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Handyman Special

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She needed help. Rather, the incompetent contractor she had hired to remodel her master bedroom and bath needed it. He was really more of a smooth talking manager and hired guys that worked for cheap, but lacked any real knowledge or experience. I wished I’d had the time to have done it, but I was booked up and honestly, not much actual work would have gotten done.

Sabine was a playmate, a sultry, charming and stunningly beautiful cougar I had met on Craigslist years before. That’s another tale unto itself. She, too, was a redhead; tall, with shapely dancer’s legs and an absolutely luscious, round ass. Her eyes were green, cat-like and she had an alluring, exotic, mysterious air about her that intrigued men and women alike. Though we had met for casual sex, we hit it off and became friends that enjoyed getting a good buzz on and fucking like animals.

“These guys are driving me insane. Seriously. Its been two months and they aren’t done and don’t look to be anytime soon,” she lamented into the phone.

“Did they run into any problems or are they just morons?”

“They are complete buffoons! Greg is never here, so they drag their feet and I don’t think they really know what they are doing.”

“Good grief.”

“His creepy brother spends more time trying to chat me up, or outright leering at me that nothing gets done. Hector is the only one that keeps busy, but I can tell he doesn’t know much except for painting.”

“Well, at least they’re at that stage. What else is left? And have you told this Greg about them goofing off?”

“Its not even just goofing off. It feels almost predatory how his idiot bother just looms around me. Even Shiva senses it and stares him down and growls when he is around. She never growls. But, they still have to lay the flooring, set the vanity, hook up the shower. The heat isn’t done, it’s freezing in here! Evan, it’s really become a nightmare.”

“I’m sorry it’s going the way it is. Do you want me to call Greg?”

“No. That wouldn’t help. I wish I’d just waited for you to do it,” she said. She paused and I could hear the tone of her voice change. “It would be good to see you again.”

I grinned, knowing what she meant. Her voice went from annoyed and exacerbated then dropped to an alluring, whispered purr and finished with a quick, soft laugh. I looked around the jobsite and made a quick mental list of what I had left to finish.

“Well, I only have a few more windows and a couple doors to trim and I’m done here. I can stay late tonight, if need be. How about I come down tomorrow and lay that floor for you?”

“Are you serious!? Would you?”

“Of course. I can be there around 8 and it shouldn’t be a full day to lay in the hardwood. And…it’d be good to see you too, ” I mimicked her tone and listened to her soft giggle.

“I’d wear something sexy for you but they’ll be here.”

“I’d love that, but you want it done, yes?”

“Absolutely. But I really do want to see you. Maybe when they leave for lunch?”

“Hopefully. I’d love it if you wore something revealing and teased me all day. Too bad they weren’t handsome studs and could enjoy the show too.”

“Too bad. They’re not. At all. But maybe I’ll flash you now and again when I can.”

“Already teasing me, you little minx.”

“Uh huh. Well, get back to work so you can ‘lay it down’ tomorrow, ” she laughed at her intentionally cheesey innuendo.

Morning came and whether I’d had kinky dreams, or just the first thoughts being of Sabine and her penchant for filthy, raw sex, but I awoke with a painfully hard erection and ended up having to just piss in the shower. It was hard to resist relieving myself and incredibly distracting, but I wanted to save it up and, if opportunity presented itself, fill Sabine full. She had unabashedly confessed to being an abject cumslut at out first encounter. We had obviously played it safe and used condoms for penetration, but she had milked my cock four times before we left the hotel that first afternoon.

Memories of that first encounter and the many other afternoons and late night sessions with her clouded my mind as I loaded up the few tools I would need. I could hear her voice whispering filthy things into my ear. I could almost taste her deliciously sweet pussy on my lips, and found myself hard again. And before I knew it, the 30 minute drive to her house passed by in a blur of lurid thoughts.

Sabine was barefoot, wearing tight jeans and a predominantly red flannel over a white top that stretched around her breasts like a second skin. She smirked as she opened the door and looked around quickly to see that the guys weren’t around. She turned back and threw herself into a deep, hungry kiss, partly wrapping her leg around my calf and pressed into me.

“Mmm. Good morning, Sir. So very good to see you'” she trilled and blew an errant tuft of hair that escaped her loose bun from her face.

“So very good to taste you, Miss.”

“And hopefully more later. kartal escort I made coffee for you. And there are danishes on the table.”

“You spoil me, Sabine, ” I said coyly.

“And you have become my savior, Sir.”

She turned and I couldn’t help but to grope at her ass as she headed towards the kitchen. She giggled and swatted my hand away. The guys were upstairs, judging from the volume of their voices and scuffling, but she wanted to keep them convinced that she and I were nothing more than friends, so I cleared my throat and put on my stoic face.

“Pour me a cup, if you would. I’m going to unload tools and get set up.”

“Do you want some smoke before you start?”

“I’ll wait, but thanks.”

Her coffee was strong, dark and soothing. As I sipped at it, looking her over and admiring her figure and teasing body language, I caught her doing the same. She would bend more deeply than necessary to pick up a fallen napkin, or arch her back and thrust her ass out as she stretched to reach a cup for herself, and find reason to brush against me as she moved about needlessly tidying up the kitchen. She laughed and rested against the sink, her eyes slowly roaming over me.

“Its funny how much that tool belt adds to sex appeal.”

“Isn’t it? All caked with glue and torn at the edges.”

“I meant the overall package, silly. You look even more rough and rugged.”

We heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Sabine shifted herself, and grimaced a bit. Every hint of her body language changed and visibly tensed. I could tell she was completely through with their presence in her house.

“Oh, hey! I thought I smelled coffee!”

“Is it break time already, Steve?” she sneered which made him visibly shrink.

“Well, no…I just figured…”

“Well, don’t. Evan here is doing me a huge favor and going to lay the flooring today, so I did something nice for him.”

“Oh…we were going to start that soon. Greg just has to bring the compressor and nailer,” he stammered then turned to me and joked, “I thought I got paid on the cheap. You work for coffee?”

“Just a nice perk. She’s going to design a webpage for me, so I think that’s a fair trade. Anyway…Sabine, I’m going to get started,” I said, curtly dismissing any further chit-chat with him.

“Ok. Thank you, Evan. I’ll be up soon to help if you need.”

The planks went down easily and quickly. After a few hours, I was 3/4 of the way finished. I could sense animosity from Steve and his two cohorts, then later from Greg but I didn’t care. It was evident that they were hacks and taking advantage of Sabine. I could also sense they were trying to figure us out, our relationship and the stink of jealousy was thick in the air over the coffee. At lunch, she brought me a panini and a cup of vegetable soup which seemed ‘fancy’ to them. They said as much as they chewed on their bologna and mustard sandwiches. Sabine was incredibly annoyed at seeing them sitting there.

“Damn it. They always leave for lunch, she whispered. “I think they are onto us, or maybe trying to figure you out.”

I shrugged and thanked her for the food. Standing to get back to it, I winked at her as I clicked the compressor back on, further annoying their usual hour or more lunch break. Made worse as, over the deafening roar of the compressor filling the lofted room, I only gestured that they move from their seats on the remaining stacks of flooring with an obvious disconcern for the inconvenience. I didn’t really care to be an asshole to these schmucks. Hector, the only seemingly decent one in the bunch had sat on a bucket out of the way, likely realizing he’d be in the way, but Steve and the other two, who really just looked like drunks, were either too stupid to realize it, or purposefully being passive-agressive. Or, more likely they just assumed I would take as long as them on the mid-day break.

By 2:30, the field was finished and I hurried around to the remaining spots that needed cutting in. I left one corner unfinished, but set the cut pieces beside it and packed up the tools so they wouldn’t mess with them. I could hand nail the remaining bits. Besides, I could barely contain my hot-blooded hard on and was dead set on getting Sabine alone somewhere.

Sabine had mostly stayed away throughout the day, but intermittently come upstairs to look over the progress and each time discreetly shot me a wanton look, or licked her lips teasingly, or bent over to retrieve paperwork from her desk. What was not discrete, and likely fed their imaginations, was that her nipples were stiff, hard as pebbles and on near-perfect display. She had noticed my grin and only realized it when I nodded, looking to her breasts. She had flushed red and put her flannel back on, hoping to hide her arousal from them, but it did little to conceal it.

I enjoyed her earlier accidental display. I didn’t want these guys to know that I would normally be writhing and groaning with her, nor maltepe escort bayan did I want them to further sexualize her and feed their half-hoped fantasies of this beautiful single woman, alone with the construction workers. But I did enjoy the overall precedent it left. I wanted her to feel lusted after. I wanted her to feel the desire from every man present, and I knew that if they had been attractive, or even just charming, she would have relished me allowing or encouraging them to ravage her and use her as well. Though she enjoyed our marathon sex and just good, hard fucking, her fantasies and sexual tastes, tended towards her being forced to do nasty things, to the point of violation at times, exempt of shame or guilt from wanting such things. She had whispered once to get her drunk on tequila and take her to a strip club parking lot and let the horned-up men climb into the van and use her, in every manner imaginable.

As I finished loading up, and went back upstairs to sweep up, Sabine was not far behind. She beamed with delight and hugged me.

“Oh! I love it! Thank you, thank you! It’s beautiful…I can’t believe you did all this so quickly,” she said pointedly and obviously a dig at the others. “Are you ready for that smoke break?”

“I think I am. I’ll hit those other pieces after they finish painting that window.”

“Cool. Um, I have some really good bourbon if you’d like.”

“Oh no…don’t bend my arm,” I laughed.

She returned with two highballs, filled full. She handed one to me and tipped her glass to mine.

“To a job well done.”

Even though Hector and one of the other guys were across the room, she set her glass down and lit a thin joint. We passed it back and forth and watched as the dank cloud wofted towards them. It was really good stuff and I was stoned by the third hit. I watched her, sipping at my drink, and saw she was taking pleasure in showing off the special treatment she was lavishing me with, even though this was nothing new for us. It was just what we did; get a good buzz on, laugh and pleasure each other. I began to wonder if she wanted them to know of the latter…if maybe she hadn’t already had a drink or two and had nasty thoughts brewing in her head. I chuckled and broke from my musings.

“I could go for a cigarette now.”

“Ok. We can go out to the porch, or the basement. I would like you to look over the boiler. Maybe you can figure out what’s wrong with it.”

“Sure. Let’s do that.”

It always seemed odd to me that we would completely fill her room with pot smoke, but cigarettes had to taken outdoors or the basement. She didn’t smoke cigarettes, so I suppose it made sense. We made our way downstairs, pausing to re-fill our glasses. She draped her flannel over a chair and turned with a grin, showing that nipples were still aroused and stretching against the tight material. I returned her grin and looked down, showing her I was fairly hard already.

“See what you do to me?”

“Mm hmm. Look at these,” as she caressed a fingertip over each nipple. “They’ve been hard all day.”

She giggled and turned down the basement steps, still speaking lowly, “they are totally onto us. I think my tits gave it away.”

“Eh. No matter. So long as they don’t try anything.”

“My mother is coming tomorrow to stay for a few weeks, so I won’t be alone. I’m hoping her being here will put a fire under their ass.”

“How about, in the meantime, I put a little fire in yours?’

I whispered deeply into her ear as I came up behind her, wrapping my arm around her and pressed my hand over her pussy, pulling her back against my cock. She moaned and laid her head back to my shoulder, turning enough that I could taste her lips and tongue, and pushed back, writhing against my now rock-hard cock. I could tell she’d been craving this all day as badly as I had. She pressed in with wanton desperation to take my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth, an almost pleading whimpering. My hand closed over her throat, squeezing lightly, I could feel her neck straining to bring her closer to my lips. We kissed for several more minutes, listening to the footsteps above and paused, looking upwards as we heard someone pass above us through the kitchen.

“You don’t think they’ll come down here, do you?” she whispered.

“I doubt it. I mean, they know we’re down here and I’m sure curiosity is driving them wild, but…” I whispered back. Then said in a normal tone as the footsteps returned overhead, “it’s a decent boiler but the supply lines look too small to keep up.”

As I spoke, I slid my hand beneath her jeans as she relaxed back against me, unbuttoning them. We continued the ruse of normal conversation as we heard the footsteps shuffling about in the kitchen, obviously lingering to eavesdrop, but my fingers were sliding over her clit and between her labia that resembled butterfly wings. She was soaking wet and my fingers were slick with her honey as she rolled escort pendik her jeans down enough that I could feel her without obstruction, but could easily compose herself should they come downstairs.

Finally, we heard Whoever go back up stairs. We laughed at ourselves and I finished off my drink. She sipped at hers and took my glass, setting them down atop a stack of boxes and smiled.

“You really pulled through today and busted your ass. Would you like to relax…and allow me to show you my gratitude?”


“Sit, enjoy your smoke,” she said, moving a box from an old kitchen chair and handed me her glass, “and a drink.”

I took the glass and grinned as she unbuckled my belt, then zipper, and slid my pants to my ankles. She dropped to her knees and let my cock spring from my boxers. I lowered down into the chair as she leaned forward and took me fully into her mouth. Sabine had no gag reflex and laughed at my gasping, groaning astonishment every time. She knelt on her hands and knees, leaning over my pants and lovingly sucked and slurped at my now soaked cock, looking up at me with those deep green eyes knowing I loved eye contact.

I sipped at the bourbon, holding her gaze and saw as she entered her ‘zone’ where her eyes went distant, unfocused, sometimes rolling back and almost vacant. In that moment, she was entranced in her mewling reverence, praying at an altar of flesh and saliva. I felt her nose pressing up and down at my stomach and her throat close around the head of my cock, followed by a cool rush of air as she breathed in around my shaft, actually sucking at it, huffing and milking it with each breath. Her tongue cradled it and slithered up and down. I could only stand this so long before I needed to cum and I wasn’t done with her.

I relished those many long minutes of her sacrament before I touched her cheek, smoothing that loose tuft of hair back and gripped tightly into her bun, pulling her head back and off of my cock. I leaned foward in the chair and drove my tongue into her gaping mouth, pressing my lips and beard against her glistening-wet chin and cheeks. She was still drifting in her ‘zone’ as I dropped the glass to a pile of folded curtains and reached to slide her tight jeans down over her ass. I stood, raising her up by a firm grip into her hair and my middle finger deep in her pussy. She gasped a bit that became a light, bemused laugh and I knew her to be as insanely horny and eager to fuck as I was. I shuffled my feet, feeling foolish in my leg-irons of denim around my ankles, and urged her forwards against a lally column. I pressed her face against its cold, thickly-painted steel before releasing my grip to slide her pants completely off of her.

“You dirty man. There are other men in the house, and you have my pants down. I’m almost naked. What if they come down here?”

“They’ll get an eyefull of me fucking you,” I growled softly into her ear.

She gasped softly again and wrapped her hands around the column, leaning her head against her arm almost as though hiding her face a bit. She bent at the knee and arched her back as I raised her other leg into the air. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating before I was even inside her. She bit her lip and grinned as I slid into her, slowly, deeply, burying myself and holding us both prone a moment.

Above us, likely the same Whoever walked through the kitchen again. I grinned to myself, amused and put a hand over her heart to find it pounding, racing. I wished to myself again that they were different men and she would swoon to be passed between us as our shared slut. I knew she had that same thought in mind as she lowered down ball’s deep onto me, crushing them between my thigh and her clit.

My breath was hot and nearly flammable over her ear. I pulled her shirt up, letting her breasts fall and bounce free then gripped my hand over her throat and listened as Whoever shuffled around again. She released the column long enough to slide her arms free, leaving the soft fabric bunched around her neck. I chuckled softly and twisted it around my hand and tugged at the makeshift leash.

“He’s right there. He could come down here any second and see what a filthy whore you are, getting fucked in a house full of men,” I whispered, slowly drawing my cock in and out of her.

We heard the toilet flush and footsteps again. Now it was certain Whoever was certainly trying to eavesdrop; the toilet upstairs was functional and left no need to use the first floor bathroom. As soon as I heard the stairs to the second floor creaking with each heavy step, I pulled firmly back on her shirt and slammed my cock into her. She moaned, her mouth hanging open and I wondered how well sound carried through this old house. Her moan seemed a bit loud and I mused over whether she did so intentionally, didn’t care or just couldn’t help herself.

Her knee bent around my forearm, letting her delicate bare foot dangle and bounce as I began thrusting harder, faster into her now dripping pussy. I could feel that she had soaked us both as it ran down my balls and the wet, slapping sounds echoed around the concrete basement.

“I know you are hunger for my cum. Beg for it. Should I pull out and cover your face?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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