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Happy Birthday

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Female Ejaculation

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


So Leanne and I have been dating for three months and decide to share a house so I can be closer to my university campus. It’s a crumbling, grand old inner city terrace a short walk from the railway station. Personal freedom for us at last!


We have separate bedrooms but Leanne never bothered to unpack any of her things into her own room, rather settling into my room.

Our sex life was that of two horny 20 year olds who for first time have the time and place to fuck where ever and when ever they wanted.

It was the 1980s and we were out partying every night! We were also fucking away merrily in a hedonistic time before we had to worry about HIV.

Most of the nightclubs we frequented were on the golden mile, the gay strip on Oxford Street. These clubs played the music we loved, stayed open late and no one took any notice of multiple people in toilet cubicles; sex, drugs & rock n roll! It opened our eyes to the smorgasbord of life that was of offer.

Leanne’s birthday was coming up and my thoughts wandered through sexy gift ideas.

I stopped in at an adult shop on the way home from Uni, browsing the hard core magazines, toys and books. Some of the toys blew my mind but couldn’t in honesty imagine Leanne letting me use them on her. I come across a book that expanded many horizons at that time, the illustrated Joy of Sex. I flick through and start to imagine doing these things with my girl, my cock hardening. One gift sorted!

I head back to the sex toys stoping at a silver bullet vibrator; “hmmmm” my brain clicking through possibilities.

The morning of Leanne’s birthday it’s presents in bed; there is plenty of time as neither of us has classes.

“Here my love, I thought you would like this,” I hand her the gift wrapped copy of the Joy of Sex, suddenly thinking she might find it a strange gift. I still did not know that her sexual urges ran deeper and darker than my own.

She giggled “I didn’t think you would remember to buy my anything.”

“Open it, I hope you like it.”

Slowly she peels back the wrapping – then tearing the remainder away when she seed the title.

“Oh my god! What an amazing idea!” She squealed.

So far so good.

I pass the smaller parcel to her.

“Two presents, you’re spoiling me.”

I certainly plan on doing just that.

When Leanne opens the small parcel her mouth forms a small “O”.

“Fuck, I’ve gone too far,” I think to myself.

I can see her brain working away at what I was saying with the second gift.

“Come here and give the birthday girl a kiss,” patting the bed beside her.

Her wet mouth opens as I kiss her, our tongues dashing out. Her kiss is hungry, urgent. When we come up for air she opens up the Joy of Sex and starts flicking through it, and then shares her realization that it is a manual for the possibilities of sexual pleasure.

“So, how will we start with this? Do we work our way through all of this?” Leanne asks me.

Put on the spot, the blood draining from my brain to engorge my cock, I whisper, “How about alphabetically?”

“Hmmm, good as anything,” she replies.

Flicking through to the “A” we come to a description of armpit fucking.

We look at each other, thinking through the process.

“Ok, so how do we do this?” She asks me. I am impressed by her willingness to give it a go.

I kiss her, nibbling my way down her neck. I can feel her large nipples hardening through the over sized T-shirt she uses as a nightie.

“This needs to go,” I whisper to her, as I slip it over her head.

I am always cum struck by the splendor of her large breasts, white, soft, meaty fun globes; I am happy with her more than a handful. I continue kissing my way south, lifting her arm to reveal her freshly shaved armpit. I inhale her scent; I’m not an armpit fetishist but it was certainly an interesting concept. I kiss, then lick the soft flesh. I feel goosebumps rising on her glowing pale skin.

Her hand drifts across my chest, then stomach, searching for my already hard cock. She starts to pump up and down, rubbing the head with her thumb, spreading my pre-cum over the head.

“Hmmmmm,” I murmur to myself, to her, to anyone that was listening. I really need to try this armpit thing.

Leanne reads my thoughts, pulling my cock up and into her warm waiting mouth. I rock my hips, thrusting my rock hard cock deeper into her mouth, until I feel the head reach the back of her mouth. I stop there, letting Leanne’s mouth get used to the size of my cock plugging her opening. She starts to suck on what she can fit in, a hand wanking the rest of my length, cupping and gently squeezing my balls. I pull out, looking down to take in her loving eyes, spit running off her chin and on to the top of her bouncing titties.

Not wanting to waste potential lube I wipe this spit up and onto her armpit with my steel hard cock. I close her arm wrapping escort service myself in her soft wet skin, then decide to try and fuck this strange place; I think to myself that her magnificent tits would be better suited to this job but, “we have agreed to try everything.”

Even though her pits were freshly shaved the stubble rubs the length of my cock. Slightly painful, but interesting.

“I think we need some more lube,” I say to Leanne.

“I’ve got some Vas on the makeup table.”

My hard cock bounces sideways as a walk over to get it.

“Woo-ho!” Leanne calls out in appreciation.

I scoop out a healthy blob of Vas depositing it on her armpit and spread it around with my man-meat. With this extra lube I can start to get a rhythm on. I swap her around so I am fucking her armpit from behind, the purple head popping out the other side when I thrust all the way. I bring her hand up to work my swollen head when it pokes out.

Knowing this position is really all for my benefit I reach down to her cleft; tracing through her naturally blond soft pubic down to find her wetness. I run two fingers along her wet slit, parting her outer folders.

“Sssshh!” Hot breathe forced out in reaction to my touch.

I work my two fingers in and out of her hot box as I fuck her armpit. It feels pretty good, a little weird but good.

I see Leanne start to tweak her own nipple and feel her other hand joining mine at her squelching pussy, wanking her clit.

Our breathing is getting faster as we both head towards the big “O”.

I feel an extra softness on the tip of my cock, Leanne has pulled up her large breast so I rub across its softness at the end of my thrust.

I can feel my excitement building and want to try and get Leanne there too. I jam a third finger into her wet cunt, curling to rub the rough skin at her G spot. I can feel her toes start to curl.

My man cream is starting to bubble up from my balls. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yeah, give it to me baby!” She cries.

As I start to erupt I feel her cunt muscles tightening, griping my hand. One last thrust in her armpit and my cockhead hits the soft top her breast and I spill my seed. I yell like an animal as spurt after spurt of jizz rockets over her creamy tits, her throat, her armpit. I can’t believe I can pump out so much cum.

“Yum, I have to taste this,” Leanne whispers as she scoops up puddles of my goo and licks the pearly cream from her fingers. My half hard, still throbbing cock is in my hand and I move it to her lips. I look down to see her looking lovingly up at me and her tongue snakes out to swirl around my nob end cleaning off any cum that drips from the eye.

“Ok! What else starts with “A”?” Leanne asks.

Lying together, naked and sticky, we flick through the book.

“A… Anal?” Leanne asks.

I look over to her, first drinking in her beautiful blue eyes, then catching patches of cum glistening on her breasts, my heart beating a little faster. “Sure, if you want to,” pretty sure she would change her mind. In my mind, at that time, anal sex was a long way from what I considered regular.

We started to read through the “Anal Sex” entry; described the practice, preparation and positions. Leanne smiled and grabbed my hardening cock.

“Ok, let’s give it a go!” She said handing me the Vas, then proceeded to place a pile of pillows on the bed and got comfy on all fours offering her virgin ass up to me.

With one hand massaging her pussy and clit, the other scooped up a blob of Vas, cold and greasy. “Not very appealing” I think to myself.

Leanne murmurs to herself, her face in the pile of pillows. She jumps a little as I place my Vas covered thumb gently on her rose opening.

“Bit cold, sorry,” thinking there must be something better than Vas. But it quickly warms up as I rub it on the crack near her dark opening. Her anus responds by relaxing and slowly opening itself to my slow probing. I think to myself that I should start with something smaller and lube up my index finger.

I slowly push it in amazed at the heat I find inside her, surprisingly warmer than my fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. I am one knuckle deep, past the first ring, and no comment or complaint from Leanne.

“Ok?” I ask, concerned.

“Yeah” breathy. “Get on with it!”

“Right!” I say to myself and start to work my finger in and out of her ass, going just that little bit deeper each time.

I look down and drink in the splendor below. Her perfect white ass cheeks offered up to me, her dusky hole swallowing my finger. She rocks her hips back to fuck her pussy on my hand. “Fuck! This is hot!” I think out loud.

Time to open her up more. Worried that I might hurt her but so turned on by what we are doing I slowly introduce a second finger.

“Hmmm” in pleasure. No problem it would seem.

I soon have both fingers all the way up her greased ass stretching her opening ever wider.

By this stage my cock is blindingly london escorts hard, twitching at the smallest touch. I lube up my shaft unable to look anywhere else but her winking butthole.

“Here we go!” I call out.

“Give it to me! I want you all the way up me.”

I rub my cockhead up her crack picking up some of her juices on the way and place it on her dark, delicious opening. Slowly I push forward with my hips. Her anal opening is incredibly tight and I begin to doubt I can actually get my seven inches in there. I push harder and suddenly, with a pop, the head is just inside; I feel her sphincter griping tight as a vice. Slowly, ever so slowly, I push deeper.

“Ugh!” Leanne breathes out into the pillows.

I massage her soft buns trying to relax her, running my fingers from the beautiful crack across her peaches ending at her hips.

“Maybe you should control this,” I suggest. “I’ll stay still and you push back ’til you get used to it.”

Looking down I see the awesome sight of my cock sloooowly disappearing into my love’s hot, hot, hot ass. Her ring is so tight that lube is gathering at her brown opening. I start to count backwards from 500 to try and slow my load. I reach under her and caress he puffy lips. When I hit her clit a shudder passes through her, the spasm draws more of my length into her.

“Got much more to go?” Leanne asks between sharp breaths.

“Bout half way there,” trying to sound cheerful.

“Right!” She pushes back sharply, swallowing another inch or more of cock.

“Wait there and let me try something,” I suggest.

With five of my seven inches throbbing in her ass I hold still and holding her white hips I roll her pelvis, screwing in her hole. Her grip lessens a little and taking the cue I start to fuck her in tiny movements, getting more and more of my pole up her sweet ass.

My pubes finally rest against her ass crack and I lean forward to kiss her mouth deeply.

“Fuck I love your ass!”

“I love you – up there!” Then she squeals as I force two fingers

Into her gaping cunt and pump them in and out. Her ass hole is so hot I am ready to blow from getting my dick all the way in. I’m not going to last much longer and I want to get her to the edge with me.

“I thought you were ass fucking me? Not finger fucking me.” God I love her dirty talk.

My back counting has reached 200.

“Your ass is sucking the cum right out of me, I’m not going to last.”

A wicked, glowing smile lights her face.

“Don’t worry, I’m ready. JUST FUCK ME!”

With this I start to saw in and out of her super tight hole. As I pull out I feel the rubbery grip wringing my shaft; I can feel each ridge individually popping past her inner ring. Her grip is so fierce there is a deep redness where my cock has been inside her. The head is just inside her, pause and push back inside her steamy colon not stopping until I rest balls deep in her warmth. I have not looked anywhere else but her hole taking my cock; I am transfixed. I look up to see her face turned towards me, her eyes closed, mouth open, welcoming. I think of sinking myself deep into her throat until there was no more cock to push in.

That thought takes me to the crest of my orgasm and I fuck her now stretched butthole as hard as I can. I spread her legs wider so my hot balls slap loudly on her wet pussy. Digging my growing intensity Leanne pushes back to slam her rump hard against me.

“I’m coming!” I call to everyone in the house, pushing as deeply as I can. I feel Leanne grab my nut sack grinding it into her dripping cunt opening, then rubbing it hard on her clit.

I have managed only five full strokes in and out of her glorious, virgin ass and start to pump load after load deep into her rectum. She screams out her own orgasm into the pillow, her colon pulsing in time with my cock. My orgasm keeps going on and on, my cock staying firm in her sweet, gooey butt hole. Sweat ran down her soft back, over her plump rump to gather in her ass crack; I use this ooze to massage her twitching rear. I feel her hand wrap around my width still jammed up her shit hole.

“Oh My Fucking God! Your still hard in my bum.”

I start to fuck her ass again, enjoying the blissful sensation of my cock sloshing in her ass hole; I can feel my cum inside her, sliding between my cock and her smooth channel. I was ready to fuck her delicious bum again!

“I can’t handle any more of you back there.”

Her hand firm on the base of my cock stopping any further butt fucking. I ease back and out of her greasy ass, my fat cock head popping reluctantly out; I rest it in her sweaty ass crack and lean forward and kiss Leanne passionately. God she is sexy!

We fall together on the bed snuggling in a post coital glow, my hard cock wedged in her ass crack. I tease her nipples and nibble her neck.

“Hmmm… that’s better than armpit sex… Want to try that again sometime?” She asks.

I rub my length between her cheeks and squeeze her london escort breast.

“Guess that’s a yes,” she giggles.

We fall asleep together.

Sometime later I wake as Leanne is creeping out of bed.

“Gotta go to the bathroom and clean up, lover, I have your man stuff leaking outta me.” That thought lights a fire.

My bedroom is upstairs in the unrenovated terrace house, the bathroom is downstairs and out the back; a long a cold walk in winter time. We had gone Victorian to solve the problem, using a chamber pot in the bedroom for our number ones.

It is an incredibly sexy sight looking over and seeing Leanne balancing on her toes, legs arched over the potty. A quiet, wet fart escapes her bottom and then my cum starts to dribble out of her rosebud. I get out of bed and kneel behind her for a better view. The smell of our recent sex strong in the air.

“Hope you don’t mind?” I ask.

Leanne looks over her shoulder to me, raises an eyebrow in surprise, “Ok lover, nice view?”

I lean in closer, my nose only inches from her cum dripping ass hole.

“Lean forward,” I command.

She is on her hands and knees, legs spread wide so I can watch her toilet.

“Keep going… push it out!”

Another wet fart and more of my cum runs out of her ass. This time it drips along her taint, then along her cunt lips collecting on her thin pubes before dropping into the potty.

“Feels like that’s it.” She says.

I probe her loosened butt hole with my finger looking for more cum.

“Think so,” I reply.

My finger comes out greasy with hot Vaseline and my cum. I work two, three fingers into her wet ass collecting as much jizz as I can and spread it over her swinging breasts. It makes a fantastic massage cream!

Some cum is still hanging sexily from her clit; I lean in breathing in deeply, drawing in our smell. On impulse my tongue pokes out to taste myself on her pussy. Weird but not horrible; I have to share this with her. I pass my cum to her hungry mouth.

“We skipping to ‘S’?”


I can see my cum in her mouth as she speaks.

“Don’t swallow. I want to see it run out of your lips and drip on your hot tits.” I order.

My cock is like steel at this sight. Cum and spit running out of her cute, pouty lips. She holds her large breasts up so the mess gathers there; I notice she is rolling both nipples in her fingers at the same time. Her gaze locks on to my eyes, hungry again. She looks down to my rigid penis, slick with pre-cum and the cum that it had collected from her ass crack.

“Not ‘S’. Let’s give ‘T’ a try”


“Tit fucking!” I answer.

I easily slide my shaft between the massive globes and she holds them tightly together for maximum friction. There is so much breast meat that my knob barely pokes out at the end of the thrust. I pull her head down to her tits and thrust deeper this time, my balls pushing into her tits and the tip of my cock slips into her warm, waiting mouth. Her tongue circles my helmet and she sucks hard. We keep at this until I feel my balls start to boil; it is silent except for the wet squishing of my cock in her cleavage and our elevated breathing.

I gently lay her back and get on top of her in the classic 69 position. I suck on her pussy finding remnants of my cum here and there; I keep this tart juice in my mouth as my cock pistons down her throat.

“Need some lube to help it slide better?” I ask and dribble the last of my cum into her waiting mouth.

“I need more!” She replies.

Not wanting to disappoint I jam my cock back into her mouth and start to fuck her open hole. Each thrust is a little bit deeper until my head is at the top of her throat. She swallows and my balls are slapping into her nose. I pull out of her moist mouth and she gags, stealing some air.

“God you’re big!” She cries.

I go back to her open mouth knowing my release is not far; fucking her mouth hard, only giving her time to breathe, I think of her sucking on my cock meat that has recently been up her ass. This image turns me on. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with ass to mouth.

I pull myself from her sucking lips and lift her legs up, knees at her shoulders, the tip of my cock probing her rose.

I can see from the look on her face she had thought I would finish myself in her loving mouth and is surprised by my sudden change. Looking down Leanne is splendid, a sloppy mess from mouth to ass; jizz and cum and spit glistening on her skin. I have to take her ass again.

Without asking this time I take what is now mine. I ease my length into her satin back passage in one long push until my balls rest against her soft buns.

“Hmmmm, sexy lover,” she coos.

Literally balls deep in her I take her hand and place it on her empty cunt. I pull her pussy lips apart so I can see inside her, my cock buried deep below. She slips her fingers inside herself – I feel them rubbing through the thin wall that separates my shaft from her pussy.

“You’re the sexy one.” I whisper into her ear.

Locked like this for what seems eternity, I feel Leanne wanking my cock through this thin membrane. This is something we won’t find in the Joy of Sex book!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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