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Happy New Year, Kacey

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TO THE READER: this story includes several characters from the series of Jason Garrett stories; however, this story is not part of that series. Rather, this story is a follow-up to the story Austin’s Senior Prom.

Hi! My name is Kacey McLaren. I’m a freshman at the University of Florida (go Gators!) and was just elected president of the Gulf Atlantic (GALSM) region of Lutheran Student Movement – USA. And trust me, I was just as surprised as anybody else when it happened.

But before I go any further, let me give you a little history about myself. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, in January of 1987. The daughter of an Air Force tanker pilot, the first twelve years of my life were spent moving around the world to whatever wing my dad was assigned to. I lived in such places as Alaska, Hawaii, and Germany. Moving around as much as I did and having a military family, I was usually a fairly well behaved child.

When my dad retired in the summer of 1999, however, and we settled in Burbank, California, I really cut loose. Even though I was only twelve and just about to go into junior high, I became a wild child. I got completely hammered at a party that I shouldn’t have been at when I was thirteen and lost my virginity to some guy I had never seen before and honestly have not seen since.

By the end of my sophomore year of high school, in May of 2003, I was known as the school bicycle – everybody had had a ride. The one guy I had fixed my sights on, Austin Garrett, I knew that I would never have, because in my heart I knew that he deserved better than the slut I had become.

And maybe my want of Austin led to my own personal reformation. At the end of the 2002-03 school year, I said to myself, “Enough!” To get away from the influences that were constantly dragging me under, I turned to the Lutheran church – the church I had grown up in – and ended up working the summer at a place called Camp Calumet in New England. Being literally in the opposite corner of the country from Burbank did wonders for me, and when I came back to Burbank that fall, I was a new person, committed to living life for myself and not for the pleasure of others.

I remained chaste all throughout my junior year and most of my senior year, surprising everybody when I went bowling on my eighteenth birthday rather than having the wild orgy that most had expected. And I thought it was my reformation that caused Austin Garrett, the guy of my dreams, to ask me to go to senior prom with him in March of 2005.

It was the day before prom that I found out his true objective – he wanted to get laid. But it was funny how I found about it – he personally told me. A broken man, he couldn’t take the deception and the lying any longer. Although I was angry with him, I couldn’t help but respect the strength and courage it took to be honest about this with me.

And let’s face it, Austin was the guy that I had wanted for several years now. So it was, the next night, at the post prom party, I became Austin Garrett’s first. It made him very happy, and in addition to being the first time I had had sex in nearly two years, it was the very first time that I had ever had sex when I really wanted to, where it meant more to me than just a quick fuck.

I dated Austin through the end of the school year, but there was no way it would last – he was going into the Air Force, and I was going off to the University of Florida.

When I got to Florida, I found that their Lutheran student ministry was really in bad shape. I wanted to have a church family that I could be active in, a church family that would keep me accountable and keep me from backsliding into my old life. So I contacted a local Lutheran pastor, and working together, we managed to get a group of about ten Gators to go to the GALSM regional retreat in October up in Atlanta.

At the retreat, the students from the University of Florida decided to nominate me for president of the region, because despite my relative inexperience, they felt that since I had been instrumental in bringing the ministry back into being, I had what it took to be president of the region. Well, I ran unopposed, and so I was suddenly the “Regional Representative Elect” from the Gulf Atlantic region.

Which brings us to the present. Now, each regional president is expected to attend two national gatherings of the Lutheran Student Movement – one at the beginning of their term, and one at the end. As my Van Escort term would be for the year 2006, I was headed to the 2005-06 National Gathering for my inauguration.

Conveniently enough, the 2005-06 gathering was in San Diego, and being that my family lived in Burbank, it was just a few hours drive (my poor car had been sitting in the backyard, unused, for months!) to the gathering. Never had I figured some of the people I would meet at this thing!

The first two people I met when I walked into the Marriott in San Diego had nametags saying that they were representatives from Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. One of them was from South Carolina, and she seemed to be overjoyed when she heard that I was the new GALSM president. “Oh yeah,” she said with a drawl, “I was the president of the region in 2004. You’ll have a great time!”

When I got to the check-in table, the registrar, apparently the president of one of the other regions, was yelling down the hall at somebody (who I hope she knew) about the fact that she had quite enough cleavage, thank you. Okay, I thought. And these are the people I’m going to be working with.

After I got checked in, the next few days went by like a blur. On the night of December 30th, our house band did a concert for us. In the middle of the concert, some guy from Arizona got the mike from the lead singer, and proposed right then and there to his girlfriend, a tall redhead from Cal State Northridge who let out a shriek when he asked. Of course, she said yes, and I found myself wishing for a boyfriend who would do something like that.

The next day, New Year’s Eve, I was officially sworn in as the regional president, first in my region’s meeting, and then on the national level at the banquet. We had a dance afterward, but at about 12:30 AM, I found myself wandering outside, overwhelmed.

I got my car from valet parking, and just started driving. When I found myself on Coronado Island, I found a parking spot and wandered down to Coronado Beach, which was mostly deserted right now. I sat down in the sand by the water’s edge, just close enough that the waves lapped up over my feet. It was quiet, and peaceful – until a helicopter rattled overhead, coming in for a landing at Naval Air Station North Island, at the end of Coronado. The sound died out quickly, and my silence returned… until…

“Kacey?” a voice called.

I knew that voice. But how was that possible? He was assigned to Beale Air Force Base, up in Sacramento!

“Kacey?” it came again.

It was Austin. I hadn’t seen him since he got on the plane at LAX back in May. Jumping up, I ran to him and embraced him, holding him like I would never let go.

Then a thought occurred to me. “How did you find me?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh, that was easy,” he said with a laugh. “Your phone is equipped with a GPS device. All I needed was the number, plus the fact that I knew you were in San Diego, and it was a piece of cake to find you.”

“Wait a second,” I said, “were you in that helicopter that flew over just a few moments ago?”

“Why yes,” he replied, barely able to keep from laughing. “A buddy of mine at March Air Reserve Base owed me a favor, so I got a personal helicopter ride down here.”

But there was still a question in my mind. “Why, Austin?” I asked. “Why would you go to all that trouble?”

“To say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday,” he said. “It’s probably the only chance that I’m going to get to do so.”

“Happy New Year, huh,” I mused. “Isn’t that greeting supposed to be accompanied by a kiss?”

“I thought that was just at midnight,” he objected.

“I think we can make an exception…”

And then he kissed me. He had once described my kiss as being like a live nine volt battery being touched to his tongue, but the description was certainly apt for his kiss too, especially after eight months away from him.

He lingered for a moment, and then drew away. “Hey,” I protested, “I wasn’t done…”

He took care of that right away. His lips found mine again, and the kissing grew more passionate. I knew where this was leading, because I had been down this road with him many times before. But do you want to go there? my mind asked.

YES! was my immediate answer.

Without breaking the kiss, I reached my hand up to the zipper of his flightsuit. Slowly, I pulled it down to his waist, and then maneuvered Van Escort Bayan the top down off of his shoulders. Gently, he maneuvered the two of us behind a sand dune – probably a good idea, because if this went where I wanted it to, we definitely did not want to have any prying eyes!

I broke the kiss and gently worked my way down, kissing his neck, his chest, his stomach that had been perfectly formed in Basic. I pulled down the zipper a little further, revealing a package straining to be freed of the military issue olive-drab briefs.

Tugging down the waistband, I revealed his cock, all seven inches of it. Kissing the tip of it, I slowly swallowed it, bit by bit, all the way to its base, then backing off, and then moving back down. As I glanced up at him, I could tell he was more than enjoying being deepthroated – even though he had to have had a little fear of being caught, in uniform (or rather, somewhat out of it), in a very public place.

When he placed his hands on my arms, I knew that it was time to end the blowjob. So, with one final kiss of the mushroom tip, I stood up. As I did so, he reached around and unzipped my top. Coming off, it revealed the bright red bra I was wearing – the same one I wore the first night we were together.

He gently unclasped the bra, letting it slide off and exposing my breasts to the cool ocean breeze. My nipples immediately got hard upon feeling the breeze. He gently sucked each one into his mouth, teasing it, sending waves of ecstasy straight to my pussy.

Then he began kissing his way down my stomach. When he reached my skirt, he pulled it down in one swift motion, revealing my bare pussy. Going commando had been a last second decision for this evening, but I was glad I had done it now!

With the tongue motions he had perfected on me back in May, he began working his tongue around my clitoris and into my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and began to moan.

And then he stopped.

“Hey,” I objected. “That’s not cool.”

He didn’t say a word, just gave me a cock-sure half-grin, lay down on his back, and beckoned for me to come to him. Not sure what to do, I walked over till I was standing by his head.

He took my hands, and guided me down until my pussy was right over his mouth. Then, with the quickness of a snake, he darted his tongue into my pussy, and was in and out, in and out, over and over again. I couldn’t take it, and very quickly began cumming all over his face. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had, and certainly the first like this I’d had with Austin. I was going to have to ask him where exactly he had learned how to do that.

Barely had I recovered, though, when Austin placed his hands on my hips and very slowly slid me down his body. I gasped when his cock grazed my asshole. It sent an almost electric shock through my body. Then, he lifted me ever so slightly, slid me backwards, and lowered me down over his cock.

Feeling his cock enter my pussy after eight months away from it felt unbelievable. It was a wonderful sensation, feeling something other than one of my fingers filling me. From that point, I took over, knowing what to do.

I gently ground my pelvis against his for a few seconds, and then began to lift myself off of him. When his cock had almost left my pussy, with just the very tip of the head touching my labia, I lowered myself back down. I repeated this several times, but as I was doing it for the last time, he grabbed my hips, bucked his pelvis upward, and slammed me downward. It was rather unexpected, and I guessed that it would probably leave me a little sore, but he penetrated so deep that the tip of his cock brushed my cervix, sending me into an uncontrollable orgasm. As I writhed and moaned, he slowly lifted me back up and pulled himself all the way out, but rather than let me recover from the orgasm, he slammed me back down onto him.

He began fucking me furiously, at a speed I didn’t know a man on his back was capable of. Having not yet come off my last orgasm, I just kept cumming constantly. This orgasm was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out soon. The feeling of his cock almost completely leaving my pussy, then completely filling me again, and at the rate at which he was going, was an indescribable feeling.

Now, I’ve had a lot of orgasms before – a LOT – but this was different. Escort Van It was unbelievable, and then something happened that had never happened before – my pussy started squirting. It was just a little bit at first, just shooting onto Austin’s stomach, but it quickly became more, shooting further and further up Austin’s body until a shot hit him in the face. He just grinned like a madman and kept fucking me with all of his might.

With a strength he must’ve picked up in Basic Training, he turned me around so that I was facing away from him, and without his cock leaving my pussy, managed to stand both of us up and continue fucking me doggy style. With the curve of his cock going upward, he was now brushing my G-Spot with every thrust. My pussy continued squirting as my orgasm continued, and I began to see spots and stars in front of my eyes. Then, completely unexpectedly, he pulled completely out and replaced his cock in my pussy with two fingers. What followed was even more unexpected.

He slid his now-well lubricated cock into my ass quickly but gently. I was amazed at how fast it went in and figured my sphincter must’ve just been relaxed as a result of the intense orgasm I was having. As he pumped his cock in and out of my ass, he was now brushing my G-Spot from the other side, and he was finger-fucking me with his hand while rubbing my clit with his thumb.

Although it didn’t last for more than a couple minutes, it felt like Austin fucking me and my orgasm went on forever. As he continued keeping me at orgasm, I finally heard him exclaim that he was cumming. Plunging himself all the way into my asshole, he froze, pumping jet after jet of cum deep into my ass. As he slowly slid out, my orgasm finally began subsiding, and I collapsed onto the beach.

What seemed like a virtual tributary of fluids began gushing out of me – Austin’s cum out of my ass, my own fluids out of my pussy. “Wow,” said Austin, “that’s a lot of cum – from both of us.”

Seemingly too weak to speak, I just nodded my head. “That’s actually pretty hot,” he said. And his cock started getting hard again. That’s impossible, I thought, he just came.

But I quickly found out that it was not impossible as he laid me down on the beach. Holding himself above me for a second, he quickly thrust all the way into me, penetrating deeply enough to brush my cervix again. And that was more than enough to set me off.

I began cumming again, almost with more intensity, if that’s possible, than the time before. I must’ve looked possessed, writhing there on the beach as Austin pumped his cock in and out of me. He was fucking me so hard and so fast that I had no chance to perform the Kegel exercises that I’ve used many times before. It was an amazing sensation, having Austin’s cock plunging in and out of me as I came with the most intense orgasm of my life.

Austin was more short-lived this time, and after only a couple of moments, grunted that he was cumming again. With his final thrust, he penetrated me all the way to my cervix again, firing his cum directly into my womb. It’s a good thing, I thought, that I am on the pill, otherwise I have the feeling that I would be very pregnant after this.

When he finished cumming, he pulled out of me and rolled over onto his back. I wasn’t done, though – I lay there writhing for a little while longer, as the mix of my juices and Austin’s cum from both my pussy and my ass collected and pooled beneath me on the beach.

By the time I finally finished, Austin was already dressed once more. He kissed me – deeply, passionately – and then disappeared down the beach without a word.

As I slowly recovered, I began to get dressed. When I got in my car, I looked at my image – I looked like a nightmare. In fact, I looked like I had just had the fucking of a lifetime. When I got back to the hotel, I parked my car myself, and used a side entrance. Fortunately, all of my roommates were still out when I got up to the hotel room, so I quickly showered – rinsing the last of Austin’s cum out of my various orifices – and crashed.

Austin and I remained in contact after that night, but it was all by e-mail and AIM. In fact, I didn’t see him again for more than five years. The next time I saw him was at his wedding, in April of 2011. He got married to a friend of his from the Air Force, a girl who had been in Playboy and Hustler. But that was okay. You see, it turned out that there was this really cute guy from Clemson University who was really active in LSM. We started dating in late 2006, and now, we’re engaged.

But to this day, I have yet to have an orgasm as amazing as the one I had on Coronado Beach on New Year’s Eve, 2005…

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