and I started to walk in that direction, but the display in a shoe store window caught my attention. They had a season-end sale to clear out all their summer stock, and they had a pair of trainers that caught my eye. The colours just looked like something that Christine would want to wear.

When I stepped inside the store, a young male clerk greeted me and said, “Good afternoon Miss, if there is anything that I can help you with, just let me know.”

I smiled at him, and felt my lips slide over my braces. I blushed a little as I realized that I was still wearing them and tried to cover them with my lips again, then decided that since he had already seen them, I should just act as natural as possible. “You have a pair of trainers in the window that I would like to try on. The pair with the pink accents.” I hadn’t been talking for a while, so I wasn’t used to the braces yet and my speech had a bit of a lisp to it. My blush deepened slightly as I heard the lisp, and my voice came out sounding so feminine, just the way that Christine’s had during the party.

When he asked me what size I wore, I said, “It depends on the shoe.” I knew that Jezebel and I were close to the same size, but I didn’t know what size that was. “Have a seat and I’ll measure your sakarya seks hikayeleri feet.” As I sat down, he took my left foot in his hand and slipped off my shoe, leaving my stocking-clad foot exposed while he went to get a tool to measure my foot. I had enough time to look at my unpolished toes before he returned.

It felt different having my foot measured with stockings on. I could feel the wood of the tool moving against my sole as he adjusted the sliders against my foot, getting my correct size. It also seemed as if he was slightly caressing my foot, and it seemed to take a little longer than I expected to get my measurements. Finally, he set my foot on the floor again and left to get the correct size.

When he returned, he had a couple of boxes. The first one he opened had the pair of trainers that I had requested. I expected that he would just hand them to me after removing the paper from inside them, but he knelt and took my foot and put it on. When he picked up my other foot and removed my shoe, this time I knew that he was caressing my foot as he put the shoe on for me. “Walk around a little and see if they are comfortable, Miss. It is important that they fit right. If you want to see how they look, there is a mirror on the wall at the end of the aisle.”

As I walked towards the mirror, I could see him watching me. It didn’t even occur to me that I was walking differently. I was walking the way that Christine did, with a bit of a sway to my hips and my feet one in front of the other rather than spread like usual. As I stood in front of the mirror looking at my feet, I turned from side to side, then ran my fingers through my hair, bringing a little more over my chest. I also looked at how my jeans just didn’t look quite right. They didn’t hug my waist and hips, and needed to be a little shorter so that my stocking-clad ankles would be visible. I pulled on the material, raising the cuffs so that my ankles were on display. That looked so much better.

I had already decided to buy the trainers when I sat down again, but he had another box open and said, “I hope that you don’t mind, but I brought a couple of other pairs of shoes that I thought you might like.” Inside the box were a pair of shoes that looked very much like what I had on except for one significant difference, they had a 2-inch wedge-heel on them. “These were sent to us as part of a shipping error. They only sent a few and it was cheaper to let us keep them than it was to send them back. Would you like to try them on?”

The woman in me just couldn’t resist trying on the shoes, so rather than say yes, I placed my foot on his lap and waited for him to change my shoes for me. As he removed my shoe, I felt his hand rub against my foot again. This time I knew it was deliberate and I decided to have a little fun with him. When I placed my other foot in his lap, I placed it as close to the top of his thighs as I could, then waited while he removed my shoe. When he turned to pick up the new shoe, I rubbed my stocking-clad foot against the inside of his thighs. I didn’t intend to, but my toes went a little higher than I expected and rubbed against the front of his pants. We both paused briefly, and then I felt the bulge my toes were resting on get a little bigger.

I flexed my toes a little, massaging the bulge and feeling it respond by becoming stiffer. When I realized just what I was doing, I blushed and withdrew my foot, holding it between us so that he could put the shoe on it. When I felt his hands shaking a little putting the shoe on, I grinned and my lips slid over the metal brackets again, exposing my braces. His eyes shifted to my mouth and I gave in to the urge to lick my lips.

This time, when I walked to the mirror, my posture was altered by the height of the heels and I felt my chest stick out more. My hips are at a different angle than before and it affected how I walked, giving them more of a wiggle. As I got closer to the mirror, I observed how the shoes looked on my feet and how they had changed how I was walking. I also saw that my nipples had become engorged and were showing through my shirt because of how my flat chest was pressing against my t-shirt.

I took my time admiring how I looked, adjusting my hair a little over my shoulders and chest, turning from side to side and pulling the legs of my jeans up a little to expose my ankles and some of my lower legs. The shoes looked so much better when more of my stocking-clad feet were visible. I grinned as I walked back to where he was still kneeling by the chair, giving him a long look at my braces-enhanced smile.

“I’ll take both pairs of shoes. I really like how these look and feel, so if it is okay, I’d like to keep them on.”

Then the bell above the door chimed as an older lady opened the door and walked in. The salesman carefully placed the first pair of shoes in one box and my old shoes in the second box and stood up, holding the boxes in front of himself, hiding the bulge that was visible in his pants. I was actually kind of flattered that I could have that effect on him, despite being flat-chested and wearing braces. Even the clothes that I was wearing weren’t very flattering, and I had still been able to induce a noticeable reaction from him.

As I walked to the counter at the front, he carried the boxes for me, hiding his erection until he was behind the counter. One of his hands discretely repositioned the bulge in his pants, making it a little less obvious. I pretended not to notice, but still smiled and licked my lips as he rang in my purchases.

“Because the shoes that you are wearing never were billed to us, I can let you have them for free.” His eyes focused on my mouth as my smile got bigger and more of my braces came into view.

When he handed me the receipt, he had changed the wording at the bottom by adding a comma so that it read, “Please, come again” instead of “please come again.” It was only a small change, but the big metal-enhanced smile I gave him conveyed my understanding of what he wanted me to know. We had both enjoyed our brief interaction.

As I pulled open the door to leave, I turned to him one last time and licked my lips, then gave him a big braces-enhanced smile before pursing my lips and blowing him an air kiss.

Chapter 2

My mind replayed the interaction with the salesman in the shoe store as I walked towards the tube station. It had been fun to tease and flirt with him, especially towards the end. Then I walked past a window with a reflective coating and saw how I looked. The shoes looked nice and my posture appeared feminine, if a bit flat-chested, but the jeans just didn’t look right. They were ruining the whole look. It looked as if I had raided my boyfriend’s closet and taken his jeans and t-shirt.

I knew that there were a few stores that specialized in denim clothing and hoped that I could find one close by. The simplest way would be to use the search app on my phone, which I had stuck in my pocket before leaving my room. A few minutes later, I had the address and directions on where to go. It was just a short ride on the Tube to reach my destination.

When I walked in the door, I knew that I would find what I was looking for. One side had racks and shelves full of stuff for guys, the other, larger area, had stuff for females and that is where I headed. I went to one of the empty changing rooms and left the bag with my shoes and my suitcase on the seat, then began browsing through the selection of denim pants. The selection of jeans was considerably larger than I was used to as a male, and I wasn’t sure where to start. There was a manikin displaying the style of jeans that each table had and it helped to narrow down my search a little.

After shopping with Jezebel for my Halloween costume, I had a fairly good idea of what size to look for and it didn’t take me long to find a few pairs that I liked the look of. I picked out a few different styles of jeans and took them to the changing room to try on. Some I rejected as soon as I tried them on, others I set aside to try on again. Eventually I narrowed it down to three pairs. Rather than keep having to take off my shoes each time, I just left them off and walked around in my stockings when I picked out a pair in a smaller size.

The first pair was a distressed denim and had holes placed on the legs. They appealed to me because they had some stretch to them and fit snug against my legs. I also liked that the dark colour of my stockings was visible through the holes, and that the skin above my stockings was visible through the holes beneath the pockets. They gave me a slightly rebellious feminine look.

The second pair was a capris style and ended above my calves. The tag inside said that they were a mid-rise slim-fit and sat between my waist and my hips. I liked how much of my lower legs were showing, especially when I put my shoes on. They had a slightly looser fit and a nice casual look to them.

The last pair was my favourite. The first time I tried them on, they were too loose, so I had selected a pair two sizes smaller. The label inside said that they were a size 4 and that they were jeggings, with a cotton spandex blend. They were very figure-hugging, and the straps of my garterbelt and the tops of my stockings were visible beneath the material on my thighs. And with the zipper starting at the back and running underneath the crotch, the unladylike bulge in the front had been very noticeable.

When Jezebel and I had gone shopping for lingerie for my costume, she had suggested that I buy a variety of panties so that I could find which were comfortable and which I preferred. After a little experimentation, I had found that the spandex thong panties fit and felt the best. I found that the thong panties also gave a smoother look underneath the skin-tight jeggings. From the back, there were no panty lines visible. Now I found another advantage to the thong panties that I was wearing. There was a second layer of material sewn inside and it formed a pocket.

After a little bit of experimentation, I found that it was the perfect size to tuck my shaft into, and when I pulled the thong into place around my hips, the bulge that had been showing before had disappeared. When I pulled the jeggings up and did up the zipper, there was no bulge in the front anymore, and the material fit so snugly between my legs that it looked as if the fabric was sitting between the outer lips of my pussy. As I rubbed my hand over my flat crotch, I felt a very pleasant tingle just where my clit would be if I was a female.

The bottom of the t-shirt that I was wearing was long enough that the hem landed just slightly above my crotch, partially covering it. Every time that I turned to the side or bent over, the fabric of the t-shirt lifted slightly and my crotch was revealed.

With my new shoes on, I found that I really liked how I looked. And my body was responding in a feminine way. My nipples had become hard again and were visible against the fabric of my t-shirt, especially with the way that my posture had changed with the 2-inch heels on my shoes.

After trying on all three pairs of jeans again, this time with the heels on, I tried to decide which pair to buy. Then I made a very feminine decision, I just picked all three pairs up and took them to the front of the store to pay for them.

It was obvious that the store wasn’t very busy usually, because the girl at the till had her books spread out behind the counter and had been studying while I had been trying on the jeans. When I placed the two pairs of jeans on the counter and handed her the tag for the jeggings I was wearing, she gestured to the sign on the window and said, “You don’t have quite enough here to get the discount. Why not see if there is anything else that you like before I put the sale through. There’s a discount rack at the back that has some stuff in your size.” Then she smiled at me and I saw the ceramic brackets on her teeth. “If you don’t mind me saying so, I really like your shoes. They go well with those jeans. I just wish that I had the courage to dress that sexy. My boyfriend would love it if I wore jeans that fit me that nicely. I’m sure that your boyfriend won’t be able to keep his hands off your sweet ass.”

I smiled at her, letting my metal brackets show, thanked her for the kind comment and asked if she could store my suitcase while I looked around the store a little more. I took my phone with me, just like I always did, and went looking for the discount rack. It turned out that there were two racks of clothes and it didn’t take me long to notice that most of them were odd sizes. They had been sorted by size at one time, but as people had looked through them, they had become mixed. After looking through the rack with the extra-small, small and medium-sized clothes, and not finding anything that interested me, I moved to the rack with the larger sizes. I could see that none of them would fit my small frame and was almost finished flipping through them when a flash of pink, followed by something with a black pattern caught my eye. Tangled up with an enormous sweater were a couple of t-shirts with X/S tags on them.

After carefully separating them from the sweater, I took them to the changing room. I didn’t think they would fit, but they were the only thing on the rack that had interested me, so I might as well try them on. They were different lengths, with the pink shirt being long enough to cover my hips and the second shirt just long enough to reach the top of the jeggings. They both had the same pattern on the top, extending around to be the back.

As I slipped on the pink shirt, I found that there was quite a bit of stretch to the fabric and that it felt nice and soft as it settled against my body, much more comfortable than the shirt I had just removed. Having settled it into place and smoothed out the wrinkles, I took a look in the mirror and turned from side to side. The pattern on the top of the fabric finally made sense. What I had first mistaken for dark pink lines was actually convincingly patterned to look like lingerie, specifically a strapless lace basque. When I turned around and looked at the back in the mirror, there was a line of hooks and loops visible, just like would be on the real item. Below that, circling around the waist, was a strip of matching dark pink that simulated a belt that looked as if it was passing through belt loops to hold a dark pink skirt in place. The bottom hem of the shirt just barely covered the cleft in the crotch of the jeggings.

I looked at my phone sitting on the bench and figured that I should do something that I had seen lots of the girls at school doing, and started to take a few selfies. Many times they did it in front of mirrors so that they could see both the front and the back of an outfit at the same time, so I did the same thing, changing my position so that I captured myself from the front and side at different angles. When I scrolled through the images, I noticed that the pink pattern on the shirt gave the illusion that I had some shape to my chest. The pictures from the side were even more convincing.

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