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Hawaii Ch. 01

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When you land at the Honolulu International Airport, the plane flies over the southern shores of Oahu. Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial are just outside your window. The plane touches down and you walk from the jet way into the most wonderful airport ever built. The gate areas are enclosed like any airport, but when you walk from the main terminal to baggage claim, the walkways are open and the Hawaiian breeze blows freely, the smell of plumeria unmistakable in the wind. Its always about 26C in Hawaii and it rains almost every day for about 10 minutes. The weather is almost always the same there throughout the year. There are exceptions though – I spent three weeks there one time and it rained every single day, all day long.

When you get your bags from baggage claim, there will be several people waiting for you. The traditional Island greeting is a lei and a kiss on the cheek. A tanned, muscular, and very cute Hawaiian wearing traditional Hawaiian clothing – not ti leaves, but cotton flower prints, will put the lei over your head and say “Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii.” He’ll have a charming smile and think to himself that kissing you makes up for all the old bags he has to kiss every day. The next person you’ll see is the limo driver. He’ll have your name written on a white 8 1/2 x 11 paper on a clipboard and will dutifully help you with your bags back to the car.

The last person, of any importance, that you’ll see is me. I’ll be the one with a grin on my face that won’t be erased by time nor misfortune. I’ll be the one waiting patiently while your bags come out last from the conveyer belt and eagerly waiting to have you to myself. I’ll be the one to hold you in the middle of the airport and kiss your lips, your cheeks, and the tip of your nose while we wait for those damn bags.

We’ll take your bags to the limo and the driver will throw them in the trunk while you and I climb into the back seat. I don’t care much what the driver sees so I’ll just leave the divider down. The hotel is about thirty minutes away in Waikiki, escort kartal so we have time to relax a bit in the car. You’re tired after the long flight and I pour you a drink. You take a sip and recline on the seat and put your head in my lap, closing your eyes. I stroke your hair and trace my fingers over your cheeks, brushing down over your eyes and touching your lips. My hands gently find their way to your chest and lightly caress your breasts, drawing tiny circles around your nipples. Then they return back to your neck and face while you drift away…

You wake up when the car pulls into the drive of the Waikiki Marriott and the driver gives the bags to the bellhop. I’ve already checked in so no waiting – just up to our room. While you’d slept in the limo, I’d instructed housekeeping to draw a bath for you so it would be ready and hot when we arrived. We throw open the curtains to look out over Waikiki Beach and I help you out of your clothes, running my hands over your soft skin with each piece I remove. I hurriedly throw off my clothes as well – jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops – and wrap my arms around you from behind as we walk together into the bathroom.

The bubble bath is steamy hot as we sink into the water. This isn’t about clean, this is just about relaxing. This isn’t even about hot sex – yet. Plenty of time for that this week. I tell you to close your eyes and relax, leaning back against me as you sit between my legs. You can feel my cock hard against your ass but for now, I tell you to keep your hands to yourself. I massage your body, from your face to your pussy, gently touching, kneading, rubbing, all the way down and back up. One hand tracing around your nipples and gently squeezing your tits, while the other hand touches your tummy and runs down to let a finger dip into your pussy and back out. You lean your head back against my chest as I continue to massage you… you close your eyes and just let out a sigh as let my hands wander gently over your entire body.

While I rub your body, I let my tongue uğur mumcu escort play with your ear. You can feel my hot breath and hear my low moans as my tongue slowly touches the edge and runs from the top to the bottom.

When I let my fingers play with your clit, I notice how you spread your legs a bit to allow better access. I pinch your nipples slightly and continue to massage your beasts with one hand while I gently finger your clit with little up/down and side/side motions – hardly touching it at all. I let my finger touch the entrance of your pussy and I can feel the difference between the water of the tub, and the slippery pussy juice starting to flow from between your lips. I softly moan in your ear and you smile because you know it’s your wetness that’s turned me on like that. You know that all I want is to be inside you and fuck you until the sun rises again. But that can wait.

I let my fingers rub your clit a bit faster and trace your pussy lips a bit deeper. The feel of your slick wetness between my fingers is making me crazy. You spread your legs wide open in the tub so that I have complete access to your pussy. My hand makes sloshing sounds in the water as it picks up speed. Now it’s your turn to moan. The gentle rubbing of your tits turns into firm pinching and tugging of your nipples – my tongue on your ear turns into teeth on your ear – my finger on your clit turns to fingers in your pussy with palm of my hand rubbing your clit – your little pink asshole even gets some massage time as the pace picks up.

You reach behind with one hand just so you have a cock to touch. You wrap your fingers around it and just hold on – feeling it pulse in your hand – knowing that you made it rock hard and it’s there for you whenever you want it. When you start to moan you close your eyes and focus on your clit – I’m pressing harder on the hard nub of flesh, rubbing side to side so fast that I’m creating even more bubbles in the water. Your feet press against the tub as you push your pussy çavuşoğlu escort into my hand, arching your back you moan loudly. Your hand clenches and unclenches around my cock as you start to feel the waves of pleasure approaching.

My hand on your chest is twisting and pulling on your nipples while my mouth is sucking and biting your neck. My other hand is pressing into your clit, rubbing as fast as I can while you’re pressing your entire body against it trying to get every last bit of pressure. You feel the the orgasm start in your stomach and radiate out. I feel the spasms start in your pussy and your ass. They’re unmistakable squeezing and relaxing in pulses. Your cum covers my hand but is quickly washed off in the tub, much to my dismay, but I can feel the spasms continue as your moans turn into frantic yelling “oh fuck me! I’m cumming! Can you feel me coming?! Feel me cumming Mick!”

I do – I feel every bit of it. I watch you cumming as your back arches up and your eyes squeeze shut – your mouth open and moaning. I love watching you cum – watching you lose yourself in pleasure. Nothing else in the world could get me harder than seeing your face and feeling your pussy when you cum. You know this and it only makes it better.

As the orgasm subsides and you start to return to reality, my hands slow back down to a gentle rubbing. Your clit is too sensitive right now for me to touch – but it won’t be for long. I go back to gently tracing my tongue on your neck and ear, giving you soft kisses and whispering how sexy you are and how much you make me want you. My other hand has stopped its tugging and pulling at your nipples and is now gently massaging your chest and tummy.

I hear that final sigh of “ok… I’m back. That was fun!” mingled with “I am so fucking tired!” and we stand up in the tub. I rinse the bubbles from you and help you out of the tub. I dry you off and give you a warm terrycloth robe. We walk back out into the bedroom and move to the window again. I hold you from behind while we look out over Waikiki Beach again, my arms holding you tightly.

I suggest we go to bed – we’ll need our sleep for later. We throw off our robes and climb, naked, into bed, spooning while we drift off to sleep. My hand cupping your breast, and your hand wrapped around my cock.

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