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Her Favorite Anal Tease

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He sat in the chair, naked except for a leather cock-ring that separated his balls, holding onto this thighs, so that his ass was totally exposed and puckered up, waiting for her kiss. She was in her endless teasing mode; as much as he loved it, she needed to do this more than his desire. Annie was 5’4″, 38-25-37 and the most natural of Redheads – Nature’s Mark, of the most erotic, lustful creatures on earth – they lead the rest of humankind to understand what passion and lust truly is.

Ultimately physical traits didn’t really matter – it was the attitude of lust that counted, it was the meeting of minds. The most important sexual organ is the mind. And in the end, it was that sharing of desires, that attitude – to fully enjoy the other person’s revelations of their most intimate of fantasies, and to share and exchange that passion.

But for descriptive purposes, she was definitely a natural redhead. You knew by her skin tone, the delicious pink nipples that were almost always hard (and pierced – tiny gold rings to accentuate her already lovely breasts). Delicately freckled on her shoulders and arms was another way to tell; you certainly couldn’t by her pubic hair. She was always canlı bahis shaved, and her hood was pierced, with a shining amethyst. This way the green contrasted with the ruby red of her clitoris. She also had multiple piercings on each side of her lips. When she was in a mischievous mood, she would wear tiny bell earrings in them. They were an enhancement to her romantic moods. A new lover would take her dancing, and while they slow danced, her lover would be surprised to hear the faintly tinkling of bells, making them question their own sanity – were they really hearing this? Then she would explain; her labia were pierced, and she was wearing bells in them.

She did what she felt, was marvelous training for his asshole. Always returning to lick, caress and suck his cock (so she could continuously share pre-cum kisses with him), her true focus was his asshole. Annie loved to train an asshole to respond to her touch. She would first tongue him deeply, rimming his outer, then inner lips, before stretching her tongue as deep as possible inside his ass. She wanted him to contract that muscle, feel him squeeze her tongue tightly inside of him. When she could feel him tugging on her tongue, bahis siteleri then she would insert a finger or two, enjoying the stretching and accommodating muscle of his anal ring. Then, when he seemed to expand to enjoy that, she would insert her favorite butt plug, watching as his ass lips would strain, cling, and initially resist, that wide end at the bottom of the plug. The she would watch him adapt to the width, and, ultimately wait, for her final pleasure.

Annie would please, and tease, him as long as he liked. She loved to hear him moaning deep, asking, pleading, craving her to fuck him with that plug. She loved to accommodate him, and give him anything he desired (which was usually what she had taught him.) But what she loved most, happened after that. She didn’t want him to cum yet. She would almost ruthlessly rip out that fat invader of his hole. She loved the gaping hole –nothing was more erotic and inviting to her than a gaping asshole – it fit her tongue just right. She would then get, what she desired most – to feel and watch his muscles contract around her tongue again. It was the special way she knew; he again wanted her tongue, then her fingers, then the plug again.

Meanwhile bahis şirketleri other fantasies always collided inside her head. One was to be serviced, or rather to be servicing, another ladies’ anal intentions. While she was on her knees, performing her lovely ritual on him, she loved to think she was being rudely teased and impaled in the same way, by a stern mistress abusing her asshole in the same manner.

And while she was performing, and being performed upon, the ultimate goal, was to help her boyfriend get ready, for the hard fucking that he wanted, by yet another submissive in the room, one with a hard cock, aching to take her boyfriend’s ass.

Annie was not really dominant or submissive; she just loved the illusion and play, particularly when is came to anything anal. She loved discovering new lovers, and helping them to find, explore their bi, and anal proclivities. Nothing would get her wetter, than to slowly have a man, ask her for more attention to his ass. She knew that in time, they would be begging for all the attention she could give. Annie could take the most walled up emotionally straight macho guy, and within months, have him deep throating her strap-on, trading kisses with him after cumming in her mouth, and ultimately shyly asking her, if she would help him loose his virginity to a guy – all due to her wonderful training program, starting with, “her favorite anal tease”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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