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Helping Helen Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

After our first two encounters it was another 3 weeks until we got our third. Helen had started wearing really sexy clothes when ever I was around which made me want her even more. I was coming home from work and my girlfriend text me to say she wouldn’t be home from work till 11 and to not bother coming to her house and that she would see me tomorrow. When I got home I thought I would take this opportunity to contact Helen to see what she was up to.

‘Hi gorgeous.’ I said when she picked up her phone.

‘This is a nice surprise. I was just thinking about you, my sister left a note saying she would be at work till late and I was thinking…’

‘You want me to come over?’ I said cutting her off.

‘No my parents are in but I’ve been making some phone calls and you need to pick me up in half an hour.’ She replied.

‘Where?’ I asked.

‘The top of my road.’ She said answering my question.

‘Where are we going and why?’ I asked as I began to get excited.

‘Into the country. I’ve been watching some porn and there is something that I really want to try out. I am not very experienced and I want to try out some different stuff with you, if that’s ok? Oh don’t forget your wallet.’ She replied cheekily. Then she hung up the phone.

I grabbed a quick shower, threw on some clothes (when I say threw on I meant carefully choose some as I wanted to impress Helen) and headed out the door. I pulled up where I was meant to meet Helen and waited. As she came round the corner I nearly came in my pants. She was wearing the shortest black skirt, the tightest white top and some silver high heels. She looked hot and kind of slutty.

‘Hi.’ She said as she climbed into my car. I checked out her shapely legs and her gorgeous feet in her sexy heels.

‘You like what I am wearing for you? I made it as slutty as I could.’ She asked teasingly.

‘Yeah I love it.’ I replied checking out her massive tits which were very visible through her white top as she had no bra on.

‘Where are we headed then?’ I asked trying to sound cool.

‘Just follow.’ She said as she typed in our destination onto my satnav.

It said our journey time should be roughly half an hour and they were all country roads. I put my car into first gear and drove.

After about two minutes of driving in silence and me checking out her legs Helen finally spoke.

‘Boy your horny, your hard on hasn’t subsided since I got in the car.’

‘Yeah it’s your legs, I never realised how sexy they were and I love your killer heels.’ I said telling her the truth behind my erection.

‘Well we won’t be reaching our destination for about half an hour and I would hate for you to suffer for all that time and I guess your straining cock is my fault I think I should help you out.’ She said with a sexy voice.

‘Yeah it’s hard for me to concentrate on these dark winding roads, it would be great if you could help me out.’ I said with a cheeky smile.

With that she unbuckled her seat belt and began undoing my zip. All I could think was how horny and dirty this girl was. She was so experimental and rude and she had only had her first orgasm 5 weeks ago and lost her virginity 3 weeks ago. She had only had sex once in her life and here she was about to give me a blowjob in my car while taking me to a place I knew nothing about.

She pulled my cock out and lowered her head to my hard member. She slowly licked her way around my bulbous purple head teasing me with her wet tongue. As she wanked my shaft with her hand she slowly engulfed three inches of my cock. She began bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, increasing her speed. She swirled her tongue around my cock as my shaft slide between her lips. I was finding it really hard to concentrate on the road but I knew I wanted to get to where ever we were going so drove as carefully as possible.

Helen increased her speed as I could feel my orgasm approaching.

‘I am going to cum.’ I said with bated breath.

‘Well I guess I best swallow as we have nothing to wipe up with.’ She said with a sexy grin on her face.

With that she engulfed nearly all off my cock into her mouth and took my cock into her throat. She thrust her head up and down my cock at a fast rate with my cock head pushed its way down her throat. I grabbed her head with one hand and thrust the whole of my cock into her throat and fucked her face as I began to spew my load.

‘Argh fuck me you dirty bitch you’re making me cum. Swallow my load.’ I grunted.

My cock spurted thick rope after rope of cum down her throat, as she swallowed her throat contracted around my cock milking even more cum out of me. She swallowed every last drop of my cum and slid my cock from her throat and said ‘Mmmmmm your cum tasted good, sorry I swallowed it all, I promise you will get to taste some tonight, it will be from a different place than last time though.’ She then zipped me back up and sat back in her chair.

‘Where did you learn to do that?’ I asked.

‘Saw it in a porno, Gaziantep Gecelik Escort so I practiced on a cucumber about the same size as your cock. Your cock was a little easier to take thou, much wetter.’ She replied.

‘It was fucking amazing.’ I stated.

‘Wait until we arrive at our hotel.’ She said, letting the cat out of the bag.

‘Aha, so it’s a hotel we are going to then.’ I asked sounding chuffed to have finally got it out of her.

‘Yeah well it’s a cottage, not a hotel, its ours for tonight and tomorrow, so I was kind of hoping you would ring in sick to work tomorrow, I promise it will be worth it.’ She said grinning again.

‘I will ring in the morning.’ I replied.

‘Good, you are in for a treat, and so am I.’ She laughed.

We finally arrived at our destination. It was a beautiful secluded cottage and Helen had the key. God knows where she hid it as she had no pockets or bra to put it in. As we walked in I asked how she got it on such short notice.

‘It’s a mate of mine’s dad who owns it. I said I wanted it to do some art work in tomorrow and that I would pay him next time I saw him so he gave me the key.

‘Well I must say this is some very impressive work Helen, your not just good in bed, you have talents in other areas also.’ I laughed.

‘You really think I am good in bed?’ She asked seeming surprised.

‘You are amazing.’ I replied.

She then gave me a long passionate kiss which sparked the life back into my cock. I ran my hands down her back and under her skirt. I began rubbing her sexy bare ass. I moved my hand up to feel for a thong, but there was nothing there. She had been sitting my car all that time with only a few inches of skirt covering her shaven pussy.

‘Panties just get in the way I find.’ Helen said in a sultry voice.

We sat down on the sofa and continued our kissing, our tongues swirling around each others mouths and I fondled her tits. I pinched her erect nipple through her top as she began to squirm and moan. I then ran my hand down to her leg and began to stroke the inside of her thigh. Her pussy was only a few inches from my hand and barely covered by her slutty skirt. As we continued kissing I could feel the heat coming from Helens pussy.

‘Finger me please, I am so wet.’ She begged.

I obliged and slowly slid my hand up her skirt and touched her pussy. It was soaking and hairless. I spread her lips with my fingers as she started to moan. I began to service her clit with my finger as Helens moans became louder. My finger then found its way down to her soaking hole. My finger penetrated her with ease as it was so slick with her juices. Her pussy still felt tight having only had it penetrated a limited amount of time.

‘I can’t take anymore, I need your tongue, please lick my pussy.’ She cried.

I got down onto the floor in front of her and took her right foot in my hand and brought it to my face. Her feet smelt so sexy, slightly sweaty from her shoe. I kissed the top of her foot and licked my way down to the point of her shoe.

‘Lick my shoe so dirty bastard, suck on my heel you bitch, you know you want to.’ She hissed.

She was right I did want to so I began to lick her shoe, first the sides, then I began to lick the sole of her shoe. It was very clean and I presume her shoes were new. Then I licked my way up her heel and took it in my mouth the way she took my cock in hers earlier that night.

As I looked up I saw Helen softly playing with her clit. She looked so hot.

‘Take my shoe off and give it to me, I want you to lick and suck my feet and toes.’

I handed her the shoe and slowly began to kiss the sole of her foot. My kisses turned into licks and then I moved onto her sexy toes. I licked each one in turn before taking each one in my mouth and giving each one a suck. She had the prettiest feet I had ever seen. I then took all 5 toes in my mouth at once and looked up at Helen. She was sucking the heel of her shoe and still playing with her clit.

‘I am getting it nice and wet.’ She said.

‘Wet for what?’ I asked.

‘This…’ She replied lowering the shoe down to her pussy.

She then slowly slid the heel of her shoe into her pussy hole. I continued sucking her foot in my mouth as Helen fucked her pussy with her high heel. Helen began moaning loudly and thrusting her wet pussy into her heel.

‘You make me so horny you dirty bastard. You have licked my toes now lick my pussy.’ She ordered.

I took her foot from my mouth and kissed all the way up the inside of her sexy leg. When I reached her pussy it was hot wet and smelt of raw sex. The smell was great, I inhaled a whiff and got to work. I ran my tongue around her clit as she banged her pussy with her heel. I pushed my face into her pussy and licked as hard and as fast as I could. I flicked her clit with my tongue as she crashed to an extremely loud orgasm.

‘Keep licking my pussy, I am cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop, faster, lick me faster.’ She screamed as she thrust the heel of her shoe into her pussy harder.

Her body began to shake as her orgasm took hold. Her face went red as her body was taken over by wave after wave of pleasure.

When her orgasm subsided she removed the shoe from her pussy, slipped her sexy foot back into it and pushed the heel into my face.

‘Lick my pussy juice off my heel you kinky bastard.’ She shouted.

She had never been as aggressive as this before and I was enjoying it. I eagerly took the heel of her shoe into my mouth and licked it clean. She tasted good.

When I finished licking her shoe I sat next to her as she pulled her skirt back down.

‘Was that what you wanted to try out?’ I asked.

‘No that was just to beginning.’ I replied.

‘What is it then?’ I asked.

‘Anal.’ She replied bluntly.

I had never tried anal but had always wanted to. I was over the moon that’s what she had bought me here for.

‘I was watching an anal porno and it really turned me on, so once again I used my trusty cucumber and some Vaseline and well, it was amazing, it hurt at first, but the orgasm it gave me when I rubbed my clit was unbelievable.’ She explained.

‘But that is for later. There is a few other things I want to do first. And since you have been staring at my tits all night we should start with a titjob.’ She added.

Then she stood up, pulled down her skirt and pulled her top off. She looked beautiful standing there in nothing but a pair of silver high heels.

‘Strip off.’ She told me.

I took off my clothes and sat back down. She got down on her knees and took my cock in her hand. She spat on my cock, and spat on her huge cleavage.

‘Thought they needed slicking up.’ She quipped.

She pulled her boobs apart and pushed my cock in between her huge jugs. Then she pressed her breasts together around my cock and began bouncing her tits up and down my cock. Her tits were large, firm and felt great. I began thrusting my hips so my cock was really banging her tits. My cock would go right through her tits until about 3 inches was sticking out of the top of her cleavage. Helen then lowered her mouth and engulfed the head of my dick. Then she shook her tits up and down my shaft. It felt incredible. She began really sucking my dick hard, coaxing the cum from my balls.

‘I am going to blow.’ I gasped.

She released my dick from her lips and told me to stand up. I stood up and Helen replaced my cock back between her huge breasts.

‘I want you to really fuck my tits now.’ She asked.

I began really thrusting hard and fast between her huge tits. Her nipples were erect and the sight of her huge nipples becoming erect really turned me on.

‘Bang my huge tits, I want you to spunk, I want it all on my face and tits, so I can lick it off.’

I fucked her tits as fast as I could and I could feel my cum boiling, I began to grunt and Helen took my dick from between her breasts and began furiously jacking me off. She held my cock right next to her face.

‘Cum for me Tom, I want you to spunk on my face. I want to be you nasty little cum slut, cover me in your cum, I want to be drown in your hot salty load.’

‘Give it to me please, I want it. Cum all over my pretty face.’

Her dirty talk sent me over the edge as I began spurting load after load. The first few spurts covered her face. There was a lot on her cheeks and covering her lips, some had even gone on her nose and eyes. She then opened her mouth to take the next few in her mouth. The last few spurts landed on her tits and began to dribble down to her nipples.

She swallowed the cum in her mouth and licked the last drops from my spent cock. Then she pushed the cum from her pushed into her mouth using her finger, making sure she collected all she could.

‘Your cum tastes so yummy. You want to try?’ She asked

‘Yeah.’ I replied.

She stood up and kissed me. Her mouth tasted hot and salty. I sucked as much cum from her tongue as I could and then began licking the cum from her face. After I licked her cum soaked face I moved down and licked the cum from her left breast, swallowing down strings of hot salty cum, I loved tasting my cum. As I was cleaning her left breast Helen started licking her other breast sucking up more of my cum. I stood back and watched as she licked her tit and nipple. There was a lot of cum on her right tit, more than her left, I wished I could of ate the cum from both breasts.

When she had finished she opened her mouth to show a fair bit of my cum she had licked from her breast mixed with her saliva and she gestured for me to lie on the floor.

I lay down and she held her face above mine. I guessed what was coming and opened my mouth. She slowly dribbled my cum from her mouth into mine, there was a lot as she had acquired a lot of saliva in her mouth. The mix of my cum and her saliva was amazing. I felt so disgusting and nasty but I loved it. When she had dribbled the last of my cum into my mouth I kept my mouth open for her to see. She looked into my mouth and asked ‘You want some more?’

I nodded and Helen spat a big gob of her saliva into my mouth. She didn’t dribble it, she really spat into my mouth. Normally being spat at would disgust me but her saliva tasted so nice and salty after swallowing my cum. Then she spat again and my mouth was beginning to fill. Helen then kissed my mouth shut and ordered me to swallow. I swallowed it all in one gulp. It tasted hot, thick and salty. I loved the taste and I think Helen enjoyed seeing me swallow.

‘We are a pair of dirty bastards.’ She said.

‘I love it, the dirtier the better.’ I replied.

‘Well it’s about to get dirtier.’ Helen Laughed.

To give us time to chill and recover from our earlier activities we sat naked on the couch having a drink and watching the box. Not wanting to seem desperate for our next bout to get underway I sat coolly, not saying much, until Helen decided she was ready.

‘I’ve decided if you get to fuck my ass, I want to fuck yours first. And I know how much you enjoyed a finger up there, so I don’t see why not.’ Said Helen.

‘Ok but I don’t want anything huge up there.’ I replied matter of factly.

‘That’s ok.’ Helen replied.

‘I don’t want to waste any more time, I am horny enough as it is with out all this mind games silence.’ Helen said, putting it plainly as ever.

This girl was smart I thought. I had no idea she knew I was playing games. This made her even more endearing to me.

‘Bend over.’ Helen commanded.

I quite enjoyed having my ass played with, as long as it wasn’t anything painful. When Helen gave me the command I had no hesitation agreeing to it.

I bent over, ass showing and my balls dangling between my legs.

‘You don’t take much persuading do you, you bad boy.’ Helen said in a fake sexy voice.

Then Helen spanked my ass, not hard but enough to show she was the boss.

Helen then got on all fours behind me, spread my ass cheeks, and spat on my asshole. Then she spanked me again. This time harder.

‘I am the boss of you while I take your ass, then you can be boss of me when you take mine, ok?’ Helen whispered slipping out of character.

‘Ok.’ I replied.

Helen then began rubbing her finger round my ass and then slipped her full finger into my ass. She thrust her finger in and out of my ass a few times to coat the inside of my ass with her saliva.

‘You’re nice and wet now.’ She said, slipping her finger out of my ass.

‘Spread you ass for me.’ Helen commanded, now definitely back in character.

I did as I was told as I heard Helen sit down on the couch behind me. I wasn’t sure what she was planning until I felt her shoe on my back.

She slid the heel of her silver shoe down my back, down my ass crack until it was pressed against my wet little asshole. She pressed her foot harder into me as the heel of her shoe pushed into my asshole.

It felt so dirty and wrong, but yet it felt so good. Her heel was now pressed fully into my ass as she began to withdraw it. She the banged it back into my ass as hard as she could. I then began to push my ass back into the shoe wanting more in my ass. My cock was now at full attention as she began fucking my ass with her shoe. She continued working my asshole with her shoe for around ten minutes. I didn’t want her to stop and I could feel my orgasm approaching when she with drew the shoe from my ass.

I sat there on all fours for a minute not knowing what was coming next when she told me to turn around.

I was greeted with the sight of Helen bent over the couch with her knees on the floor and her body on the couch and her middle finger slowly pushing its way in and out of her tight little asshole.

‘Your turn. Just getting ready for you’ Helen quipped.

I didn’t bother with a reply I just crawled over to Helen yanked her fingers from her ass, causing her to yelp and lined my cock up with her ass and began to press it into her puckered rosebud.

‘Ohhh someone likes it rough.’ Helen said.

I still didn’t say anything as the swollen head of my cock pushed past her tight ass ring. I thrust into Helen as hard as I could until her ass touched my pubic area. Then I pulled out slowly and banged back into her ass as hard as I could.

‘Oh fuck yeah, I love having my ass fucked. Your cock is the biggest thing that’s ever been up there. It’s tight isn’t it?’ Helen said sounding like a dirty slut.

I was so happy to finally be having anal sex. Helen was my dream women, hot, dirty and up for anything.

I began thrusting my cock in and out of her tight asshole.

‘You like me fucking you tight little ass don’t you? You’re such a butt slut.’ I yelled. I then spanked her ass hard. I thought I might have hurt her as I got carried away in the moment.’

‘I have been a bad girl, sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend, taking his cock in my ass. I deserved to be punished. Spank me.’ Helen encouraged me.

I began fucking Helen’s ass as hard as I could as I spanked her relatively hard.

‘Your cock feels so good in my ass. Please don’t stop. Do it slow and deep.’ Helen asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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