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Halloween Story: Things that go *Bump* *Bump* Bump* In the night!

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Double Penetration

Belisa, a 23 year old in college was invited by a couple of her college friends who got personal written invitations from Amelia, the campus’ number one weirdo. Initially, Belisa was worried that she would be gate crashing so she went to find Amelia and ask her in person. When she found her, Amelia beamed mischievously when Belisa asked it was OK to come along and assured her that she was most welcome. Although Belisa was really happy for the acceptance she felt something was a little off the way Amelia looked at her, the same way she looked at every other college girl who was invited or asked to come along to this party at Amelia’s house. She later decided that as long as she stayed close to her friends and not drink anything potentially spiked, she will be fine. Besides with about 40 women from the same campus going and no men allowed it should be safe enough.

Later on Belisa stood out on the side walk, waiting for her friends to pick her up. She didn’t really take Halloween very seriously so she just decided to wear her favourite dungarees with a red T-Shirt and white shoes. She just wanted to be comfortable, have a laugh and dance anyhow.

Crystal and Amy arrived in an open top car.

“Hey, Belly!” Called Crystal, a slender young blond who was in the front side seat.

“Don’t call me that, you know I hate that!” Replied Belisa half laughing, she she got into the middle back seat.

Amy, who is driving, drives the three of them away as Belisa closes the passenger door. She was wearing a gray tank top with tight blue jeans and black tall leather boots, all of which compliment her figure as she has a chiseled athletic body, for a gymnast she worked hard to earn the right to wear what she likes and feel good about it.

Amy has wild eyes blue and a sexy grin as she looks at Belisa through her rear mirror.

“Is that what you’re wearing tonight!?” She asks looking disappointed at Belisa’s lack of originality.

“You can talk, Amy!” Replied Crystal “I’m the only one that made an effort for Halloween!” Crystal is wearing a tight skimpy ‘witch’ outfit with black laced stockings which made her appear more slutty than halloweeny.

Amy rolled her eyes, “This is why I don’t like Halloween, I used to like it for the scares now its just a sexual fetish.”

Crystal teases her back, “Oh and that’s why you picked the hottest outfit you could find? Haha!”

“Oh trust me, babe you haven’t ever seen me in my hottest outfit!” Amy counters.

Belisa sat forward so she can plant herself between Amy and Crystal.

“You know where we’re going?” She asks.

“Never been there.” replied Crystal “But I have it on the SATNAV based on Amelia’s text.”

Belisa has only met Amelia once or twice but only on campus, so she asks. “So, have you guys spent time with Amelia before? What is she like?”

Crystal and Amy had to think for a moment because it was a question that didn’t occur to them, although Amelia always appeared to be very friendly and often a teaser, they didn’t know anything about her.

Crystal answered first, “To be honest, I don’t know her that well. I mean she’s a total weirdo but I think that’s part of her charm.”

“This is a girls only party, do you think she’s a lesbian? Not that is matters.” Amy quickly added.

“It’s possible, why, is that why your coming, Amy? Well I don’t blame you, she’s got a nice body.”

“Na, just like to be at a party where no boys will try and rub themselves off on me. Sometimes I get sick of it when I’m not in the mood.”

Belisa sat back thinking. Amy notices her face in the mirror.

“Bel’ are you nervous?”

“Not as such, just… I wish I knew what kind of party it will be. I don’t like going to new places not knowing what will be.”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll be right beside ya, no matter what.” Amy assured her.

Belisa took some solace from that, Amy is like a big sister to her.

By 5:30pm they arrive at the location on the SATNAV, it was a house out in the countryside, it was incredible, it’s like a big old mansion or something!

Outside there are Halloween pumpkins and candles placed everywhere around the front yard and along the gritty dirt path to the front door. The mansion itself must be at least 3 stories high and large enough to place a small shopping mall inside! Some of the women were still gawking as they entered the main hall and then further down into a massive room with a very high ceiling with a large stair well in the center of the room leading up to a perpendicular walkway on the upper level that leads to other parts of the house, it has a elegant red carpet laying the path. There is a sign over the doorway to the entrance of this room that is marked the ‘Entertainment Lounge’.

There Amelia was waiting, smiling in her tight, black evening gown, as it was Halloween someone might have mistaken her outfit as a Morticia Addams costume. Little would they realize that she was not in a costume, it was her ceremony robe. She greets some of the guests and encourage them to relax, have a drink and enjoy themselves while she finishes the final preparations for tonight’s party.

Amelia is quite tall with a slender body with very deep black hair that goes all the way down her back, her face is very sharp and glamorous. Her complexion is somewhat pale but not pale enough to raise suspicion of her true origins; for you see she has a secret that will soon involve these clueless, beautiful women.

It is the night of Halloween, Amelia has planned this party night since last year with 40 college girls attending what they believe will be a humble little dance party.

She chose each of them carefully, ranging from 19 to 32, a mixture of slender beautiful women. Athletic like Amy or voluptuous like Belisa. However they were not invited just for their shapes but for their ‘unique minds’. It is almost time for fun and games, or in this case games then fun!

Almost all of the women are still taken back by how big the place was. The entertainment lounge is big enough to have a dance floor and still leave room for all of the rich comfortable furniture that was placed randomly around the room.

Outside the sun was almost gone, the walls in the lounge appeared grey and gloomy until the lights came on and then the room became bright and colorful.

Amy and Belisa came across some punch with some plastic cups while talking and laughing with some of the other guests, some of them they knew and others they made introductions with. Belisa looked around room and observed the guests, some of them have been drinking the punch and sodas and seemed perfectly alright but she will wait a little longer before she drinks, just in case. She took a cup with Amy and they stood and looked around the room.

“This is some place!” Said Amy.

“I’ll say! I’m surprised Amelia didn’t invite more. Why do you think it’s a girl’s only invite?”

“Beats me, but I am so looking forward to seeing what Amelia has got planned because this doesn’t look much like where the dancing is going to be.”

Belisa glanced at Amelia who was coming down the stairs on the middle of the room. She half turned to Amy. “Does she strike you as a little odd.”

“Hell yeah, I guess that’s why I find it interesting because it’s different from all the usual Halloween parties.” Amy said proudly.

Amelia stopped at the bottom of the stairs, she looks onto all of her guests that are situated at the front of the lounge. Her excitement betrayed a smile from her lips. She raises her hands over her head and claps twice, everyone turned to attention.

“Happy Halloween everyone, I am so happy to have you all here tonight in my home. I’m sure you’ll find this occasion a bit.. unorthodox, but you may also agree that normal Halloween traditions the city can be a bit daunting.”

Although some of the women nodded their heads, they were still uncertain where this speech was going.

“So now that everyone is here and without further ado, let’s get on with the games!”

Amelia couldn’t help but smirk.

“Games?” Asked one of the ladies.

“Yes, well you see Halloween is all about the thrilling little jump scares, the feeling of being hunted by something mysterious in the night. So we are going to start with a little hide and seek.”

It was a mixed reaction with all the girls, some rolled their eyes, laughed a little nervously or looked baffled.

Amelia continued. “You may have expected something different but trust me, it is and it will be worth it. Everything has been prepared and you are free to roam around the house as you please.”

Another woman called out, it was Crystal this time who was mixed into the center of the crowd. “Isn’t this a little childish, I thought we were invited to an *actual* party”

Amelia couldn’t help but grin for at this point for her heart was pounding, it is time.

“Oh but we are, we all are, for this is Halloween and I am the queen or carnal lust!”

At that exact moment the lights started to flash on and off, the atmosphere are felt different somehow. Some of the women started to look scared.

Amy and Belisa exchanged looks as if they were preparing to run.

“Every year”, continued Amelia, “my pets need to come out so that they can… Claw an itch” she bites her lower lip as she says this.

There were more flashes of the lights going of and on again.

In the pitch dark of the moment, dark figures started appearing out of nowhere around the room facing the crowd of women, everyone looks around in panic; unsure if this is a joke or they just stepped into a surreal nightmare all of a sudden.

The figures came to shape when the lights came back to normal, at first they looked like people but in a better light ambiance they turned out to be a mixture of different creatures. One women could see a tall, cloaked, very pale man with fangs in his mouth staring at her, a vampire!

Belisa looked to the other side of the room and saw a large, muscular werewolf growling, almost getting ready to pounce on someone. There were more! Some green, muscular, lizard like bipedal creatures. A slimey coated swamp monster. From the top of the stairs there was some high pitched laughter, Belia looked up, there was a large group of even more monsters! Small but muscular red imps were starring over the balcony with small wings and massive smiles under their deadly white eyes. There were also several 4-foot tall goblins with big bright purple within white eyes, orcs.

It was like every mythical monster is here in one place, staring at them as if waiting to pounce.

There was almost complete silence as the women were frozen with terror.

Amelia, who was completely still, now partially opened her down, enough for it to expose the front of her body. From her neckline down her body was slender, her skin succulent, her C-cup breasts were still covered by the gown but her legs were perfect… As was her juicy, long semi-erect cock.

What is happening?!

“I hope you will all enjoy the game as much as we will” Amelia said “you have to the count of ten before we can and get you….1…2…3..”

It took only belisa and Amy to start running before all of the other women started screaming and running in terror to the door. Amy was the first to get there.

The door wouldn’t budge!

Amy quickly guided Belisa and herself away from the door before the stampede of women rushed to it trying to force it open.

Suddenly there was a chain of loud banging noises from the other rooms and the windows. Soon they could see what was happening; every window had wooden shutters on the outside and they were slamming themselves shut, sealing all of their chances of escape.

Belisa was quick to think and pulled Amy with her.

“We can’t stay here we need to move!”

Amy followed as they ran down the hall. They spotted a fight of stairs and impulsively stormed up them.

The rest of the women realized that the door was not going to open as it wouldn’t budge under the weight of their numbers. Panicking they started running into different rooms, trying to break the windows while others followed Belisa’s example and ran in random directions trying to find a means to escape from what horrific fate may await them.

Amelia stood quietly, watching the women run like headless chickens with every imaginable creature behind her looking over-eager as if they were waiting to be taken off a leash and allowed to go wild.

She had stopped counting at this point as she was relishing this moment.

A pale woman in a old fashioned night gown, tall black curly hair with a white streak came to Amelia’s side.

“My mistress, would you like me to release the spell-bounders?”

“No” Amelia replied as she kept on watching the frightened women running. “We do not need to influence or control şişli bayan escort them, just enough to… well… make them imaginative.”

“Ah, I see” said the witch, she grinned with anticipation.

A tall, gray skinned vampire approached Amelia. “Mistress, please it has been longer than 10 seconds”.

“Just remember the rules, Gideon.” Amelia responded.

“Of course, I have no desire to break them” Gideon assured her.

“I know… Very well, I love how this always ends…8…9…10!”

The creatures unleashed a combination of hisses, howls and roars before charging after the women all at once.

Women are in flying around the house in sheer terror now as they are being chased by every monster known to the human imagination.

A swamp creature stormed through several rooms chasing after a fast, athletic blonde woman who is sprinting everywhere in a fairy godmother costume. The creature grabbed her and hangs her up in the air. She screamed and kicked her legs around as it held her tight to its chest. With a free hand it begins ripping off her dress until her underwear remains. It starts licking her neck, tasting her soft skin she is freaking out more than ever.

A short distance from her, a small 23 year old with dyed pink hair is on the floor clawing onto what she could grab on to as she was being pulled away into a dark open closet door by long stretched out green tentacles that are wrapped round her legs and hips from under her skirt. She struggled desperately the in just a flash and a brief scream, she vanished into the darkness of the closet with the door slamming shut.

In another room a young 25 year girl waved a fire poker that she found, threatening a tall green, naked, plant-like woman with purple wings and a 8-inch flaccid cock. The girl’s back is into a corner with nowhere to go but she kept swinging the poker around to ward off the plant-woman, who was at a safe distance.

However the plant woman simply raised her hand to the air and the wall behind the girl turned into a big green mucus-like matter and swiftly pulled the girl off the floor and held her tightly so that her forearms, hips and feet were stuck in it’s green matter. The girl panicked by it all she dropped the fire poker. She grunted as she tried to pull herself free but it was not working. She froze as she looked around to see the plant-woman was now standing two inches from her face. Her eyes her completely green, her lips were pure, shiny red. Her green ample breasts and red nipples were pressing against the girl’s through her black party dress. The plant-woman she then presses her body into the pinned girl as she wrapped her wings around them both.

Meanwhile, a brunette woman in tight leather pants and a short leather blouse and face makeup stood in panic as two goblins have her cornered in a conservatory. They were 4.5 feet tall, green skinned with big arms, dark orange eyes and most notably, completely naked with 6 inch erections pointing at her as they look into her seductive cleavage. They make high pitch laughs before literally leaping up from the floor and dive at her. She collapsed under their strength and started screaming as they were ripping off her clothes. She gave a desperate struggle to keep her legs closed as one of them started to spread them apart while the other held her arms down, her c-cup breasts bouncing bare as her knees were forced apart. The goblin holding her arms started brushing it’s cock over her face, leaving traces of slightly green, transparent pre-cum across her cheek and lips.

At that moment something happened, whether it was the smell of the pre-cum or the feeling of being held down and molested but something has suddenly triggered in her mind that was riding in her feelings. Some sort of dark alluring thought; what if they are not going to hurt her, no matter what.

She comes under more stress as she is struggling to understand her thoughts while the goblin finally pulls off her panties, making her completely naked. Still laying on her back as the goblin above her head swings it’s cock over her face she is lost in confusion in what this is; a terrifying dream, or a dark sexy fantasy that is playing out in the right way? Without preparing to it the Goblin below her started licking her pussy with its tongue with long strokes all the way up to her clitoris. A wave of unexpected pleasure flooded over her, she arched her back as she moaned out very loudly, she was getting very horny very fast. She was not going to fight anymore, she was curious to where it was going. It was literally food for thought as the other goblin entered it’s green, glistening cock into her awaiting mouth.

Crystal runs up stairs as her eyes dart to every thing going on around her, women being snatched off their feet by various different creatures. One blonde woman across the landing was on the floor being stripped of her low laced dress by a large group of strong little red imps while another woman, a brunette, is being held down with a….. A large red imp cock being thrusted into her ass and pulling her pony tail. Another imp is kissing her, muffling her noises.

Crystal bounded to the next stair well before any of them saw her. She ran up and around the corner until she gasped and ground to a halt as she nearly bumped into a big strong orc, thrusting into a squealing red head that is trapped between the orc and the wall behind her with a ripped open shirt and short shorts that have been torn open for fast access to her vagina. Crystal stole a moment to look closely at what she’s seeing. A big, green bulky creature with veined muscles, completely hairless save for black head hair. It had a nice, round, firm ass pistoning in and out of a 22 year old red head with a small heart tattoo just above her clit, which Crystal could only just see when the orc pulls back. The red head was definitely not shrieking with terror, it was like the orc was pressing her G-Spot with every thrust. The orc turned to look down at Crystal, she realized she stood for too long, the orc didn’t stop fucking it’s captive though. It spoke with a deep voice.

“Don’t worry, someone will find you soon. Come find me later and I’ll fuck you too.”

He turned back to the red head and increased his thrusts.

Crystal was mortified, what the fuck is happening?

She ran off somewhere else. At that same time the orc locked lips with the red head.

Crystal kept running down a long hallway that lead to several closed doors. This area seem quiet and secluded from everything that was going on. She reached into her utility belt that was attached to her witch dress and pulled out her phone, no signal. You have got to be fucking kidding!? She waves it by the sealed windows to see if she could get a signal, still nothing.

She hears more screaming from further down the corridor. She needs to hide before they find her. She chooses a room at random and enters it. Inside is dark but a small amount of moon light seeps through the shutters and help Crystal see better in the pitch black.

It was a small bedroom, probably a hotel room of some kind with a king sized bed in the middle of it. There dark silhouettes of furniture such as a dressing table, a wardrobe and a cupboard surrounding the edges of the room. Maybe she can hide in one of them while she figures out how to get a call out.

As she stood there looking around with her eyes trying to adjust to the complete darkness, she slowly notices that one of the dark silhouettes in the room is that of a man! It moved slowly towards her… a vampire! Crystal’s heart raced as she spun around, ran to the door and opened it.

As Crystal opened it another man was facing her from outside the doorway, another vampire! She turned to see the other one behind her was right behind her now she had no where to run. They were both pale white covered in their cloaks their vampire teeth standing out from their mouths They looked 10 years old than her though their complexion suggests otherwise. She was shivering in fear now.

“Please don’t kill me!” Crystal pleaded with tears in her eyes.

The vampire in front of her reached an arm out to dry her tears gently. The touch of it’s cool fingers have taken her by surprise.

“My dear girl, please don’t cry. No one is going to hurt you. I promise you that, we promise you that.”

As she said this he looked into her eyes she sees something, the glint in his eye seems to have unlocked something within her. Like he was reading her subconscious mind and reflecting it back to her.

“You have nothing to fear from us, you having left to hide. Do you?”

Acting impulsively, she kept staring into his eyes while her hands proceeded to undress her body. A deep dark temptation is growing inside her as she took off the last piece of garment and stood there between two vampire men, completely naked. The first one smiled down at her as she bit her lip. Both vampires opened their cloaks to reveal their strong naked figures and flaccid cocks. They both stepped towards Crystal, pressing their bodies and cocks into her flesh.

Her heart is pounding with fear subsiding and being replaced with primal lust and curiosity, she has never been with two men before, much less two mystical vampires. She wants to try it, she doesn’t understand why she’s daydreaming about her secret fantasies but right now her feelings are driving her wild.

The two vampires lifted her up and carry her to the bed as the door closed by itself behind them.

Amy and Belisa were hiding, they moved around slowly in the dark hallways. By this point there were virtually no more screams of terror but instead they come across sounds of rythmic grunting or feint moaning in the distance. Belisa is trembling with fear while Amy seems to be holding her own. They hid behind a large pillar that is placed closely to the stairs. They were on the third floor with the only hope of surviving was to stay hidden.

They stopped as they saw something coming around the corner at the top of the corridor. It was another woman with half of her clothing ripped off she looked like she just about escaped the monsters.

Belisa and Amy looked on cautiously, they wanted to make sure she wasn’t being followed before giving themselves away to save her.

The girl is 19 years old called Carla, a brunette with green teary eyes and strong freckles across her cheeks. Her Selene, from Underworld, costume was torn in half from the front she was concealing her breasts with her hands and she walks down the corridor she tried to control her breathing while walking quietly and trembling at the same time.


She freezes like a statue as she heard and felt the impact of a large creature landing on the ground not too far behind her, she turned to see a large werewolf on all fours, slowly rising up to its lower paws as it stood up and stared down at her with a low growl.

Carla whimpers in sheer terror as it takes slow but big steps towards her. Her mind went blank, the wolf was 3 feet taller than her with exposed teeth on display. Carla tripped backwards onto the floor.

The werewolf immediately drop down on all fours and clamber over her quickly.

She could now smell it’s musky scent, it was a primal, hormonal scent. It growled again but a little less this time brushed it’s strong black fur against her exposed chest as her hands were on either side of the floor.

It drew its head back as it prodded it’s nose to sniff her breasts.

Carla is starting to return to earth as she is confused to what is was doing to her. The brushing of its fur against her skin was somewhat stimulating her and in a way that she’s suppose to feel. She had some dark, wet day dreams about the hot men who played werewolves in the Underworld movies but this was definitely a new level.

Suddenly the werewolf started licking her beasts, it’s long, textured tongue slowing going over her mounds to the top of her nipples. Carla was blinded by fear and ecstasy. She loved having her breasts licked and this was not like any other tongue she ever had licking her. She only had two lovers in her life, both a man and a woman and they were both OK but this was a new phenomenal sensation and it was working her imagination.

The werewolf crawled forward over Carla again, this time its crotch was over her chest with a very long wolf penis pointing at her. She was hesitant at first trying to figure out what she was thinking or rather what she was doing. The wolf growled with impatience, Carla gave in to it’s demands, she cups her breasts around its cock and started to message it slowly but firmly.

Even though this creature was a humanoid form of a wolf with impressive abs it was like a lover that Carla never met as it hung over her, grinding it’s meat against her, it’s cock head pointed into her face. She stared down it it into the slit. As she was massaging it she wondered şişli escort what werewolf spunk would taste like.

Only a couple of minutes have passed and she quickly transformed from a frightened young teen to a perverted nympho willing to try something dirty but erotic. In that moment the werewolf pulled away from Carla. She looked up as if she wanted to ask why did he stop fucking her breasts. It remained on its knees with its long cock pulsating. The creature looked into her eyes and she understood. She sat up, ripped her trousers and panties off then went down of her hands and knees, pointing her behind at him.

The werewolf moved forward and slowly penetrated the small teen, Carla whimpered but it was one that only a lover can give to another lover in heat.

It keeps going until its hips are pressing against hers. Carla’s eyes close as her lips spread into a grin.

“Oh yessss….take me to the wild side!”

Belisa and Amy watched entire thing and were lost for words. The creatures are real, as are the reactions of their victims.

Amy decided that enough was enough. she signaled Belisa to follow her as they quietly moved away from the scene. The Werewolf started to pound the girl, her loud moans began to flood the corridors.

Amy leads Belisa up one last flight of stairs they seem to be be at the very top. It seems like they have reached the very top floor as they can see the starry night all around them in some kind of large, high glass ceiling green house that was on the very top of the house. Inside the glass dome there were large plants everywhere, with various tools and comfortable furniture.

Beyond the sealed glass dome they could see the grass fields down below, the main road, the place where their cars were parked!

Amy looked at the tools laying around and spotted a lead pipe. She picked it up and wielded it like a weapon.

Amy turned to belisa, with a look of aggressive determination.

Belisa spoke to her first, her voice timid.

“What has happened to everyone?”

“I don’t know but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them get me without a fight.”

Amy looked around the glass dome and outside of it, there were large areas of roof tops that they could travel across and find a way to comb down to get to the car.

“Belisa stand back and be prepared to run because once I break this glass, they’ll know we’re up here.”

Belisa stepped back as Amy prepared herself. She lunged into a full swing against the glass.

The pipe stops by a millimeter from hitting the glass, Amy is trembling. She is suddenly thrown back to the ground with the piping still in her hand.

“Amy, are you alright?”

Belisa rushed down to her fallen friend.

Amy sits up.

“It was like I could not move for a moment” Amy stood up and prepared herself so she could try again.

“I wouldn’t bother.” said a relaxed, male voice.

Amy and Belisa span around in shock.

There were two tall, red skinned humanoid young looking men, their physiques were virtually identical, well cut muscle toned. Their eyes are yellow with black slits for pupils, they are standing there arms crossed with their penises dangling proudly on display.

Belisa was shocked and for a moment her pussy was feeling a little moist she snapped out of it when Amy reacted.

Amy wielded her lead pipe at them as if defending herself from these two…Well hung creatures.

“Get back! You fucking animals! You’re not gonna take us!”

The one on the left raise an eye brow, almost impressed with her spirit as well as her physical traits. It speaks.

“Well you are kinda half-right; we are animals, we do like fucking but we will take you, but only because you’ll like it.”

Amy gets more fired up. “Not on your fucking life I’ll bash your skulls in first!”

The demon humanoid on the right grins happily. “Oh, I like her, Squall”

“As do I, Reen.”

Their cocks twitch as they look Amy up and down.

Amy lays down the rage.

“I don’t know what this bullshit is but when a woman is cry out in fear, she’s not having fun!”

“Oh we agree” answered the one called Squall. “Her ladyship, Mistress Amelia is not the demoness of torture, she’s the demoness of carnal desires.”

Amy and Belisa while listening were confused with what they are seeing as well as what they were hearing.

The Demon called Reen spoke again “Halloween is the time of the year where our mistress releases us to help women, and sometimes men, unlock their darkest sexual fantasies. Like yours.”

Amy decided that she no longer wanted to hear this bullshit. She lunged at them but once again she was stopped by an invisible force, this time she was frozen on the spot with only her breathing and her eyes were able to function properly.

Reen grinned. “Oh I like her very much!”

Squall nodded “Me too, wanna share?”

“Alright, so long as I get a go fucking her from the front first, I want to see her face when she cums.”

Squall walked around Amy, with a wave of a hand the lead pipe faded into dust as did her clothes. Amy is frozen, completely naked while Squall and Reen took up positions in front and behind her.

As they touched her naked body her movement returned to normal. She tried to kick and fightback but they were too strong.

They pressed their red chests into the back and breasts, their long thick cocks brushing all over her ass checks and abdomen. Their close proximity is making her heart pound, her pussy is getting moist as she feel them and smell them. Amy was losing the strength to fight them even if that was even an option.

Amy was getting frustrated as she had lost all comprehension of what has been happening tonight or what this sensation was crawling around in her mind. She would rather die than be a victim….. But was she going to be a victim?

Reen looks into her eyes and saw that she was suffering from her thoughts and confusion, he tried relieving her of this by kissing her neck, Squall proceeded to kiss the other side of Amy’s neck. Amy’s senses are tinkling every where as two well cut red studs were caressing her to arousal.

Amy had to admit to herself that this was getting too hot to resist.

Belisa had been standing there the entire time completely blown away by what was happening in front of her, her best friend was being taken by demonic entities… Very nice looking ones as well. She failed to realize that someone was standing behind her until they got close and touched her shoulder. She gasped in shock as she looked around to see it was Amelia looking over her with a finger over her mouth shushing her as she watched Amy being ravished.

Amy could feel the two demon’s rock solid cocks sandwiched up against her pelvis as they kept her in the standing position while they fondled and caressd her sensitive skin.

By this point her resistance began to crumble, she raised her arm over her head and wraps it around squall’s neck while feeling Reen’s chest.

Reen looks into Amy’s eyes.

“You have dark fantasies you sometimes wish you could let out. You want to be dirty, to be used again and again but in a good way.”

Amy’s heat skipped a beat, “How do you know about that?”

Reen grins devilishly into her eyes. “Because we are incubuses we feed on the satiation of carnal desires. So relax and let me and my brother, INK you!”

Both the incubuses lifted Amy gently up and placed her back down on their twin cocks. Her face twists up and her eyes rolled as she was being filled in the ass and the pussy at the same time. She wraps her arms around their heads as they lift her up again slightly and drop her down again.

“Oh yeah” Amy whispered as she felt their wet cocks were releasing dark coloured precum and stretch her in a way she could only dream of.

While the stand up threesome was going on Belisa was curious of what Amy must be feeling to behave like that but she had a bigger problem next to her. Amelia is enjoying the show so much her large cock was sticking out of her open gown into Belisa’s pelvis.

Belisa was quick to turn around and face Amelia. After everything she’s seen it’s hard not to believe that this is real.

Belisa swallowed hard, “What is all of this?”

Amelia was taken back by Belisa’s boldness especially when has not fully given her self in to her desires.

“Halloween is the time of the year when we are allowed to enter this realm. You may of heard of “Evil” creatures that kill or consume souls for their own ends. My power only lies in fulfilling a person’s deepest sexual fantasy.”

“Being raped is a woman’s deepest fantasy?”

“Not every woman wants to be violated but there are few that do but cannot bring themselves to make it real as they want it on their own terms because it can be literally hell for them if things go wrong. Wouldn’t you wish that your fantasies could come true with no risk of danger or trauma?”

“So instead of asking us, you decided that we want to be forced?”

“My powers allow me to see every person’s deepest desires so I didn’t need to ask, so I ask you, is it rape if it is a conscious decision made under circumstances that one finds arousing? The most fulfilled carnal desires are the ones that are played out perfectly to the dreamer”

Belisa thought about it for a moment and the mixed feelings of fear, adrenaline and strange arousal like some of the girls showed made some bizarre sense as to why they didn’t appeared to be suffering under their captors.

As she processed this she came back down to earth at the sound of Amy having fun.

Amy was growling like a wild animal, she bucked her hips between her two incubus lovers as they move her comfortably up and down on their red hard cocks. Their chest rubbing Amy’s body over and over is make her juices flow like a tap.

“Oh yeah, boys, cum on! Feed me that hot ink! Make me yours!

Squall smiles “Oh she likes it now, brother.”

“Sounds like it, brother, what is your name, human?”

“Amy!” She is building a lot of sweat on her forehead.

“Well, Amy, do you like being tainted by incubuses?”

“Oh fuck yeah, taint my tight, pure pussy and ass. Mark your territory boys! Make me your devil bitch!!”

With that they thrust harder. Amy shows her appreciation by pulling them both in for a three way kiss, their oily saliva mixing into her mouth as tongues and lips intertwine.

Belisa can see it now. Amy is not possessed or lost her free will, this is her letting go of her inhibitions. She has been strongly seduced by sexual temptations beyond her wildest dreams. This is Amy lost in a Sexual Wonderland.

She was lost for words at this point. She turns towards Amelia, the endowed lady stands there proud and patient.

“Why scare us all, why let us think that we were in danger?”

Amelia looks disappointed “If I had told you all beforehand would you have believed me? And if so would knowing the end result be as exciting as discovering it on your own?

She couldn’t think of an answer to that.

“I’ve tried to explain this to you, what is happening here tonight is a fulfillment of every lady’s deepest darkest fantasy. I know, because I spent the last year carefully picking each of you, women that secretly wish to experience their most bizarre sexual fantasies. And my minions eagerly oblige. In the end every lady will leave here with their desires fulfilled, that is what fuels my power while they walk away afterwards feeling better than before. I chose every invites carefully, including yours.”

Belisa was taken back by this revelation but in the end it was true she had some deep dark desires. Like when she was 19 she had a fantasy of a tentacle monster fucking her in every hole all day and night. Or at 20 she was soo horny that one night she fantasized aliens sneaking up and force fuck her pussy and ass and leaving her with green slime all over… And one time she even fantasized…..Never mind.

The point is she always had to hide those thoughts and fantasies because they were so perverted but now she’s got a whole playground of weird and incredible creatures to fulfill them all and more.

Belisa looks into Amelia’s eyes as she ask this.

“I have to ask this, is there risk of disease or impregnation?”

Amelia smiles as she can tell that Belisa is thinking about it though she is the only in the party that didn’t have secret coercion fantasies, hers were more unique and imaginative than the others.

Amelia answered her question. “None, the only draw back is after tonight, you may become a little more obsessed with sex.”

To Belisa, this was too perfect to be true…..but then again, looking at Amelia’s…… it’s too risky….But then…. She looks up and asks one last question.

“Do you know my darkest desires?”

Amelia gazed mecidiyeköy escort back at her, “On the day we met I saw your mind. I know all of them, and tonight they can all come true; including the one sucking a woman with a cock.”

Amelia dropped her robes to the floor to reveal her hairless balls underneath a gorgeous cock attached to a beautiful body, skin good enough to lick and kiss.

Belisa had finally made up her mind. She removed the clips from her dungarees, they dropped to the floor then she pulled off her shoes and socks then her shirt and finally her panties. She stood naked in front of the party’s host, her pussy glistening.

Amelia walked forward, she proceeded in a manner in how Belisa fantasized it when she read her mind back in the college.

Amelia stood just a few inches from Belisa’s face and kissed her, her tongue swirling as they exchange their body fluid. The kiss has sealed the deal, all of tonight’s plans have gone really well; the games were over now it’s time for the fun, the kind of fun that only the creatures of the night could deliver.

Amelia moved back from Belisa.

“On your knees.”

Belisa complied, her heart pounding; a bizarre fancy coming true.

She was staring at Amelia’s cock pointing up and proud, the slit facing her.

“Suck it.”

Belisa opened her mouth wide and took it all in.

Amelia closed her eyes as she felt Belisa’s sweet mouth and tongue traveled all over her woman cock at long last.

She moaned at the sensations, gently she held Belisa’s head with her hand as she thrusts forward and proceeded to fuck her beautiful face.

For Belisa, if the kiss was some sort of influence over her decisions, this demoness’ pre-cum has helped her to surrender her body for the night to her own perverted thoughts.

Amelia gazes down upon Beliza and gives a wicked smile they both make eye contact.

“Good girl.” Amelia teased.

Meanwhile Amy’s eyes wee rolling after her forth hard orgasm. The Incubus brothers had been going at it for about 10 minutes and they haven’t even broke a sweat or feel tired. But they were certainly building up to a climax.

Amy can feel it and started grinding into them even harder.

“Oh yes, do it boys, this bitch is hotter than hell”

Moments later they both made one last thrust the same time. Black, hot inky cum spewed into her anus and vagina.

Amy squealed under a raggedy breath. For those moments she took to catch her breath.

“Amazing how two demons can take you to heaven” She said in a sultry tone.

Squall and Reen gently pull out of her and let her down. Black oily cum dripped from her holes.

Amy looked down to see the mess. She was barely able to stand on her own so Squall held her arm in support.

“Wow, Jesus. Haha I hope birth control pills cover demon cum.”

Squall shakes his head at her “I’m afraid our kind cannot create offspring with mortals”

“Really?” Amy asks with curiosity.

“None of us can, not for the lack of trying.” Teased Reed.

“Oh, well that’s a good, one thing I don’t have to worry about.”

Reed kisses Amy on the lips, Amy almost melts into the kiss. “Worry is for the mortal realm, one which you will return to tomorrow. Tonight this is Amelia’s Halloween.

Amy, Reen and Squall looked towards Amelia as she was now thrusting herself deep into Belisa’s welcoming pussy on the floor with her legs spread up in the air.

Amelia’s cock is the biggest Belisa ever had, her first orgasm of the night is building up fast as Amelia thrusts every centimeter of herself into the cute little converted nympho.


Amy smiles as she watches her best friend gets fucked hard in front of her, it was nice to see Belisa relaxed and having ‘fun’. This was getting Amy all aroused again, “Shame it’s only for one short night.”

Squall raises an eyebrow “Oh, so you think your nights are not three times longer under this house’s spell?”

Amy turned to Squall “Your kidding?!”


Sometime later in the entertainment lounge Amelia moves down the stairs wrapped in a comfortable robe. She looks on to the audience in front of her.

“Ladies and monsters I want to congratulate you all on a very fun game. I’m sure you all had plenty of fun, in fact I can tell. Now that the games are over it is time for the fun. Music please!

The song’ bump in the night’ by the Allstars starts to play as Amelia takes off her robe and stands naked in front of two hot naked blondes who proceed to lick up and down her shaft while positioned on their hands and knees on top of tables. 2 gooey swamp monsters move in and proceed to fuck them doggy style. The girls moan in pleasure as gooey green cocks caress the walls of their vaginas. Their tongues licking Amelia’s thick tasty shaft.

The lounge is filled with every woman and every monster in the house, no clothing just pure flesh pounding flesh a large display of women fucking or being fucked by almost every creature imaginable. It is a true Halloween orgy!

On the sofa 4 women face one direction in a line while dozens of goblins and imps take turns thrusting cocks into their pussies and asses. All of the ladies are holding hands together as they moan and scream in bliss as they filled with hard cocks and hot monster cum.

Across the floor there are two red heads on their hands and knees as they are being tripled penetrated at the same time by a shemale witch with two long cocks that are filling both their asses. At the same time a vampire and a werewolf are laying underneath them filling their pussies while two tall, slender lizard men thrust their cocks into the girls gaping mouths. The red heads felt so dirty and so good they could move to where these monsters came from and be fucked like this forever.

There is a short haired, athletic blonde is pinned to the wall by a large, living, slimy entity that is trapping her entire body. Holding her legs up and apart as it pumps itself into her pussy and ass from inside its gooey mass. Her eyes roll into her head as she squirts her latest orgasm into the green blob.

In the corner of the room a 23 year old with large breasts and dyed blue, half-shaved hair has the entire lower half of her body swallowed up in the mouth of a weird organic creature that is like a large organic barnacle on the floor. Its green tendrils are wrapped around her breasts and nipples and one even caressing her cleavage as it pumps her mouth with a juicy purple head. Inside the barnacle the woman’s pussy and ass are being fucked by eight juicy tentacle penises that are taking turns penetrating her as each one are pumping her holes. Before this she had, had one gang bang with 3 men, she likes feeling a bit slutty from time to time… now she’s loving every moment of being slutty like this as in her mind she’s thinking, “Oh yes! Like that! Touch me there! Yes! YESSSS!!!”

Two 25 year old brunettes, who are twins are being held up by their legs by two orange glowing pumpkin head monsters who are fucking their pussies from behind. The Pumpkin heads press the twins together as they continue to fuck them. Their large breasts, ripped stomachs and sensitive clitorises are being rubbed into each other as their ‘captors’ pump their cocks upwards into their dripping, tight sex holes.

“Oh my god, sis, you feel so hot on me!” One of the twins moaned.

“Remind me to come back here next year, it’s a must!” Said the other before they both locked lips and tongues together as the pumpkins prepare to unload hot glowing pumpkin juice into their pussies.

Meanwhile Crystal is spread across the floor with 4 female vampires who are expertly licking her breasts, pussy and one forth sitting on her face as she laps the taste of vampire pussy. Her Double Penetration session with the first two vampires went as expected because afterward she was introduced to an incubus, the orc from her first encounter (God he knew how to make a girl feel wanted), a demon hermaphrodite with 2 cocks and even a crazy clown weirdly enough. She had all of them fill her with their cocks and cum. Right now the lady vampires are sending her to see the stars with the best orgasms so far.

Amy was the strength and vocal of every naked, horny babe that is there as she is being held onto the floor by a purple demoness with smooth scales for skin 2 small horns protruding at the top of her bold head with 2 bright red orbs for eyes and 2 nice firm 7 inch cocks inside Amy’s stretched out pussy. Behind Amy was a tall cthulhu like creature with a large phallus that has a mouth and tongue on the end of it for a slit. It placed it into Amy’s ass and started licking and fucking her ass at the same time while small tentacles moved around caressing and licking her lower back.

This is now the 11th new overwhelming sensation she has never felt before in one night! Although Amy was being held down and closely by 2 dark monsters she had no plans of resisting or escaping, she just loved the feeling of being “forced” or “violated” against her will.

Amy looked down at her latest lover as she played a role.

Amy grunted and moan like a primal animal, “You fucking evil demons think you can just shove your big juicy cocks in and violate us as you please? You won’t get away with this(!)”

The demoness underneath her knows that Amy is pretending and plays along. She responded with a very deep, oily voice, “Haha, you cannot escape… You belong to us now to be our hot, young plaything. Now hold still, baby, while we stuff you with our ‘evil’ cum, you may even like it!”

The demoness quickly slapped Amy on the rump then held her arm again.

Amy screamed with delight as those words and that slap forced another orgasm out of her. She came over those twin cocks in her pussy 4 times now! Suddenly both of her ‘violators’ stiffen up as they unload their hot, different coloured hell juices into her. Amy clenched her teeth as she felt them spray her insides. “Aahhhhhhh god yes! This is the best night ever!! I’m a demon cum lover!!”

Wow! Amy is showing a side no one has ever seen before.

Belisa had her arms and legs wrapped around a tall and slender satyr who held her closely to his abs as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. To Belisa this is the 5th creature that has had her while all of the women had more, she just wants these moments to play out slowly like she had always fantasized.

The Satyr is called Janem. He was slow and methodical, just as she fantasized.

They have been at it for 45 minutes with no sign of Janem getting tired as he gently stretches her walls with his long circumcised cock.

Belisa needed not just to be fucked, she wanted to feel a physical connection and she feels it, as if her pussy and his cock have submitted to one another.

“I love you, Janem.” She said as she felt his orgasm building up.

“I love you, Belisa.”

Of course it is just sex but the feeling in that moment made it extra special for her as her orgasm hit his cock at the same time his cum hit her ovaries. Another fantasy fulfilled.

Amelia’s cock spurted over the faces of the two blondes as their orgasms hit really hard by the monsters who flooded green cum in to their pussies.

At that moment both of them kissed each others faces to lick the cum off. They started talking about their orgasms and how many each of them have had by then. One said she was on her 28th cock, the other one was on her 31st, it amazes Amelia how they go from being petrified with fear to horny play girls. This is why she always has this game at the beginning, although it is not the same case in every woman just some specific women. At that moment the two blondes, who are still on their hands and knees had an incubus and an orc come from behind and fill their vacant holes. Both the girls moaned hard in surprise although one of the girls asked the Orc to fill her ass instead as she wanted to try anal again. He pulled out of her pussy and obliged her. Both blondes were moving and shaking with pleasure.

It was the same last year, the year before that and it will keep going, for as long as humans have carnal desires Amelia could harvest all of the power she will ever need. By the morning these women will leave here with big smiles on their faces and memories to fill a lifetime but with Amelia’s spell, the time before the dawn will be the equivalent of almost a week!

Once it comes to an end Amelia will be forced to return to her normal state and her pets will have to return to the other realm for another year.

Until then, as the song goes:

“you cannot run, you cannot hide, you gotta face it baby; things go *bump* *bump* *bump* in the night!”

Amelia sees Carla sucking three imp cocks and taking it in the pussy by a forth in a cowgirl position but her anal hole was free, gaping with green and purple cum dripping out but sadly unattended. Amelia’s cock hardens up as she strolls over to attend to one of her guests. Carla squeals with delight!

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