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Her Fantasy Ch. 01

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Aria’s eyes fluttered open as the sunlight filtered through the drawn blinds of her crowded room. The hot July heat already filling up her apartment was not a welcome feeling as she slid out of bed and placed her feet upon the comforting cool hardwood floor and padded towards the bathroom. Pulling on the chain that held to the dangling light bulb from the ceiling the bright sudden light made her squint slightly before her eyes adjusted to the light. She looked the cramped bathroom over with a small grimace and fumbled over the contents of the sink counter to find her well worn toothbrush and toothpaste.

“What a strange dream…” she muttered to herself as she brushed her teeth, trying to shake off that strange feeling. She spat out the tooth paste and looked back up in her reflection smiling. She stood naked in all of her glory, mussed hair and a sleepy dazed look on her face. She had always loved how she looked, her milky white skin as fine as porcelain and soft raven hair spilling over her bare shoulders.

She headed back to bed, groggy and not yet ready for the long day ahead of her and slipped beneath the black satin sheets smiling as she lay her head back down on the pillow. She thought she might even call in sick to work today as she rolled over and opened the drawer to her nightstand with a small smirk on her face. She always woke up with an aching hunger, there between her thighs that needed to be pleased or her day just went to hell from there on. Rummaging though half empty bottles of pills, batteries, random odds and ends her fingers finally graces over the soft pliable rubber of her favorite toy. Just thinking about it made her body shiver as she plucked it forth from the drawer and gave it a kiss.

A long, thick, purple vibrator she had just bought in the past week greeted her with its soft movement as she slid her hand down her stomach and between her legs placing a finger on those soft pouting lips. “Better than any man I’ve known” she said with a giggle and licked the entire length of the shaft with her lithe red tongue. It tasted sweet and exotic as she stuck the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip. Sucking her toy off always got her so wet. She could feel her sex heating up as she plunged the toy into her mouth, deepthroating the toy a couple of times before she took it away from those plush lips.

Twisting the base she smirked as a soft, slow hum emitted from her purple friend as she moved the cool slick toy between her milky white breasts, firm and round. She would tease each pierced nipple with the tip bringing them to a rock hard nub as pleasure shot down through her nipples and coursed through her body. On downward she went, slowly enticing her hunger to build into a great fire between her legs. All the while her finger would slip over sweet lips to keep the hunger company during the long teasing journey of her toy.

Finally it was on her, spreading her legs farther apart she would grab the base of the toy and rock her hips upward, her sex meeting with the hard head of the purple cock. Sliding it gently inside of her she could feel it filling her, those velveteen walls quivering with every inch she slid inside. A soft moan would come forth as she began to slide it in and out of her, turning the vibration up with every pump. Grabbing one of her breasts with her free hand she pinched a nipple hard between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it enjoying the sweet pleasure that surged though her entire body.

She was in heaven for that moment as her pleasure built until she could hardly stand it, moaning softly as she bit at her lower lip. It was if a dam broke loose inside of her as her entire body shivered, her sex clenching tight to the frantic pumping of the toy that plunged deep inside of her for that final time as the orgasm subsided. uşak escort A soft sigh escaped her as she slowly slipped the toy out and brought it to her lips and licked the entire purple toy clean of her sweet thick nectar and closed her eyes. She would soon wander off to sleep once more.


Chapter one:

Sliding into the deep black void of the world of dreams she would soon begin to dream. She was sitting there on a throne, the sweet exotic incense filling the sunlit room. Shapes became more clear as her pale green eyes wandered over the room. They lounged on great vibrant satin pillows in the sultry Persian evening, the gowns of near translucent silk clinging to their delicious bodies. Surrounded by the greatest beauties of all the surrounding lands she had handpicked herself. A soft breeze fell over her as a black plumed fan was waved her way by one of her slave girls. The woman stood there with a braided golden collar around her neck, her chest bare for all eyes to gaze upon and a pure white skirt falling to her delicate ankles. “Welcome back mistress Aria” the voice was as sweet as honey and smooth as silk as a smile crept across the slave’s face.

Standing from her great throne she would smooth the translucent black gown down over her body and smile as she eyed the room over once again wondering which one she would pick for the night. Perhaps she would have two to herself tonight. Striding softly across the room on bare feet she would seem to glide over the finely woven rugs, passing by slaves who looked up to her with eager eyes. Stopping by one of her favorite playthings, a beautiful red haired wonder from the far green isles she would beckon her forward with a finger. The slave eagerly rose to her feet, clasping her hands behind her back and approached with her head high. She was one of the boldest slaves in her entire harem and treasured for her tenacity. “Pick another girl for this evening dearest Kieran.” Aria whispered softly as she slid a hand around Kieran’s waist and waited for her plaything to take her pick.

Kieran knew right away, her choice was a surprise to Aria as she pointed over to a brunette with soft copper skin lounging in a far corner. “That one, Lori.” She said with a small smile as Lori raised her head and gazed on the two with deep brown eyes as she rose and started toward them. “To my chambers, both of you.” Aria gave a soft command with a playful edge on her voice as she followed after them.

Kieran and Lori made their way to the bed chambers, knowing the way all to well. The brushed aside glimmering strings of shells and beads to make way for Aria into the open patio she took her pleasure at, the roof open to the great evening sky. The purple satin curtains fastened over open windows stirred softly in the gentle breeze. A great alabaster brazier in the center of the room shed a flickering light across the floor with plush red and black lounging pillows.

Looking to her personal playthings with a gentle smile she would move onto the pillows with a graceful stride. Lori and Kieran followed to each side of her until she stopped near the center of the room before a great iron bound chest. Soft hands glided over Aria’s shoulders, sliding the straps that held her gown to her body to the sides of her arms. Her slaves followed the gown down as it slid from her body, their hands caressing every curve as they knelt.

Standing there the warm air of the night greeted her like an old lover as Kieran and Lori lay soft kisses on the sides of her thighs, hands moving lightly up and down caressing her milky white skin causing her to shudder softly. Aria knelt down and sat back on the pillow, reclining on her elbows as she watched her slaves remove each other’s gowns and kneel in unison van escort before the great iron bound chest. Together they opened the chest with a slow creak and produced two bottles of scented oils and came to kneel beside her on each side. Lori pulled the glass stopper out of her bottle as did Kieran and they tilted the bottles of oil over Aria’s body.

She let out a soft gasp as the cool oils trickled over her skin, filling the air with the sweet scents of amber and rose. They let a small trickle flow forth from the rosebud nipples on her soft breasts down her stomach and over her legs stopping just above the ankles. Without a word her slaves bent forward laying soft warm hands on her legs and began to rub the oil over her skin with slow enticing movements.

Aria looked down on her playthings as they rubbed slowly up her legs, their breasts gently moving with each soft motion. Her head swam with delight as they reached her upper thighs, the two hands rubbing over her sex for a brief teasing moment. A shiver ran over her body as they moved up her stomach, the light touch was so intoxicating she could hardly breathe. When they finally reached her breasts the soft oily skin tingled over her entire body. The kneaded her mounds with slick fingers, teasing at her nipples until they were as hard as small pebbles.

Each of her slaves lay a gentle kiss with soft lips upon her forehead as they rubbed the remaining oils on their hands down the length of her arms before turning her gently over to her stomach. The warm sensation of her hungering sex made her thighs quiver as they trickled oil from her back down to her ankles and began the slow sensuous ascent to her shoulders. Teasing every muscle with a gentle touch she gave a soft moan as the hands slid between the valley of her round cheeks and up her spine.

Turning herself back over to recline on her elbows once again she watched Kieran and Lori embrace each other in a slow deep kiss, their tongues dancing with each other. Biting her lower lip she watched them rub each other down with the sweetly scented oils, their bodies glistening in the flickering light from the brazier.

The stars overhead seemed to dance in the purple dusk as Kieran knelt between Aria’s open legs lapping the exotic sweet nectars from her sex. Lowering her eyes from the heavens she watched Kieran’s wild green eyes looking intently up at her through the valley of her heaving breasts. She was gently moaning, her head spinning as if she had drank too much wine.

Glimpsing Lori’s glistening body as she rummaged in the box, bent completely over the edge Aria would give a sinful smile at the view she beheld. A wave of pleasure shot through her body moving her attention away from watching Lori’s swaying rump as Kieran gave her hard little treasure beneath it’s pink hood a sharp suck causing Aria’s thighs to shudder violently.

Aria hadn’t seen Lori return to her side until a mouth closed over a tingling nipple sucking on the little rosebud ever so softly and then turning the warm embrace of tongue and lips to the other, toying with the thin silver ring with her hot tongue. Lori swung a leg over Aria’s body and straddled her, a slick pink lips hovering just over her face. She could feel the cool deft hands rubbing over her hips and thighs as Lori rocked her hips back, her velveteen lips begging for attention.

Aria leaned her head forward, inhaling the spicy scent of her lover’s nectars before she grabbed lightly onto Lori’s ample rump and gave the slit a slow lick, savoring every teasing moment. Pushing past Lori’s lips imagining them as silken flower petals parting for the life giving sun. She teased the hungering hole with a skilled tongue before tracing those slippery lips, slowly and deliberately.

She thought if erzincan escort there were such a thing as Zen she was neck deep in it right now. The sweet scent of rose, amber, and sex filled the night air. The soft moaning and panting rose as if it were a choir of angels, rising and falling with each wave of pleasure.

Something was placed just below her stomach, she heard an innocent giggle as she felt Lori’s skilled fingers moving about her body strapping the Aria’s favorite strap-on to her. She lifted her hips breaking Kieran’s toying with her sex with that ever so talented tongue so Lori could finish the job. When it was fastened good and tight she looked down as Lori dismounted her to see a thick snow white dildo just above her sex and saw the smile on both of her slave’s faces. Lori gave a small sardonic smirk as she pulled a second one from the chest and began to fasten it to herself, her wonderful tool being a clear red. The harness for both were open, straps around the waist and each thigh allowing much more fun to be had.

Kieran leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Aria’s little toy and took it into her mouth, sliding her thin soft fingers into Aria’s hot tight little sex, probing her walls for her sweet little spots she knew all to well. Lori came up behind Kieran and pulled on her shoulder, moving her away from Aria and took her place between those milky white thighs.

Kieran pouted for a moment, and quickly smiled as she stepped over Aria facing her and squatted down to take the rubber toy in her hand. Guiding it to the opening of her sweet glory hole she slid the tool deep inside of her as her eyes closed in the wave of pleasure that rolled over her body. Aria soon felt the same rush as that thick cock penetrated her pussy, filling her entirely. She gave a gasp as she felt the slick thick member began to slide in and out of her. As if everything moved in an eerie unison Kieran began to slide up and down on the snow white cock, her breasts bouncing as every panting thrust she took into herself.

With her hips supported under a pillow, Aria screamed in pleasure and delight as that red prick pounded in and out of her. Sweat beaded their bodies in their pleasured efforts rising to that moment of release. Aria was the first to give into it, her breath caught in her throat and all she could do was pant and shake as the relentless waves of pleasure came like a torrent of electricity coursing through her body. She felt her sweet cream soaking the valley between her round soft rump.

Kieran soon followed, grabbing hard onto the satin lounging pillows she screamed Aria’s name, slamming harder and harder with each motion until the pleasure resided like a warm memory. Kieran couldn’t stop herself as she gasped for air, her back arched in such a way that her perky breasts looked so delightful in the flickering light.

Aria felt Lori slide out of her and watched her move over to the side, just in view of the both of them. She removed her harness and took the clear red toy from it’s ring. She reclined on one elbow and took her toy in hand pushing it deep inside of her as she watched with those deep brown eyes as she pleasured herself.

Kieran pushed her wild curly red hair from her face as she slid from her ride and moved over to her hands and knees, looking back to Aria with a playful grin. Aria returned the grin as she saw her plaything slide a finger over her own sex and lick her juices from it before returning her hand back to the pillow. Getting to her knees she took Kieran’s hips with her hands and pushed the rubber toy home with a hard thrust, pushing Kieran into the pillows with the force of it. She let out a delighted yelp as her hands clutched tightly to the pillows.

Lori sang a choir of moans and pants as she reached her climax from watching the two go at it. She loved watching like this. The soft sound of skin slapping on skin joining with the pants and moans, the sight of the two bodies moving together in such a pleasurable union. Her entire hand was slick from her release which only made her giggle as she removed her toy and licked her hand clean.

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