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Heavenly Bodies

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As a young man of 21 I worked in on musicals and I was privileged to have an older lover who taught me techniques that have never failed me. Jackie was 39 y/o when I met her. She was a singer/dancer and had a fabulous body and really knew how to use it and showed me a lot. We didn’t go out much, just a stack of nights of great sex.

Jackie eventually moved onto another guy but we stayed great friends I started going out with Nikki an 18y/o dancer from the same show – she was very sexy and had a great tight body. Her mother had taught her that giving a guy head was a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies as they’d be satisfied! That tells you a little about what she was like in bed!

Jackie and Nik were friends through the show and we kept in touch with Jackie after the show finished.

One night Jackie was in town and came over for dinner it was great fun and in retrospect, I’m sure Jackie was totally in control of the situation but I did not expect what happened.

Jackie got us talking about sex etc and asked if Nikki shaved herself. She said she didn’t but wanted to so Jackie offered to do it to show her how.

I of course wanted to watch and they agreed but made me sit clothed and not interfere.

I don’t think Nikki was expecting anything either. While she was very sexy, at 18 she was fairly naïve.

Nikki stripped and lay back on the bed while Jackie got shaving things together. Jackie was very funny and there was a lot of giggling and fun which helped make this whole event even better.

Nikki lay with her crotch at the edge of the bed with Jackie kneeling in between her legs. She started trimming and snipping and Nikki was giggling with the light touches. Jackie started shaving and she could see Nikki was getting wet, she was giving Nik a hard time and Nik was saying how it felt so nice and she couldn’t help herself.

Nik couldn’t keep izmir escort still and so Jackie told me to relax her. She said give her something else to think about and, unclear, I asked what she wanted me to do. She said “stick your cock in her mouth – get her thinking about that”. I was happy to oblige.

I stripped and knelt over her sliding my cock in her. Jackie told us that if she moved I was to shove down hard and pin her there with my cock! Sounded good to me! Nikki settled down and gently sucked me. It seemed having something else to think about did the job

Of course I was now kneeling over her pussy watching Jackie shave her. Jackie had me lift her legs so she could make sure her arsehole was shaved clean too. Jackie was really enjoying this and watching so close was fantastic. Having my cock sucked as well – lets just say I was in heaven.

Jackie finished her job and washed her pussy with a hot washer. Seeing the steam come off the little shaved pussy was fantastic. Jackie then said to Nikki that she was finished and asked if she wanted to feel how it would to be eaten. Nikki of course said yes.

I was ready to dive in when Jackie beat me to it! She had me lean forward so Nikki wouldnt know it was her. Neither Nik nor I knew Jackie was bi and I wasn’t sure how Nikki would react.

Jackie was great at eating her – so gentle and precise. Nikki was soon moaning around my cock.

It was soooo good to watch. Jackie then indicated for me to have a turn. I did and for a while we took turns. Nikki continued to suck me and moan.

Then she started to cum at which time Jackie took over and indicated for me to get off Nik – moment of truth time! Nikki was too far gone to care who was eating her – she had a huge orgasm and the look on her face when she saw it was Jackie was fantastic. She loved it!

She laughed herself alsancak escort silly when she caught her breath. Jackie now climbed up on the bed and we both caressed Nikki to calm her down. She accused us of setting it up but I swore nothing was planned although Jackie wasn’t so quick to say she hadn’t planned something.

Then, Jackie said she wanted to watch me fuck that freshly shaved pussy so in I went. Nikki had her legs in the air and I went balls deep in and it never felt better. Jackie was lying next to us talking dirty and caressing us both. She started kissing Nikki who was really getting into it.

Next she said she wanted me to cum and jumped behind me and started licking my arse. I of course exploded into Nikki who came again.

As I relaxed and calmed down I rolled off Nik who didn’t get a break – Jackie started sucking my cum out of her soaking pussy. Nik was screaming by now and soon came again.

We sat for a while catching our breath but, of course Jackie hadn’t cum yet and was complaining that she was doing all the work and she wanted to cum.

We asked what she wanted. She wanted to feel my cock again and she wanted Nikki to taste her first pussy. Nik looked a little scared but wasn’t going to stop.

Nikki lay on the bed, her little pussy looking so sweet while Jackie knelt over her in a 69. Nik dived straight in and was sucking her clit. I lined up behind and slid my cock in. Jackie had a great tight cunt – It was like I was rubbing against her bones the sensation was so hard.

I was pumping hard and Jackie started to moan. I grabbed Jackie’s hips and started slamming her onto me. Nik was doing her best to lick and suck and Jackie seemed to approve.

Jackie then dived into Nik’s pussy. That cunt looked so young and to watch Jackie eating it was too much. Jackie was more aggressive with it buca escort this time as I guess she was too turned on herself.

Nik started moaning too and I was trying to hold back from cumming.

Jackie started to cum and that tight cunt got even tighter – It almost hurt but felt great

Nik sucked hard and I could feel her tongue all over me and Jackie. I started to cum and as I did Jackie pulled me out and sprayed my cum all over Nikki’s little tits and face. As she did she ate Nikki to another orgasm.

When I stopped cumming Jackie lowered her body onto Nik and rubbed the cum all over her.

Jackie’s arse was now in Nikki’s face and she moaned into it as she came.

We all dozed a little and I felt Jak get up and head to the bathroom. Next thing I’m being sucked and my arse is being fingered. I’m soon hard and ready for more. Jackie comments on how much I like my arse touched and asks if Nik likes it too. She does and I tell Jak that Nik also wants to try anal but never has because I’m too big for her little arse.

Jak says that while I have a lovely big cock it isn’t too big for her arse – we just haven’t done it right. She rolls Nik over onto her knees and proceeds to lick her arse gently building to a seriously hard tongue fucking. Nik loves it and her arse keeps opening more and more as Jak’s saliva and tongue go in deeper.

Then Jak has me take over. Now I’m loving it and Jak says how good we look. She then produces a tube of lube and starts rubbing it into Nik. First one then two fingers slide in. Nik is moaning loudly and asks for more. With that Jak slides in a third slender finger.

Finally my time arrives and she lubes my cock and guides it into Nikki’s gorgeous little butt. As I start to slide in Jak tells me to pump very slowly and gently. Meanwhile she is rubbing Nik’s clit. It feels fantastic and I’m finding my self in a hurry to get all of me into her. Nik is grunting and asking for more.

Jak then slides under Nik to 69 her. Nik and I are now both off the planet with sensations and Nik comes just before me. Jak grabs Nik’s head and rubs her mouth into her own pussy just as she comes.

We eventually get to sleep. What a night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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