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Harem Ch. 1

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I’m going to relate a story to you, about how I somehow managed to reinvent an ancient Eastern tradition for my modern world. I must stress clearly at the outset, that I never intended to accomplish this at first. It just seemed to grow out of a set of bizarre and lucky occurrences.

It started at a fast food joint, where I bumped into an old associate from school, school having just finished a couple of years before. Her name was Katrina, and she was lousy at hiding her feelings. I spotted her, looking down and out, so I went over to play the Good Samaritan.

“Hi Katrina,” I said somewhat jovially.

“Hi. Haven’t seen you in a while, how’ve you been?” She was definitely faking it, I could tell.

“I’ve been good. How about yourself?”

“Pretty good, yeah.” A great big lie.

“Really? You don’t look so good to me at the moment.”

“Gee, thanks a lot,” I didn’t realise that she could take it two ways.

“Oh, Katrina, you know that you always look good, I just meant, you seem down about something.” She smiled at me.

“You always were quick to apologise,” she laughed a little.

“Still am,” I quaffed proudly, with a very stupid grin on my face. But her smile faded fast. “You want to talk?” She nodded, and looked on the verge of breaking down so I quickly got her into a service line. “Come on, let’s get our Greaseburgers and Fat Fries and we’ll talk, okay?”

I’m glad that she laughed at that otherwise she would have broken into tears, right there. After being served and finding a table, I decided I’d be best suited sitting across from her. I just relaxed, let her eat and waited for her to talk. I started panicking when we finished our meal, not one word spoken.

Then she suddenly poured out with a flood of words and emotions. It was an amazing deluge; I had to halt her, calm her and slow her down.

“He left me,” she sobbed.

“Who did?” I asked her.

“You know who.”

“You and him were still together all this time?”

“Lasted longer than you thought we would, huh?”

“Katrina, that’s not fair, I-,”

“What? You were always sitting back, watching, judging us all. Admit it, it was how you amused yourself!” I again had to calm her down. “I know that you hear high school relationships don’t last, but we lasted nearly two years beyond school.” I could feel another flood of sobs coming on. Frankly, I was still annoyed about her insult which, while true, she never apologised for.

“All of a sudden, he’s done with me. Runs off, hasn’t called for six weeks, and it’s the first time I’ve been here since he left.” I knew progress was being made, so I remained quiet. “I’ve been feeling sick at his absence, it’s so fucking pathetic!” That shout brought the attention of most of the other customers.

“Katrina-,” I began calmly.

“I fucking hate that son of a bitch!” she screamed. I stood, just as an employee came over and asked us to leave. I almost had to carry Katrina out; her legs were rather unsteady. “I’m sorry,” she said. I just smiled and began walking her home, which was conveniently located not far from the restaurant.

When I got her home, she escort kartal was feeling better, and looking ready for a good sleep, but it was still early in the evening.

“You live near here, don’t you?” she asked me at her front door.

“Yeah, just a few streets away,” I replied.

“Would you like to do something? Maybe get some videos out?” Eager to remain the hero I responded,

“Sure. Should I come get you?”

“Yeah. Come back in, say, an hour?”

“Sounds good,” I affirmed. She smiled and gave me a hug. Now, this is where things started to turn. Katrina was tall, just a couple of inches shorter than I was. That meant that she didn’t have to press against me while hugging. Fortunately for me this meant that she couldn’t feel the embarrassing erection that sprung up when her head hit my shoulder.

As she turned into her house and closed the door, I was suddenly reminded of all the fantasies involving her. Apart from her height, everything about her was small. She had a fine bone structure, so she looked very thin, but she was not underweight. Her face was like a fine work of art; her features can only be described as elfin.

As I walked to my house – secretly glad I would have the place to myself for quite a while – images if Katrina continued to fill my mind. In her school uniform, sports uniform, various racy outfits that she wore when she could, all equally arousing. I was also secretly glad that I wouldn’t feel guilty, because I would continue to be the nice guy, and Katrina wouldn’t want me, surely.

I decided at home that I should change into something else before returning to Katrina. When I did return to her, she was wearing a grey sports bra with a small shirt, unbuttoned, and a pair of Lycra bike pants that hugged her sleek thighs tightly. I had never seen her dressed so minimally, so I didn’t know quite what to say.

“You like?” she asked playfully, and danced in a little circle, modelling herself. There I was dressed in a very nice pair of trousers and a good shirt, and she was wearing gym clothes! “Do you have any money?” she asked.

“Yeah, plenty,” I replied, barely choking out the words. She led me off to the local video store, where we stumbled about, searching for some decent viewing. Katrina found two, while I only found one, I can’t even remember what it was. “So where are we going to watch these?” I inquired of her.

“How about at your place, it’s closer,” she responded. I agreed. When the clerk handed me the tapes in a bag, he winked and said,

“Enjoy your evening.” At the time I couldn’t quite grasp why he seemed so sly. I figured it was because he noticed that Katrina was a beauty and thought nothing of it. After that, things became blurred, and I only remember that I ended up at home, somehow holding an X rated video in my hand.

“Katrina?” I asked carefully.

“He used to have a copy of that,” she stabbed her finger at the video. “He and I watched it heaps of times, always followed by a very vigorous screwing.” She laughed in a defeated manner. “I guess it’s a metaphor for our relationship, I was always getting screwed.”

“Why maltepe escort did you get it if you hate it?” She paused after I asked her that. She looked lost in deep consideration. Then she looked up at me, her eyes penetrating into mine.

“Will you make love to me?” I was flabbergasted to say the least. She asked so timidly, yet with those words she had me completely taken aback. When I didn’t say anything she continued. “You can watch that tape if you like, to get you in the mood, maybe inspire you.”

“I don’t need a movie to make love to you, Katrina.” I knew at that moment exactly what she needed. She needed caring, compassion, a lover not a sex partner. She needed to feel like she was loved and cared for and my bold statement visibly brightened her. She slowly walked to me and took my hand.

I led her into my bedroom, where Katrina immediately became the centre of my attention. I gently cupped her chin in my hand and lightly kissed her lips. It was only brief, but when our lips parted, I felt like I was denying her something, so I went back to kissing her. Lips, cheeks, neck, all received my attention. I intended to make Katrina feel like she was the most special woman on earth that night.

Katrina pulled herself close to me as I continued to kiss her, allowing my tongue to gently explore her mouth. I caressed her shoulders, ran my hands smoothly up and down her back. As we stood, embraced and dancing in circles, I realised that Katrina was crying. But considering how close she held me, I knew she cried with joy.

I don’t know how long we stood there before I let my hands stray down to her ass; gently squeezing each cheek in sequence, left, right, left. Katrina moaned slightly and began to explore my mouth with her tongue, all the while we still danced in circles.

It felt like hours that this continued, but they were so pleasant it seemed impossible to interrupt. I caressed her shoulders once more, before moving my hands down her front, brushing her shirt apart and sliding it back down her arms, onto the floor. At this point, Katrina stopped and moved back.

She reached up and slowly pulled her tight sports bra over her head, her little boobs bobbing as they were freed from their elastic confines. Even only half-naked, in low light, Katrina was absolutely stunning. Her lovely lithe body, with those two beautiful little mounds beckoned to me.

I approached her and took her into my arms, lifting her from the ground. She wrapped her legs around me, her bike pants stretching and conforming to her new shape. Thus entangled, I once again engaged her mouth with my own and lay her back on my bed.

I did my best not to loom over her as I continued to kiss her lips and face, while gently fondling her little breasts. Then began the trip south, past her neck, to her chest. I lay light kisses between her breasts, slowly moving outward, then engulfing her delicious boobs. Her nipples were quite erect, so they too had to be sucked, licked, loved.

While lying her back, Katrina’s breasts seemed to disappear, but her hard-as-bullet nipples stood proudly to attention. It was at this time that I pendik escort bayan realised, that in all my efforts, I had not had an erection. I dismissed it from my mind and continued downwards, over the expanse on her flat stomach, arriving at her abdomen.

Katrina softly cooed as I gently pulled her pants down, inch by inch. First a tuft of her dark pubic hair appeared – she wasn’t wearing any underwear! As more of her bush appeared, so did her thighs, sleek and firm. Then finally, a glimpse of her swollen lips, with her very erect clit protruding from between them.

I temporarily ignored her beautiful pussy, and continued to slide her pants down her legs, past her calves, over her feet. Then I slowly ran my hands back up her legs, scooping them under her bum and raising her pelvis high.

Now with greater access, I gently kissed her inner thighs, drawing ever closer to the cleft. As I neared, Katrina’s breathing hastened, light gasps escaping her. When my mouth hit her lips, a great sigh blew from her, she relaxed, again softly cooing.

I figured from all the anticipation that she would probably come quickly. As I licked and sucked her clit, various moans and sighs were emitted from Katrina’s lips. Before long, her hips were bucking, with long sighs and moans escaping her mouth as she climaxed gloriously.

But I wasn’t finished yet. I placed my tongue between her red lips and began kissing her vagina, and more waves racked Katrina, this time the moans were much louder. Katrina just seemed to go on forever, all the pent up anxiety, and frustration, let out of her pulsating pussy.

I could barely keep up with all the juices she was squeezing out, but once her orgasms subsided, I cleaned her cunt lips well and good. I heard a slightly muffled noise. I sat up to view Katrina in entirety, and saw her crying again.

“Thank you,” she sobbed out. She was so beautiful. I lay beside her and cradled her in my arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” she continued as she drifted off to sleep. It took me a while to fall asleep. But even though I had a beautiful, naked girl in my arms, I still didn’t have an erection.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I woke in the morning, Katrina was still asleep, though we must have changed positions several times during the night. I got up without disturbing her, and went to make some breakfast. Half way through scrambling some eggs, Katrina blocked the sun, and cast her shadow over me.

She was still naked, as was I, and she looked so glorious. Then she somewhat timidly entered the kitchen. I decided I should wait for her to talk so half way through breakfast she piped up.

“I really, can’t thank you enough, for last night,” she said slowly, measuring each phrase.

“You already have,” I reassured her.

“He, never did anything for me like that. He just stuck it in and, went for broke. You, you made it about me. I, I, I can’t,” she broke off.

“Well,” I started jokingly, “tell all your friends about me.”

“I will.” I stopped laughing. “You know where I live,” she continued. “Anytime.” That last word hung in the air, and reverberated throughout my entire existence. She stood quietly, went and dressed, and left.

I had treated her royally, now she said that we could get together, anytime. Not only that, but she was going to tell her friends.

I didn’t know it at the time. But that was the beginning.

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