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Her First Visit Pt. 02

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Allie Haze

Claires hands move over her head and through her hair, foam streams down her skin with the shower water. Her eyes are closed and she has a smile on her face as she lets the water spray on it. She can feel how the water runs down her little breasts and belly and over her pussy, her lips feeling a bit sore after the rough sex she had with Jim before.

Remembering how good it felt to have his thick cock pounded in so deep, she softly strokes her lips and clit, but stops immediately, sensing how it turns her on.

“I better save that for daddy, he will want to fuck me again and again tonight.”

Her belly starts to tingle, so full of butterflies as she thinks of what is waiting her tonight and she hurries out of the shower, eager to go down to her lover. Getting the towel, she realizes that her luggage with her clean clothes are still downstairs. She sneaks into Jim’s closet and puts on one of his shirts and boxers.

Claire walks back to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. She combs her hair with her hands, being satisfied with her casual look. She walks out of the room and goes looking for Jim. As she steps on the staircase, she is greeted by the delicious aroma of food.

Following the smell, she finds her way into the kitchen, where Jim is busy cooking, unaware that his babygirl is back. She leans against the wall and looks at him with a happy smile on her face. She’s really glad that she decided to come here and meet her delicious man, who looks hot, even when cooking.

Jim looks up and looks surprised to see Claire there.

“Oh, you are back already. Did you enjoy your bath, baby?”

He gives her a warm smile and a quick kiss without taking his attention from the food.

Claire nods and waits patiently, remaining at her place. She watches him, not wanting to disturb him. After adding the finishing touch, Jim looks back at her, again giving her his warm smile. He washes his hands and walked towards her. As his hands reach and hold her around her waist, he says:

“My little angel, I never expected my clothes would make you look so sexy.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Claire gives him a shy little smile before kissing him.

“What’s on the menu, daddy?”

she pendik escort says with her usual youthful bounce.

Laughing and shaking his head, Jim returns her kiss hard before letting her go. Taking her hand he guides her over to the table and helps her to get seated. He walks back to the kitchen and returns with two plates, serving her one and places the other on the opposite site, where he seats himself.


Jim says softly looking up at her,

“because you told me it’s your favorite.”

Without waiting Claire digs in, enjoying the food and feels how it satisfies her growling tummy.


she exclaimed as she’s nearly done,

“that was just what I needed, I was getting really hungry after my trip.”

When both have finished, Claire gets up.

“Let me wash the dishes,”

she says as she takes the plates and cutlery back to the sink and turns the hot water tap on.

Jim follows her into the kitchen and as the water runs he moves behind her, placing his hands on her hips. He starts kissing her softly, little kisses in her neck and on her shoulder.

“You are distracting me,”

complains Claire softly, hardly able to hide her giggles.

Jim ignores her fake complaint. His hands carressing her softly while his kisses continue, nibbling in her neck. She tilts her head to the side and lets out a soft moan.

“Mmmm, daddy, the water.”

Jim’s hands move over her thighs, his finger tips close to her sweet sexual center, while he savours her neck hungrily. Her moans grow louder and she arches her head back, giving him more access to her neck.

“You make me so happy, my dear Claire, I longed for you so much.”

He reached out and closes the hot water tap, and turns her body around to face him. She immediatly jumps up, her arms around his neck, legs wrapped around his waist and kisses him passionately again.

Jim catches her in his arms and holds her to him. He carries her to the table, as Claire claims his mouth, their lust and hunger obvious as they kiss wildly. Putting her on the table, he pulls the t-shirt off over Claire’s head and he starts kissing her neck again slowly and eagerly moving down to her breast. maltepe escort One of her nipples in his mouth and the other between his fingers, Claire cries out for him, her body arching for more.

“Oh god, daddy, you make your little girl so hungry and wet.”

Jim looks up at her eyes and gently pushes her down, moving his hand down her belly followed by his lips leaving a trail of kisses. He takes her boxers off, her legs lift lightly up in the air and spread eagerly.

“Daddy, taste your little slut, taste my wet little pussy.”

Her hands move over his head, feeling the short trimmed stubble on his head. She moans and eagerly pushes his head down between her thighs.

Jim kisses her belly and downward, kissing her pussy lips as his finger tips touch them gently. With a little pressure he opens her lips before his face and he looks at her perfect pink little pussy. He softly blows against the wetness before him and sees how Claire’s thighs become covered in goose bumps.


Claire squeels when she felt him blow.

“Oh daddy, please!”

she begs and squirms on the table.

He licks her wet lips and flicks his tongue over her clit, causing her to squeel again and squirm with her hips. He nibbles at her lips and suckles them in his mouth, his teeth and lips grind over her wet flesh.

“Hmmm, baby, you taste so good, daddies perfect little dessert.”

Jim continues to lick and suck her, his middle finger rubbing against her tight little opening causing her hips to buck and push eagerly, as she moans. He smiles as he hears her response with his face burried between her thighs and slips his finger in her tight little hole.

“Oh yes,”

she groans and pushes her hips up against his finger,

“feel how tight my little hole is, daddy, how wet your little girl is?”

Jim slowly fingers her tight hole, rubbing her inner walls, deliberately turning and twisting his finger inside her. The more she squeels and moans, the harder his finger thrusts inside, her little hole dripping with her juices. His mouth is locked on her clit, sucking and biting it, as he adds a second finger in her tight wet pussy.

“Hmmm so wet and tight, so perfect and ready for kartal escort daddy,”

he whispers against her pussy.

Claires moaning and groaning gets louder as she squeezes harder on his fingers. Her hips grind and rock desperately, her fingers pressing and scratching on his scalp as her pleasure builds. Her hips start to buck as his fingers start to fuck her harder and wilder.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close, daddy,”

she screams, pressing Jim’s head to her pussy, rubbing and grinding against his face and fingers.

Then suddenly he stops and stands up, opens and drops his robe to the floor, showing his naked body with his cock standing up hard and proud. Without hesitation he slips it in her tight cunt and roughly rams it in deep.

“Oh yes, daddy, fuck me!”

Claire screams and groans as her little boddy is filled with his massive cock.

Bending over her body, his hands on her face, their foreheads together, Jim grunts with effort as he fucks her hard and deep, banging his hips against her body. Her legs wrapped around him, eagerly pulling herself on his cock again and again.

“Fuck, daddy’s little girl, cum for daddy, cum on my cock!”

His hands hold on tightly to her face and shoulders, not letting her slide away over the table as the assault continues.

It doesn’t take long for Claire to reach her orgasm, screaming his name again, her fists thumping his back and scratching it as she is overwhelmed by the pleasure.

Jim keeps thrusting his hips, fucking her through her orgasm. His strong hands hold her shoulders and neck, pounding with force; his cock slamming in her clenching tight little hole. His back arches and tenses as he growls:

“Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, baby.”

His hips buck as he cums, filling her with his thick hot load, grinding in deep inside her.

Their bodies move slower, grinding together. Jim collapses on Claires body and pants.

“That was wonderful, my little princess.”

he whisper after a while, still panting and he kissing her cheek.

Breathing hard, her hands reach out for his face, turning it to face hers and she kisses his lips. Pulling her back up, Jim returns the kiss, and smiles at her as they both stand on their feet again.

“Maybe you should freshen yourself a bit, while I do the dishes, Claire.”

he says as he hands her the shirt and boxers. She giggles and nods, flashes a happy smile, kisses his cheek and darts off back upstairs into the bathroom.

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