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He Wanted Her to be Happy Pt. 02

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Elliot awoke the next morning, an image stuck in his brain. Deborah, his daughter’s naked, womanly body, face to face with him. And him, naked as well for her to behold. He tried to anticipate contingencies at the swingers party. But that one he never thought of. He realized how sensual, desirable a woman she was. He put it out of his mind. Or tried to.

He went down to make Sunday breakfast. Deborah soon came in to the smell of coffee and bacon.

“I think you mother was binge watching something last night. Still sleeping. Sleep well?”

“Very well. I think it was yesterday’s events.” Deborah replied. Then whispered, “Sex does that to me.”

“It was a day at the park. Just remember.” He warned her quietly.

Janet came down and Elliot served his wife and daughter omelettes and bacon. Janet noticed the ring on Deborah’s finger. She told her mother the excuse she worked out the night before. Janet looked at them both with disapproval, but said nothing.

Deborah held up her hand, admiring it. “It is pretty.”

The normal home routine returned, as if Saturday never happened. Except it did happen. He did yard work, as thoughts of the women he made love to yesterday passed through his mind. ‘Women’ plural, he thought. Those beautiful naked bodies he got to make love to, to fuck. His loins stirred at the thought.

“Yard work, Elliot, yard work.” He thought to himself. “Next Saturday is a long ways away.”

Monday came. Elliot and Janet went back to work. But for Elliot, Saturday couldn’t come soon enough. When Deborah and Elliot met at home, they could each see the look of anticipation in the other. On Friday night, Elliot told his wife that he and Deborah were going to walk the long trail that followed the river. It was a better sounding lie and he knew she didn’t like hiking.

“It’s supposed to be hot tomorrow.” Janet said.

“We’ll bring water.” Her daughter chimed it.

May also texted about the hot day. Guys should wear short. And the ladies, whatever was comfortable.


Saturday finally arrived. Elliot was feeling a bit tense. He didn’t jerk off all week. Something he hadn’t done in years. He wanted to save up.

Janet headed off to her now usual lunch date with Helen. And the time for Deborah and Elliot to depart finally came.

With no mother’s eyes around, Deborah came down, dressed in a knee length summer dress, high heels in hand. The dress looked like to could blow away on the slightest breeze. She could see approval in his eyes.

With Elliot in shorts, polo shirt, and sandals, they drove off.

“That is a pretty dress, it does compliment you.”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s very comfortable on a day like today. It also has another great feature”

She untied the sash and opened the dress up. She had nothing on underneath. She spread her legs a bit, exposing her trim bush.

“See, no underwear. And it can be off in a flash.” She said, tying it back up.

“Deborah! Just last week you didn’t want me looking at you as you changed in the car. Now you’re flashing me.”

“Dad… Elliot, you saw me naked last week. And I saw you! Cat’s out of the bag. No putting it back. Besides we are supposed to be man and wife. We’re supposed to be comfortable with each other’s bodies.”

She had a point and Elliot made no reply. Deborah held up her hand, admiring the ring again.

“This is cool. I get to be a married woman AND fool around. Best of both worlds.” She said.

He wanted to remind her that she was getting laid on only one side of that equation. But said nothing, fearing just mentioning the topic.

They arrived. Most of the guest appear to have arrived also. Again, Elliot helped this woman, now transformed into his wife, out of the car. The dress, flowing in the gentle summer breeze, her long hair again draped over her shoulder, she was a sight to behold.

“Shall we go Elliot.”

She took his arm. Father and daughter transformed to husband and wife.

The door opened and Michael greeted them.

“Well, there you are! Come in, come in.”

Her dress clearly caught his eye. And he was thinking of that raincheck. Hoping she remembered too.

“I get door duty today. But almost everyone is here. And I’ll be off duty soon.” he said, giving Deborah a long look.

“Deborah! Elliot! Here at last. I wondered if you’d forgotten. My, that dress compliments you perfectly. Right Mike?”

“Oh, defiantly! And we should enjoy seeing it on her while we can.”

May looked at her husband, “Subtlety Mike, Subtlety.”

May knew what he was hoping for.

“Elliot.” she said. “Care for some wine?”

“Let’s get you one. But this is a beer day, if you have it.”

“Of course.” May replied.

And off they went. Her arm around his.

“First dibs!” she thought to herself. There was a reason she hovered by the door.

Deborah was in a flirting mood.

“So, Mike you sound like you are anxious to see what’s under this dress. I thought you’d seen enough last week.”

“Don’t think anyone could get tired of 1xbet yeni giriş seeing what’s under that dress.”

“And don’t think I forgot that raincheck I gave you.” she whispered.

She offered her lips to him and he leaned down to kiss them gently.

“Mind if I keep you company on you door duty?” She asked.

His smile was his reply. They just talked and flirted.


Elliot handed a Chardonnay to May and grabbed a beer.

“Let’s go out to the pool.” she said.

They walked out to the edge of the pool.

“Mind if I get comfortable?” May said. “I’m always naked by the pool.”

With his eyes showing his approval, She unzipped it then pulled the one piece dress down and stepped out of it. She wore nothing under it. Not even a bra for her ample breasts. Elliot looked her over.

“Quite a figure that dress was hiding.”

“Oh, that’s right. You haven’t seen me au naturel. I can’t say the same for you. Shall we sit?”

They sat on the pool ledge, feet dangling in water. A few couples were in or around the pool, arms wrapped around each other, many kissing. Most were inside, enjoying the air-conditioning.

Elliot looked at her, waiting for her to explain.

“Of course. You didn’t see me. You were in the library. Got got a good look. Well, everything but your face. It was blocked by Nichol’s, um, pussy.” she smirked.

“Oh, then, yes.”

May saw the face of a man reliving a moment.

“Yes you seemed to be making here quite happy.”

“I was enjoying myself too.”

“You like eating pussy, then?”

“I like the effect it has on a woman.” he leaned close to May’s face and whispered, “I love giving a woman an orgasm. There’s something so erotic about it.”

Those words were increasing May’s tension. Then he kissed her and she opened her lips wanting more. He drove his tongue in, exploring. Elliot put his hand gently on her thigh and pulled back, letting his fingers drift over her curves.

He looked over her body and said, “Mind if I just admire your body a minute.”

“Admire away!” May said, leaning back on her hands.

“But first…” Elliot realized he was still dressed. He pulled off his shirt, then stood up and quickly got rid of his shorts. He grabbed a few towels nearby and sat next to May as closely as possible.

“Where was I.”

“Admiring my body, I believe.”

With one hand, he gently let it glide over her soft skin. He remember Deborah saying Michael gave her quite a back rub. Elliot wanted to do something in kind, except he had the advantage of the front of May. His fingers slid lightly over skin, to her hip, waist, then under and around a breast, tracing its curves. To the other breast then down to her her thigh and back up. He kissed her then nibbled her neck, May eyes closed, taking it all in.

Elliot now slipped into the waist deep water and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her deeply. He kissed his way down to her cleavage. Then he kissed the curves of her breasts, finishing on her nipples. May moaned lightly as he sucked one tit deep in his mouth. Releasing it, he gave the other equal treatment. He kissed his way down to her soft belly, pressing his face into it. The anticipation was building in May, but Elliot stopped and stood up.

Whispering in her ear. “I want to make you cum May, I want to see you orgasm, feel you cum in my mouth.”

She was now trembling with anticipation. Again he worked his way down to her breasts, her belly, then to her pubic hair. May was breathless with anticipation. Finally, he drove his tongue deep into May’s slit. She moaned, arched her back, then fell on the towels…


Michael was impatient.

“I think that’s the last.” he said to Deborah. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

Deborah saw Elliot and May headed out to the pool. Her curiosity, no, a bit of voyeurism got the better of her.

“Let’s go out to the pool.” she said.

Michael took her out. There, at the edge of the pool, Deborah saw Elliot, his head buried between May’s thighs. Deborah was taken aback. She was regretting her curiosity. But she just stood there transfixed as May was responding to Elliot’s tongue.

Michael saw the look on Deborah’s face, “Looks like May is getting quite a workout from your husband. I bet you must get even better.”

“Oh, yes!” Deborah lied. “But I’ve never seen him make love to another woman.”

“Let’s sit here.” Michael offered.

Deborah saw a chaise perpendicular to Elliot and May, yet a little ways away, “How about there?”

They walked over to it.

Deborah asked, “Have you seen enough of this dress?”

“Can I open the wrappings?” Michael replied.

He pulled the sash and the dress opened, exposing her glorious form, She let it fall to the ground, leaving her in nothing but her stilettos, enhancing the eroticism.

At that moment they heard May moan deeply. They turned to see May, a fist in her mouth, back arched, with a look of both agony and ecstasy. She was cumming and 1xbet giriş cumming hard. Her body was convulsing with wave after wave. All the while Elliot, his face never leaving her drenched slit, watched her orgasm with blazing eyes. As Deborah was taking in this new moment, Michael stripped off his cloths. But Deborah was transfixed, watching this love making. Her father’s sex life was an abstract to her. Now it was real. She never expected him to be this passionate.

“Compelling, seeing you own lover bring someone else to climax.” Michael said, bringing her back to where she was.

“Yes. It’s such a new experience.”

He was laid out on the chaise, its back half up. His semi-flaccid manhood laid out.

“I seem to be neglecting you.” She gave Michael a sensual kiss, then sat on the chaise by his hip and removing her heels.

“I see you want to watch. That’s okay. we don’t need to rush.” Michael said.

Deborah gently stroked his cock but her eyes were on the lovers in the pool.

“Easy, easy!” May said as she came down from her climax.

“I’m not done with you, May.” Elliot replied, but slowed his pace.

May looked to her right. Her husband and Deborah watching them.

“We have an audience, Elliot.”

Elliot turned to see. And there was Deborah. She had now seen him eat pussy and bring a woman to orgasm. She was stroking Michael’s cock while her eyes were on them. Then he saw her do something he didn’t expect. She looked at him, then looked down at this pole she was stroking, got on her knees next to it and took it in her mouth after running her tongue up its length. He just stared. She did it with such ease, such fluidity. And right in front of him.

Deborah began sucking Michael’s cock. Something just made her do it just as Elliot was watching. She told herself it was to show him she was enjoying herself. She worked slowly. Michael groaned in pleasure. Elliot pulled May up to him so he could kiss her.

“Elliot! What lover!” May called, as Elliot kissed her breasts then back to her lips.

Deborah watched him from the corner of her eye, watching him go at May again as she sucked her man’s dick. Now she knew what she wanted. It felt so dirty, but she wanted it to happen. She removed herself from Michael’s cock and moved to his ear.

“Michael, I know what I’m going to do to you. I’m going to go slow, so slow. I’m only going let you come when I’m ready.”

What she really wanted was to come at the same time Elliot did. Michael closed his eyes and let her do as she wished. Deborah returned to Michael’s cock, licking it, sucking it, but slowly. He needed to last. Deborah needed more now. She kissed Michael’s stomach, Then told him,

“I need you in me. I want to sit on that beautiful cock of yours.”

Deborah straddled Michael’s rock hard penis, just letting the tip touch her wet, waiting slit. She waited she hoped she could time it. Then it happened. Elliot finally turned to Deborah to see what she was now doing. And what he saw! Deborah saw him look at her, the signal to lower herself on Michael, to take his long shaft all the way into her.

“Oh Deb, such a tight pussy!” Michael called.

“Don’t cum Mike, don’t! I just want to sit here and feel you deep inside me. You feel so good!”

Elliot’s need for release became intolerable. Seeing Deb impale herself on Michael cock was too much. Elliot hopped on the pool edge.

“I need to fuck you May, I need to fill your pussy so bad! Sit on me!”

Deborah saw Elliot’s full erection. May straddled his lap. Now she took the lead. Her awaiting hole hovering over his manhood. Deborah saw it coming. She lifted herself up the the end of Michael’s shaft. She then watched, watched his beautiful long shaft slide deep into May. And Deborah did the same.

Elliot closed his eyes enjoying the sensation. He pulled May close, with his hands around her waist. Deborah road Michael slowly. She needed him to last.

“Don’t cum, Mike please don’t cum yet.”

Michael complied with the greatest will power. May began riding him hard, up and down. Deborah tried to match the pace, her heart pounding. Deborah’s increased pace finally broke Michael.

“I’m cumming Deb, God I’m cumming!”

“Let it go Mike, do it! fill me with it.”

“AAAH…” Michael groaned at the first release.

May heard them both, hearing her husband cumming tipped her over the edge and she shrieked. Elliot peeked to see Deborah, her womanhood being filled with sperm. It was too much.

May, fuck! May…” His cock now started spasming in her pussy.

Deborah saw Elliot come. She could see, or imagined it his load filling May. The release hit her, hit her hard.

“Mike! Yes, Mike fill me with it. I want your cum!” she called.

Michael had his hands on Deborah’s hips, He could feel her tense up from her orgasm.

“Deb, oh Deb! you’re pussy! Ahhgggg…” he groaned again.

All four were climaxing. Elliot filling May’s womb, Michael doing the same to Deborah. Deborah was delirious from it. Or was it Elliot filling her. Her mind became 1xbet güvenilirmi a blur.

The men spent their loads. May’s head fell on Elliot’s shoulder. Deborah leaned her back on Michael’s chest, trying to hold him inside her. Trying to hold back to load of cum he just deposited in her.

They stayed that way a minute or so, recovering.

“Deb, you made me hold off for so long! I felt like I was going to fill you forever!”

May and Elliot got up and walked over to Deborah and Micheal. Deborah knew she could hold the tide back no longer. She released his now shrinking cock from her pussy. His load poured out of it. May and Elliot looked. Elliot’s eyes widened.

That is Deborah’s pussy. His daughter’s pussy. With a man’s cum pouring out of it. It was the last veil, the last barrier of knowledge that she truly was a woman. A very sexual woman. Deborah got on the next chaise.

“Elliot want to swap? We’d like to watch you two fuck. And can watch us.” Michael asked.

Luckily, May and Michael didn’t see Deborah’s face.

Elliot replied, “Thanks but no, Mike. We make love to each other six days a week. But today, it’s only with others.”

Elliot laid on a chaise next to Deborah.

After a pause Michael said, “I’m ready for a beer.”

He got up and cleaned himself off with a towel.

Joining me May?” Michael asked.

“In a second.”

May bent down and kissed Elliot.

“You are quite a man sir, all man.”

May then turned to Deborah and put her hand on her cheek, “Quite a man.” Then followed her husband.


Deborah and Elliot just lay there reflecting on the sex and what they saw.

“You only came once I believe, Elliot?”

“Yes, pacing myself. How about you?” He replied.

“Once also, but a good one.”

Deborah cleaned up with a towel and returned to the chaise. They just lay there, watching few people in or around the large pool, mostly occupied with a partner. Many more indoors, seeking relief from the heat.

Elliot finally spoke up. “I’m ready for another beer.”

“I like that idea, let’s go in.”

They walked together, both still naked, like most other couples there. But they weren’t a couple just playing one. Yet they were now comfortable with each other, and it troubled him.

They got some beers and turned to watch the goings on. And, to cast about.

“You know, Deb, everyone of my encounters has been initiated by her. I think I need to take initiative.”

“You should take it as a compliment. They seem to be lining up for you.”

As if on cue, a petite brunette walked by, like most others quite nude. Not quite as petite as Deborah, perhaps five two, but the same slim figure. She was 32, 34 at most. As the woman passed them by, she looked right at Elliot and smiled. She walked slowly towards the patio door. Deborah looked at him, he clearly liked what he saw.

“I think I’ll take a walk.” Elliot said.

Deborah smiled as he headed off on his first pursuit. She noticed the woman was the same height as her mother. And the same figure she had in her younger days. She wondered if that was the attraction. What she didn’t consider was she inherited her mother’s figure.

The woman opened the patio door, stepped out, and was about to close it.

“I’ll get it.” Elliot said.

He joined her and slid the door closed behind him.

“I needed a break from the air conditioning.” She said.

“Yes, some people like to crank it up too much. Especially when people are dress like this.” looking at their exposed bodies.

She chuckled.

“Oh, I’m Elliot.”

“I’m Nichol.”

“Care to walk Nichol? I’m in the mood to get away from people for a bit.”

“Sure, I haven’t seen much of the grounds.”

Off they walked. Elliot was wondering where a secluded lawn Deborah told him about, was.


Deborah decided it was time to cast about herself. She noticed Benjamin standing across the room, talking to a couple. Both maybe late 30s. She’d seen the man last week and liked what she saw. She also saw a man headed her way. Off she went.

“Ben, nice to see you again.”

“Hi Deb. Deborah this is Tony and his wife Angela.”

The couple looked at her. One apparently liking this lovely apparition that just appeared, more than the other.

“You’re new I believe.” He asked.

“Last week was our first time here.” Deborah replied.

“Lovely place.” Angela piped in.

“Although I’ve mostly seen the grounds, little of the inside.”

Deborah gave a quick smile to Benjamin as they both remembered last week’s tryst.

Deborah looked directly at Tony. “I understand they have a library.”

Tony just stood there a few seconds until he realized he’d been handed as opportunity.

“Would you like to see it? I can show you.”

“Thank you, that would be lovely.”

As they turned, Benjamin whispered to Deborah, “I thought he’d never leave.”

Angela watched this beautiful little blond walk off with her husband, then turned her attention to Benjamin and smiled.


Elliot found the secluded lawn, and they walked in. It was unoccupied.

Nichol turned to him and said, “Seems silly, these games we play. You are a handsome man and I know what I want. What do you want?”

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