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Hazel Ch. 02

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I am so sorry for the wait! Life got in the way and I had to steal time here and there to finish this much-awaited final chapter of Hazel. If you have not read the first one or Magical Desire I suggest you do as there are things that might be hard to follow. As always, please leave a comment!

XOXO SkylerLuv



Something is wrong.

I try to concentrate really hard on my last train of thought but I can’t. I keep hitting a wall. I groan and slump back on my bed. This last week has been filled with my memory fogging up at random times throughout the day. I haven’t told anyone because we have bigger problems to worry about. But the blurred visions are becoming worse. It is only a matter of time before I have to tell someone. I will try to hold off as long as I can. The time on my watch says I should leave now to get to Amelia on time.

I decide to wear a casual royal blue dress that hangs off my shoulders. It’s long enough to cover all that it should but I probably shouldn’t bend over to pick anything up. I smile at the look I know I’ll get from Amelia. She doesn’t try to control her attraction to me. It is entertaining to watch her always be ready to jump my bones. We have been getting a little careless lately but I always have it under control. Petting each other above clothing is perfectly acceptable. A couple of hungry kisses are more than fine. If it were up to me I could die happy now, not Amelia though. She always tries to sneak in some extra touches on my neck, a little below my belly button, across my lower back…I should leave now.

I transport to the university’s gymnasium. The air is mixed with male sweat and rubber weights. I ignore the stares from the guys, they always stare and their thoughts are always written on their face-very unoriginal. I walk straight to the back, where Amelia is leading a Zumba class. She’s filling in for a friend of hers who got sick last week. I look through the window catching sight of her. Her hair is up in a high ponytail causing a little poof at the end. She’s wearing purple leggings and a blue sports bra that is barely containing her breasts. My heart skips a beat. I know she’s wearing those colors just for me and the way she is moving her hips has me hypnotized. Her eyes begin to search until the finally see me, her heart also skips a beat. Her smile lights up and she moves with more precision. Two dances later I am a dripping mess, my underwear is soaked and I have to catch my breathing. It is probably not a good thing that a full moon is only a couple of days away. The last full moon I had to go out of the state before I ruined everything we had worked for.

A couple of people stay behind to thank Amelia for the class. I walk in just as a guy gives her an overly friendly hug. Now that I think of it there are a lot more guys in the class than there had been before. I didn’t know Zumba was all the rage for the guys here. When he pulls back I walk up to wrap my arm around her waist to assert my role as the doting girlfriend. That immediately backfires when I feel the hunger deep in her gut radiating off this innocent touch. I briefly kiss her lips but it is enough to send a shiver up her spine. The other guys waiting to say goodbye look between us and walk away, dejected.

“All of the guys want you.” I point out amused. “And who could blame them?”

She gives me a breathless smile. Her emerald eyes are a few shades darker. “Well I only want one person.” She grabs two handfuls of my dress and pulls me closer.

I place my hands on her shoulders. There is a light layer of sweat but the physical contact is almost unbearable. “Easy there. We have things to do remember?” Once we start kissing there is usually no time for anything else.

Her pout is adorable. “Can we just sneak in five minutes? I won’t be able to think straight if I don’t cum now.” Her pleading tone does weird things to my insides. My breasts tighten and I have to bite my lip. Her full lips are begging to be sucked on.

I look behind me and see the halls are cleared through the windows. I wave my hand, quickly locking the door and adding a protection spell that won’t allow others to see us in here.

“Five minutes.” I try to be stern but end up smiling.

She beams up at me and is instantly kissing me. Her hungry lips start assaulting my own. I wrap my hands around her waist, which is also slick with sweat. Her hands wrap around my neck and she moans when my tongue sneaks into her sweet mouth. She stands on her tippy toes until our breasts are rubbing up against one another. Then I feel her pulling me down until we’re both on the floor, me covering her with my body. She opens her legs and greedily pulls me down between them. I snuggle closer kissing her a little too roughly.

Her hand slowly runs down the front of my body, lightly squeezing each breast, until she reaches the hem of my dress. With urgency, she pulls it up from between us until her hand cups my covered pussy. She can feel how wet I am and orhangazi escort groans. I sneak my own hand down her body paying extra attention to her sensitive nipples until I am at the edge of her leggings. We kiss harder and her fingers begging to run over my swollen clit. I stick my hand inside her leggings without thinking twice and groan out loud when I am met with her bare, slick pussy lips.

“Amelia,” I groan against her lips. “Why aren’t you wearing any underwear?” I try to pull my hand back but she forces me to keep it there. We moan in unison when my middle finger snuggles right in between her lips. Her center is blazing hot.

“Because I want to actually feel you against me. I can’t wear underwear knowing this feeling is literally at the tip of your fingers.” I see my eyes glowing brown eyes reflecting off her emerald ones.

Any time we fool around we always do it above layers of clothing. I can’t risk hurting her. The rings Everette has given us have been helping us but they don’t stop all the magic that travels within me. There have been times when Amelia has been lightly burned but she claims to be fine.

I pet her pussy a couple of times and try to pull back again. “I can hurt you. You know how close we are to a full moon.” I lean my forehead against hers.

She pulls my arm closer and her own hand covers mine. She begins to move against my hand and uses her free hand to push me against her clit. Her slick juices coat my hand. Her other hand moves at a faster pace against my covered clit but I feel the effects. We kiss again and I can’t hold back anymore. I move my fingers against her clit in circular motions and pick up the speed when I see she is getting close. Her fingers mimic mine and in a matter of seconds we are cumming all over each other’s fingers.



I can’t believe it worked.

Juliet suggested I take a bold step if I wanted things with Hazel to progress to the next level. If I had known not wearing any underwear would have given me this response I would have done it months ago. Technically I did and she ate me out like a champ but that was before we were actually together. I know she’s probably going to give me a stern lecture about it but it was definitely worth it. Making out with her is delicious but I already know what her tongue feels like between my legs and I dream about the day when she will do it again. I have felt the undeniable pleasure her touch has given me in the past. I can’t take the heavy petting over our clothes anymore.

I’m hanging on to my backpack straps to avoid reaching out for her hand. I would be lying if I said our little rendezvous didn’t leave me a bit disoriented. When things get too heated between us I can feel my breath shorten and light shocks of electricity travel throughout my body. Hazel sometimes sees my reaction and immediately pulls back but in the moment I want nothing to stop. If she knew that she hurt me in the slightest I would have to kiss all of this goodbye and I can’t do that. Right now I just feel a little lightheaded.

Hazel turns to look at me with concern eyes. “Your heartbeat is irregular.”

I pull my hair out of my ponytail and run my fingers through it. Avoiding her inquiring look I shrug. There is no way in hell I’ll tell her there is anything is wrong. That would definitely stop her from touching me ever again.

“It was an intense workout.” I look at people passing us on the sidewalk. Their eyes follow Hazel. Her long brown hair flows freely. Her loose dress does nothing to cover her curves. I blush as I imagine what she looks like underneath.

“Amelia, you would tell me if something was wrong right?” She pulls my hand between hers. I want to pull it back but refrain. I can feel her powers are right there on the surface. My hand feels like it is burning up. If I show any weakness right now I will blow my cover.

“I’m fine.” I don’t know if she completely buys it but we continue walking. I pretend to fix my hair to remove my hand from hers. The electricity radiating off her fingertips are a little bit more than I can bear at the moment.

She pretends not to notice but I feel her mood shift.

“We’ll pass by your place dropping your bag off. Unless you want to stay?” She doesn’t look at me as she talks.

I bite my lip. I hate having to hold anything back from her. I tug on her hand and pull her to a nearby tree. I pull her face down to mine and kiss her for a long time. We both pull back panting. “Of course I want to come with you.”

She gives me her killer smile and my heart leaps.



Leo is looking down at a piece of paper when we show up in his room.

Jake is on his bed, staring at him completely forgetting the notebook on his lap. He’s wearing a white t-shirt and black basketball shorts. The room is stuffy. I try not to guess what they were up to. He looks embarrassed at being caught staring at Leo. Amelia goes straight to him and gives nilüfer escort him a hug. My hands itch to pull her back but I turn to Leo instead. Ever since Jake grabbed her roughly in his room I have hated seeing him put his hands on her, he has apologized many times but I am not willing to trust him so easily. And my jealousy sometimes gets the better of me.

Leo looks over at them as well and I can see his own jealousy just under the surface. I smile, glad that I am not alone.

“So what is the news?” I stand next to him.

Leo scratches his long beard and begins to go over the paper he is looking at.

He points to the map that appears before us. On the map he closes in on Colorado and I see faint figures pulsing on and off on the map.

“Looks like the rebels were last seen here. The Firetrail Coven gave us a heads up as soon as they spotted them. All of the Coven leaders from this region are getting together with their region in a couple of days. They’re going prepared in case things turn serious.” His yellow eyes look up and begin to glow. I follow his gaze.

Jake and Amelia are laughing at something on Jake’s phone. I would prefer if they sat on opposite sides of the bed but as long as I can see where Jake’s hands are I don’t mind. I often find myself pushing back images of them together from the past.

I place my hand on Leo’s shoulder. “Easy there, tiger. Just old friends.” I have to remind myself too.

He grunts and looks back down.

“So what is in Colorado?” I think out loud.

His gaze shifts again and he begins to look uncomfortable. “Rachel.” My mouth drops and so does his voice. “But no one has said anything about it yet. I feel like we can be there when the Rebels plan to attack.”

My eyes are wide. “Why would you not share this information with everyone else?” I want to yell it at the top of my lungs hoping someone of importance will hear it. This seems like something everyone should know and be prepared for.

He stands from his desk and motions for the window. Jake and Amelia look up from their phones, following us with their gazes.

Leo stands in front of the window, I move next to him. The sun is setting. The view is breathtaking. Deep orange and purple hues paint the sky. The trees in his backyard are bare, showing the birds sitting upon them. Shouldn’t they be in the south now?

“By the time I get the word out all of their plans have to change, it will back the trip up at least another week or so and by then who knows what will happen.” Leo crosses his arms. His black hoodie tightens around his arms.

“So what? You plan on taking them down on your own?” The look he gives me stops me short.

“Everette is in if you are.”

“Leo!” He shoots me a look and then looks back. Both Amelia and Jake have not stopped staring at us. I turn away and cross my own arms. Lowering my voice I continue, “Are you crazy? We will all end up dead. There are too many of them.” My mind races as I think of all the ways they will kill us and then move on to harm our soulmates. “And if we die who is going to take care of Amelia and Jake?”

“We have the element of surprise. We just need to get close enough to incapacitate Elise-”

“No!” I cut him off. There is no way I am risking my life over a witch that has proven to be extremely powerful on her own. “She will be surrounded by her clan of Rebels and if we even make it past them our element of surprise will be ruined. Leo I don’t think you’ve thought this through. You saw how powerful she was, you felt how powerful she was.” I shake my head again.

“We are powerful too. And we’re getting stronger each day we are with our soulmates.”

“Nowhere near as powerful as her though.”

“Hazel,” He sighs, defeated. “If anything happens to Rachel they will overthrow me and most likely make me pay with my own life. I was the one who sent her there without running it by the leaders first. It is my life on the line either way. At least this way I have control of how I am fighting for it.” He runs a hand through his dirty blond locks.

“Fuck!” I grind my teeth.


Amelia opens her front door, kicking her shoes off at the entrance.

Her round ass greets me as she bends over to place her shoes aside. I want to follow her into the apartment but there are so many preparations I have to take care of. On the walk back she let me brew in silence. I hate to leave her out of it but I can’t have her knowing what Leo plans to do. If she was able to find me in my own home when we had stopped talking for weeks I can’t imagine what she would do once she found out I was risking my life. Her overprotective personality will only get her in trouble.

“You coming in?” She holds the door for me and frowns.

“I actually have some things to prep for.” If everything goes as planned we will leave for Colorado tomorrow and be there right before the full moon. I pointed out that not only would we be stronger türbanlı escort then but so would Elise. Leo said he had it covered.

She nervously bites her bottom lip and I feel the lower part of my stomach tighten.

“I had a surprise for you.” Her green eyes stare at me up and down. Her hunger is evident. I wonder if being close to a full moon affects her as much as it does me.

“I have to do some packing. I’ll be going out of town while there is a full moon.” At least there is some truth behind this. The only good thing about this suicide mission is that I will be nowhere near her when my powers are at their peak.

Her face drops. “But-” She turns away and I hold the door open before it slams in my face. “You can’t.”

I sigh, debating on staying on this side of the door, the safe side, or crossing over and throwing caution to the wind. “Amelia, please come here.” I will lose my internal war if I take one step inside.

“I thought you were getting better control and that you would be able to stay with me.” She still doesn’t turn around. I see her arms wrap around themselves and I almost break. Her heart feels heavy.

I stare up at the ceiling. If there is a God up there, please help me. “I’m not strong enough yet, love. You know that. I saw how today affected you.” I knew she tried to hide it from me but I know Amelia better than I know myself sometimes. I know she was hurting today and she hid it from me. “And I can’t trust you to be honest with me when I need you to tell me if you’re hurting.”

She whips around and her hands drop to her waist. “Today was amazing! Feeling you against my skin was heaven. Don’t turn it into something that it’s not.” She is on the verge of tears. I want to kick myself but I also want to keep her safe. “Hazel if you leave me tonight because you can’t deal with being around me under a full moon, then…”

She lets the threat hang over us.

I grind my teeth and narrow my eyes. I know they’re glowing. We haven’t had a real argument like this before. I need to keep my emotions in check. I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.

“Amelia I won’t be here during a full moon and that is final.” I feel her heart accelerate. I worry that it will become too much one day or that she will have heart problems in the future. Her heartbeats so fast sometimes I worry it will give out.

“Fine!” She yells, I guess Juliet isn’t home because that would have caused her to come out of hiding. She points behind me. “Get out! I don’t want to see you.”

Fear and anger begin to float to the surface and I stay rooted. I can’t leave her angry with me. “Amelia…”

She runs to me and pushes me against my chest. “Get out!”

My hands wrap around her and I kiss her, all of my self-control slipping out of me. She tries to push against my chest but I pull her tighter and kiss her harder. I push us into her living room until we’re at her couch. Her hands finally wrap around my neck and she pushes me back so she’s straddling my hips.

“Brat.” I say in between kisses. She has me right where she wants me.

She pulls my hair roughly and I moan against her mouth. Her hips thrust against me and I can’t help but wrap my hands around her perfect, round ass. She pulls my hair until our lips part then leans back far enough so my lips are inches from her neck. I lick her neck and she shivers. Her hand still has a hold of my hair. The rough way she is handling me makes my pussy pulse. I am usually the one with the upper hand in these situations.

“If you’re not going to stay here during a full moon you have to make it up to me.” She’s breathless and it is hard to hear here over our irregular heartbeats. Blood rushes to my ears.

“What do you want?” If I keep letting her get her way she will begin to use it to her advantage. If she finds out all she has to do is pout and drive me insane to get what she wants I will be screwed.

“I want to feel your tongue-” I lick her again and she hisses. “Against my pussy.”

I groan and pull back. Fuck I’m in trouble. I try to regain control over the situation. “I will not put your life at risk. You know we can’t.”

She moves against my lap and huffs. “Don’t you feel my heart beat going crazy? It will literally burst out of my chest if I don’t cum all over your tongue.”

My mouth waters as I think back to the last time I ate her out. Her sweet juices coated my lips…but she also fainted as soon as it happened.

“What if you faint again?” She has to see reason. She can’t recklessly put her life in danger over her carnal feeling.

“Let me. Hazel you treat me like I am some expensive china when all I want is for you to take me to bed and make me yours.” She kisses me and bites my lip. My glowing eyes meet hers. Her eyelids are getting heavier and her heartbeat isn’t slowing. Her cheeks are pink and there is a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. Shit, I need to hurry and do something. This is the longest that we’ve touched each other with no breaks in between. I don’t think she can take much more, even if she is too stubborn to admit it.

“Fine.” I push her off me. She pouts. “I will lay on the couch and you will lower yourself onto my face. But no other physical contact, just my tongue against you okay?”

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