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Helped by a Ferrari

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The inspiration for this story was my cyber buddy Glen. Thank you Glen.

I wasn’t sure where to go next. Home, though there was no-one there, or somewhere else. I was looking about the Motor Show idly, seeing the busy crowd and wondering if I would go to see the Mercedes display. I had to find Gina a present for her twenty-first birthday. But then I saw the two of them moving slowly in my direction. It was the older man of the pair who caught my attention and I studied them briefly.

I took a turn about the stage and climbed back up, signalling to Enzo who came running over. “The hospitality room?” I asked, “Is anyone there?”

“No, we are finished for today. Why?”

“The key please Enzo,” I said, glancing towards the approaching couple.

Enzo smilingly obliged me “Can I ask what, or who, you want the room for?” he asked, as I pocketed it, hoping to have a good use for it soon.

I shrugged back, “We’ll see.”

They came up to the barrier, looking in at the car, and I wandered over to them casually.

“Good afternoon gentlemen,” I said, handing them a thick brochure I had grabbed off the small table near the car. “I’m Tony,” I continued introducing myself.

“Mark,” the older man offered.

James was his young friend. We all shook hands. “Would you like to have a closer look at the Fiorano?” I asked, giving both a friendly smile. The latest Ferrari was sitting up there on the stage behind me. The 599GTB Fiorano. In red. It’s an old joke that red cars always go faster.

“I thought we weren’t allowed to touch?” Mark replied smiling.

“I will let you touch whatever you want to touch,” I replied, smiling back at him. I thought he might now have some idea why I was interested in them.

“James, do you want to go up?” he asked his young friend, not giving any indication of whether he understood me or not.

“Of course,” James replied eagerly.

“Good,” I said, lifting the cord for them to climb up under, onto the stage with me,

I helped Mark through with a light hand on his arse. He shot me a surprised look. I smiled at him reassuringly, letting him know it was no accident. He frowned and looked at James. I turned and led the way over to the red Fiorano.

I could see Enzo watching my antics with amusement, from where he was hiding in the small curtained office area behind the stage.

“This is really good of you Tony,” James said, shooting me a big smile and showing a slight flush of excitement.

“Its nothing,” I replied, “I get bored up here alone. It is a pleasure to meet men who also appreciate a fine vehicle.”

They walked around the car peering through the windows.

“No need for that,” I said, opening the car doors wide, “you can get in and see what it feels like to sit inside. Have a proper look at the instrumentation.”

“Can we really?” James asked, looking at me again with childish excitement. For a moment I was very taken with him.

Mark was frowning, “Are you allowed to do this?” he asked, cautiously looking about.

“Get in Mark. Your friend is very excited, let him enjoy it,” I said to him quietly standing very close and looking into his dark eyes.

He hesitated a moment before he eased himself down into the passenger seat. I reached in and stroked his shoulder as if settling him, needing to feel him.

I went around to James’ on the drivers’ side and knelt down beside him. “She will go from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in just 3.7 seconds,” I said. I laid a hand on his thigh and squeezed it gently. James looked at me startled. I smiled at him leaving my hand where it was. “She is very fast. A great deal of power and very quick acceleration.”

“How fast?” James asked.

“Over 330 Kilometres per hour. If you can find somewhere to try her out. Sometimes I wonder why the speed matters, who can use it.” I shrugged and smiled stroking his thigh with my hand.

James gave me an appraising look and I could see he was working it out and becoming interested. I looked across the light tan interior of the car at Mark and saw him watching me. I smiled at him. “She is very comfortable isn’t she? A very sensuous interior, very fine leather. And new leather has such a good smell. And you Mark, do you think she is a beautiful piece of engineering?”

“Of course,” he replied, and I stood up and went around to his side of the vehicle, leaving James to study the dashboard.

I knelt down next to Mark and ran my hand up his thigh to his package. I stroked it briefly Halkalı Escort through his pants. “We have a hospitality room just behind the stand, will you join me there? You and your young friend?” I asked him, running my hand up and down his thigh now, smiling at him, knowing he now knew exactly what some of my intentions were.

He cleared his throat, “Thanks, but….”

James was looking across the car at me, glancing at where my hand was, then at Mark. “Do you want to fuck Mark?” he asked looking straight at me.

“Hey, James, I’m sure that’s not what Tony wants,” Mark said coolly, embarrassed.

I was surprised by the directness of James question. “Yes,” I said, ” I do. Very much. Do you mind?”

James looked at me for a moment and glanced at Mark who looked uncomfortable to have us talking about him the way we were, but who didn’t seem able to say anything, I felt him pull his thighs tight together.

“No,” I was pleased to hear James reply, “No, I don’t mind at all,” and he smiled.

I slid my hand back up to Marks crotch, “I am too old for this sort of thing,” Mark said angrily, pushing my hand away.

“Then I am too,” I said laughing, “and I don’t agree As long as you enjoy it and James and I do too, then that is all that matters.”

“Mark,” James said, and leant across to his lover. “Come on, I want you to say yes.”

I stood up, then leant down into the car and gripped his chin and kissed Mark on the mouth, hoping no-one passing saw me.

“Yes. Say yes” said James, stroking his hand over Marks package, which had definitely grown larger in the last few minutes. I was glad to see Mark automatically spread his legs a fraction wider to give James better access. I knelt again and ran my hands up his chest and pinched his nipples through his shirt and jumper. He hissed at my attention and I was pleased at his reaction, as sensitive nipples were a thing I liked in a man, so I played with them more.

“Alight,” Mark said with a sharp intake of breath. “Ok. You win,” he said though he didn’t look entirely happy.

“Good,” James said removing his hand. “You’ll enjoy it. And thank you Tony for the invitation, that would be great,” James replied formally.

“There, you don’t want to spoil your young friends fun do you?” I asked, moving my hand back to Marks growing package and squeezing it.

“No,” he said, ” Of course not,” but he laid his hand on mine and moved it away from his cock. I left it on his thigh and we stayed like that for a while till I moved my hand back finding him even bigger and he caught his breath as I squeezed him. I rubbed him gently and he left my hand there now and relaxed back into the embrace of the leather seat. When James had had his fill of pretending to drive the Fiorano I removed my hand from Marks erection and helped him out of the low-slung car. Then I led the way behind the curtain at the rear of the stage. We passed Enzo, who gave me a leer. He had a good idea what I had in mind for my new friends, having recently joined me in a similar escapade at the Ferrari showroom.

In the hospitality lounge I offered them a drink and played barman, making up the orders. We drank a toast to fast cars, then I proposed another, “To the men who love them.” James laughed and drank eagerly to that. I stepped forward and kissed his mouth, surprising him a bit. Placing my hand behind his back I pulled him in for a deeper one. After a moment he pulled back, looking at Mark. I turned to Mark then and kissed him, pulling him tight to me. Our mouths locked as I sunk my tongue in him. He reached for my crotch now and I knew he would be satisfied with what he found there.

We broke apart and I went and locked the door. “So we have privacy now,” I said

James was already kissing Mark and undressing him, pulling his jumper off over his head then unbuttoning his shirt. I stood behind Mark pressing myself against his arse while I reached around him and ran my hands up and down his lean torso before setting to work on his sensitive nipples.

James finished undoing Marks jeans and pushed them down letting his stiff cock bounce free and I dropped a hand and cupped his sac in it. Marks jeans reached his ankles and he kicked them off. James dropped down and took his lovers cock in his mouth and worked it briefly.

I undressed myself quickly and then began to strip James. He helped me and soon we were all naked.

“Fuck him now,” James said to me, “I’ve been wanting to watch someone else fuck him. He Halkalı Escort Bayan likes to watch me doing it, he loves to be fucked. But I want to see another man pumping him.”

Mark said nothing and I wasn’t sure if he was feeling pushed by us. “Is it alright for me to fuck you?” I asked him, putting my arms around him and kissing him. He tentatively reached around me and nodded.

“I want this to be good for all of us,” I reassured him, “You are a very sexy man,” I said.

“I’m old,” he said again, looking uncertain.

I laughed, “Yes a little bit, but I like men like myself. Men who look after themselves, and I like experience,” I said, “For me young men are good sometimes but not always,” I pulled back and let James reassure his lover.

James locked his mouth to Marks while I gripped their cocks together and stoked them both. I stopped and they broke apart. We moved in close into a tight clinch, kissing and touching each other. But I knew what I wanted and stepped back.

The two lovers kissed and became lost in an embrace as I went to my knees behind Mark. I parted his cheeks and sunk my face into his arse crack working my tongue about his hole and thrusting it inside. Once he was wet I used my fingers in him, his ring was surprisingly tight as I pushed past it, I had expected him to be looser. I worked in two fingers knowing he was well used and would stretch for me easily, then I sought inside for his magic spot and found it, making him lurch.

Mark broke from their long kiss and then James was on his knees before him taking his cock into his mouth. I continued to work his arse but wanted to fuck him before he came from the sucking of the mouth engulfing him. I ran my hands up his chest pinching his nipples hard. “Can I fuck you now Mark?” I asked into his ear. “Fuck your beautifully open arse.”

“Yes,” he breathed quickly, nodding back.

I reached down for James bobbing head and pushed him back, he looked confusedly at me. “I am going to fuck Mark now,” I said to him.

We laid Mark back on the tablecloth covered bench that served as the bar, and pushed his thighs back and he grasped them and held them out wide, making himself available. I again worked two fingers into him as James climbed up and straddled his face, presenting his long hard cock to Marks mouth. Mark swallowed him and I heard soft, slurpy sucking noises while James leant forward grasping Marks own cock and tonguing the head gently as he watched me working Marks anus. I leant in and kissed James deeply, then he watched me as he rocked into his lovers sucking mouth.

I fucked Mark with my two fingers, then James reached out and added two of his own fingers to mine. Mark jerked and yelped from being stretched so painfully, silenced by the cock filling his mouth as James worked his fingers into him alongside mine. We got them inside him, really stretching him open. Then we finger fucked him together and he jerked and made more little cries while we kissed above him.

We withdrew our fingers leaving his arse gaping slightly and I presented my dripping cock head to his now loose hole. James touched my shaft as I worked myself into Mark, then James began to moan and let go of me to fuck his lovers face more energetically. But he still watched as I sunk my cock to the hilt in Marks hole. I rubbed my pubes into his arse, working my cock about inside him. Suddenly James cried out and arched up, and I was excited even more knowing he was filling his lovers mouth with his cum right then, while I was fucking his handsome lover.

James arched and moaned again, and heaved himself back into Marks face, coming again before subsiding. I got into a steady fucking rhythm inside his sweating cum filled lover as James knelt back spent, behind his lovers’ head. “Take your time,” he said and lifted Marks head and shoulders up and moved his thighs and his kneeling lap beneath them. Now Mark was raised up they could both watch my cock stroking in and out of him. James moved his hands over his lovers’ body and squeezed and rolled his lovers nipples roughly making him yelp and moan. I looked into Marks tossing sweating face, loving the feel of my cock moving inside his gut, enjoying the grunting crying noises he was making as he watched my cock moving in and out of his arse. I was pleased that it was obvious now that he wanted this fucking he was getting.

I reached for his hard pre-cum dripping cock and fisted it briefly, he was moaning and gasping and James stroked his face Escort Halkalı and pulled hard at one nipple dragging it about as I increased my fucking rhythm, wanting us to come together. My hips pounded into his arse and he suddenly cried out, “Fuck me. Harder. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh God fuck me.” Gasping for air he threw his head back and bore down on me.

I felt his gut spasm and his arse clench tight on me and I rammed myself in as I lost my load inside him. He came at the same time, shooting up his belly to his chest. He squeezed on me again and I sent another shot deep inside him as he let loose up his belly, filling his navel and streaking his gut with cum and finally shooting off weakly again.

James leaned into a deep kiss with me and then released Marks thighs to me and lowered himself to kiss his lover. I stayed buried inside Mark till I slipped out. My cum trailed out with me and I released one leg so I could rub it into his arse before I released his other thigh and lowered his legs down to hang off the end of the bar. His shrinking cock still had some body and his balls hung nicely against his pubes in that position.

But I knew I wanted to watch James fuck him too, and see Mark stagger away full of both our cum. And I wanted to fuck James as well, only that wasn’t going to happen today. “Your turn now James,” I said

We swapped places and he lifted Marks legs bent them and rested his lovers’ ankles on his shoulders.

“Can you see?” I asked Mark, stroking his hair back from his forehead. He nodded “You really do like watching don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes,” he got out with a half gasp, half laugh. I ran my hands all over Marks body massaging his chest and shoulders and belly while James cupped his lovers’ balls and dipped his head to take up Marks soft cock. I used one hand to work his nips. Hard. Mark wasn’t young but his lovers experience and the situation he was in soon had him stiff again. Then James was pushing Marks thighs back for me to hold.

Once I had them I watched James force his cock straight in. Mark gasped and cried out in pain and writhed and tried to get up but I held him down. James was a good eight inches long and thick and I could understand Marks protesting at being used so roughly. Our previous fuck had barely prepared him for this one. I had a perfect view of James big thick cock disappearing into Marks anus and was soon hard again myself from watching. Once James had bottomed he held there for a few moments and Mark began to relax and watch as well. Then James got into a deep long stroking rhythm that had Mark groaning, sweating and moving his thighs to accommodate his lover more easily. I watched his arse being abused, keeping his legs back to ensure that in spite of the force we kept our perfect view. Mark grunted and groaned as he took James in, then he was being fucked hard and he was crying out, “No. Yes. Oh James.”

He was going to go away very sore. Poor old man, I thought smiling. I would feel this myself afterwards. James finally came and then bent over and sucked off Mark holding his legs up while I worked my hands over his body again. He shot off a healthy second load for a man his age and then lay there spread out, sweating and exhausted.

I got a napkin and wet it from the crystal water jug and wiped the cum off Marks belly and chest with it. He looked up at me languidly as I worked; we were both slow from the afterglow of good sex. “You were very good for an old man,” I said looking down at him.

“So were you,” he replied, reaching up to wrap a hand about my neck. Then I bent to kiss him and he locked on my mouth and moved his tongue into me.

James had joined us, standing on the other side of the bench, recovered already. “Yes. Marks always good to fuck,” James said smiling.

“I want to see you both again,” I said to Mark and he nodded, then sat up slowly. I turned to James, “I’ll call you. And you can drive the Fiorano next time, I take it home on Monday when the shows over,” I said.

“Its yours?” James asked

“Yes. That’s why I was able to let you sit inside her,” I had ordered it a year before but still had to wait until the Motor Show was over to take it home. But it had certainly given me a good ride already.

I kissed Mark and his lover and then got dressed and helped Mark dress. He was stiff and flushed and dopey but I was pleased to find he liked me touching him now, leaning against me. I handled his nipples briefly and he responded tiredly. Then he was dressed and ready to leave.

We left the hospitality room together, me with their number in my pocket James with mine. When I’d seen them off the stage I watched them walk away. Seeing how Mark showed how hard he’d been had in the way he moved, while James strode along impatiently beside him, moving easily.

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