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Heart Shaped Garden

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You were so beautiful that afternoon. Your normal lusciousness was endowed with a special aura of dedication as you sweated out in the garden, working at the rich soil to make the house you live in more of a home. It was especially true, because this wasn’t the garden near the street or surrounding the front porch- no, this was a large plot shaped like a heart in the privacy-fenced backyard. No one would ever see it unless they were welcomed into your home, and looked out the large glass sliding doors upon the neatly arranged rows of colorful flowers.

You had given me a key over a year ago, when you first moved in, and I had drove ten hours to be at your housewarming. You sweetly wanted me to have a place I could sleep when I visited town, and I’d since taken you up on it once. Sadly, that time you had been out of town on business for the weekend, so I arranged to leave you a new vase with a dozen red roses for your hospitality, for you to discover when you arrived back not a full day after my departure.

Today was different. I’d had a business trip to a city about three hours off, and had stayed there overnight in a cheap motel with no such thing as a non-smoking room, despite my wishes. The negotiations were expected to take days, and I had no obligations back home until next week. However, the new clients were unbelievably eager to sign on, so my business was finished in a few hours, leaving me to stay the one night in the stale tobacco-scented room, wondering what to do.

The next morning, I knew. I had to come see you. I left that town by nine and had been to your place by noon. The drive flew by as I recalled the gentle ring of your laughter, the total seduction you could contain in a wink, the way your body would sway with flexibility and grace in every footstep. It had been some time since I had spent sweet, precious hours testing that flexibility while fulfilling one of your seductions. Our friendship was so very special- we could spend all night talking about anything, and feel fulfilled and connected very intimately. Sakarya Escort Indeed, it was this closeness that led to the first time we’d decided to explore the intimacy of the flesh those few years ago.

I truly didn’t care if we talked, had tea, watched movies or made love together- I just needed to be with you. When I walked in, I was worried that you weren’t home again. I called out a greeting which echoed back at me. I ventured by the large glass doors, and paused in the shadows of the kitchen as I saw you. I stood there, watching you.

Your feet were bare, toes dug into the earth of your garden. As I watched, it began to rain, and the sun that inspired you to wear your large-rimmed reed-woven hat vanished. You removed the hat, tossing it with ease into the nearby shed to protect it from the water. You wore a shirt that was pulled taut over your succulent breasts by the knot you’d tied it in, just under them, the sleeves rolled up your arms to let the heat of the day blow off of them with the soft breeze. Your cutoff jean shorts were stained with dirt, and completely helpless to stop the rich, firm curves of your hips and ass from bestowing the lordship of my senses to my desire for you. The perfect sheen of glistening skin covering worked muscles was marred by earth smudges and coloring, hiding the glory of your flesh despite your being barely dressed.

As the water continued coming down, you took advantage of the privacy of your yard and decided to remove your soaked shirt. The knot, swollen with rain, took more effort than you had expected, and as it gave, the precarious crouch you were in collapsed backwards, landing you on the green lawn, laughing so beautifully as your hair mimicked the wide splay of your shirt, your breasts bouncing with the impact and then the giggles as your nipples stiffened under the cool water. Those newly-exposed orbs, perfect and clean by comparison to your stained belly, thighs, arms and face, took my breath away. More, they inspired me to action.

After making Sakarya Escort Bayan a fast trip to the linen closet, I walked out the back doors, to find you laying where you’d fallen, luxuriating in the rainfall. You glance over languidly and your eyes widen in surprise as your mouth both smiles and opens to utter an enthusiastic greeting, you body tensing to rise. I hold a finger to my lips as my other hand is held out in a “halt” towards you, and you blink, smiling again as you recline again. Those impossibly beautiful eyes lidded sultrily lower as I took out the wet washcloth I’d retrieved, setting a full, folded towel down next to us. Crouching, I began to wipe at your skin with the small cloth, cleansing you of the smears of deep brown with slow, soft circular caresses. I paused to pull your cutoffs from you, the unbuttoning of them eliciting a purr from you that swam into my spirit.

The wiping and cleansing continued, your voice cooing as your body rocked under the tender motions I used. When I had finished cleaning the front of your body, I worked on your face, revealing the sacred curves and rises of your natural, easy loveliness. As that finished, I could feel your breath, hot and shallow, rapidly washing over my fingers as the cloth passed from your face. I sank my lips to yours and kissed you then, one hand supporting the back of your head as your tongue sought mine, dancing in their own wetness.

I broke that impassioned joining and swiftly whipped the large towel open beside you. You squeaked and giggled as I flipped you face down on the clean, soft fibers, straddling you as I cleaned your back of the lecherous blades of grass that clung desperately to your nakedness. The dirt hadn’t gotten to you quite as body here, except for the backs of your thighs and your feet. Rubbing these clean began to make you genuinely moan in need and rock your hips back and forth. “Take me,” you begged as I set the cloth aside, “please, please take me.. I need you so badly..” Your words, gasped and humid Escort Sakarya with raw lust, caused me to abuse my clothing terribly, violently pulling it from my body, causing noises that foretold of time spent with a sewing machine.

You had drawn your legs up under you, displaying your ass and sex to me so ideally, the petals of your womanbloom glossed with its own kind of hot dew. Your thighs were pressed tight to your breasts, causing their sides to bulge hotly as your arms crossed in front of your head. “Please..” came one last plea just a moment before my ready shafthead pressed to your needy opening. That contact sent a jolt up your sky-facing spine, your lips releasing it as an “AhHH!!” as I pushed in, moving my hips left and right to ease the thickness into your superbly slippery and tight sex. More gasping cries echoed from you as each inch was pressed inside you, my own voice adding a primal growl as my ballsac pressed fully to your clit.

“OHHHhhh I’ve missed you..!” issued forth from you as I pulled my hips far back, only leaving the head inside you. “And I’ve missed you!” I exclaimed huskily as I slid fully back into you, causing you to grunt with the impact as your ass rose to meet the thrust. My hips kept rocking in and out, my pulsing thickness pulling to the left and right in subtle variations as we became one primal act together. Your vagina squeezed me so wantonly as you called out to the world over, your juices suddenly gushing out, coating my balls as your body whipped into release, surprising me at the suddenness of it all. I simply kept going, so close to my own release, when you swiftly pulled off of me and flipped over, panting, “my mouth.. cum in my mouth!”

My dripping, throbbing cock became your feeding tube, spearing between your welcoming lips and pumping your mouth, swiftly reaching the edge now. A secret swirl of your tongue caused my world to shatter and melt as I roared my release, giving you my essence to consume as my body shook and quivered.

Sliding out of your lips, I moved to lay my body along yours. Giggling, you asked how long I was staying, and I responded with a deep kiss and assured you that we had plenty more time to discuss the serendipity of my being there. Together, we let the rain cool our steaming bodies as we napped there, next to the heart-shaped garden.

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